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  • hmmm, housing markets runs into sales of millions and millions of units, if people here are thinking of buying 100 homes each, yes! it will help increase the sales by .00002%

    For Honda/ Toyota : They never lost their appeal , and don't tell me that you are driving a 2008 Corvett.

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  • my travel date is on nov 21st and my RD for ap renewal is aug 6th. here are the things I have done so far.

    1) called NSC and expedited mine and my spouse AP.
    2) sent a fax copy of the expedite request letter to NEbraska service center requesting an expedite.
    3) have sent all the documents to the local congressman and they are sending a letter by fax to NSC requesting to expedite.
    4) Have an infopass appt for oct 28th.
    5) sent another copy of the ap renewal receipt, along with 2 phographs, 485 and i140 receipt copy along with a letter requesting expedite with an email from travel agent citing financial loss if i cancel tickets.
    6) also, my father in law had to undergo a bypass surgery (emergency) this week and we have received a letter from the doctor regarding the same and will be using it during the infopass if I do not see an approval (atleast online) before our infopass appointment.

    what isa fax number to expedite the process for NSC, it will great if you can share the format of expedite letter.

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  • Has anyone thought of the people who missed the august 17 deadline because the labor was not cleared within time. Because of no mistake from ourside, we have to suffer. What a screwed up legal situation ?

    As of now PD is apr 2001, I dont know when will it move ?


    I missed the date by just a week:( .Not sure what to do here . People on the forum seems to be concerned about Fingerprinting and getting EAD's only .

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  • I am not sure how much R & D is going on in india, but Adobe filed lots of patents from Adobe, india.

    I am talking about companies like Infy, Wipro etc..

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  • I have received my EAD card today with 2 years , I verified case status online, it is still says pending, where as I did not received AP but , status say's Document mails on Aug 21st. Has anyone had same situation, is there any need to call to fix it. I have dropped a mail to my lawyer as well.

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  • sent the fax.

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  • Can we have a letter / online fax campaign atleast...

    May be a letter from Rep Longfren etc.

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  • Jaime - thanks for your post. I am looking for as much info as I can get. I hear all kinds of thing about Canada ranging from very positive to very depressing.
    Could you please clarify what you mean by "it took just over a week". For most of my friends that applied while in US it took about 7-9 month to recieve the appraval to enter. For one guy it took 5 month. By this I mean the time betweent when they sent the application and received final approval.

    One more thing. Tere is so much talk about "low" wages, and I presume people are comparing in absolute terms with US wages. Are wages really low in relative terms to the cost of living or can you live decently and also be able to afford some travel and leisure?

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  • Sorry for my ignorance, but can someone tell me how I can start a new thread. I seem to have a question that probably has not been asked before. Thanks!:confused:

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  • Looks like it took it a bit to propagate across USCIS servers. Or else, they put it up and took it down, then put up again.

    With the EAD at Nebraska officially being at 112 days (zero movement since June 18 processing times release), it is no surprise they don't respond to expedited/interim EAD requests anymore when it goes over 90 days. Will we have to file mandamus suits on EAD soon?

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  • From their tone, I can tell the were trying hard to be helpful.

    But, no receipt for me yet. July 2nd filer here as well.

    Should I keep another set of 485 application ready, just in case if I don't hear about check cashing or receipt till august 15th ?

    Is there any harm in filing the 485 again (just to be safe).... IF I don't get any indication of action on july2nd app ?
    This is paranoa!!!!!!!! STOP already

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  • Xenophobia (fear of foreigners) has always been high in the US, though not always on the surface. Most probably we remind them of their own history of invading the native american's land, killing him and occupying his land.

    Back in the 1850s, Ireland went through the great potato famine which killed millions. A number of survivors migrated to the US where they met with hostility from local Americans who were scared these foreigners would take away their jobs. This has been going on since 150 years and is not a recent development.

    In 1997, unemployment in the US was zero and so no American felt threatened by foreign presence. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and everything was hunky-dory for new immigrants. However, the situation is considerbly different today with increased outsourcing and brown desis seen everywhere in the US - especially in walmarts.

    With all this, it is inevitable that an immigration reform that will put an end to all our woes is not going to happen. However, we can try our best and hopefully expect at least some reprieve in the forthcoming revamp. If not, then we have Bangalore, Hyderabad and Noida where we do not have to spend an average of 2 hours everyday brooding over immigration issues.

