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  • Guys,
    I know ROW country may not like this thread, but look at EB-3 India or China, put yourself in our shoes and than you may realize how unfair this country is. In this unprecedented financial turmoil, I feel there are very remote chances for CIR or any package which increase immigration etc would pass, I am taking this initiative to gather as many people I can and go to washington. Again this is not an IV effort. If you are with me , you can spare some time or few days in Washington, please PM me. our sole agenda is bring a 2 line bill to remove country quota...

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  • Receipting is not done by VO and the staff who do receipting follow certain procedures.

    USCIS mailroom has certain protocols and thats why even our AC21 documentation does not reach file.

    Files are distributed to different officers and they work on the files.

    Without a receipt number you cannot track your MTR.

    Talk to a very good Attorney on further course of action.

    I filed MTR - my 485 was denied because the officer ignored the AC21 job change. When I called customer service and explained - I was transferred to a VO and when I explained it, she requested me to file an appeal so that I don't have to pay instead f MTR.

    When I talked to Attorney - she said "Don't do that - when your MTR gets receipted, you can track it but cannot track an appeal"

    Remember MTR = if USCIS makes a mistake - MTR costs $$
    Appeal = if you want AAO to consider various factors on a correctly interpreted denial and appeal to see if you can convince.

    Does this mean that an MTR filed without the filing fee is automatically considered an appeal?

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  • Thanks.. WIll def watch...
    Thanks IV & thanks Dr. read about his story yesterday -- hope something good comes out.

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  • Dear Friends,

    As per yesterday�s floor summary (access link below), the House of Congress has been adjourned and this marks the end of the business activity in the house of the110th Congress. House will re-convene at 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009 and that will be the first session of the 111th Congress.

    Floor Summary: http://clerk.house.gov/floorsummary/floor.html

    3:02 P.M. -
    The House adjourned pursuant to H. Con. Res. 440. The next meeting is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on January 3, 2009.

    HR 5882 introduced in the 110th Congress will no longer valid for consideration in the 111th Congress and a new RECAPTURE bill has to be introduced in 111th Congress with the same contents of HR 5882 in order for us to obtain some relief.

    I think we should start our campaign now itself, targeting Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [WI-5], for the RE-INTRODUCTION of the RECAPTURE bill during the first week of the 111th Congress.

    Also, it is very important NOT to campaign for the expansion of the scope of this bill at this point of time as that will make this bill to get ignored and become a reason to add the whole relief measures to a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill which may take 1-2 years to get passed depending on the political landscape.

    We should ask Hon. Zoe and Hon. Sensenbrenner to introduce this as an emergency relief measure and try to get this passed during the first quarter itself.

    Once this bill gets introduced, we could request all previous Co-Sponsors of HR 5882 to become Co-Sponsors of the new bill.

    So at this point, we should send mails to Rep Lofgren, Zoe and Rep Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. encouraging them to re-introduce the RECAPTURE bill.

    Let�s keep HOPE alive!

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  • You can make whatever you like of the current situtation, but let me tell you something.
    There is a HUGE difference between being TOLERATED and BEING LIKED.
    I am sure you have the intelligence to see the difference.
    You can "tolerate" someone you don't like, but you can not "welcome" someone whom you don't like. I for one, donlt want to be in the "tolerated" category.
    And may I ask, what exactly is your definition of hostility? Being chased down the street by a bunch of thugs, who think you should be in their country, or the kind of passive hostility being practised as of now?

    You are free to go back to your home land if you feel like you are not welcomed here.

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  • Hey guys, this is not such a bad idea...basically it's all about give & take - you give and I take :)

    Man, are you serious in asking people not file in time when the topic of the day has been the possible retrogression mid-month in July? And that too on a forum where there are more posts about how to save $3.99 on passport photos than on core team pleas about calling the senators??


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  • Though I sympathize with this guy but when I heard this story, I was laughing to my guts. His plight is really unique and probably he is better off not bringing any one of them here or better yet... Marry for the the third time here in the USA itself. :D:D

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  • Focus should be on creating jobs. For that US needs to allow skilled legal immigrants to stay.

    Agreed, not all legal immigrants will become enterpreneurs and create jobs but I still think that contribution from skilled workers is more to the economy and has a much larger impact than that of illegal migrants!

