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  • hi my wife had filed 485 on aug 2nd, we got the receipts aug 23rd monday.

    Hope this helps...

    We filed at TSC.

    Also I got my GC approved today, i had filed 485 during july fiasco.

    Thanks gcNOLONGERdreamer05

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  • I am sure they did that last year.

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  • Check out the Thomas Friedman's Op-Ed on New york times
    Op-Ed Columnist - America’s Real Dream Team - (

    I don't know what other proof the law makers need to prove how vital we(immigrants) are in America's future.

    May be next time when you hear an anti-immigrant rant shove this link to their throat.

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  • Well, One of the companies I worked in the past used Morganlewis's service and I heard good reviews. I dint know they attend to individual cases as well.

    up_guy, DO you happen to know if they take up individual cases?

    I donot think they take individual cases..My new employer uses that firm.

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  • My wife recently returned from India and at port of entry, the officer incorrectly wrote the paroled until date as Jul 12, 2010 instead of Jul 12, 2011. The date is incorrect on both I-94 and AP.

    Will this create any issues and how can this be corrected? Her status is AOS pending, she doesn't have a EAD or H-visa

    My wife's AP is valid till Oct 12, 2010. I would appreciate any help

    Thanks a lot!

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    Apologies if I should have looked this up somewhere within IV .
    Guess it is a simple question.

    What does a soft LUD mean ? I have often read that term on the forum.

    I at times see that something was updated on my case..."last updated date" but then there is no status update.....for example this happened on my I131 application on Feb 4, 2009

    On the I485 I think it is just that they transferred it from one office to another as the status says.

    Last updated | Form number
    2/4/2009 | I131
    2/5/2009 | I485

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  • Can't you guy's think twice before opening a thread. In last 30 minutes I see three threads on same subject. Copy and paste from OH site.

    Give us some break. Just try to browse current threads and then post something new if you had.

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  • A LCA has to be filed prior to your working at a new location. Make sure to file it ASAP. It's a simple procedure to follow.

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  • imagine, if MF digital backs were say, $6999, how many would sell???

    bloody thousands....

    seems stupid to me to make them so expensive

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  • Can some one please help to 'Activate' 'Quick Reply' feature?? Thanks.

    Details in my signature.

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  • I did the same thing.

    I filed first I-485 on July 6th, but my attorney said that they had messed something up...and need to file second I-485. Second set was filled around August 14th

    I received all my receipts as well as EAD from first filling.

    So my attorney asked to put stop payment on checks from second I-485, so now when USCIS asks for money...she will withdraw the second case at that time.

    Should this work...???

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  • Hi
    My I-140 was sent on July, 28th to TSC. I did not yet receive any receipt number. How long does it take to get the receipt number once I-140 is applied?

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  • One of my friend is ready to apply for 485. He is all set.

    The problem is he got recently married and his wife's passport and other details are not yet ready and she is still in India.

    Can he still submit his 485 for his wife?

    Gurus, any help / suggestions is appreciated.

    If you just search on word 'wife' you will get the response from thousands of users who posted it. He cannot file 485 for his wife until she is here.

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  • They will staple both the paassports and send back to you.
    You need to carry your old&New passports together all the time.


    My passport will be expiring in next 6 months. I do have an appt pending with US embassy Bombay. I have some queries, if someone can please guide me:

    1. What happens to old passport. I took Appt with old passport number?

    2. Can I keep my old passport?

    3. Is it OK to go for new renewed passport? Or will it impact the H1B stamping and interview process?

    Pls suggest.


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  • Quick survey to findout how many people like the idea of having their passports restamped here in USA and avoid all the surprises and shocks. This doesn't need any legal fixes. It is a convenient measure for everyone. Besides it was an old practice that was stopped for "security" reasons or some crapp. It is a small step but helps with any cases like family emergency or some urgent business need to travel abroad.

    Based on the poll results and suggestions, we can comeup with a strategy to address the issue.

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  • Queen, it's good to know you're still receiving treatment for your condition. ;)

    :D Well, they can't stop treatment until there's some improvement!

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