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  • Hey brother,

    I am not trying to question your intent just trying to get some knowledge of facts. However your reasoning suggests that there are numbers available to overflow from EB2 World to EB2 India. What if there are just enough numbers to keep EB2 World rolling. I will be interesting in learning more about how these allocations work. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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  • The company filed for her H1B COS which was approved with new I-94. Lot of people with consulting firms especially spouses would be in similar situation and while following the forums, I haven't heard many denials with this reason i.e., joining the employer a little later for H1B approval.

    So what are the chances of getting a RFE or denial? Since we already filed for 485, I am not sure if there is anything we can do.

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  • And there's plenty of competition. Essentially, the bill makes the entire state a 287(g) state without the supervision of Department of Homeland Security. The bill's constitutionality seems extremely dubious, but we'll have to wait on the courts and I feel certain that a suit will be filed within days of the governor signing. Here is a summary of the bill's provisions. As an aside, I was struck by the "Profiles in Courage" passage from the LA Times coverage of the bill: [Governor] Brewer, a Republican, has not taken a public stance on the bill. She replaced Janet Napolitano, a Democrat...

    More... (

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  • I agree that "It is an irony that most people here who raised valid concerns have "red" reputation". I don't know how it works. I know it doesn't matter but I just added +ve reputaton for ck_b2001 and Lisap.

    Anyways, I think the moderators should not forget that this is an open forum also.

    2. IV is a very good cause, but all of us (affiliates to moderators) and moderators should try to explain this in any way they want but please NOT BE PUSHY, AND ABUSIVE.

    3. In this way, who so ever wants more participation, let him/her come forward. But at the same time, if anybody is not convinced or don't want to participate, then let him to do that also. Why PUSH.

    Good Luck to all of you

    i would especially like to address the gentle member above.
    dear friend, iv moderators have not forgotten this is an open forum. otherwise this wonderful discussion may not have existed for everyone's pleasure.

    please let me know which moderator (and when) has been pushy and abusive.
    please choose your words carefully.

    remember it's an open forum? or did you already forget. if an individual member chooses to use that to push for participation, then why object so loudly? or is it open only to views you like?

    as for being convinced, good luck pal. if the current state of retrogression won't convince you to travel a hop skip and jump away from your comfortable home to DC, then maybe a few years of waiting or name checks or god forbid- loss of a job will. you are a free being. but a wise person learns from others who have taken the knocks already. that we don't learn- is precisely the reason we are here today.

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  • I came here in late 2006 and i have applied for 140 & 485 due to LS.
    All i can say for you is angoor khatte hain(grapes are sour for you) since you didnt get it.
    This is what happens to jealous people.

    Anyways, we have played by the rules.
    What do you say about people getting GC by lottery.
    Go and blame the govt for the rules not us.

    Nobody asked you if you did LC Sub. It was one of you who started this thread.

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  • What happens in case of people who obtain GC through marriage and then due to some reason have to divorse? Do they have to stay married for a certain period of time?? :D:D If so how much would that be?

    I think, it is 2 years.

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  • Fax Sent..

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  • - How has greencard changed your life after receiving it?

    It was a relief. No change on the work or personal side of life. Still at the same job. It pays well (always has) and I like it.

    - What did you do on the day you received it?

    Called my wife (who was in India). Bought a bottle of 'Blue Label' and polished it off in one night. Skipped the next day at work b'cos of the hangover.

    ** For people who wonder what happens if your GC is approved when you are in India. My wife was in India when our GC was approved. I did not mail her the GC. She entered US using Advance Parole. At the POE, she was asked if she was aware that her GC was approved. She did say "yes" and she was welcomed into US without any hassles.

    - How did the long wait upset your life?

    The wait was long (PD : May 2002 , GC AD : June 2007). The initial stage (2002 to 2004) was carefree (not worried about GC. More focussed on establishing career). The middle stage (2005 to 2006) was painful. We were in the I485 stage for almost 3 years. Then the final stage (2006 onwards) was carefree again. We had given up on the GC process and had decided that it will come when it has to come. We even bought a house in 2006 and decided to live life as we always wanted to. And then suddenly the GC arrived in June 2007 (interestingly there was no email .. nor any LUDs).

