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  • Please post all the blood sucking companies here on the forum so that we can be aware of them


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    thank you

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  • Did you wire transfer funds too many times in larger amounts?


    Sorry for the delay in response... I did transfer money but not a large amount. Around three or four times I transferred around $3K for personal purposes.

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  • You are not responsible for his losses unless your job duties were to collect payments from the vendor.

    Did you not give him any notice at all? When did he find out that you were no longer working for him?

    No I did not, I put H1B transfer and joined new company later he found out and i told him over phone i joined another company but my H1B with his company is still active.

    do you thing this would be a problem?
    There is no such agreement with him that i will have to give 15 day notice like that.

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  • When you set up the infopass appntmt do you have to select the option
    'EAD Inquiry Appmt' even when you are going with AP question.

    Thank you.

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  • We sent an email to and they gave the update, even though the online status didn't update for more than a week.

    The Ombudsman office gave a response with in one business day.

    Found out from the Senator's office that my case has been approved. Attorney was able to call and confirm. No change in online status though.

    E-filed on May 5th

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  • If you look at the pending data by USCIS, there is a huge bump >4K in March 2005 so for Eb2I to cross that will be a significant milestone.

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  • my PD is april 2001
    and still waiting , & when we call ins we get a letter
    still in processing time :(
    what can we do?

    Thats too bad. Call your local congress man(either senate/house). I have seen people with relative success.

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  • Where did you get this number 80,000 FB numbers given to EB immigrants? Please show me the source !

    Also, you are forgetting about 7% country quota and the demand from ROW (which itself is retrogressed!).

    So no matter what you may think, without IV it's going to be a long wait

    The other bottleneck is USCIS' inefficiency, not a lack of visa numbers.

    If you go thru the statistics of last few years, the annual quota for EB is 140,000 + 80,000 from family other category.IV might want to convince us otherwise, but looking at the numbers, I do not see a shortage of visa numbers.

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  • done..

    2 votes

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  • If its money that lures them into action, so be it. At this point, the situation is so desperate anything that moves the queue quicker is fine by me.

    Definitely it is fine for "you" but not for many others. That's why many oppose it.

    Why people are apprehensive ... the same reason why the very same people demanding for a special quota are apprehensive that Illegals will be placed before them pushing them further down the queue.

    And if it plays by money may be have an auction for GC ... highest bidder gets it first ;)

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  • hmmm, housing markets runs into sales of millions and millions of units

    Millions and Millions of Units!!!

    Population of US: 300 million (US Census Bureau estimate, 2006)

    The total Credit Card market in US may not be Millions and Millions of units, and you are talking about Housing Market.:D:D:D:D

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  • labor was perm
    dont know for sure but i think my I140 was mar 07 and was approved may 2007
    will check the dates and will confirm...
    Case received at Texas Service Center - july 2nd 2007. (monday of the big chaos)...had mailed the case on Sat(before chaotic monday) thru DHL overnight
    Case transfered to NBC - Dec 2nd 2007 (me & spouse)
    Case status changed to interview - Dec 4th 2007 (me & spouse)
    Preliminary process complete USPS mail - Dec 4th 2007 (me & spouse)
    Case pending at the USCIS office transferred to email - 02/12/2009 (me & spouse)
    RFE - 02/13/2009 (me & spouse)
    Soft LUD - 02/17/2009 <------ (me & spouse) (here is where i think the RFE notices are being printed today and will be mailed - we should probably get them by this Friday 2/20)

    assumption 1 - Being that both me & spouse received RFE, i am thinking it mostly is either health records, finger prints, photo graphs, or signatures (we had g-28 to let our attorney sign on behalf of us and they (uscis) might need original signatures)

    assumption 2 - Worst of all because the status changed to RFE on 2/13 and we might not get the notices till (02/20) we lose a whole week just waiting on the notices and we will have mere 3 weeks to respond back

    likely fact - for whatever reason we are very few folks who are in this boat with same pattern and have to stick together to see where we will end with this


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  • Can you or somebody tell me the nature of RFE that was issued after invoking AC21. Was it related to semilar/same job category or ability to pay or educational qualification etc etc.

    I have seen many people in the forums getting RFE after invoking AC21. You know how USCIS works, right?? If they ever keep track of what they are doing and if they have a definite process in place, neither there will be any retrogression nor any of these forums. Be prepared for RFE if you are invoking AC21. Though you can survive that, imagine the period between receiving the RFE and responding to it. What if that happens in your 5th or 6th year of wait?? I pray that your wait is not that long.


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  • Would you mind sharing the process of getting the PPF from your old employer in India? i.e. what kind of forms do I need to request? What kind of documentation is needed etc?

    I closed my PPF account twice and never paid a single paisa. The second one I closed when I was in US and got the forms here through my old employer and Signed and send those form back to that employer , they filed it, Don'y know if they attached "NOC" but I got all of my money (close to INR80K) in 2 or 3 weeks at my home address in India.

