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  • Sent fax #10

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  • There is no offence in the remark- so true...blessed many more to come and will follow us.

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  • NH123:
    1. Go to the home page
    2. Click on the Forums tab in the menu on the left
    3. Select the appropriate Section (Non Immigrant visas in your case)
    4. Now click at the forum tools (top right corner). You will see an option to post a new thread in the drop down menu.

    I am asking this question in this thread as i dont know how to start new thread.

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  • Pappu,

    Reality is DREAM act is directly connected to HISPANIC votes for Democrats, EB community doesnt have any VOTING rights, neither they get any support from the folks who are already GC/UScitizenship holders.

    Once people are out of this GC mess, they all start talking about anti immigration and that's the reality, u go to any indian community around and see how much support you have from those folks who have GC/US citizenship.

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  • That post was intended towards EB3 category, particularly EB3-India. Ever since starting of this Fiscal Year there are very few EB3-India approvals (Can anybody dispute that?). So how come USCIS used up all the visas already?? Most of the guys here always talk about EB2-India which is not highly effected category in the first place. We suppose to be taking care of effected categories.

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  • Very good, ask your wife to bring a load of sweets for IV member. ;)

    good one!

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  • same time 5.30 pm central NBC weekend news. this would be pathetic if they do not air the interview!!!:mad:
    talking about animals !! and the new rich!! how is this important for the general public to know?!!!!

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  • http://www.murthy.com/bulletin.html

    Miss. Murthy reports that LS was rejected for some folks.

    How does one get to know if his Labor Substitution was rejected? If a Receipt Notice was received does that mean that it was accepted? And, can they reject it later?

    you missed the word "wrongly" rejected.

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  • I have webfaxed both 10 & 11.


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  • Atty fees were paid by my employer; my out of pocket was approx. $ 500. However, the intangible cost (disappointment, having parents stand in a queue to get BC etc.) is far greater :(

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  • as per the certificate you completed the degree in June 2002 and you don't have five years from that date so it is tough now, filing for EB3 was a good option.
    Talk to the lawyer and see they can correct it at this stage

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  • ooooo, aaaah, oooooh .... wtf. They're all GREAT and I save EGs for last because it was the highest rated (yeah LOTS on that one too) and its not there! pfffft. lol
    :searches franticly:

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  • Yesterday night at 9:00pm I got email from CRIS that they have issued RFE for me and my spouse.

    The contents in the emails say -


    Current Status: Request for Additional Evidence Sent"

    Will have to wait and see what the RFE is about till we get it in postal mail.

    Very curious about what the RFE is about. Have been with the same employer who sponsored the GC for last 5 years. PD in july 2004 , I140-EB2 approved approved in Nov 2006 and 2 July 2007 filer.

    Did any RFE recently please post?

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  • What are the advantages you will have now than before.Allowing H4's to work might be Big New Year gift for many our members.

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  • It is not true that Many people have to wait 10+ years to get gc. May be some people might wait for 10 years because of frequent change of jobs , layoffs and also ignorance of green card processing. Most of the time EB2 waiting time is 2 to 3 years. Indian EB3 is in worst situation but only for past 2 years and before that everything was current. For that also most waiting persons filed I 485 because of July VB issue. In my opinion EB3 PD will be backdated up to 5 years.

    Also there is no legistrative activity in Congress about any immigration issue. Always skil bill comes in limelight when congress is in Session. But everyone knows that skil bill is asking too much in H1b and immigration numbers because of exemptions and it will be very difficult task. But no one in pro immigrant community is ready to compromise on numbers. When Congress tries to curb the abuse of H1b even pro immigrants are opposing the bills without any suggestion of any alternatives. If some bill comes for only GC that too moderate increase in numbers that will have bright chance of passing in congress.

    You should not expect any rally will produce meaningful reform. It has to be proved that additional immigrant and H1b numbers will produce more jobs and it should not create unemployment in americans.Just sufferings of gc waiters is not enough. My opinion is Rally will be used to show strength of IV and may educate public and Congress. But anti immigrants also doing Similar Campaign(not big rallies) by negative points of immigration. The same congress till the end of 2008 and I doubt they will consider any immigration issue till new congress comes in 2009 that is not too far from now. But it is always good to try all the time.
    Before any reform comes most IV members may get GC.

    This is your only chance. There is no more rally later.

    If you want to wait 10+ years for your green card, stay at home and hide. (Retrogression will just get worse, I guarantee). If you want to change your future and get a GC one day please show up at the rally. We are there to show that we even exist, no need to do anything else. We need everyone.
    No one cares about people who doesn't exist.

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  • The bill goes no where after the hearings unless there are enough co-sponsors and CHC members are ok with the bills. Then the house speaker will decide to let the bills be debated and voted on the house floor. If it goes through House then Senate will vote on it and then the Prez signs it off.

    So the most important thing is to participate in the phone campaign esp the one targeting CHC members.


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  • i saw it on TV . there is 10 ot 15 sec clip of some one asking Condoleezza Rice about this fiasco . which program was that on nbc ? any one has any info on it ?
    Its on the CNBC HOME page.. On the right

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  • Great job.. This is exactly what we need.. National coverage on this issue..


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  • Sorry to hear about your situation. You should've taken unpaid leave for two weeks instead of a lay off. Now you definitely should not file AC21 and hope that the USCIS will not issue RFE (rarely happens). It doesn't matter how you quit, if the USCIS finds about it, it will probably deny I-485.
    Regarding Shusterman's Q&A. I am not sure where is he coming from. The law does not provide for lay-off exception.
    Recently I heard that if you are laid off from the company, then the 180 days period won't come into picutre and you can very well move to another company, provided your I-140 is approved and not revoked. I think they have made some modifications recently to the law on this type of cases. Talk to your Lawer to find out these changes.

    PERM started after March 29 2005. I had file before that because of my 6 yrs H1b Limit.

    For how long is USCIS issuing the EAD & AP these days?

    I got my EAD valid for 2 Yeays and AP valid for 1 year. It took almost 90 days for EAD to come by (from TSC)...and AP (from NSC) took about 110 days.

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