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  • ive heard that the masters quota got crazy full coz lots of student used desi consultants to get mulitiple employer petitions and flooded the masters quota

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  • Raj,

    Every state has 2 senators. just google to find senators on your state
    go to their websites and their contact details will be ther. You can email or call them.
    Good Luck!!

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  • Bee:

    Also, as you mentioned in your post, the CFR is not a law, it is an interpretation of law made by the agencies and the agencies are free to change the applicability, extension, conditions of eligibility for EAD as they seem fit.

    I'm afraid there I may disagree with you -- it is not clear that the CFR can be amended at will, or all the time, by the agencies. Most amendments to the CFR come from "public laws" such as the amendments that came about due to AC21.

    (i) This discretion of the agency thing can cut both ways. According to the GAO report, http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d0620.pdf -- see page 22

    "In July 2004, USCIS published an interim rule in the Federal Register that allows it more flexibility in establishing the length of validity for Employment Authorization Documents (EAD).Previously, federal regulations required USCIS to limit the time EADs were valid to 1 year for specific types of applicants who applied for employment authorization..... Although the flexibility to set the length of EAD validity is available, USCIS is currently restricting its EAD validity periods to 1 year."

    So there is a great to deal to be said for forcing the hand of an agency -- as AC21 did in enabling portability, extensions of visas etc.

    (ii) Plus as a matter of practical reality -- do you imagine the moving like slow molasses USCIS/DOS/DOL are more persuadable than fire and brimstone congresspeople? :)

    We can certainly toss this out at our next set of meetings, and see if our fate is better served at the hands of USCIS bureaucrats than Congress.


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  • Hello,

    Please read the following discussion, it has lot of information about pregnancy without insurance.



    Thank you very much

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  • E-Filed: May 30th, 2008
    FP: June 28th, 2008
    Card Production Ordered on July24th :)
    Belong to EB3 Category and hoping to get 2 Year EAD.
    Will let everyone know if I get 2 year or 1 year EAD
    Is everyone who belong to EB3 category getting 2 year EAD???

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  • medicals : 350
    attorney fee : 1235
    Fedex :25
    Photos : 30

    Got bacterial infection from vaccination and visited urgent care 3 times and one time ER (200$) and lost 2 days pay.

    Total: 1840

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  • I think calling your university presidents and asking them to show their support for these bills would also be a very good idea.
    This bill will encourage pursuit of higher education in US by foreign students in a significant way.

    I think this is a good idea. All US graduates should Email or fax there University Presidents. As we know congress does listen to the education industry. All IV members graduated from US universities should contact there respective university presidents.

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    If thats the case then I think at least some people are safe ...:)

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  • I don't know why do we (EB community) support it?

    1. There is no economic sense for DREAM act. You are going to make illegal people legal - without any much restrictions. How about kids of people who are waiting for their GCs (kids born in native country)? Don't you see any unfair treatment handed out to kids of legal immigrants.

    2. Why not give them legal status until age of 18 or 21, then they must prove their worth to economy by going to F1 visa , h1 visa & using available path to immigration?

    3. It is about re-uniting families - There are people struggling in legal immigration queue who want to unite with their families - parents - there is no provision in law or effort of making it possible.

    This is all politics & I will never support it.

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  • I am really surprised. Why would it EB3 go back to 2001.
    I have just applied for my labour. So I can apply for 485 only after 5/6 years?:mad:

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  • As we can clearly see the positive influence of Quarterly Vertical Spill-over on the forward PD movement at least for EB2 I/C, it would be great to open a communication channel with DOS Visa Office just to get clarification whether the correct interpretation of the LAW would be the basis of the January 2010 Visa Bulletin.

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  • I believe Mbhai did a dis-service by negating good advice. What is the guarantee that the 2nd women that this guy marries will not ask for divorce? The best thing he can do is find a way to reconcile, unless there is marital infidility.

    I believe "snathan" story was inspiring and addressed the true problem of that individual and every indivudual's life. Trust me, when you all get your GC's ...it will be these things that will matter to all of you, rather than anything else.

    I felt the same....

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  • Murthy or Oh or Carl Shusterman or Greg Siskind will have the contents in their website soon.

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  • yep, makes sense.
    Regarding the orignal topic, even I have never heard anyone not getting citizenship because of them leaving the GC employer. Personally, I won't wait for six months or even a single day, if I see a better opportunity.

    What happens in case of people who obtain GC through marriage and then due to some reason have to divorse? Do they have to stay married for a certain period of time?? :D:D If so how much would that be?

