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  • Did anyone transferred from NSC to CSC and back got FP notice?

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  • When you set up the infopass appntmt do you have to select the option
    'EAD Inquiry Appmt' even when you are going with AP question.

    Thank you.

    You should do following for Advanced Parole related appointment if you are arranging the first appointment.


    - You need Service on a case that has already been filed

    On next screen select

    -Case Processing Appointment - If you received a notice to go to your local office for further case processing.

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  • Dude If you can't direct people sit tight atleast don't misguide..... the Contribution you can give to IV is atleast close this thread:D :D :D


    july 30 th everyone for the benefit of all atleast those who can file before july 3oth

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  • Yes might be but Labor cert is not being part of list of docx that need to be attached even if ur 140 is pending as if you would have included I-140 receipt notice but in your case it seems better u do it rather feel sorry . But refiling in many normal cases wont help much unless if there is an issue in it.

    I would not re-submit only for EVL, but it is important you review your entire AOS application set that went out to USCIS.

    I reviewed the photocopies of our AOS applications and found a few omissions e.g. not including
    1. EVL
    2. pending I-140 receipt notice
    3. Labor cert approval which would clearly show the priority date-- instead they put a wrong priority date in the covering letter.
    I decided it is a higher risk to rely on such a messed up application!

    Hence, I am working to re-submit our AOS. I asked that I review the entire application in advance this time around:) Thanks IV... I have come a long way because of YOU!

    BTW a small issue I found on my family's AOS applications:
    For my dependants... in Part (2) Application Type, I think we should check (b) my spouse or parent applied for....
    it is currently (a) an immigrant petition giving me....

    It was also (a) in their first set of AOS applications

    Am I right in saying the checkbox to be selected is (b) not (a)?


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  • Even today i came across a friend saying according to his so and so friends thinking , EB2 should move very fast as last time it jumped from 2002 - 2004 or what ever in 2 months
    What is last time?

    EB-2 India moved 1 week in 1+ year without the applications submitted after June 1st

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  • I think we should dedicate one day on leaving messages at his show. Lets make it a saturday/sunday. All the members can leave messages, asking him to be fair.

    I know a lot of ppl will come back saying its of no use blah blah............

    whole idea is to try. If ppl only get motivated by results, then there is no point trying at all...........

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  • Filed on 12th july to TSC. Received I 485 receipt, EAD and AP for both me and my wife but no FP notice. My PD is Aug 2003 - EB3 India

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  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • I think they have to pay the minimum wage as declared in their petition.
    But I doubt whether they even send those employees on assignments. I guess they process these H1s as a carrot to retain the employees or to preprepared for any future assignments (they may not even come and the visas are never used)...

    Wish there is a different category of visas for outsourced kind of work so that H1s can be used by America based companies and H1 is not seen in such a bad light.

    Having a different category of visa sure sounds good.

    However, it would be really difficult to implement as these BIG consulting cos will easily show proof that not all deputed in US are responsible for offshoring the work.

    Another point would be that these cos charge a very high billing rate for those deputed in US and the clients (US companies, who hire these consulting cos) usually end up paying the same rate (or even more). However, the poor employees get probably just 50-60% of their billing rate.

    I do have a regard for these cos, they have changed the landscape of our indian economy, but they have exploited their employees to the hilt.

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  • Hi everyone,
    Last week one of my friend(Mexican) from mexico was sent back from the airport and her visa was revoked (B1/B2).The officer claimed that since she lived in the US for almost 5-6 months (no overstays) for the last 2 years,she must have worked here.Is there any possibility that she could apply for another visa (either after waiting for a few months and what are the Odds?).Can the immigrant lawyer do anything to help her get her any other visa (student or something).

    Please help!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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  • Yes, I told so many people the same when they asked me "what to do". And left it upto them.

    So I assume you told this to your neighbor who lives downstairs :D

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  • I must say I haven't seen so many interesting !!! people at one place....AMAZING ..Please send one to Bush Bhai...May be they will consider yours a special case and immidiately grant you are one really SMART...:D :rolleyes:

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  • Looking at the .PDFs and the law on spillover, I agree with MPADAPAs analysis. Still hope that there would be spillovers from unused EB visa...sure it will be less compared to last year....but atleast feel/hope it would be enought to get through 2006....atleast for EB2 guys....

