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  • Pete Wentz, thanks to hot

  • What was historic about it ?

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  • Petey Pete Wentz explains why

  • I saw a Highway Patrol car with a flat off the side of the road (on the highway)

    THAT would have been a good fail

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  • myspace layouts .. pete wentz

  • Hold on, I will go look for you as I have an internet connection.

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  • All of my browsers regularly freeze on MySpace. I regularly get a "playlist not valid" or some error like that because apparently the WMP 10 has a different format and since WMP9 for Mac was only available months after WMP10 for Windows, it doesn't know anything about the other. :rolleyes: I suppose we should be thankful that we have WMP9 at all.

    Anyway, from my experience you can't get things to work unless you use Windows. Apparently, Tom, the main person in charge uses a PowerBook to work on the site but everything is running on Windows NT 4. At least, I see the error messages for NT 4 once a month.

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  • Pete Wentz is hideous!

  • I am seriously considering camping out as I REALLY want one as soon as possible... Has anyone been at this location for a launch before? Is it pretty popular? I was hoping that maybe it wasn't as popular of an Apple store and that the lines would be shorter... that and I live in Oakland about 5 minutes away!

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  • I done the switch to SSD last night in the Mac Mini. I used the Intel X25-M SATA 80GB SSD and used Carbon Copy Cloner to Clone the New and old drives.

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  • I don't know; at the 1st installation (10.3 + 10.3.7 combo + 10.3.8 patch + applications), everything was working untill I red my emails and tried to save as .pdf and try to print a popup of this web page;

    For the 2nd installation, I did (10.3 + 10.3.7 combo + 10.3.8 patch) but in safe boot mode. So I don't know...

    Now I'm still working in safe boot mode.


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  • I dunno if somethings wrong with yours, but mine had a weird aluminum/plastic/electronics smell when I fist got it.

    Went away after a few days of use...

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  • If anyone is DEFINITELY going to Ardmore and is going to be there before 2:30pm... please PM me and I will give you my phone number and you can text me the status of the lines.

    In return, I'll throw in a SuperPoints Invite (the site costs $8 to join) but with an invite.. it's FREE

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  • Apple and every other computer maker is going to be held back. Don't you think apple had sandy bridge based computers in the pipeline

    The biggest difference is others started shipping/advertising those computers before apple

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  • Maybe I'll go, I am not sure though, depends what I am doing.

    And West Farms technically is in Farmington, not West Hartford. I know it gets confusing- West Hartford, Farmington, and New Britain. Kinda like that blur of Simsbury, Canton, and Avon.

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  • Is he hot or not?

  • I tried a few of the CMS systems and found them not to fit my needs so i run my own CMS built on Zend Framework for my clients.

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  • Hot or Not: Pete Wentz#39;s New

  • I love the phone except i have to charge it every night, if i don't charge it one night it will die the next night. Otherwise the phone is great.

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  • Hot Or Not: Pete Wentz#39;s denim

  • I was more interested to see if anyone was going to say "STAY AWAY from X brand"

    Lookup your candidates in the reliability survey.

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  • Pete Wentz are soo hot!

  • its a 3GS.. damn that sucks, ok. the only reason is because my cousin just updated to 4.2 firmware and he said he cant jailbreak his phone at all. he's tried greenpoison, limerain, he said nothing seems to work so if i update im worried i wont be able to jailbreak my phone anymore

    I don't understand... 4.3.2 and different versions lower can be JB'ed. Are you trying to unlock as well? Then you may have issues based on the baseband.

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  • That iMac model is perfect for your needs. Its specs out of the box will fulfill all of your needs using aperture, lightroom and similar apps. When you evolve to advanced photo editing at the photoshop level, with large RAW FILES, and bulk processing, you and your mac will apprecite a ram upgrade to 8-16 gigs. My 2009 27" i5 just literally dropped dead after 14 months if 10/4 use in my office, so I'm replacing it with that exact model. Most bang for the buck. Excellent resale.

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  • My wife has downloaded a couple of movies via itunes but for the life of me I have burned through dvd after dvd and cant get them to work. He keeps telling me I have a data error when I pop the DVD into one of our players.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • Hey There,

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Me and My GF are first in line out here in San Diego , And at our Apple Store no one is inside, and we are out here alone.

    only 11 more hours HAHA

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  • the pics of the 17" make me feel so inadequate with my 12", but its great for traveling. You can bet though, when i go to grad school in a few years i'm going to let my g/f have this 12" and i'm going to buy the 17". I love mine, don't get me wrong, and its great for travel too and from school, but i'd like a desktop replacement, and with a bigger external HD and loads of Ram i think that the 17" would be ideal for me. Anyone feel the same?

    Food Packaging is a HUGELY moot topic here in the UK.

    Namely fresh goods (fruit/veg/meats etc) and how completely wastefully packaged up they have all become. It disgusts me when for example I see fruit such as apples or pears, sat in polystyrene trays and then shrink wrapped and labelled up!

    Chances are, you are actually paying more for this packaging than the products within, let alone the negative impacts it has on the environment in terms of production and (if any) recycling.

    Same applies with a whole myriad of food types, and its more a cultural issue perhaps than anything. We have become obsessed with a certain expectation of 'perfection' and that everything must be delivered and presented to us in ship shape condition, free of artifacts or the possibility of contamination.

    It would be great to see this issue addressed (chiefly in supermarkets might I add) face on, and it might be more a campaign of advertising than perhaps packaging (of the type I mention)

    If however, certain packaging is to be dropped it will have to be replaced with something that still fulfils certain levels of quality & protection etc. This is certainly a design challenge on a few levels, but if there is one thing designers are good at, its thinking laterally about a problem and actually seeing the negatives in existing products/systems etc as being fantastic gateways for improvement.

    Just my two pennies!

    Good luck with your project.


    I could use that unlimited data, hehe.

    Oh well, I can limit myself :D

    I have just purchased an apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse, I think I'm going to get the griffin and purchase a 23" apple display with some money I saved for an iPad 2 but never got due too the rumors of the 3 coming out in less than a year

    That will be a good setup.
    Yeah, I'm not the biggest iPad fan. Bought the original on launch day, returned in soon after.

    I purchased it 2 yrs ago is 8GB ok ? 2009 btw

    And will it work even if i use more than 6GB of the 8GB? Will it lag?

    Guy @ apple store said if you go over limit it will LAG not improve performance

    I'm so confused now:confused:

    It's interesting to see all these disparate companies affected by one single supplier's faulty part. As I stated in the main thread about the issue, I'm glad I got my MBP now, before Apple adopts Sandy Bridge.

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