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  • Can we change the title of this thread to:-

    Immigration Voice/Gandhigiri in News (or Limelight)

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  • sent fax 11

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  • I am surprised with this thread. There is no Deadline for employemnt based GC (this was mentioned by Sen. Robert (Bob) Men�ndez,NJ when requesting to move the FB deadline which is clearly mentioned in the bill as May 01, 2005) . Please read the summary and text carefully.
    First five years
    Total number of merit-based green cards includes sum of:
    a.) First five fiscal years have same number of green cards as made available to EB category in 2005. This number is 246,878.
    b.) Any visa number not used by family based category.
    How the total number will be divided between Current system and new merit-based system and Y visa holders --
    - 10,000 (or more) reserved for exceptional aliens under �Y� visa category.
    - 90,000 (exactly 90,000 � not more not less) for backlogged (pending or approved I-140 applications). Currently, this number is 140,000.
    - Remaining possibly goes to new merits system. Until the merits system is ready for accepting petitions, the Y visa holders probably get a shot at this since the clause says �No more than 10,000� � leaving room to let it go up from 10,000 to whatever is left.

    and the TEXT of the Bill
    �(A) for the first five fiscal years shall be equal to the
    33 number of immigrant visas made available to aliens
    34 seeking immigrant visas under section 203(b) of this
    35 Act for fiscal year 2005, plus any immigrant visas
    36 not required for the class specified in (c), of which:
    37 (i) at least 10,000 will be for exceptional aliens
    38 in nonimmigrant status under section
    39 101(a)(15)(Y); and
    40 (ii) 90,000 will be for aliens who were the
    41 beneficiaries of an application that was pending
    42 or approved at the time of the effective date of
    43 this section, per Section 502(d) of the [Insert
    44 title of Act] ( Act not the bill)

    (c) EFFECTIVE DATE.�The amendments made by this section shall take
    11 effect on the first day of the fiscal year subsequent to the fiscal year of
    12 enactment.

    So a bill becomes law only after signed by the president, and the effective date could be Oct 01, 2007 if not Oct 01, 2008.

    So all the I-140 filed on of before Effective date are considered as pending!!

    I don't know why even lawyers are getting confused here!:confused:

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  • The question, what has the rally achieved? has already been answered but only for people who actually took part in it. No one who was actually there will have this rhetorical question.

    If you still have this question than don't be disingenuous and update your anonymous profile so that we we can contact you and answer your question.

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  • Since the promotion is within the same field of expertise, within same employer, and same as LC job, I see no problem accepting the promotion. The intention of AC21 is for situations like this, that the beneficiary will not be stucked in one company or in one position.

    That is the very ideal situation of using AC21.

    sent both fax

    Forward discriminatory job posting to "compliance@dice.com" for corrective action by Dice.

    Conversation with Dice:

    Hi xxxxxxxxx,

    We actively monitor the site for discrimination and address them on an
    individual basis. It is the responsibility of the employer to not
    discriminate in their postings and many of them do not realize that they
    are being discriminatory. We are constantly working with employers to
    make sure they are in compliance with the EEOC guidelines to give them a
    heads up as the Justice Department is also monitoring the job boards. As
    you can imagine, this is a never ending task.

    If you find a particular posting, please forward the posting to us at
    "compliance@dice.com" and we will address it.

    Since the employers are responsible for their own postings, you will not
    receive a reply from our legal department as we are not liable.

    Have a great day!

    xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Customer Compliance Specialist
    Dice, Inc.
    Phone: 1-888-xxx-xxxx xyyyy
    Fax: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
    E-mail: xxxxxxx@dice.com

    -----Original Message-----
    From: xxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 2:42 AM
    To: xxxxxxxx
    Subject: Contact Dice Message

    First Name:xxxxxxxxx
    Last Name:xxxxxxxxx

    Many of the job advertisements on DICE start with a restriction - US
    citizen only, USC or GC only etc ... Only some of these advertisements
    genuinely require a security clearance and hence applicable to US
    citizens only. Rest of the advertisements are *** DISCRIMINATORY *** for
    foreign nationals. Definitely this is a fertile ground for class action
    suit by a competent attortney. Please ensure your clients follow the
    law. Do not let law breakers post on your web site by coming up with
    some point system and penalizing the offenders by removing their ad or
    banning them after repeat offenses.

    Please look at EEOC web site (specifically foreign nationals section) to
    understand current law. I will be waiting for reply from your legal
    team, before I take any further action.

    Do you really have a proof (legal content) that demanding "Only US CItizens /Green card holders will only be considered" OR " We do not process H1B work Visa" would be agianst the US law? I do not think so.. If you have please point us the finger.

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