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  • - How has greencard changed your life after receiving it?

    we will see

    - How did the long wait upset your life?
    - How did immigrationvoice help you during this long wait?
    - Would you like to continue your support to immigration voice and help others waiting?
    for sure
    - Any advice for everyone?
    knowledge, knowledge and knowledge! The earlier- the better.
    Greatest disappointment that haven't discovered IV back then, say in 2001:D

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  • EB2 likes visa bulletin predictions.
    EB3 does not.

    That explains the green or red in my opinion.

    I hope once DOS decides to change the spillover and give the extra visas to Eb3 (whoever ROW , India....). The ensuing discussions from from the self glorified EB2 crowd here would make for an entertaining reading. I would like to see how much they enjoy the predictions after that.

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  • Here it is

    Yeap, that's what I was talking about. Thanks.

    Looking back, I should've sued the company because it did not pay me full salary for the first month while I was on the "bench" (searching for a contract). ...

    lol, back than (speaking about myself - can't speak for everybody) I was naive. It is now we grew big teeth and became half-lawyers :)

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  • LINK (

    WASHINGTON: Hundreds of Indian students , mostly from Andhra Pradesh , face the prospect of deportation from the US after authorities raided and shut down a university in the Silicon Valley on charges of a massive immigration fraud .

    The Tri-Valley University in Pleasanton, a major suburb in San Francisco Bay Area, has been charged by federal investigating authorities with being part of an effort to defraud, misuse visa permits and indulge in money laundering and other crimes.

    According to a federal complaint filed in a California court, the University, which was raided and shut down last week, helped foreign nationals illegally acquire immigration status.

    The university is said to have 1,555 students. As many as 95 per cent of these students are Indian nationals, the complaint said.

    Investigations by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) found that while students were admitted to various residential and online courses of the university and on paper lived in California, in reality they "illegally" worked in various parts of the country as far as Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

    ICE has called it as a "sham university." The ICE investigations found that more than half of these students were reported to be residing in a single apartment located in Sunnyvale California.

    During the course of the investigation ICE found that the university gave the residential address of its students in order to conceal that they did not live in California, said the court papers.

    For a student to maintain an active immigration status, they must show proof that they are making reasonable process towards completing coursework and physically attend classes.

    Federal investigating authorities are now sweeping out on each of those students, who paid lakhs for obtaining students visa and also students work permit.

    Several of them have been interrogated, creating a panic reaction among the Indian student community.

    Many of the students from Andhra Pradesh, who were planning to join the university for the new semester, have cancelled their US travel plans.

    Classes were scheduled to start on January 10 after the winter break.

    It is understood that many of these students are planning to leave the country as soon as possible as they are being interrogated.

    There are unconfirmed reports of some of the students being detained and deportation process has been started against them.

    Once the university has been shut down, the students who come on F-1 visa, lose their status within a stipulated time. These students have been making desperate calls to Indian- American immigration attorneys.

    "We have received verification that ICE has detained some of the students and placed them in removal proceedings," Murthy Law Firm, a popular immigration attorney firm among Indian-Americans, said in a posting on its website.

    On January 20, 2011 the Murthy Law Firm received numerous phone calls from students registered at Tri-Valley University in Pleasanton, California, it said in its posting.

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  • Every one has his own vantage point. Mark K has his own and the others who represented for legal immigration has their own. Mark K's argument to only allow the so called 'Einstein caliber" people speaks volumes about how he has simplified the problem.

    Sitting on a high position in an immigration research facility does not necessarily mean that he is abreast with the technological needs. From his arguments, he certainly has proven that he has very little or no idea of where the resource needs are.

    Everyone of us are here because there is room for us to work. If his research shows that there are more US people who will fill our shoes, then I am sure the market needs would govern the numbers. For all the anti's who cite articles about how low paid we are, how less qualified we are, they should research to complete the full circle. They leave it half-hearted, its not as if they don't know, they just want to stick on to the rhetoric.

    Even to entertain Mark K's idea about bringing the so called cream of the crop, there has to be proven ways to identify who these people are. One way of doing it is to allow people to come here on F1, prove their worth in research, work for a few years. One does not become an EB1 qualified before he steps into the country, he probably climbs his way up to that qualification. Some may succeed, some may fail. To selectively choose the best and expel the rest would mean disaster for the country. These are human lives we are talking about, not parts in a process control factory where you can chuck as and when you need as it does not meet 'specifications'.

    He has blinders on, and that will never change. You can't debate a person who has already decided on what the outcome. The most amusing part personally for me is that most of the anti-legal folks accuse the entire industry of conspiring to screw their own. I can see how one or two companies to do that, but to underline that the entire system is geared towards raping their own is blasphemous to say the least.

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  • My company paid for attorney fees. I dont know the amount for that.
    My pocket expense
    $380 - medical tests
    $60 - photographs
    $50 - mailing fees.

