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  • You would be little naive or new to say so. Look at my signature, 5 years with retrogress till recently. The waited period 5-7 years is very usual .

    holy cow!!!!......its gonna take 4 years from here to get our
    green cards?

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  • We have been calling and talking to ppl all over new england area.
    But we have hardly been able to get a convincing number of ppl to attend the rally.
    Have you watched the bus thread for New England Area. 26 votes, can you believe that.

    We definitely need to get more innovative. I dont know what ppl want, so they can be motivated.

    Sometimes i think being educated is a curse, as ppl become more scared and are fine adapting to the system.

    Look at the ILLEGALS at least they came out openly. They dared to come forward and i am sure they will be rewarded sooner.

    LEGAL ppl who have nothing to fear are then also they are more scared to do anything. So this is the right time for me to express my opinion LEGALS ARE FOOLS.

    Please dont be mad at me, i am just frustuated with ppl responses, but one thing for sure, i will keep on motivating ppl in whichever way i can do.

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  • what an unnecessary hassle.....good that all is ok for your case !!

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  • Good luck to all, with wishes for a Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year.
    Here is what we did for the birth certificate RFE couple of years ago

    1 - copy of 10th standard mark sheet with birth date on it
    2 - copy of 12th standard mark sheet with birth date on it
    3 - affidavit from two relatives on notarized paper stressing the date of birth, the relationship with the person in question, whether they witnessed the birth or in the hospital etc.

    The four things (two marksheets and two affidavits) worked well for us. Good luck.

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  • Ram_C,

    Did you open a service request for FP? (for you or for your wife).

    If you did not, all NSC-CSC-NSC people, should be getting FP notices also.

    Contribution : $150 so far

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  • ehmm .. maybe because you never said that you wanted to participate in the battle ?? :sigh:

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  • This may not be true. This is the problem being faced by many singles. Ofcourse those singles are postponing their plans just because of USCIS policies which in the case of singles is ridiculous. There is no meaning to make a person wait for 5-10 years to get one's spouse just because he applied for a Green Card. I see various kinds of visas for the spouses in other categories like H1 has H4
    L1 has L2/L4 ( I dont know what that is)
    and so on so forth..

    but for a spouse of AOS? nothing.

    All the crap of going on H1 are ridiculous. At the first place one has to get a sponsor for H1 and then there are all those issues out of being H1 with the employer and USCIS. There is no benefit of being on AOS. They cannot use EAD. They cannot start companies freely, etc because they are supposed to be on H1 or L1 etc.

    Even then the title is misplaced; USCIS does not make laws.

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  • Part of the reason was that few H-1B applicants were running big debts on credit cards and leaving the country. Credit card companies have no way of collecting the money overseas. Few bad apples make every one else look bad.

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  • So basically no improvement which anyway we should not expect

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  • Vowww... what a wishful thinking.

    OK looks like I was wrong. Some July Visa bulletin people may not be able to buy houses.
    But those desis can at-least help with Global Warming by living 5-6 in a house, and 5 guys travelling together in a 1995 Toyota Corolla.

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  • You can't. No lawyer will do so as this is fraud. If uscis is able to track it down, ie: they kept the envelope, then such a person is in trouble.

    You think they will go thru thousands of applications and check the tracking number? Besides I don't think they keep the original mailing envelope. So I think asking us to keep the tracking number is just BS.

    USCIS is already making contradictory statements. First they release an update that they have processed all applications mailed before July 1 but when I call customer service and tell them that my application was mailed on June 11th, they say wait for 90 days.

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  • NRK,

    Did you get any high level traffic citations any time ?
    Mostly they dont matter unless its high level

    If I-140 is revoked , i believe the message should be some thing different


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  • You cannot combine work and education for EB2 and for EB3 it must be so noted on the Labor Cert.

    Two things
    1. Responding to 8-month old post == free ad
    2. Is your posting evaluation or legal advice?

    Have a good day!


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  • BTW, can you call and ask if you case is preadjudicated. In our case my #@$@ lawyer refuses call USCIS or allow us to initiate an SR (one of the reasons why we had no idea that we were stuck in namecheck)

    ALIA post doesnt help India and China EB3's (i am EB3 too). Assuming that 50% of the people who pre adjudicated are from India with a 50-50 split between eb 2 &3. We cannot expect any movement because we have ~25k EB3's ready for approval with only 3-4k visas. Eb2's (I)could be in a slightly better situation by July '10 because of spillover from unused EB1's and EB2's. I am guessing that 12-15k EB 2's will benefit. The only sliver lining is that ROW's who had visa's available but were stuck due to processing delays will be relieved from the pain.

    As per this everyone who got pre-adjudicated would be receiving their GC in FY2010. But, there are people from EB3I with PD as late as 2007 who got RFEs recently and got their cases pre-adjudicated( I am one of them even though my PD is March 2003 and when I called up NSC, they said my case was pre-adjudicated and waiting for a Visa number ).
    With EB3I staying at 1 Nov 2001 when the new FY2010 quota starts in October doesnt match to what Ron Gotcher says.
    Anyone have any opinion?

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  • Thanks Santa for your reply.

    I received an RFE. But it was on accreditation of my MBA school. There was no RFE on bachelors degree. My lawyer replied to the RFE on accreditation. In response, there was straight denial without even notice of Intent to deny citing 3 year bachlor degree.

    Yes, we submitted education evaluation along with I-140. The evaluation was done by Trustforte. When we received the RFE on accredidation, we sent second evaluation from Trustforte but this time a detailed course by course evaluation of MBA.

    In the evaluation that was done, the evaluator equated my Indian MBA with US MBA and there was no mention about bachelors.

    Please advice if I need to do something different this time.

    Santa, could you please give me the case number of the AAO case handled by Murthy so that I could download the same from the USCIS website.

    Here is the link:

    Why the heck is USCIS bothered about your bachelors when your Labor clearly says Masters required? I think you have a strong case since the RFE did not mention anything about your bachelors. What is your attorney saying? why didnt your ed evaluator mention anything about your bachelors? Will it help if you could evalute your qualifications from another agency, wherein they could prove that you had enough credits and class hours in your bachelors to be equal to US 4 yr courses?

    I am sure there are many helpful folks on this forum who could also guide you on your case. They may have had first hand experience in such situations. Do keep us posted.

    Good luck!

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  • I bet there are tons of fine print to be qualified as "Illegal", I keep hearing " people who CAME (entered) ILLEGALLY before jan 2007..." , so " legal to ILLEGAL conversion " will not qualify i think.

    What is important for you now that you want to become illegal ?
    -> To win
    -> Self respect
    -> Financial achievement
    -> Career achievement
    -> Family support

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  • OH no, I'm scared to go look. But I'll do it anyways :(


    Grrrr your first post and you messed it up. It says it's still on the June 18 update. This is July.
    It is not. You may need to refresh your page.

    I wonder people never leave a chance to bully (just because it was my first post)

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  • PD: July 2004
    RD: July 03 2007
    ND: Sept 13 2007
    140 Approved: May 07
    485 Pending: NSC
    name checking: pending (got to know with Recent infopass appointment)

    I got hold of IO this morning using POJ method. She said, my case has been assigned to IO.

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  • Why is this good news again?
    If you move back to India permanently, you can take you social security money with you.

    Good Job and luck on this effort.

    Hey Bozo - I've been following IV for about 2 years now using my spouse's ID - I just created one for myself today - My wife and I have contributed to IV also. Know the facts before shooting your mouth off - NUT JOB!!!
    good effort and a superb reply

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