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  • Hi All FP seekers! I do not know what exactly I am missing if there is a delay in FP. It looks like hundreds of IV members are too much worried because of the 'delay' in FP. Let me worry too (by knowing the big problem!). Can any worriers explain??
    On the other hand is it not better to have a late FP, so that you need not go again in the next 15 months! Anyway for most people GC is going to take years!

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  • Yeah... very good, now there is two.... this is the proof why EB is not moving or why there is no unity. Keep on arguing and disunite that is the usual desi NRI habit. especially people in USA.

    Brush your GK about Hindu religion.. and this word is just phrased by a Irish Padri just to fool Hindus and you become a trap of it.. I pity Wake up and dont be in a fools world!
    Not two - just you against none :) Count me out! The other guy quit, and I too am quitting - so you are the sole winner. Hope it makes your day! And does it prove that we are united? I guess EB will move now - now that we are united - and that we have bashed Infy and its founder together.

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  • The Bill says "in a field of science"......which also includes MBA.......

    science is "a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws" OR

    "a particular branch of knowledge." for more definitions check dictionary.com

    It does not matter what the dictionary defines SCIENCE as. STEM degrees are defined by USCIS. OPT extension to 29 months applies to STEM degrees too:mad:

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  • Looks like they took it off.

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  • thanks! but what does this actually mean? (excuse me for my ignorance)
    as in .. how should we interpret these dates?

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  • Done. just sent to white house and local senator.

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  • http://www.murthy.com/bulletin.html

    Miss. Murthy reports that LS was rejected for some folks.

    How does one get to know if his Labor Substitution was rejected? If a Receipt Notice was received does that mean that it was accepted? And, can they reject it later?

    you missed the word "wrongly" rejected.

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  • Is there a way you can get me a sample letter from employer?

    My private email is mateens@hotmail.com



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  • No sir, I remember they provided them with lot of information, it's just that these 2 Senators want to kill H1B program, they had replied to him or not is immaterial..

    yeah; sure.

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  • We need to call for unity ask people to come out and support this initiative.
    We got to do somthing. Enough is enough. Think of all high skilled workers not going to work for a day what kind of impact that will have? What kind of awareness that will create? I am ready to give up one day worth of pay for this. Anyone else?

    Well, even before Indian independence, it was just a handful of population that were actively involved in the process, majority took life as it came and were afraid. In fact, there are a lot of coward stories where cowards helped the British against freedom fighters. The reason British could rule India so easily because desis are submissive and it took a long time for leaders like Mahatma Gandhi to lay a foundation and gather critical mass enought o bring about a change and the worst thing is - the only change that happened was that British govt moved out. 60 years after independence, we are still divided mentality, lack of civic sense, we claim greaatness in getting IT and BPO projects, we could not win a gold medal in Olympics nor could we make any big scientific achievement - the worst thing is we come here to US and stay divided and expect that someone will do good to us

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  • Everybody is checking LUDs on their approved 140s. What doz this mean? And how do I check it? Pls send me step by step information...Thanks

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  • "India's decision to exclude two American companies, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, from its estimated USD 11 billion 126 fighter jet deal is strategically short-sighted and would be a setback to Indo-US ties, well-known American experts on South Asian affairs have said. "

    4) ... This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    How much more worse could it really get, from a 20 year wait to a 40 year wait?

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  • Nothing against IV. I really think, that they are doin a great job

    But why do u have to care about whether IV endorses this or not. If you think this is a great idea, go ahead and send the flowers urself.
    I know alot of my friends, who do not care or know about IV, but have got the email chain and sent flowers on their own
    So Don't make excuses. Send it on you own

    It'll be nice if the core endorsed it. We members do contribute and participate in all campaigns when core asks. It'll be great if the core lets the ideas bubble up from members too! That'll make it a two way street.

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  • I totally agree with you akgind.
    Here is my daughter's case:
    1994 she was 8 years old when we brought her to USA
    2002 asylum case was denied, we had to go back to our country (we didn't stay illegaly)
    2002 after one month we came back, with H-1 visa, daughter with H-4
    2003 I applied for LC
    2006 My daughter turned 21 - She had to change status to F-1 (of course college fees were triple). She is out of LC process because of her age.
    2007 LC approved, she is still F-1 and paying a lot of money in tuition.

    I mean, these kids like my daughter (and I am sure there are thousands like her), deserve a break too. If the DREAM ACT is going to benefit illegal persons, it should also benefit children that have waited for their parents' LC process for long years only to see their hopes destroyed.

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  • IT'S A TIE!!!!

    26 - 26 , me and Soul :beam:

    Kir, add it to the main page ;)

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  • However if you can get visitor visa and after entering america, if you apply for a I-485, most probably USCIS will approve your case. Therefore, In my opinion the challenge is getting B1/B2 visa when her husband is waiting for a adjustment of status.

    No, it is not a question of whether she can get a visitor visa or not. I think the question is whether she CAN RISK applying for a visitor visa? The answer is NO. Filing for her to join or H1 seem to be the only options.

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  • Guys,

    Don't take it otherwise... I will NOT do anything against anybody.

    That previous person (whose name was mentioned on this approved labor) already had left this employer in 2004...so there is no one getting hurt if this employer is offering me that labor.

    - My question still remains : Is it necessary to go for labor substitution to use this approved labor (showing the name of old consultant)... OR ... Can it be possible to file I-140 straight with my profile against this labor....?

    Hope you now understand my points & will give me sincere advises.

    waiting for your help....

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  • I recently moved from NC to PA. I have not yet received my FP notice at my old address. Is it possible to have this changed to PA? Is reschedule possible? Can someone please respond?

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  • hmm, i think munnabhai did the right thing.

    sometimes people give irrelevant advice. one guy asks im getting divorced, what shud i do with respect to 485? if people tell him, stop worrying bout 485, focus on ur life and fix ur marraige, then its not helping him from a "forum" perspective.


    snathan's post is not asking anyone to reconsider their decision. But it clearly shows/explains how and where we as a married couple go wrong. What we really miss in married life and what we never realize as a parents.

    Again its a very good post snathan.

    Maybe USCIS thinks that our cases mayn't become approvable within the next 15 months. This is just my theory, because I see lot of people have got FP but with early PD's

    I dont think thats true. I know lot of people whose priority dates , are in 2006 and 2005 and they have received their FP.

    u know what i think, doggy, doggystyle and devils_advocate are all the same person, or they are anti-immigrants who are teaming up. admin may want to look at them closely... i would.... others can keep an eye on these guys too....

    u know what i think, you're a paranoid schizophrenic ( having someones else name doesnt help your cause either:p )

    I think Pappu has had enough correspondence with me to know whether i am an anti or an anti-exposer :)

    I seriously think you folks need to get a grip over yourselves, it quits being funny and turns ridiculous after a while.

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