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  • Come on we all know that Apple now sells the iHomeless.

    Bad I know :eek::p

    I didn't get it

    and then I went back to the topic activity then I got it

    it was pretty funny so i found this thread again to share this ahaha

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  • Just to clarify, this is the 2407WFPb revision A03. It is the original version and better than the 2407WFP-HC. The 2407WFPb is better suited for graphic designers.

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  • I've learned over time that zooming is really something you shouldn't do often. So many people think they can make amazing videos by zooming in and out all the time when really the zooming just hurts them.

    It can be dramatic if done right, and sparingly, but it should not be overused. And always disable the "digital" zoom option on any camera. It's optical zoom, or nohing.

    I'd recommend not using copyrighted music without the proper permissions.

    Certainly for anything shared publicly (although YouTube seems to be changing the rules by allowing you to use certain tracks as long as they get to link to the artist credits and a "buy track" page on iTunes/Amazon). I'd say it should be OK for personal use and for learning how to edit against music.

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  • Well, that was my point...

    It's equivalent to a 2 year old card. If you buy a top end desktop card today, it will last you 2 more years for sure, but the iMac has a 2 year old card already.

    It's not a big deal to me because I know Diablo 3 will screen on a 6970M and there isn't really that much worth getting excited about. Worst thing is that in 2 years, you'll have to run at 2x AA instead of 8x AA or turn down the resolution.

    With a Top Moblity Card such as the 6970m I have no fear that i will be able to run Witcher 2, Skyrim, MassEffect3, or any other game that will be released in the next 1,5 years at at least High and 1080p...with no AA of course.

    I dont understand why one would waste GPU power with AA; max. AA i use is 2x.

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  • This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.

    I think that IS the stupidest iAccessory I've ever seen. Surely someone is just squatting at a no-show booth.

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  • I love the white/plastic studio displays, just got a 20" about a week ago :D

    but personally I think $450 is a little high for a 17"

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  • My point was if the OP doesn't even know how many keys there are on a full size keyboard, then he's obviously new to this. He's looking for a mini keyboard according to his post. From a financial standpoint, I think he'd be wasting his money, spending extra for a pressure sensitive kybd.

    Once he begins working with in a DAW, he can edit his keyboard performance there. It's much easier to draw that type of midi data in a DAW's graphic interface, than it is to develop the keyboard chops needed to play it in.

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  • Just run it at its native resolution, if the something you find is to small to read/see you can always zoom in or of course change the font : )

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  • I have 3 questions

    1. at the Tiger release did everyone get scratch off cards?

    2. ^^ Did everyone receive the 10% discount along with the scratch cards?

    3.If I were to buy an iMac that night with the 10% discount can i get that on top of my education discount?

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  • Yes, that does look very cool. :) Would you please post a pic of how you wrapped the PS printout for the top layer around the rounded corners of the top casing? I didn't understand that. :(

    All I really did was put the paper on the back (inside) of the case, and then kind of creased it on the edges where the case curved. That held it in place long enough for me to place the cover back on the computer itself. I didn't glue it or anything, just a simple crease with my finger along the edge. Sorry I don't have any pics, I really can't take this apart again, the screws are really worn and stripped.

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  • i'm not hosting the stuff myself, so I'm going to go with the .htaccess file route.

    Thanks for all the help - this is great :D

    It works great, and the standard permissions are 644, so that wasn't an issue. Now I need to set up an error page - what error number is that?


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  • For Firefox, is there a reason you're using Tabbrowser Extensions and not Tabbrowser Preferences?

    Oooh, love your screenname, btw. :D

    Yes there is: because there were some specific features in TBE that were not in TBP that I wanted. When I got FF 1.0, I installed TBP because TBE wasn't in the extensionroom anymore (because it was deprecated), but I didn't find everything I wanted in it, so I canned it and googled TBE out of hiding.

    That was the main reason. And the only other extension I use is AdBlock, so I haven't seen any extension-extension grousing. But maybe I need to take another look at TBP at some point and see if I indeed want to play by the rules and migrate.

    TBE is still active, running through the night like a guerilla soldier. It was updated in mid-January, at least.

    EDIT: Hehehe, sorry, I thought you were asking me, but it makes more sense if you're asking the OP. :rolleyes: I don't want to sound patronizing, but you didn't get TBP by accident when you installed FF on your Mac, because TBE is not in the extensionroom, did you? That would explain why a lot of the options are missing. :D But it sounds like you know too much to get caught by that one.

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  • Now, iMac is at 15 hours. I do a weekly restart on it. My Windows 2008 server is running strong, 218 days. Would be longer, but I think it turned off because my battery UPS protector wasn't able to last very long. Only about 5 mins or so and the power was out longer. :(

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  • Caution: the new Calendar requires iOS 4 on the iPhone.

    To make it work with old iPhones running iOS 3.x, see here:


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  • Well I have 5.0.3 and works with many bugs like don't let add bookmarks and doesn't reopen last closed tabs completely

    That's because it wasn't designed for Lion. Mac OS X Lion runs on Safari version 5.1 (something that isn't available on Snow Leopard).

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  • I bought AC/DC Bonfire at Fye....excellent condition and the price was good.

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  • so how is that gonna work? We gotta wait in the parking lot till 7am then everybody run to line up? That seems like it will be crazy

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  • I don't believe that it was a mistake that u got the 16GB version, either. Keep that, he won't send you the right one.

    I find it really sad that some people rely on such unfair methods to 'earn' the money from honest folks.

    Don't send him the iPhone back, send him some brawlers ;)

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  • Not all though. I check my e-mail 2-3 times per month.Dang you must be loaded with spam!

    Yes, bring this thread back to life!

    I looked thru that apple listing of keystrokes, but I couldn't find one to restore windows (or I overlooked it). That is, if a window of an app is minimized onto the dock and you select the app by apple+tab, is there a keystroke to restore the window so I don't have to use the mouse to find it on the dock and click on it?

    Don't think so, but try hiding the apps/windows using cmd-H instead of minimizing them to the dock. Then they are gone from view and reappear when you choose that application again (e.g. using cmd-TAB/shift-cmd-TAB to navigate all open apps), even Finder... (Only problem is that this only works for all the windows of a given program.)

    I posted the same question here some time back but got no response(N) So, i done some digging for myself.

    When i done mine it was for a DofE (A Charity), which meant i was after a rather free option, i found YawCam ( Downloading their software, i was then able to stream live onto a html page, which they set up for free! I then embeded it into my own website.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I noticed it has a scheduling feature which is nice and what I've been looking for. I have several other questions in relation to this:

    What kind of hardware would I need for this, and what type of internet connection? Would a normal pc or a netbook with an attached higher quality webcam (thinking of going with a higher quality Logitech - does the app work with their cameras?) be enough? What about bandwidth usage? Wouldn't I need a really fast upload connection if I'm planning on using a direct stream? Cable modem? FIOS? Or is there some service which allows you to stream to them and they relay to your site (similar to or, though I'd prefer not to deal with them in particular)?

    Apple Bluetooth Mouse is still available guys!!!!!

    I just got it for 13$ delivered on Ebay and it came yesterday! I was stoked. I played it before and stuck to the story and probably made it only an hour or two into it.. But this time I am exploring and it is deep! Anyone got any useful tips,linkeys or anything or a noob at this game? Also is the Knights of the Nine a worthwhile expansion? I didn't get the greatest hits one, but mine did come with the map, manual, case, and the disc was in great shape. So far I am addicted to this.

    My zs3 is up in 2 secs and focused 1 sec later. I used to go around with a tz-1! You had to physically remove the lens cap before shooting but I still thought it was great.

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