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  • I think digital camera marked is very close to home computers. I used to buy the latest and greatest computer every yar and a half or so, until I realized I spent a hefty premium for the cutiing edge, and the next level down (yesterday's best) was so much cheaper, and offered all I needed. Camera bodies I believe are just about there.

    two I-485 (One as primary and other as dependant) [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : two I-485 (One as primary and other as dependant)

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  • In the last few days there is little news/action about STRIVE act. When this act was proposed all of us got excited and promised to each other to do everything to make it a success. Some of us did make phone calls to lawmakers (as per IV directions) but after that everything seems cooled down. Why are we losing our focus now?

    Yes the new Senate bill S.1035 (tightening H1B program) might have put some doubts in our minds; but can we continue our efforts on STRIVE and deal with S.1035 thru amendments when it comes to discussion. Discussion about S.1035 on our forum is fine and in fact we might have to do that to figure out how bad/good it is our specific issues. But in the meantime we have to continue our efforts on STRIVE act too.

    Call your lawmaker drive ended on 6th April. Today is 9th April.
    The next step was to schedule a meeting with our lawmakers. Many people are doing that. Did you try doing that?

    In addition, today President Bush renewed call for immigration reform. Things will happen before the Summer break.

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  • I saw in one of the thread one attorney said this kind of RFEs are not problem. I will post the link if I find that thread.

    See if you can get a copy of the original birth certificate from the school. if you can get it, just notarize it and submit the notarized copy.

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  • I have some issues with my 140.. I have doubt it might get denied... so if my my husband (H4) starts working now on EAD, he will loose his h4 status... and later if 140 is denied , he will be out of status , he has to go back to india and get h4 stamped... I don't want to go through all this just matter of couple of months.. will wait for 140 decision...and if it gets approved he will use EAD to work.

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  • In our 485 notices, Under the section, it is stated as Unknown. priority date is blank. Please let me know if anyone is facing similar situation and what needs to be done to correct it?

    Please give some input

    I had the same issue.If it makes you feel better call USCIS and put in a service request.They will get back to you in 30 days.

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  • With new DOL policies and increasing immigration and labor standards enforcement, approval rates for labor transfers are down drastically. AILA reports even approval rates for PERM are down to 62% from the 80% approval rates seen earlier. Be careful, and have another parallel 'regular' filing so in case your sub labor gets rejected you don't loose additional Piority Date time.

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  • I have been working for Company A which was bought under the Umbrella of a bigger parent. My company A still operates under the same name and is fairly independent.

    The parent company bought another company B recently and have asked me move to B for business reasons in a similar role as with company A. Could I file a new GC with B and use my 10+ years experience with A to file for under EB2. I am currently under EB3-I category

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  • sorry to break it to you - but he's quitting a very happy man as every other rupublican is trying to 'out-tancredo tancredo' as he himself put it. he's done his job and poisoned the atmosphere which is all he wanted to do.

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    Snippet from the above link is pasted below.
    High-tech immigrants

    protest visa delays

    About 1,000 highly skilled legal immigrants, carrying placards and cell phones and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with U.S. flags, rallied Tuesday at the Capitol to protest long delays and vast bureaucratic backlogs in the immigration system.

    The immigrants, including computer engineers, doctors and medical technicians from India and China, came from as far as California and Washington state to call on Congress to provide more permanent visas for highly educated immigrants and more resources for the overburdened immigration system. They said the plight of foreigners living in the United States legally had been eclipsed by the polarized debate over illegal

    immigration that led to the defeat of an immigration overhaul in June.
    The immigrants, who are living in the United States on student or high-skilled employment visas, said they were nearing despair with waits lasting as long as a decade to obtain visas giving them permanent residence, which are known as a green cards.

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  • my wife is moving to another employer. they filed her h1b transfer 2 weeks back. does anyone have an estimate on when she should get here receipt???

    If it is Premium transfer then u should get the approval in a week after getting the receipt notice.

