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  • Hey it will not be a problem.
    I know who people who got green cards who were in this coutry during 2000-2001 time with out paystubs.

    Don't worry too much. More over ur wife is a dependent on ur 485.

    Don't worry and relax.

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  • Mercies.... if your answer is still not answered than please call QGA and find out about us. Before spending so much time writing this post if you had gone to the resources, you would have got some questions answered.

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  • Thanks Harsh..

    you think it is safer to submit the last 2/3 paystubs while on H1 earlier along with the other documents we submit while filing for H1, or not even submit them.. I know the officer is at full liberty to ask whatever document he fancies at that moment and my stars at that time..

    Do you think they will ask for the W2's while on H1 period..?

    others too, pls share your thoughts.

    I would follow the advise of your immigration attorney on this one. Sometimes they ask for pay stubs, sometimes they do not. So I would follow what your attorney advises on you. Normally USCIS will not ask for W2's. However an embassy will, when you go for stamping. They will ask for W2 and your tax returns to verify if you got paid whatever is written on your application as your salary.

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  • You did not read it carefully. The person actually NOTIFIED the USCIS about AC21. However, USCIS failed to record it.

    "xxxx....The particular case has been issued a NOIR on the basis that the employer revoked the I-140 petition and there was no information on record indicating a qualifying position under AC21. In fact, in this case, the documentation pertaining to the new, qualifying position and portability eligibility under AC21 had been timely filed with the USCIS. ...xxxx"


    "xxxx....It is not clear why this AC21 filing was either overlooked or not in the file at the time of the issuance of the NOIR several months later. The fact that the AC21 notification was filed, however, provides a basis to respond to and refute the NOIR, along with a number of legal and procedural issues. Therefore, the AC21 notification is vital to the ultimate success in this case. Moreover, notification and proof of AC21 eligibility may be vital to avoid NOIRs in future cases....xxxx".

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  • I have bought stamps/envelops and printed # of letters by myself and going desk to desk and urging Desi's to sign and send letters.
    Great! Everyone is paying me for the stamps and sending letters.
    Cheers! I urge everyone do this to their respective work location. It is working like magic! Believe me!

    We are all little lazy in this winter weather, just need a little push! That's all!

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  • Medical: $ 400.00
    Lawyer: $3,000.00
    Fedex: $ 100.00
    Documents: $ 20.00
    TOTAL: $3,520.00 APR.

    Tension that I have gone through on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Can't estimate the cost
    Frustration that I am going through since Monday Morning: Can't estimate the cost.

    Please note that I am not counting any cost for taking the time off from work, spending time on collecting documents, phone call made to my parents in india. I am not even thinking the opportunity cost.

    My parents had spent time and money going to the different agencies to get the affidavit and then sending it to me via courier. My parents had cancel their program so that their son and Daoughter in law and son in law and Daughter can get the paper quickly and can send the papers to USCIS.

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  • I knew the call was a BS. I don't want to waste my prepaid calling card. Real job ads are hard to come by these days, and H1b job ads
    don't exist any more.:D


    here is a tip for next time, never threaten and intimidate other people and think that just because they r immigrants they r weak. law protects us all equally, and anytime u threaten, when i am around, just make sure it will have a negative affect....

    if u want to talk i'll wait for your post, if u want to talk on the phone, i'll give u my number.... let me take out that element of fear from immigrants..... everyone is not intimidated by your posts.... i hope u get the message....

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  • Congratulations on your greencard approval.

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  • Indeed it was great Christmas new. At last.

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  • $550 excluding the attorney fee as the company was paying for it.

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  • So jsb if congressman and Ombudsman doesnt work either is there anything which will work ? Can one actually go physically to the Service Center and ask to speak to the PRO (Public relations officer) or something ?

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  • I think, it is a combination of three things.
    1. Laziness
    2. No Accountability
    2. Bad intentions you mentioned

    In my job, I am a software trainer. I teach hundreds of people. I will be accountable (and asked questions) if I delay my work even by one day. There are tight deadlines for everything. (Yes, 5 minute job of renewing EAD will not be 90 days will be 5 minutes only) Even if one customer just soft complains about anything, I will be held accountable and my job will be in jeopardy. There is no such thing in USCIS.

    BTW: I hate when they say 90 days and then exclude the RFE time and the mail accepting time.(They count from the date of receipt and not the date of receiving the mail). On the top of it, the receipt date can be any time they want and not the date of receiving the date. It can become 120 days and when they say "days", it is like one of those commercials which says, " for only 1$ a day ...." instead of saying $365 which they charge for the whole year . subscription.

    Same way instead of saying 3 to 5 months , they say 90 days (so that it does not seem long). they should say , "EAD RENEWAL ONLY TAKES 129600 MINUTES". ..and then in the small print, light gray color at a hidden spot in the bottom, in tons of lines of text, say, "does not include RFE, holidays, Mail transit time, and time before we accept it"

    Can anybody please send me the address of USCIS director ? I want to write a letter to him with a copy to his boss too. Anybody can help me know who his boss is and his address too ?