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  • The following is my prediction....

    Employment- Based

    All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01DEC06 22MAY06 C C
    3rd 01APR05 01DEC03 01FEB02 01MAY01 22JAN05

    Dear tselva,

    why 22May06 for India EB2, i think your PD is before that. can you please add two more months, that covers mine too.

    i dont have any hope in December bulletin, waiting for next year.

    Anyways, I hope all of us should get out of this mess ASAP.



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  • I bet there are tons of fine print to be qualified as "Illegal", I keep hearing " people who CAME (entered) ILLEGALLY before jan 2007..." , so " legal to ILLEGAL conversion " will not qualify i think.

    What is important for you now that you want to become illegal ?
    -> To win
    -> Self respect
    -> Financial achievement
    -> Career achievement
    -> Family support

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  • Yeah! DOL & USCIS tightening screws everywhere..

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  • Solaris27,
    Thanks for your reply, there are a lot of conflicting reports from different sources so I wanted to be sure. Have you traveled in the past month or know of anybody who has come back without a transit visa through Frankfurt? The new Schengen visa rules are causing a lot of confusion. Thanks!

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  • It would be interesting to know....Wonder how credible their claim of State Dept official discussed with them about Visa Bulletin dates?

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  • No she cant becuase her visa appointment is on Aug 13.

    I think you should be able to manage it. I am not sure if USCIS will accept report from Doctor's in Mumabi. it has to be one the cerified civil surgeon.
    You can ask your wife to have all immunization record ready. Talk to some civil surgeons in advance and explain your situation and ask if they can provide blood report in one day. Mostly they send blood work to another blood lab so you may have to contact lab if they can give the test result in same day. Although ppd test is required but you can try to convince civil surgeon to skip it and go with just x-ray and later deal with rfe. Or you can ask civil surgeon if he accept PPD report from some other doctor's in India. Another option could be that she can take PPD injection in india and show it to the civil surgeon here. Explore all your posibilities here. You have enough time to explore your options.

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  • Yes, your point is entirely valid. I didn't know about this cross-country provision. Another unfair provision.
    In fact, my point was that unfairness should be dealt with on all possible fronts. If the system works properly, nobody will need to do anything that is even remotely unfair.

    I have a strong gut feeling that 2009 would be a good year for EB3. They will start approving more cases I think.

    I certainly hope for the best this year. My PD is currently current, but I am still helpless. Can't file a service request nor know any kind of status (unless on pure luck I run into a good natured IO over phone or infopass). Just have to pray that they find and get to my application while dates are still current.

    This thing is a dual headed monster....If you conquer the PD head, the processing date Head pops up and vice versa.... I was in same situation briefly ( a month or two of PD being current but Processing dates stuck at July 2, 2007 at NSC) early this year and had to sit back and painfully watch the PD for EB3-I becoming 'U' again. I am more afraid of the 'unavailability' than retrogression now!! With retrogression you can atleast hope it might become current in the next month or one after that. But with 'U' , you just have to wait until Oct next year !!!

    The moment they advance the PD for EB3 I and my application still remains untouched , I am gonna try to take that info , take an Info Pass and ask the IO, if they had advanced the PDs, it means they exhausted every application that could be approved and wanted to find more....so what ever has happened to my case !! I hope it wouldn't come to that.

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  • I just talked company A HR, my name one not among the withdrawn list, But he will look into that and let me know tomorrow.

    Maybe your I140 was withdrawn by the company A.

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  • how did you expedite?

    On the phone (called the regular 800 #), no documentation was required.

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  • I think initially due to rush the NSC sent apps to CSC because either the person's residence was in CA or Lawyer, In my case my lawyer is based in LA, CA. But now CSC is trasferring back the 485 apps to NSC where the 140 is being filled (or may be there is some other criteria). I am waiting for the EAD and AP approvals and FP notice.

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  • How long you have to work for your GC sponser after your GC: Atleast 10 Years:D:D:D

    See the link http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum5-all-other-green-card-issues/3305-changing-company-after-getting-green-card.html

    What kind of job is that that pays $$$ an hour? LOBBYING ? :)

    Would you like to send a mass mailer to all to generate momentum ???

    Can you please do that....

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