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  • I don't think one can open a account from india in US bank. However i had visited a website which says that anyone in the world can do business from USA. I tried it but did not.

    I am in H1B and i opened a business account in USA. The procedure is to get a fititcious businesss name from the citi and open a account in any of the banks. Later apply for a business license from the city. Every year you will have to file tax return (i do it on the month of december). It is very easy and consulars help over there. Additionally you have a advantage to talk to any of the SCORE/SBA members and improve your business.

    Regarding opening a business account, Wells fargo charges $10/- every month and later if you talk to them about low activity account they will charge you $8/- per month. Citibank needs a lot of information and they charge $10/- a month. I had avoided citibank after spending 3 hours interacting with the teller. The best is Washington Mutual (which is Chase now). there is no charge and i think they need atleast one transaction every year.

    Hope this helps.

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  • does anyone have latest receipting update?

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  • seems it will take time to fix this... if I click any link on this page e.g. (order by) Priority date, data vanish from scree :(....

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  • Strange but its true.. Height of stupidity. Read the story below:

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  • Hi glus,

    Thanks for the reply can you or someone clarigy this,

    What if the validity date of H1 is before the validity date of F1. In other words if the validity date of H1 is 10/1/2009 to 9/30/2012 and the validity date of F1 is 12/15/2009 to D/s but the approval date of F1 is on 7th Jan 2010 and the approval date of H1 is on 14th jan 2010.


    Your VISA status should be determined by the I-94 you got last. Which one is it?

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  • Thanks chantu, She doesn't have AP, Do you think it is Safe only if she has AP ?
    Yes, she can travel on H4 stamping. Also let her carry AP if need arises.

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  • Go to the forums link on the left side of the home page, pick the correct forum based on the category of your post and you will see a "New Thread" button at the bottom of that forum.

    Guyz, can somebody help me how to post a question here!!! I just got on to the website and created an id. now how do i post my question? i do not see a choice to "Create a New Post" or something like that. I can only see existing posts and do a reply to them..Sorry for being here..

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  • I also have the same status. I think it has to do with finger printing when had filed for 485 during July 2007. My status is like that since Dec 2007 .Nothing has changed after that for me..

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  • Yes, she can travel on H4 stamping. Also let her carry AP if need arises.

    I am on H1 (Has EAD but never used it), my wife is on H4 and also she has H4 stamping till Feb 2010, She got EAD and and also got SSN. But she never worked on EAD. Now she want to travel to India
    Can she travel on H4 stamping or she need to get AP
    Please Help

    Hello Experts!!!

    I need some serious advice, saw a few related threads, hence joined this forum immediately to get some help...

    My 6 years H1 B limit ends in August 2008.Stamp on I-94 is also as of Aug 08

    Question 1) Employer A filed for I-140 in October 2007. Due to some serious medical conditions I was unable to work from Nov '07 till date. My employer terminated my employment in March 2007 as I was not working then and not in a state to work either.
    I dont think Employer A has revoked my H1B coz I got my I-140 approved thru Employer A, this June (2008). Am I out of status per USCIS/INS 'on paper' ?

    Question 2) I am now capable to resume work. In June 2008 I have found Employer B. What are my chances of getting my H1B successfully transferred to Emp B. The last pay stub is as of Oct 2007. I can get a medical certificate explaining my absence from work till date.

    Question 3) Also, with Employer A's approved I-140, can I apply for a 3 year extension for Employer B since my 6 year tenure ends next month - Aug 08 ?

    Question 4) How will the entire process work. What r my chances ? If the H1 gets approved do I have to leave the country and re-stamp ? If the H1 gets approved why shud I leave the country, can I not just start work coz I have another 3 year extension becoz of the approved I-140 thru Employer A ?

    PLEASE HELP......

    A thread telling people to use caution in using AC21 is currently active. Do you all think that it is a rumor spread by some employer to prevent people from moving out? . Are there any genuine denial cases?

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