    I guess no one needs to pay money for to PPF in any state all you need tyo do is follow the proper instructions, It's as good as in any bank.

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  • TB skin test is not mandotory.
    I would recommend that you wife gets following tests done and have results ready when you go and see doctor on 15th.
    1) Blood test for HIV and RPR(syphilis)
    2) Chest XRay
    3) Vaccination - MMR, DT(Tetanus booster) and Varicella

    if you take the results of tests and proof of vaccination on the day of visit then the medical report can be given same day.

    I also recommend that you download form I-693 and I-693A , make few copies, fill up the information like name, A number, date of birth etc and have it ready for the physician to complete the rest of stuff. Make sure you don't sign the form until your doctor signs it. Also don't forget to ask for a copy of the completed for before he seals it.

    Hope this helps.

    Dont ask me when you get an RFE for your skin test. I believe I read it on these forums that a couple of people were specifically asked about their skin test.

    Even the doctors are supposed to give you a skin test and then the x-ray. If you have taken a skin test before, I think you can just take the x-ray now.

    Check this link

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  • Iam in the similar situation, but my wife came here only last month on H4. My GC was approved yesterday. Now I have all the documents ready for my wife's GC application to be sent to USCIS. My lawyer also told me to immediately mail the application to USCIS since I did not receive my GC on hand yet.
    My concern is will my wife's application get rejected since my I485 has been approved? Pls help!

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  • NY consulate is not the greatest but compared to Houston, it is fantastic. Recently I sent my papers for PIO to NY and they took their time but i did get it in 4 weeks time (their website says 2 weeks). I had to make multiple phone calls and if i used the automated system, it would take me to a phone that no one ever answered. If i went through the operator I was invariably forwarded to a wrong department or was told there is no one in the PIO department on that day!! But eventually, I did manage to reach the right person, who told me when to expect the passport and it did arrive in due course. I did send them multiple emails as mentioned at their web page that promised faster responses but till now I have not received any reply till date!

    My friend had to send her papers to the consulate in Houston and it is absolutely horrible. Firstly, no one ever answers the phone at any of the listed numbers. An automated response asks you to wait in line and then after an extended duration, you are bumped back to the start of the line. No one replies to emails. Then they send back your passport on flimsy grounds without giving proper reasons. When you send it back, they find a new reason to send it back as my friend had to endure. Eventually, she had to find an 'agent' who charged her $1100 to get her PIO card which he did within a day. When asked to give the breakup of the costs, he said he has to bribe people in the consulate to get the job done.
    So this in essence is the real reason why no one answers the phone in Houston or people are given the run about ..corruption. They want you to use the services of these agents who in turn bribe them and get the work done.
    NY consulate is slow and tardy but Houston is corrupt, probably all the way to the top. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any way to address these issues!! somewhere i saw a petition doing the rounds on the web complaining about the Houston consulate but I doubt if it will change anything.

    I hate to say it but this is starting to sound very much like an Alcoholics anonymous support group session. LOL.

    Let me jump right in!

    Get a grip guys. Life is not so bad. What you guys are worrying about is relatively trivial. The odds are heavily stacked in your favor for you to get the green card eventually, most likely within 2 yrs. I can't fathom another 2 plus years with no legislative relief. In the mean time as long as you stick to AC21 rules, you should have the courage to move jobs. Heck, with EAD, you could even move into something part time and try it out before finally deciding to commit etc. My point is you have tremendous flexibility, enjoy that.

    In the small chance things do not work out, then you have presumably had an opportunity to save enough to purchase a decent home in India(or wherever your home country may be), a car and your line of work(I'm referring to the predominantly IT folks here) is in such international demand that you will be able to earn a livable wage anywhere, including India.

    And here is the real shocker to many of you. There are millions of Americans(probably well over half) who will trade their position in life with you in a heart beat given the privilege, family and social support system, education, world view and demand you are in. Sometimes it is hard to see how blessed you actually are in this world. That is why I have taken a very grim view of people who have compared their issue to slavery etc. That only speaks to their unawareness of that practice.

    Now I know none of this is going to get you your green card tomorrow and improve your mistreatment in this needlessly ridiculous and tortuous green card journey. However I am hoping it atleast gives you some perspective.


    Don't take it otherwise... I will NOT do anything against anybody.

    That previous person (whose name was mentioned on this approved labor) already had left this employer in there is no one getting hurt if this employer is offering me that labor.

    - My question still remains : Is it necessary to go for labor substitution to use this approved labor (showing the name of old consultant)... OR ... Can it be possible to file I-140 straight with my profile against this labor....?

    Hope you now understand my points & will give me sincere advises.

    waiting for your help....

    speak to a lawyer and stop responding to people on this thread!! everyone pontificates. all the people who are screaming from their rooftops here about ethics etc., would readily accept an offer of reusing a previously unused LC if their employer gave them the option.

    just my 2 cents.

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