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  • After about 10yrs i finally pulled our old SE out of the closet hoping someone has a solution to my problem! As soon as it boots up it goes right to the screen saver and it asks for a password and noone has a clue what it is how can i get this fixed?? I dont want to format it cause then i might as well throw it then. I want all the games i had on it. Can anyone help me save this thing????

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  • Try a Thinkpad T-series. Best-built for the money, with user-replaceable parts (try finding that on most machines today), and a keyboard that puts all others to shame.

    I like my t400. If only it wasn't running windows. The battery lasts forever.

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  • I don't know; at the 1st installation (10.3 + 10.3.7 combo + 10.3.8 patch + applications), everything was working untill I red my emails and tried to save as .pdf and try to print a popup of this web page;

    For the 2nd installation, I did (10.3 + 10.3.7 combo + 10.3.8 patch) but in safe boot mode. So I don't know...

    Now I'm still working in safe boot mode.


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  • Damn early adopters always get the mud sandwich. I bought an early iPad 2 and All I got was mad light bleed and now I have to buy Lion.. Life sux

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  • Hi - I am an avid macrumors guy and usully hang on the ipad and iphone forums but I think I may need a MacbookAir. Here's my need

    I give 75 size slide shows with a projector and use Keynote..the i pad does it, but won't let me use the iPhone as a remote - only the macbooks do that..also when multitasking really heav,y and throwing lots of slides up, the ipad become a bit jerky due to it's memory( yes I;m using the new Ipad2).

    My company has said get the air if I need it

    do I need it?

    I can get stuff in and out using dropbox so I don;'t think I need the cd player?

    and was just going to get work or is office the ticket - or both?

    thanks in advance

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  • downloading now..... finally!!!

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  • Yeah I'll give you one-to-one for $10 an hour.

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  • Because they ran out of ideas.

    When all else fails just slam a bigger camera in there. Just play the specs game. Never mind the software ecosystem.

    Err? It runs Windows Phone 7 so it will be able to run all of the Windows Phone 7 apps and it also syncs with Zune or iTunes (via Windows Phone 7 connector on Mac) in just the same way as iPhone does.

    Remind me again what part of the "software ecosystem" is missing here?

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  • With all of these updates lately I feel 10.4.8 could be in a matter of minutes :)

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  • The jailbreak is not just software-based... So even if 4.2.1 is shipped with it (I think 4.3 will be on it), unless the bootrom exploit works on the new hardware then it will not be jailbreakable at the beginning.

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  • The labs, and just having 5000 other developers in the same place to discuss things with, have always been the main reasons to go to WWDC in my opinion.

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  • :D if it were GM, wouldn't Apple call it that?!!

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  • I've made up my mind on the basic 13" pro. I was going to buy it on June 5th, but I don't really think I should do that now. If possible I would like to get the machine with Lion installed already. Should I wait for WWDC? Its 4 days long so I guess I could wait it out, but would they release it the day of announcement, or would it be in a couple of weeks afterwards? I know this is all speculation, but I appreciate you input

    Thanks :)

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  • Thank you!

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  • Hey my fellow macrumors users I could use some advice. A couple of friends of mine just got the new pokemon game and its seriously making nostalgic for when I used to play back in the day (I was a serious player of the first 3 generations of the pokemon games, the ones for gameboy color and the first on for gba).

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  • Download and listen to your favorite podcasts directly from your iOS device without the need to sync with iTunes.

    Get Downcast for free with one of the promo codes listed here:

    New in the latest update:
    + Option to refresh all feeds in a specific playlist
    + Option for setting interval of audio-skip gesture
    + Video podcasts now obey speed playback setting
    + Fine control when dragging audio progress slider (similar to iPod app)
    + UI Updates

    All Features:
    + Search, subscribe to and download audio and video podcasts of any size
    + Video and audio AirPlay support
    + Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL
    + Download podcasts automatically (including resuming downloads)
    + Download podcasts in the background (for supported devices)
    + Browse and download older podcast episodes
    + Auto-update podcasts
    + Settings for auto-download and episode retention (globally and per-podcast)
    + Backup and import podcast feeds via OMPL
    + Export podcasts and OPML files to your computer through iTunes sharing
    + Support for password-protected feeds
    + Play audio in the background (for supported devices)
    + 2x speed playback
    + Stream episodes without downloading
    + Control audio with Bluetooth or other headphone remote controls
    + Create and edit "smart" playlists
    + View podcast details and episode show notes
    + View embedded images in podcast episodes
    + Rename podcasts with long or unwieldy names
    + Gesture support
    -- Double tap (one or two fingers) toggles play/pause
    -- Two finger swipe left/right for forward/backward
    -- One finger left/right swipe skips forward or backward 30 seconds
    -- Two finger swipe up/down marks episode as unplayed/played
    + Sleep timer

    Check out Downcast on the App Store (

    Official site: (

    iPad version coming soon!

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  • Then make your own thread:D I dont think he will charge tax.

    Sorry, but are you, um, doing, some, uh, uh, things...? Like, um, perhaps some drinks?

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  • is easy to set up and will provide quite a bit of flexibility in making a very straightforward blog.

    You might be able to host images on MyPhotoAlbum...

    which makes a simple way to share pictures and store them online. Otherwise you can use Imageshack, which isn't as robust but allows linking the photos from offsite and allows for hosting unlimited images.

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  • The best plan is to use iTunes to rip the CDs. First go to preferences and set the defalt files type to "Apple lossless". Then you feed in the CDs one at a time and they go straight into iTunes get tagged and it's simple. Some times tagging fails if youhave a rare CD that is not in the database then thr must type in the info.

    All good, thanks.

    To get files you've already ripping into iTunes just do File->Import Folder and iTunes will copy the tracks in the that folder. If thse tracks are tagged it will copy the tags if untagged you willhave to type in the data. It may be easier to re-rip them frominside iTunes than type in all that data

    iTunes will presumably read the folders that have WAV files in them, but what about the FLAC files?

    sorry, something about the sentences, it just doesn't stick

    I was suppose to trade this to another member, but the member Never ship his as agreed, I was able to have mine sent back to me, he just printed a label and never shipped...

    So I am looking to trade this phone for a unlocked 4G iphone, Must work on Tmoble, I have tons of refs here and sold over 100 items....

    Please PM me if you want to trade really need it ...I also do not use MP3 or videos so a 4G is great :)

    you will also get the 100.00 rebate....

    Might be there for 5 or 6 AM. Have a full day of work that starts at 9 AM and includes going out of town in the afternoon. Can't be sure I'll be up and alert enough to go later in the evening to pick-up. Plus it looks like fun

    Same here, leaving on a flight at 2:30, but I don't have to work (I'm a grad student). I was hoping I could show up at 7 am and wait however long it takes and get the phone and still make my flight. I am guessing I don't have to stay up overnight to do that, and hopefully I can still meet cool Mac people.

    . The glass claiming to be strong is weak sauce and the only good things on the phone are the cameras and screen.*
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    It harder glass - and it is harder to scratch. But harder objects don't necessarily resist shattering better.

    I'd almost agree with you on this, but plastic MacBooks are incredibly flimsy machines.

    My first apple laptop was a first gen macbook (plastic). It was pretty sturdy I thought. It scratched easily, but that's it. It survived a fair share of bumps and lumps. I got rid of it because I needed more screen...

    Apple's update pattern on displays has been more or less infrequent lately. Just buy now, there is absolutely no idea about the next gen ACD.

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