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  • I am new to this community and have been watching some other forums online, but I am glad we have one dedicated for EB immigration. Way to go Immigration Voice!!!

    Now, before anyone jumps at me, I promise to contribute for IV's efforts and donate for the various projects in a couple days.

    The reason I am posting this is because I saw various threads with various ideas to gain visibility and make out cause known to all. I saw thready ranging from writing to senators to sending a 1 cent check everyday to sending a voided check for a big amount. Other notable ideas include sending flowers, calling senators, FOIA campaign, writing to the Obama administration, etc. While I agree that each of these actions contribute small drops to the ocean, I honestly think we should think BIG!!

    I have analyzed EB Immigration considerably and here are my thoughts -

    Anti-Immigrants, especially the ones against EB Immigration feel that we take away their jobs. However our defense against that is there's aren't that many skilled immigrants for certain skill set and hence we fill that void and keep corporate America competitive. However a lot of us argue that we who are waiting in line for our potential Green Cards pay our taxes and aide by the law, etc. All valid arguments. However, that doesn't make us any different than the majority of the 90% workforce that is employed. They all pay taxes too.

    I have seen other ideas being floated around where they said "Buy a house, get a green card." Now, two issues with this - How many of us potential immigrants have 250 grand to invest in a house? I don't and can perhaps pay 5-10% down payment on a house. But if I lose my job, then I will be forced to default too and that doesn't help the economy. Also, there are more than 10 million homes in foreclosure and even hypothetically, let's say we will buy a house on a mortgage at 10% down. There are, say 1 million immigrants in waiting including dependents. And we buy 500,000 homes. That is a small dent in the entire real estate economy. Won't make a significant difference. Secondly, the current mess we are in was caused by the "sub prime" mortgage loans. If you know what "sub prime" means, then you probably know the areas where these houses were purchased. Have you seen the neighborhoods or the areas where these houses are foreclosed? A majority of us won't even drive through there, leave alone buying houses there. So obviously, us buying homes is not going to solve this economic mess. If you still insist, then you perhaps need to take a class on economics 101.

    OK, say why am I saying all this? Well, for one, while its great that we put our brains to work to help solve the economic crisis, since a good economy has a knock on effect on immigration, but we can't come up with ordinary ideas. These are extraordinary times and we need extraordinary ideas. We need to think out of the box. I appreciate the efforts of IV with the FOIA drive, but here's my question with that - Besides knowing how long the wait is going to be to get our GC based on the information from USCIS, what other purpose is the FOIA going to solve? Probably not much. But I do agree that having those numbers helps us in identifying where we need to focus our lobbying efforts. If we know the bottleneck is EB2-EB3 spillover, we can work on that with USCIS.

    Someone mentioned in another thread where we all need to concentrate on one effort rather than be divided in multiple efforts. And I think it was suggested that we focus on visa numbers recapturing. I think its a great idea. However, please be aware that in the context of CIR, EB immigration is a small drop. And hence any lobbying to increase/recapture visa numbers need to be done with the FB immigration. EB and FB together can lobby for the recapture visa numbers project and might achieve considerable success.

    If we as EB immigrants need to make our voice known, we need to take a leaf out of the President's book, from his campaign. He started a grass roots level campaign and look at where that has led him to!! So here is my suggestion for a project that will highlight our cause and lead some of the anti- EB Immigration Aholes to shut up their various holes.

    I am assuming we have around 500K immigrants in waiting. Let's say there are 250K primary applicants. The goal is we try to get an email database of as many potential immigrants we can. Next we start an email campaign highlighting a story of an immigrant family or a news article against immigration or lobbying by anti immigrant groups or lack of visibility in ongoing discussions on CIR. At the bottom of each email, we have a donate button that takes the person to IV's donation page/paypal, whatever it might be. We start with a minimum of $50 and go upwards to $500. The goal is if we have atleast, say 100,000 potential immigrants to contribute a min of $50, then if my calculations are in order, that is about $5 Millions. We might have more depending on how many more people contribute and how much more than the min $50 that people contribute. But the baseline collection would be about $5 Million. OK, so what do we with that money? Well, the biggest skill set for us EB immigrants are our education. We have a minimum of a bachelors degree and have a penchant for being well educated. That is the weakness in the American education system - Education. We say thousands of high school dropouts. Thousands of college drop outs. The Obama administration has clearly said they need to invest in America's future. And hence they have a big ambitious spending on fixing the educational system. I know that as non permanent residents or citizens, we are not allowed to contribute to any politicians. However, we can donate money to the state or to a charity organization. What I suggest is we collect this money and send it to the first lady, Michelle Obama and have her send this to a non profit community project for education on our behalf. This will bring a lot of attention because we as EB immigrants are saying, we want to contribute to better the educational system if given a chance so that the future American generations don't become prey to the 21st century American competitiveness like outsourcing and H Visas and stuff.

