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  • I have been a silent reader but a recurring contributor. We all need to come together and work for a Skill Bill or atleast be able to file for I-485 without Visa number availability so that we can get EAD's, Buy houses, Travel in and out of the country without going to the consulate, not pass up on projects which need a lot of International Travel. Can we work for this?. This would help a lot of us keep our minds peaceful

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  • We did the exact same thing. We informed officer that my wife's Extension is pending, he said that's fine and gave her I-94 valid for 40 days (time remaining on her H4 visa).

    After she get her I-94 for 40 days then if her new H4 application is approved then she will get the extension of her I-94.

    give me green if this helps :-)


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  • ....aaaaaaaaand to Temp for the idea ;)

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  • now? Why did you not complain 4 years ago? It is becoz you were benefiting from the L1B???? If you stayed for 4 years then you are party to the fraud too...

    Consider this before complaining.......

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  • Hello All,

    My wife's AP was sent out on NOV13th according to online status and we didnt receive it till now and I called the USCIS today and the rep we didnt receive it back as undelivereable & once its once out of our office its not their concern & told re-applying is the only option.

    Issue?: My wife went to INDIA and she is on L1 and I was wondering when I re-apply her AP here, can she enter while her AP is pending approval ?
    her L1 is valid till June 2010.

    What are our options, please advise.

    If she has a valid L1 stamping in passport and she is still working for the employer she can enter without problems.

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  • hi,

    thanks to everyone here for the kind input, I am almost done with my GC application under NIW. Since I have a load of documents for primary evidence,
    how should I arrange them and where should I mention the "table of contents" so to speak. I have a detailed cover letter also.


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  • Nishant,
    I believe a majority of those problems are for H1-B's that are consultants and move around on different projects. In your case it appears like you have a stable and consistent role given that you have been with the same employer for so long. Hope this helps.

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  • So frustrating. It is no in press release section

    People are supposed to hack the site to get this information.

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  • could this be true?

    GOP version means more enforcements for "undocumented" immigrants.

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  • Work travel prevents me from attending the DC rally on the 18th (was going to attend on the 13th), but if anyone is hesitating on whether to go due to funds, i offer $200 if you promise to attend. Send me a private message!

    Thanks. Send a note to KanMe about this

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  • ROW --> Rest of World --> All the countries other than CHINA, INDIA, MEXICO and PHILLIPINES

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  • Sharpness and focus on the eyes are the key. Birds and Monkeys are real tough.....

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