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  • hi attorneys,

    can u plz shed some light on this?

    thx in advance,

    hi attorneys,

    which visa can someone apply for it s/he intends to work as a caterer?

    is the J-1 visa applicable for this? if yes what r the eligibility requirements for this visa?

    thx in advance,

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  • As of now we have 3997 members and 111 guests. We need 3 more guests to register so that we can reach the milestone of 4000 members...

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  • got few answers ... searching from other sites.

    I-130 does play a role, when applying for visitors visa. but that doesnt disquialify anyone from getting visa. you have to show string ties to your country and provide enough evidence that you will come back. there are cases where they hv granted 10yrs multple visas !!

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  • Read the archives on AC21 and job change.

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  • When E-Filed my EAD Reniewal , I didn't filled these fields (14. Manner of Last Entry & 15.Current Immigration Status) as they are not mandatory fields.Will there be any problem with my application?Anybody on the same boat?If so can you share your experiances?

    Thanks In Advance

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  • What was the original I-140 revoked for ?
    If it is not revoked for fraud or misrepresentation, you can port.

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  • I also received the same message for my i485 application. Still have not recvd it. Anu updates from your end ?

    I just got my FP notices which were returned to USCIS as undeliverable as I changed address. They mailed the same notice back with the old envelope (with post office label saying undeliverable - cannot forward as return service requested).

    They send the same notice back. They didnot reschedule my FP appoitnment. I am glad they did not because after I missed my appt my attorney got a copy and then went in a walk-in and got my FP done...I was worried as my inquiry about missing FP notices might have made them send a new notice with a new appoitnment date.. I am glad they checked the system and saw that my Fing prints are already in the system....

    In your case, it might any of the returned notices....

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  • gurus please advise

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  • Thanks, Greenways. After seeing your post I called my attorney right away. The office assistant informed me that my 140 has been approved on August 27th 2008 and sent me a copy of the approval notice.:):):):):):):)

    My dirty employer has been hiding this fact from me for the past two months. I have been waiting all these days, hoping that my I140 will be approved one day, checking case status almost daily etc. I am really really mad now. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad:

    CRIS still shows that my case status as application received and pending, although there was a soft LUD on august 27th on my 140 application, which is the approval date of my 140. I failed to understand the meaning of the soft LUD at that time, but now I know. So, my dear friends, do not rely on CRIS for updates. Please check with your employer/attorney to get the latest status.

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  • Gurus, please help. Can anybody throw some light on why my LUD has changed on I-485. Could it be because of name clearance.

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  • I believe your sister can apply for you int he 4th Family based category.

    Below is the family based catgory, you can find this in any visa bulletin too.


    First: Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Citizens: 23,400 plus any numbers not required for fourth preference.

    Second: Spouses and Children, and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent
    Residents: 114,200, plus the number (if any) by which the worldwide family preference level exceeds 226,000, and any unused first preference numbers:

    A. Spouses and Children: 77% of the overall second preference limitation, of which 75% are exempt from the per-country limit;

    B. Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 years of age or older): 23% of the overall second preference limitation.

    Third: Married Sons and Daughters of Citizens: 23,400, plus any numbers not required by first and second preferences.

    Fourth: Brothers and Sisters of Adult Citizens: 65,000, plus any numbers not required by first three preferences.

    I am not very sure if dual application is possible.

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  • Can we make use of this town hall meeting? Any Idea?

    Town Hall meetings are an excellent chance for you to show your Members of Congress that positive immigration legislation is a priority for their constituents. Check this calendar so you don't miss these opportunities to ask your legislators for their positions on immigration, and tell them yours!

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  • AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    In an interview on David Letterman (, actor Robert Downey, Jr., talked about a problem he had last year in Japan, when upon entering he was detained and questioned about his past criminal record. Downey said: I probably should have seen there was a sign that said 'No Felons Allowed' in English and Japanese and I haven't had that expunged yet," he said. "You can actually get things expunged but I've been pretty busy. So I was detained, I was interrogated. It was a blast.

    Haven't you settled up? Haven't you paid your debts? Letterman asked.

    Clearly I haven't paid my debts to Japan, said Downey.

    While I certainly feel somewhat bad for Mr. Downey, this short exchange gave the impression that nothing similar would ever happen in America! Hah!

    U.S. Immigration Law contains restrictions that bar entry to people forever, for virtually any youthful indiscretion they have ever had, e.g. simple possession of a marijuana 20 years ago, without regard to whether or not you were actually convicted of the crime! You do not even need to have been convicted; the fact that you admit you did it will also get you barred from entry. Heck you will even be bounced ( from the United States after overstaying your visa for one day, leaving one day late, and then trying to come back in on that visa. Or, you will be detained and returned because the officer thinks you MIGHT be working (

    So, if you were watching David Letterman and thanking your lucky stars that America is far nicer to arriving tourists than Japan--think again!

    More... (

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  • Q.#11 the date USCIS recieved the application.

    Q. #15 Current Immigration Status ... AOS.

    Q.#16 Eligibility under 8 CFR 274a.12 ... Selected (c)(9)().

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  • I am told by my lawyers that the likelihood of a second RFE is "very slim". This is because apparently, USCIS will only send RFE if they dont have some information about you such as where you work and such. Once they have procedurally collected information (as they seem to have in your case), they might not come asking for the same info again...

    but - as you stated in your question... there is no way to tell for sure...

    sorry if this does not help.


    I received RFE (employment verification letter) from USCIS, texas center two years ago. I was still employed by the company who filed my GC application at that time. So the company replied and my case status was updated. But my PD was not current, so my case is still pending until now.

    I lost job recently, if my PD became current in early 2010, will USCIS EVL me again?

    I know no one can predict how USCIS works. I just want to check if anyone had experience that was checked employment status twice?



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  • Hi,
    Now we are also in WI.
    Feel free to email

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • yes its changes online also but don't count on it..

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  • Hi,
    I got an email from a reporter at the Seattle Business Magazine who is writing an article on the lack of Immigration reform in the United States and how that is adversely affecting innovation and job creation.

    The magazine in question is definitely not a major publication, however I think its important to highlight our case wherever possible.

    Is there a 'Media Kit' on the lines of "meet your lawmaker kit' ? I looked at the "contact media" link on the home page but could not find anything.

    I would be grateful if someone can point me to the relevant material, or if someone is willing to share their experience in talking to the media.


    Please contact Star Sun

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  • A good friend of mine is getting divorced with her husband. The husband is the primary employment based green card applicant and their dates are current.
    Will her I-485 be denied after the divorce?
    The husband is willing to wait till the green card is approved before the divorce.
    If she gets her green card, will it be revoked after the divorce?

    Can someone tell me what is a good lawyer??? I think this term is very much like good politician.. They are extinct...
    If someone using company lawyer to file I-485 and other forms, ask this lawyer will he send receipt notices to the applicant or not. Some will get answer that it's company policy not to sent anything to applicants :mad: .

    it needs a magnifying glass with a distorted view :)

    btw DJN, I like a respect you already lol kudos to you

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