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  • I know before you start blaming me for this thread, as it is of no use, I would like to point out that most of you must be experiencing the same thing. I didn't care much for Visa bulletin until it became current for EB2 two weeks back. As the time progress, I am doing all sorts of things, like checking USCIS case status, and checking everything that can possibly give me some information. I know that it is waste of time, I know it is not good for health, I know that I will get GC when time comes, but still, my mind is tricking me to think about it. I checked all these forums until 2A.M last night. I am not having enough sleep. I am waiting for a opportunity to get rid of my desi employer. I am really getting frustrated (I am not saying that I have been waiting for GC approval desperately). I just want to share my frustration and what I have been going through. I know I am in a better position than most of other people whose priority date is not even current. I wish they never dangled a carrot in front of me. I am not sure if they disappoint me next month, but I am still keeping my hopes. Hopefully, I would get over this and have enough sleep from today.

    Look back and recall the time when you told yourself that if you ever made it to the US, you are going to visit place A or do thing B. Go kayaking, enjoy the countryside, join a hiking group, play some sports and etc. Don't think too much of this GC thing, it'll never come next month or next 6 months, so stop wasting all your energy on something you can't control. Make full use of your time here. US have lots to offer us if we just let go and start enjoying life. Good Luck!! :)

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  • bonded labor?

    Retrogession and PD not current is a Modern form of Slavery... We are Highly Educated, Law Abiding, Tax Paying Slaves to this broken immigration system

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  • Is it updated in Thomas, govtrack, etc? I didn't find it..

    It is there everywhere. Pl. check S. 1085: Reuniting Families Act ( (

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  • Media always narrates and presents it in a form where the commoner can understand, it needs spice.

    Let us hope that we get more media attention and people start listen to us.

    That’s the key hereGuys, this article is 100% correct. There are about 1 million people stuck at various stages of the green card process, H-4 dependents cannot work, and H-1Bs cannot get salary raises. Don't detract from such a good and accurate article.

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  • I was wondering if someone will mention F-22.
    First of all, F-22 is not for sale. Period. There is no such thing as a close ally as far as F-22 is concerned. Even the Israelis got a curt NO when they wanted to buy it.

    Second, IAF does not want the F-22. It is US$ 150 Million a piece which makes it almost twice as expensive as any of the planes being considered. Also, if you look at the IAF's area of operation: F-22 is an overkill. None of the neighboring countries and this includes China has capabilities that will necessitate something like F-22 to deal with.

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  • This discussion scared me now.

    I came in US on 06/03/2001. When I came I was told, no project for me right now and I have to wait. I waited till 09/11/2001 WITHOUT pay.

    The first time I was on my company payroll was in 09/11/2001. Since then as of today I am working continously.


    Please comment and give me hope.

    Hello Everybody
    This is my first post. I worked my ass off to get a favorable
    solution for retrogression during the budget bill. But as everyone knows it was defeated in the house reconcilation. I'm not being pessimistic but my gut feeling is that eventhough senate comes with something, the chances are slim that the house would agree to it. Sensenbrenners bill which house passed has no provisions for EB immigrants and backlogs. I'm pretty sure all of you are aware of Mr. Tancredo's fury against immigrants too.

    Having said that I dont mean we have no way out. We have to work very very hard. We have to raise money and do some hard lobbying. But above all we have to get our employers to back this issue. With all of the above reasons I think it might be a very bad idea to guess we would have any favorable legislation in a shorter span of time. So we have to plan something for a longer period of time and execute it very diligantly, I guess.
    I think Immigrationvoice is on the right path... Lets face it people!!!


    EB immigrants are not a hot political issue with the House, when the illegals are. Nowhere do the house representatives, except Tancredo and the likes, voiced their opposition to expanding EB immigration and providing some sort of relief for people caught in the backlog. I believe that the immigration provisions were dropped from S.1932 just because it was a wrong bill. The pork got chopped off and this pork was too easy to compromise as there were much more important issues to fight for, like drilling in Alaska and Medicare. This bill IS about immigration issues and is about border security issues as well. The fact that Frist's bill drops the very controversial guest worker program can be considered as both a good and a bad thing. It is good since the bill will sail more smoothly through the Senate and hopefully the conference. On the other hand it is bad since Senate representatives in the conference now will not have this guest worker program to trade and drop when House reps will demand to drop something off the bill. To my understanding the way the conferences work, they need to meet somewhere in the middle in between the versions of the bill and since we have the very minimalistic bill passed by the House it is the Senate which will need to compromise and drop provisions from its bill.
    But taking the guest worker program off the bill is a good start I guess.

    Show that this is an Emergency situation and try to get it preponed from US Embassy. They will consider the request.

    No she cant becuase her visa appointment is on Aug 13.

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