    Obviously, no money can account for the mental torture I and my family have been going through once we learned about visa bulletion revision rumors.

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  • well since we are in the mood for quotes here's a different take on the use of past moves in making a current move:

    George Santayana:
    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Etienne Gilson:
    History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought.

    Kurt Vonnegut:
    History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.

    Pearl S. Buck:
    One faces the future with one's past.

    though ofcourse there is no point in fretting over split milk, learning from the past is very very important... Both your own past moves as well as those of people before you.

    History does not repeat itself. The historians repeat one another.
    Max Beerbohm

    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
    Winston Churchill

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  • Good Find

    Nah, I don't think so. Not a good article.

    1. His salary CAN be raised.
    2. His wife CAN work, as article mentions that he applied for GC in 2004
    3. I never heard about 1 million - I guess we were talking about 140000 unused visas right? Where this 1 million came from?
    4. If the company is bought - one doesn't generally reapply for GC.

    Even little lies don't serve a good cause as this article can be easily discredited.

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  • OK guys, here is what I think. Being in US on a visitor visa, and then applying for an I-485 does seem like a violation of visa terms, but the other way round seem to be fine. I mean she can apply for an I-485 first in India, and then apply for a visitor visa later while her I-485 application is pending. While applying for a visitor visa she just has to honestly tell the consulate officer that her I-485 is pending and there should be no problems.

    If she applies for I-485, she has *beyond a shadow of doubt" expressed immigration intent. Her visitor visa request will immediately be rejected.

    If this is not so, then it means that all those who have filed I-485 in their home countries through consular processing route are in effect barred from entering US till some decision is taken on their application. This sounds bizarre. Does not make sense. What do you say?

    Once someone applies for I-485, then s/he has expressed immigration intent. From that time onwards s/he cannot apply for any visa that requires intent for non-immigration, such as visitor's visa, student visa, etc. He/she can only apply for a dual-intent visa, such as H1/L1/H4, etc., after expressing immigration intent.

    It is your own personal problem if you find this rule as "bizarre", but that's the rule.

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  • Done.

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  • Guys, this article is 100% correct. There are about 1 million people stuck at various stages of the green card process, H-4 dependents cannot work, and H-1Bs cannot get salary raises. Don't detract from such a good and accurate article.

    Yes I agree with the article

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  • Perm filers hate LS guys as they went ahead of line...
    Backlog guys hate Perm filers as they went ahead of line...
    Eb3 guys hate EB3-EB2 conversion guys as they went ahead of line...
    ....and it goes on.
    This shit never ends!!!:(

    Strangely, everything is done within the scope of law!

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  • what programs do you guys use to make those pixel pictures? Is there somthing that Im missing or do you just end up doing it in illustrator or somthing?:moustache

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  • We should file FOIA with USCIS and ask them to release numbers for EB3 category.

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  • Kit your castle was wild, was it done from a photograph? Yeah, I used one of my old holiday snaps as a reference. One of the places I used to get taken on holiday to when I was a kid was up near Gloucester, and there was this old ruined castle. Used to love going there, and in the middle of this battle I suddenly remembered it and dug out my old photos. Had that next to me while I was drawing it. :)

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  • This is not the case for me....but during a discussion with my attorney and other friends contacts they said if you do not attach the medicals now you may get RFE at a later stage...which you can resolve it.

    I bet any RFE can be articulated with reason by attorney if they are smart enough.

    This is something I heard...but do not hold me on that. Please check with your attorney too and make a decesion.

    Medical is one of the initial evidence so it should not be skipped otherwise it may be rejected.

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  • I never received a transfer notice from NSC, however my wife received a transfer notice long back (some time in Sep')

    Sorry for asking you so many questions. I am just trying to figure out if there is any pattern on NSC-CSC-NSC FP appointments.

    Did you get a notice from CSC saying they are transferring your I-485 to NSC? If so, when was it?

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  • YOu can surrender your GC letting know the USCICS that, it got approved when the PD was not current. I had read this on Browse the website to learn more about it or contact attorney's.

    How am I so sure...?? Even I am one amoung them praying for 485 not getting approved untill I get married. My PD is 2006, so I guess I don't have to worry too much.

    Thanks for the reply tabletpc, but my GC was approved when the PD was current. i was wondering about the options i've to get my future wife to USA.

    Thanks again

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  • ...and may I know what is bad in this ?!

    I would say this is definitely good as 1.) They have acknowledged the issue AND 2.) acted upon it.

    We will know the veracity of their actions as more people report of their NC getting cleared over the next few months.

    I think (1) in the statement made by USCIS refers to "DHS Secretary Chertoff indicated that USCIS and the FBI are changing parts of the name check process, with the expected result that a large proportion of the backlog should be cleared within six months" source: AILA Infonet

    Originally posted by Guig0
    how come we have more votes than posters? :-\ Maybe Eilsoe cheated? :evil:

    Why doesn't someone introduce Lou to Mike Moore? :D

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