    The only frustrating thing in the I485 stage was the annual renewal for EAD, AP. Fortunately, my employer paid for all that (including spouse). But it was hassle to get the papers ready, fill in the forms, interact with the immigration department on. This was a little irritating every year.

    - How did immigrationvoice help you during this long wait?

    The immigrationvoice leaders are very inspiring. It is very heartening to see everyone so excited and willing to stand up for a common cause. Of course, there are the occasional "wet towels" in the forums who want to see the negative in everything. But I have seen the IV leaders learn to ignore them.

    - Would you like to continue your support to immigration voice and help others waiting?

    Sure. We are hard pressed for time. But have contributed financially in the past (anonymously). We believe in doing a deed and not talking about it. (so please do not read more in the financial contribution part). We will continue to send in the few dollars as usual.

    - Any advice for everyone?

    It is very easy to say that do not let this process affect you. And we are not going to say it. It is like preaching to the choir.

    All we can say is "Hang in there". Plan for your future. Have your goals and work towards them. And we hope GC is just one of them.

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  • Forward movement sounds good..but even with PD current(May,June VB's) folks are just sitting and waiting..just like me..:(

    Rapid movement helps only two categories of people.

    1. People on the 485 queue who have plenty of luck to get their application picked up for approval as it happened last July-August.
    2. CP guys.

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  • No idea what to do. Any suggestions.

    And are you doing anything to try and speed up your case since PD are current ?

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  • Requested all my friends to fax..

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  • I am one of the unlucky ones on EB3 india who missed the july 2007 bus. With my PD under EB3 India, I know I am looking at 10-15 year wait. So I am planning to switch jobs and apply under EB2. I have done some research and I know that the position and the qualifications both have to match to go through in EB2. Those have successfully ported from EB3 to EB2, Can you guys throw some light on whether USCIS has any specific requirements like salary, previous holders of the position etc etc for EB2. Also, if i apply I-140 under EB2 with the new employer and pay 1000$ from my pocket for premium processing, are there more chances of rejection/RFE due to premium processing?Pls help me get out of the EB3 shit.

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  • Did some customization and sent my version.

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  • Here's your answer in the bulletin

    EMPLOYMENT: Demand for numbers in the Employment Third �Other Workers� category, as well as the China and India Employment Second preference categories, has been escalating. No movement in those cut-off dates will be possible until the current level of demand subsides.

    Thanks for your post. It does look like EB2 India and EB3 Other Workers will remain where they are. The point to be noted is that EB3 India was not commented upon i.e. EB3 Other Workers is different from EB3 India or EB3 ROW. I don't want to commit the deadly sin of predicting but there is hope that EB3 India might move albeit slowly :p

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  • Longq,

    Are these info are based on good guess? If not, can you provide us some link, or attach jpg with highlighting relevent facts.

    From November 2005 Visa Bulletin

    Section 201 of the INA sets an annual minimum Family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000, while the worldwide annual level for Employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 sets the per-country limit for preference immigrants at 7% of the total annual Family-sponsored and Employment-based preference limits, i.e. a minimum of 25,620.

    * The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.
    * In recent years, the application of the rules outlined in AC21 has allowed countries such as China � mainland born, India, and the Philippines to utilize large amounts of employment numbers which would have otherwise gone unused.
    * During FY due to anticipated heavy demand, the AC21 provisions are not expected to apply, and the amount of Employment numbers available to any single country will be subject to the 7% cap. It is anticipated that the addition of unused FY-2005 Family numbers and the remaining AC21 numbers to the 140,000 annual minimum will result in an FY-2006 annual Employment limit of 152,000. This will mean an Employment per-country limit for FY-2006 of approximately 10,650.
    * To illustrate the effect of the reduced per-county limitation during FY-2006 on the oversubscribed countries, it should be noted that during FY-2005 India used approximately 47,175 Employment numbers.

