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  • when did you file your 485?

    "PD- Dec 2002, I485-RD- Dec 2003."

    This means he filed in Dec 03.

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  • I understand so Many of us are looking at the Options of Using AC21.
    I am currently looking for a Good Attorney for this.
    I have contacted Sheela Murthy's Office and Rajiv Khanna's Office.
    Both of them are very very expensive.

    I am looking for an Attorney who charges under $1000 and also knows
    about the Immigration Matters.

    I would appreciate any pointers and suggestions in this regards.

    Ellen Krengel - Good and reasonable (google for telephone)

    Christine Troy, Attorney at Law - tel 415-399-9490 - Good and reasonable

    Helen Konrad - Tel 804-775-3818 - good and reasonable

    Kapoor & Associates - Phone: (404) 685-9940 - found reasonable, talk to them and finalize

    K K Rastogi ESQ - Ph: 212-279-4403 - talk to him, I did not talk to him.

    Andrew Dutton - 917-536-5940 - I did not get a chance to talk to him, but heard he is reasonable

    Good luck

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  • July 6th filer awaiting FP (no SR opened yet). My case has been transferred back and forth between Nebraska and California. I asked my lawyer - he advised me to "Sit tight as there is nothing that can be done except to wait for them to process my I140, I485, I765 and I131 applications."

    So here I am, still being underpaid and abused by my current emloyer. ...waiting for the day that I can escape and get a better paying job and work in an employee-friendly environment.

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  • Hi Shana

    But the nature of the job responsibilites are same but i believe the Job code may change b'cos of the Title.

    I believe it is not a problem, I have read in other threads. but I would suggest lot of attorneys are only taking 300 or 500 dollars to file aC21. it is worth spending.

    Good luck

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  • July 2 filer (@TSC), awaiting FP for both me and my wife (no SR opened yet).

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  • it is not clear to me that this version allows legal kids to benefit
    it talk about people being "otherwise deportable"
    someone needs to clarify with an immigration attorney or something

    Siskind says it only benefits illegals. Read his comment on his blog at http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind

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  • If you want to help IV and in turn help yourself
    step 1. setup atleast $25 recurring contribution to IV and become a Donor.
    step 2. participate in your state chapter
    if its not active ...make it active
    step 3. coordinate with other volunteers and help with media outreach
    or meet your local lawmakers along with fellow IV members to talk about our issues.

    sure there are plenty of things IV could do better but it cannot happen without your active participation. People who get greened will leave cause they do have better things to do than to toil on for people who don't even appreciate their efforts on here. Some who are noble stick around to help.

    If you are complaining that there is no bill to help legal immigrants then ask yourself...Have you done your part in pushing for it?

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  • Thank you zachs..

    I forwarded the IV message to my company HR person and requested it to be cascaded to all the individuals in our company. He has agreed to forward. I hope we get additional letters sent out to WH.

    Dear friends,
    Please forward to your HR and request them to cascade to all employees seeking "legal" immigration.

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  • one from my side and one from my spouse side too.

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  • god_bless_you

    I am not sure what the issue is with your account. I know Siva has been really busy. Can you, as a quick fix, create a new account and fax from that?


    OK Done !! sent two faxes!!

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  • I spent 5 full years in Canada from 1995 2 of which I did my MS (in Montreal - Quebec) and 3, I worked for one of Canada's largest software companies in Ottawa - Ontario. Over the course of these 5 years, I acquired both my Canadian green card and Canadian Citizenship..

    From 2000 onwards, I have been in the US languishing in this stupid EB Green Card queue...

    I originally hail from India, so can give some clear opinons on how life is comparatively in all three places.

    I will firstly agree with someone who mentioned that rather than considering Canada as an option 2 after the US, one should consider our home country..honestly, I believe our home country should be the no. 1 priority on our list. The real solution to all immigration problems lies in the balancing of economies on a global scale...and we as the H1-B skilled workforce are the best people for making the Indian/Chinese economies move forward....reduce unemployment there and improve the wage standards...

    As for Canada, except for the cold, almost everything about Canada is better than the US in my opinion - better quality of life, better social security, better health care, safer neighborhoods, better education, better immigration system etc. etc..if you hail from a tropical place like India, the cold WILL bother you, though....

    Montreal is 50% English/50% French, and I had no problems living in Montreal although, I know nothing about French at all..

    From a pure money stand point of view, it is true, that you will somewhat make more money in US, but most of that will be offset by the higher healthcare costs and higher housing costs...

    Frankly, if this 6+ year wait on the US Green Card doesn't go anywhere, I will definitely consider moving back to India, rather than Canada...in 2007 or so...because, I feel, I have spent enough years away from India, accrued enough wealth and owe my time and energy to building the Indian economy....rather than giving my years to any of the western countries....that already are well developed...

    My .02 cents..

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  • Is there a way to receive an official answer from USCIS (may be IV can ask the question, not sure)? Or is there a law that specifically bars people to leave GC sponsoring employers? I was unable to find from the Internet. Can anyone find?

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  • Wrote to them once again.. Keep writing..

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  • if your case is straight forward...... you have nothing to worry about........

    Could you please tell me what I should be ready with to confirm my case is straight forward.

    I am ready with LCA, H1 visa stamped passort ( for me and for my family), Pay stubs, client appreciation letters, h1 approval notice, past experience letters, offer letter.
    Please let me know what else I should be ready with?

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  • Hello!

    I'm willing to meet the lawmakers for the immigration bill in New Jersey...

    If anyone else who is already working on this or has scheduled any appointment, please let me know.

    -- thecipher5

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  • I think all 3 of them (Husband & 2 wives) should apply for their own H1B's and make it here and then apply for separate GC's.

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  • Raj,

    Every state has 2 senators. just google to find senators on your state
    go to their websites and their contact details will be ther. You can email or call them.
    Good Luck!!

    Anyone is VIRGINIA interested in meeting with legislators? I am in Fairfax County, VA. Apart from posting here please PM me as well so we can get in touch quickly for the meeting.

    Get the appointment with your congressman by yourself and then try to find company to go with. If you cannot find anyone who can go with you, then go alone and do your thing.

    Get the documents from varsha or sanjay as mentioned in the first post and please follow the steps. They are very easy and everyone can do this alone if they cannot find other members in their local area to go with them.


    Interesting reading. Wonder what is it about eugenics that still appeal to some people: Just get some geniuses and they will build heaven as opposed to people who are actually providing vital service to the community. I guess I should get my IQ results translated to English first.

    Testimony from anti immigrants like Krikorian just highlights their own low IQ, one of the touchstones he proposes to identify the "Einsteins". He said bringing workers from outside decouples industry from US education system, but supports allowing foreign trained(with BS/BTech or higher) geniuses in.
    Perhaps there should be separate EB category for anti-immigrant immigrants. At least we will have smarter bigots to contend with. :D

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