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  • I haven't used this keyboard myself, but i've heard it comes pretty close to what you're looking for:

    I bought one of these for my G5, love it. Looks cool and has very nice action, I seem to fly on this board! 2 USB ports (one at each end). Pretty cheap too.... $39 at Newegg I think. It gets my vote. :D

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    HAHAHA i agree.

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  • I threw it back where it came from.
    Just to make you peta people happy xD

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  • I was in the same boat, but I ended up buying a sleeve instead. I would think hard cases are beneficial if you travel a lot. I personally really like the Be.ez La Robe sleeve. The zippers are completely covered from scratching the MBP.

    I am considering buying Be.ez Le Reporter messenger bag as well, but I can't seem to find any reviews.

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  • The closest you can get is subscribing to threads you post in and then looking at the list in your User CP. There is no notification mechanism for individual posts and individual user's posts.

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  • ProBand, anyone?

    I like the name Soundtrack better. :)

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  • both those mics are condensers, yes? it looks like that m-audio interface has only a single channel that can handle condensers. is this an acoustic or electric guitar?

    equipment aside, separation is the biggest challenge you'll face playing an acoustic and singing simultaneously. i think it's a great way to record a track, but just be aware that you can't really overdub one of the parts and keep the other.

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  • I was listening to a podcast on this ...Google " Typical Mac User" a recent episode coached anyone to simply fill up the SSD with a video or five and then erase everything back to factory state.

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  • There is probably an easy way to do this but I can't seem to figure it out. I have Toast 6 installed on my non admin user. Do I have to re-install it on my admin user to use it there or can I somehow access it? I have music on my admin that I want to burn using Toast but didn't want to install again if I don't have to. Thanks!

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  • Only three things come to mind:

    1) That you are inadvertently calling mysqli_close somewhere before a query or ping, maybe in one of your includes.

    2) You are overwriting $conn somewhere else.

    3) Some PHP bug in an older version of PHP perhaps. Are you guys running on CentOS / RHEL? If so I would suggest upgrading to 5.2 from the testing repos and see if that helps.

    I could see the close or even possibly an overwrite happening. At the same time, that is kinda what I want to be able to detect with one of the cases mentioned above.

    It's a compiled-from-source version of PHP 5.3.5.

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  • The screenshots are a known issue. Use the developer build of Chrome in DP2.

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  • No, I called Apple and they said I can only buy at the store using a company check.

    Can you take the check to the company store and have them do a special/bto order, so you pay there but get it sent to you from the factory?

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  • @blevins321:

    Thanks for the suggestion, it's very useful. I've already done that for my dad, and it works when he saves contacts through the contacts app.

    The main issue is that Apple has made it (rightfully so) very intuitive to save a contact from the dialer or recent-calls menu. all you have to do is click the right-arrow and you'll be able to "add to contacts", which dumps it into the iphone-contacts folder, instead of exchange, regardless of the default contact view in the contacts app.

    I myself don't add contacts through the contacts app, as I normally key in the number in the dialer then hit the "+" button to create a contact :/

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  • THE server? You mean the entire MacRumors site is run off of a single server? Color me impressed.

    Well, no...I believe there are at least five servers behind MacRumors. But we restarted the front page one that was bogging down.

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  • While there are some other factors the main one is simple supply and demand. The same reason why MBPs hold their value over non-mac notebooks.

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  • Hoo boy.

    There is no such thing as a Zip or a Jaz drive that comes native with Firewire, or USB 2.0. (theoretically, someone may have put an IDE drive into a Firewire box, but I don't know if the drivers would support that.)

    The iomega Zip is a flexible vinyl disk cartridge, and came in two versions, 100 Mb and 250 Mb. Althought the 250 can read and write 100 Mb cartridges it is deadly slow doing so. Zip drives came in Internal and External SCSI-1, external parallel (PC) interface, internal ATA and IDE (the early ATA internals are not Mac compatible) and external USB-1. External Zip drives only have one interface -- Either SCSI OR USB, not both.

    The iomega Jaz is a hard-platter disk cartridge and came in two versions, a 1 Gb and a 2 Gb. Most Jaz drives are external, and have a SCSI-2 connector (high density) I have never seen a USB Jaz. Zip and Jaz are completely incompatible with each other.

    The SyQuest EZFlyer 3.5" hard-platter cartridge drive (135 Mb and 230 Mb versions) are completely different from the Zip and Jaz, as are the SyQuest 5.25" 44, 88 and 200 Mb drive, the first 3.5" SyQuest (200 Mb?) and the SyJet 1.5 Gb drive - There was one other SyQuest product - Shark? Sharq? 1 Gb - which was only ever released in a PC version as far as I remember.

    The imation 120 Mb Superfloppy is incompatible with Zip, it used special 3.5" floppy disks but could also read 1.44 3.5" floppies - most of the time.

    The Castlewood Orb drive was a hard disk cartridge drive similar to the Jaz and SyJet which the blank media was never available for, and it died an ignominious death.

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  • Wow there's so much variety in everyone's preferences. I feel pretty ignorant not even hearing about EE or silverstripe until this thread (also for mixing Ruby on Rails as a CMS rather than a framework :o ) I really enjoy theming in Drupal, although it is a challenge.

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    It is a brand new in box sealed 30" ACD for $1500 in my area.
    Do you believe it?
    I don't.

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  • gnasher729 gave a great idea that would give you a command you could copy and paste to the terminal to see what's going on. I'll give an additional hint:
    the & means something special to the shell. It means "run that command i just gave you in the background". You can quote parameters that might contain such a character, or escape it with \.


    I asked but they won't tell me how many they have. They do have them already.

    I met with manager wants picure of me with him. We qre in an official line.

    I happened to have a bad processor on my Dual 2.0 G5 a while back and everytime I reviewed the crash log after a KP, it mentioned the airport and the networking family. I ran hardware test after hardware test and they came up clean. I finally brought it to an Apple store and they told me a processor must have died or the logic board was dying (after bringing it to a so-called Certfied Apple Specialist and they told me it was a software issue...but that's another story). They replaced the bad processor and all was good.
    My advice - hardware issues aren't easily fixable at home, bring it to an apple store if you're still in warranty or have applecare.

    Originally posted by msmith2112

    mmm. here it comes...


    iTV remote control :D

    wild... how come they don't put 10.2 on the powerbooks they are selling now?

    Once I saw the words 'ATD' and 'Maya' within a few seconds of each other, I knew it would be amazing.

    Great Work, As Always :)

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