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  • I want to bring out the plight of legal immigrant community that has been silently suffering the consequences of a broken immigration system. It really baffles me that all the focus in immigration debate is on ILLEGALS when highly educated LEGAL immigrants who play by the rules, pay taxes and follow the law are left in the lurch. Attending to legal immigrants plight will also send a positive signal to the ILLEGAL community to see the perks of being LEGAL. Right now, it seems more rewarding to be ILLEGAL than pursue the LEGAL route towards immigration. What an irony!
    The country based quotas imposed on Employment Based green cards are not only unfair but self defeating because the benchmark is country of origin and not qualification! Since these EB category based green cards are awarded for professional skills, imposing a country based quota just does not make any sense. I urge you to work with Congress and change this discriminatory policy and reinforce that America is truly a society that celebrates meritocracy.
    The immigrant community is really looking at President Obama to deliver on his promise of CHANGE - Change that we can believe in.

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  • Great news! I was never on H4 so it does not really affect me. But any good news for skilled immigration is good news.

    Now can we get news on SKIL bill passage or USCIS allowing filing I485 during retrogression?

    Plus the 5 year EAD....

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  • I am trying to figure out the impact of this ruling on the current usage of visa numbers.

    I am from ROW so I would like to see how many more from ROW would demand visa numbers due to this new ruling.

    Obviously this is important to India and China as well because the only way these two categories would get more visa numbers is from ROW overflow this year as these categories have used up most of their visa numbers for the year.

    If I understand correct ROW 1 overflows to ROW 2 and ROW 3 and when ROW 3 current Over flow over to India/China

    Any ideas guys??

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  • Thanks for playing your folk tunes, and singing and reciting poetry on stage at the rally! Please let us know the IV handle of the other guitarist and singer. Thanks for inviting me to join you but I am way too shy to sing on stage :o 3 cheers to abhijitp, you make CA proud!

    I completely agree with JK...i work here in Phoenix in a construction company, and many of the legal immigrants (including Latinos, indians etc....brown skin people) have started to worry about this bill becoming law....every other person in our company have experienced what this would bring us....
    We have been working in various cities here in AZ, and travel is a must for us...
    Once, while I was driving to Tucson for a project inspection, i was stopped by border patrol agents at 2 different locations....i mean to say, they were not stationed in a booth or any thing, they had patrol cars just like cops....they just park their car on the shoulder, and wait for any brown guy driving across....
    Infact, one border patrol agent followed me for about 2 miles, then drove right next to me, again slowed down to get behind me, and turned on the, I had to stop....luckily, i had my EAD card, which is always keep in my wallet, even though I am on H1-B....however, he insisted that we (as in legal immigrants) should carry our passports (Original and not a copy) with us when we travel...which is totally rediculous!!!!!
    what irritates me is that these guys don't even understand what an EAD is.....he was expecting that I should have a visa inorder to be in the took almost 25 to 30 mins to explain my status (H1-B, but not stamped in my passport)....that an approved H1-B petition is enough to stay and work in the US.....HE JUST DIDN'T GET IT!!!!! the end, this guy, as though he was doing a great favor to me, said that he is allowing me to travel on humanitarian grounds and with a warning....f&*k*&^ bull%^&*......

    I have traveled many times with my coworker who is caucasian, and not even once have I had a problem with border patrol agents.....
    I just don't know what to say!!!!!! is it their lack of common sense, or knowledge, or is it just plain blunt racial profiling???????

    class action lawsuit?? for using up too many visa's too fast?
    wow. for once (& only once) I feel sad for USCIS. They are damned if they do, and damned if they dont. Usually all talk of class action lawsuits have been for visa numbers that they wasted by approving too slowly. Now another one for going too fast... :D

    Seriously, I would be very very happy they are for a change working really fast so no wastage of numbers this time around. common guys don't you think is it good for us over all. may be we will not see some movement for some time but at least you know that we are not suffering because of USCIS's inefficiency.

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