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  • I googled it

    It is dated Feb 08, 2007

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  • It is mentioned by many that PD should be current at the time of GC approval. Is that right?
    I know people from India who got their GC approved when their PD is not current.
    One can check this easily in looking for I-485 approvals to people from India who submitted their applications concurrently in EB2 category after say april 2004. Disregard the cases which got approved in July 2007. Still there are many cases remaining invalidating the 'rule'!

    The strict rule is that one's PD needs to be current for approval. But if there aren't earlier PDs available for approval ( say stuck in namecheck ) and if USCIS doesn't want to visa numbers for a year to be wasted , then one can get approved even if PD is not current.

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  • Thanx goosetavo...every single bit helps a lot...very highly appreciated!

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  • My spouse was on H4 and then got EAD (based on dependent 485 status).Now my spouse employer is willing to apply for H1 b, I just want to see if it is possible to apply for H1b when the current status is AOS

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  • No I don't...he's two-timing with 36% of Wizard apparently.

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  • This would do world of good for people & fly like mine. What is the other thread's subject, where Papu has mentioned about this?


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  • Sorry. I explained in the comments that go with the photo and should have included that here. This is a drinking bowl for dairy cattle manufactured by the Starline company, circa 1960. I found this in an old milking barn. The cow pushes her nose against the star-shaped lever and fresh water from the nozzle fills the bowl.

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  • :)

    You actually stayed awake to listen /Watch to this!!!!.. hey comeon.. don't let the immigration dream take away your sleep...enjoy while you can..life goes on..

    I am in California so it was 9:40 for me....
    I do not sleep before 10 anyway.

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  • I read through the first guy's testimony and all it talks about are the yearly issuance of student visas from FY2001-07. Can you point me to the person who actually talks about EB green cards for STEM students in the US?

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  • Thanks a lot for quick replies. That answer my questions.

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  • ...please

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  • If you need any kind of corrections to your I-94, please visit your local CBP office. Website is www.cbp.gov. On this website search for Deferred Inspection locations and visit the nearest one.

    CBP officer will give you new I-94 with the corrected name, I-94 validity date, DOB, class of admission etc...


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  • I sent personal checks for I485 and they have been cleared.

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  • I am not endorsing our relationship!

    O RLY?

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  • I am filing for I-485 for my wife based on my approved I-140 and pending I-485 (EB2). Under part 2 which option i should chose for her.



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  • Welcome to the site!

    Nice shot. I like it.

    Your english is fine, btw. :)

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  • The new version looks much better onsitus :)

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  • I am on H1-B, and about to apply for I140.
    My wife has recently got a F1 visa (and her H4 visa has been left valid).
    I am applying for I140. Is it ok to mention her name on my I140 as my spouse?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • but this serge in processing more Citizenship cases will indirectly slow down 485 approvals due to lack of staff and may result in wastage of visas again for FY 2008.

    I think this memo is about NATURALIZATION - so yes it's about Citizenship, not for GCs or I-485s.

    How do you know that your case has been transferred from NSC to TSC.

    Receipt has address of issuing office at the bottom of it. I also had nothing showing up in the system until yesterday, but today, our EAD's are in the system, but not I-485 or I-131. Perhaps EAD is considered a priority.

    This is my opinion only (not IV's).

    My feeling is that the Iraq Accountability Act and other similar bills that will be flooding the Congress with the Democrats in majority should have a minimal impact if any on the CIR. First, the CIR whenever it is introduced will be referred to the Judiciary committees of the Senate and House for markup. After the Judiciary committee is done, then the modified version will come before the entire Senate and House for additional discussion, debate, amendments, etc. before going to a vote. Assuming the bills are passed by the Senate and House, they will have a conference to sort out the differences in the House and Senate bills and then this final version of the bill will be placed before the House and Senate for a final vote. Once, this vote takes place and the bill is passed, then it goes to the President for signature.

    In a nutshell, the CIR will alongwith other bills be processed in a parallel manner. A lot is in the hands of the Senate Majority Leader (sen. Reid) and House Speaker (Rep. Pelosi) in when and how long they want to schedule a debate on any bill that has passed through committee and is ready for floor action.

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