    This might seem like a small drop in the ocean, but it is definitely a bright one!! And don't tell me it can't be done. It sure can be done. There was someone who already did this at the grassroots level, and his name is Barack Obama!!!

    I am willing to talk to the IV Core team to discuss if needed.

    Idea is too good.If we can make it work this is one of the best idea to get the attention of the administration.

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  • Guys, This discussion has no relevance if the bills won't pass. So it is extremely important to call the specific House members. We are not trying to filibuster whatever you chose to dicuss. However, we are in crunch time and need all hands on the deck to gather support for the three bills. Please Please call the House members listed in this thread:

    This is the most important thing right now. Kindly help.

    Thank You!

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  • So my old company's lawyers got my Denial Notice today. USCIS is unbelievable in their incompetence. I got denied because apparently I filed when a visa date was not available. Why would i do such a stupid thing? Obviously the IO didnt take the time to do a little research to see why I filed when I did, nor did his Director who rubber-stamped the denial.

    My I-485 was filed on August 2nd, 2007. The August 2007 visa bulletin released on July 12th, 2007 did indicate UNAVAILABLE ( However, USCIS, amended that a few days later with an update allowing a month (through August 17, 2007) for all individuals who were current as of the July 2007 bulletin (including me) to file. See the attached link:, USCIS issues an update allowing

    It took me about 1.5 minutes on Google to locate the Update Memo. To think that an IO cannot locate this essential memo and would blatantly deny a valid application is beyond me. This is insane that an organization as important as the USCIS can be so inefficient.

    I called their customer service number to see if i could resolve it in a simple manner. The jerk of an IO I spoke to said "you are not going to like what I am going to say, but you are currently out of status (since I am on EAD and AP) and will need to file an MTR. People may tell you to not pay the fee for the MTR, but I recommend you do, since that is the only way your case will be reviewed"

    Thanks Jerk - i hope the Ombudsman's office gets to the bottom of these erroneous denials and fires all y'all.

    I know i would have lost my job if i made such a life-altering and blatant error!!

    I cant believe an Infopass can't resolve this, and I need to go down the MTR route.

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  • H1Bslave you have no idea what you are talking about. Find me a single Senator who is opposed to illegals and favors legals. By Legals I mean H1Bs like you and me. Ask that Senator if he supports H1Bs completely.

    Or find me a bill that opposes illegals and fully supports legals ie; H1Bs like you and me.

    This is a challenge for you.

    I hope your slave mentality has enough wisdom to answer rather than asking your master who has exploited you so much that you have lost your rational thinking.

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  • A guy came to USA and brought his wife along.... his friend says... why do U have to bring something which is available here.... and here is a Guy with with two wives...:D:D;);):o

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  • Thats a very good suggestion. He should lobby to create a new categoy of Green Card for "MBBS".
    MBBS : Mia (Husband), Biwi 1 (Wife 1), Biwi 2 (Wife 2) and Sons.

    First of all your freind is brave...

    He can request IV to put another item in lobby agenda for brave category...

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  • Were u in EB2 or EB3 catergory???

    I would not call you pessimistic. You are SELFISH. Sure you do not share the same enthu because this announcement does not offer you anything. Grow up and feel for others. Everyone knows that there will be a backlog and that is an issue we have to deal with once we get there.
    You are more SELFISH than anybody else and you lack farsight. You are the one just thinking about yourself only. What will happen to all those old guys whose labour is stuck in backlog centers. If they can't get to file this month, they have to wait for another 6 yrs before visas become available. What will happen to new filers who plan to file GC soon. They have to wait forever.

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