    You will be barking up the wrong tree or up the same tree a lot of us have already barked up to, by writing to rthe Director of USCIS and his boss.
    Alejandro Mayorkas is the Director od USCIS and I believe his boss would be none other than Ms. Janet Napolitano..

    Poke around IV, there has to contact information for both of these individuals.
    Laziness and Un-accountability are hallmarks of any government organization in any country, so we can discount that. I strongly incline in the direction of "Bad Intentions".

    Afterall these are all clerk level employees who have, what amounts to the future of thousands of people, in their hands. Whenever USICS efficiency/operating procedures are discussed here, I am reminded of what a clerk in my engineering school in India once told me. Mind you, this was NOT a government office where dealinggs of millions of rupees are made. This was a SCHOOL.
    Following is the brief dialoge between the clerk and I:
    Clerk: "Bhai, clerk se hamesha dar ke rehna."

    Me" "Kyon?"

    Clerk:" KUTTA mein ek (one) "K" ( the hindi letter Ka), hota hai aur clerk mei 2, is liya dhyan rakha"

    That dude was so correct.

    Happy hump day.

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  • Hello Guys,

    I am planning to utilize AC21. My PD is OCT 2005, EB2 India, I-140 was approved in June 2006 and I-485 filed on 2nd July 2007.

    The question I have is if my current employer can do anything, I mean anything at all, now?

    Thank you.

    Employer can withdraw I-140 even after 180 days. If possible, avoid that scenario. It will cause RFE or, worse, NOID. But ultimately you'll prevail.

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  • Democrats or republican....doesn't matter. Nothing is going to pass. Read the writings on the walls, understand the ruler's and administration's body language it's all Anti-immigrant. Why do you think there are so many queries on everything, EAD harassment. They are harrassing us for everthing, just for 1 plain reason, they don't want us here. And you guys are talking of CIR ..huh!!!

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  • Guys:

    I am not sure if the PM and email from IV is working. I sent out 4-5 PM and emails to various members from MI and I have not got a single reply. Also I still have not got an email from Sanjay or Varsha. Also breddy2000's email also was not received.......I am not sure if something is down.

    Please advise what is needed, otherwise I have a very crazy schedule next week and I will not be able to do anything.

    Please email me at


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  • Can you please let me know if you applied for AP online and what supporting documents you had mailed.

    Applied for EAD on Aug 30th, Receipt notice was on Sep 3rd and Got email yesterday saying card production ordered. Nebraska Service center.

    Now waiting for AP to be approved. Applied on Aug 30th. Receipt notice on 3rd Sep, LUD on 10th Sep.. Texas service center. Thinking it should not be long.

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  • I'm getting my bag of M & M's and box of Kleenex tissues ready.

    Hahaha funny! :D

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  • Date moved from October 03, 2006 to October 06, 2006.. :-(

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  • Raj,

    We should make some efforts to get relief otherwise nothing would happen next year also.

    Hello Friends,

    As you might have guessed, I am on the EB3 bandwagon because of circumstances that were beyond my control [The filing attorney screwed up :( ]

    At the time of my EB3 filing (Feb. 2004) I did possess a Masters degree and more than 5 years of Work Experience and the job responsibility that my petition was filed for, did require a Senior worker with Masters experience. Unfortunately, things didn't go that way and here I am.

    I keep reading about some lucky souls [god bless their souls :) ] who have managed to retain their priority dates and converted to EB2.

    I really want to do that. I am not sure where to start.

    1. I used AC21 and took up a new job recently. Do I approach my new employer and talk to them to see whether they would be able to file my petition in EB2 category? The bad thing is, when I joined them, I told them I don't need any sponsorship or assistance from them. It would be a volte face to go back to them and request them to do something. And the best part is, there is no guarantee that my company would file my petition.

    2. Do I look for a new employment and if and when I clear the selection process, do I tell them that the only way I could join them is if they could file my EB2 petition? If they think that my services is a necessity, they might do it else they might look for other candidates. It s like throwing a dice.

    3. Do I look around for desi consulting companies that would file my EB2 and in return I work for them (using my EAD) through the EB2 petition/adjudication process. With this approach, the desi companies might do it, but like other people, I also think the reputation of these desi consulting companies is severely dented and there is all the more chance that the EB2 petition might get denied.

    Gurus...any help or advise or information is really appreciated.


    To highlight other point of view and keep the debate balanced... It ain't rosy on the other side(India) either.

    There is a severe shortage of highly skilled personnel in India too.
    For those talents , salaries have gone through the roof. Add to that rupee has appreciated a whopping 11% this year...significantly compromising cost advantage.

    attrition is a problem to get anything significant done . There are many stories of companies moving out of india due to attrition.

    and for those outsourcing companies like wipro , infy etc where name of the game is pure staff augumentation/outsourcing ..... immigration issues will hit their business too.

    Add to that all the peripheral issues with doing business in India ....poor infrastructure, cultural issues and overhead/risk of managing distributed teams etc ...

    Pure outsourcing/staff augumentation business model employed by Indian bell weather IT companies is finally being challenged.

    Simply put: There ain,t free lunch, anywhere.

    IMO: Purely from career standpoint , getting a greencard and staying put in US, is still the best option by a distance.

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