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  • The idea is a nice one but when you actually click on that article they say G4. It is great to hope and wait as i am doing for the PM G5 update. Lets hope they come soon.

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  • So is everyone gonna have to change their checkout page from "buy this song" to "license this song"?

    So it will be interesting if the licencing allows the user to hold the content without a licence (just as a car can be held without having a driving licence).

    This means that content could be distributed legally without the need of distributors. Then only when you listen to it do you require a licence to listen to it.

    No copyright theft, just unlicenced use. So will the record industry attempt to become the sole licence issuer - you can bet on it..

    Although that does not prevent the licence from stating that you cannot copy it etc. So what's interesting is - who is going to read the billion different licences that will now bombard the user? This is a change without the rules inplace to protect the public. This has now made the purchasing of music online unfeasable for the public user and you will have to buy through a provider because of the legal minefield.

    That is *if* you have agreed to the licence. Is there a law requiring you to have a licence to listen to music? Not that I'm aware of... it would then fall on the music owner to prove on each case that you're an unlicenced individual and that they have to then show how much they'd loose in revenue to the judge... so the value (cost per track) is really low although you may end up with the legal fees..

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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  • Like I said, I'm just waiting for the WWDC announcement before I take any further action. If Apple says a July release, I might wait. If they say September, I'll have to freeze myself like Cartman.

    I should also mention that any decision I make will also depend on the price. If Lion is $129, I'll be persuaded to wait. If it is substantially less (say around $29-$49), I'll definitely buy the iMac sooner than later.

    +1. I expect it will be released by end of June or early July. I'm not in a hurry as I have a family member buying my 2007 iMac. And I would prefer it pre-installed. Price is certainly a consideration. But as some have pointed out, with the Mac App Store, they may very well sell the DL version for less. I also hope Lion gets rid of the traditional optical and goes USB or DL only. That said I would love to see all restore disks be USB but I'm not sure that OS X can boot from a USB?

    Why would that be the case? If you want to sell your computer and you installed lion yourself, why would a computer with lion installed by Apple be worth any more assuming both systems have the same hardware?

    I don't think it affects resale, however I prefer that my restore disk be Lion. Let's say you want to do a wipe and reinstall for some reason. That would involve using your restore disk, then installing Lion. I suppose you could install Lion without your restore disk, but Lion won't include iLife on it, so you still need to go back and install those Apps from the original restore disk. Just more of a pain.

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  • Can any of the 2011 iMac owners check if any of the components in their newly bought iMac operate underclocked?

    Apple has, in the past, been known to do this to maintain a certain power consumption or thermal level.

    This could explain some of the "low" scores we are seeing of late.

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  • your post is confusing.
    you say it worked fine, but then it sounds like your upset it doesn't have audio.

    what mac do you have?
    how to hook it up depends on what kind, and how old it is.

    if you're not sure how old it is, go to the :apple: menu, about this mac, more info.
    then on the the main hardware page, there is a Model Identifier should say something followed by a couple numbers, like "Macmini4,1"
    give us that, and we can tell you what you need.

    thanks for the response!

    Sorry for the confusion. I've got a 2k7 MBP with the dvi out on the right. Well that plugs easy enough and get picture working but no audio (because dvi doesn't transfer audio). So I was going to go from my headphone jack to the tv...but can't get any sound at all.

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  • Currently, I think that the XBox 360 is better. Nothing can beat Gears of War. Well, perhaps Rainbow Six Vagas. Both are using Unreal Engine 3. I think that the year that the 360 had gave devs time to figure out what was going on. This is why the 360 prolly looks better. I don't think that we will ever see a huge difference till the end life of the consoles. That's when we will see what's going on.
    Except that Unreal 3 Engine is going to be on PS3 too, so once again, they'll be about the same.

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  • Oh I understand that... but is 1333 even noticeably faster? Is it worth bothering spending the extra money on 1333mhz RAM over the significantly cheaper 1067?

    I think that depends on the CL = cas latency of the RAM sticks.

    I just decided to get some CL7 RAM for my i7 2600K build that was a slightly lower bandwidth than the faster speed bandwidth RAM since that was a CL9 and supposedly the CL7 rated out slightly faster (and it was on sale for a little less $$)...

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  • My mom has officially banned me from ginza at night and says I have to go the shibuya store. What time should I start to line up?

    UPDATE: Going early to show my inner fan boy :P

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  • The leaks tool doesn't tell you where leaks happened. It tells you where leaked objects were created. The red line is where the leaked string was created.

    There's no obvious bug in the code shown. Does anything else leak? Do you release the address in the MapViewController dealloc method? Does the MapViewController leak?

    @interface MapViewController : UIViewController <MKMapViewDelegate,NSXMLParserDelegate>

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  • Just to alleviate everyone's concerns, this issue is NOT present in the Panther preview. I tried setting a 9-character password, and the login window did not take the 8-character version.

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  • Glad to see they are making improvements finally. I don't think that Mobile Me is worth the fee now that the "Find My iPhone" feature is free. :apple:

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    P • U • L • S • E

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  • I am currently using a white Macbook (2.0 GHz / 3GB / GMA 950) from 5 years ago and it is performing admirably for most daily tasks; the only that stretches it a bit is my RAW photo editing on Lightroom 3. I process photos from my Canon EOS 60D, so we're looking at ~20MB images.

    I'm thinking about getting a new machine and am considering the following. Note that I'm not concerned about the hard drive capacity, since I use external drives extensively anyway.

    MacBook Air
    13" / 2.13 GHz / 4 GB 1066MHz / GeForce 320M

    MacBook Pro
    13" / 2.7 GHz / 4 GB 1333MHz / Intel HD Graphics 3000

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  • Wow, thought this thread was deleted already.

    Anyway, yea hard to ship something when UPS store is closed for labor day weekend haha. I was at a wedding in Salt Lake until Friday, I made that clear to those interested in buying it. It's being shipped two day air on Tuesday everyone, so stop wigging out, I've sold many things on here and never cheated anyone. And thank you w8ing.


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  • http://www.datamem.com/parts_that_fit_view.asp_Q_K_E_220534_A_M_E_PowerBook+G4+1%2E5GHz+%28M9690LL%2FA%29+12%22_A_MF_E_Appl e_A_C_E_

    how about that one?? i kinda wanna save her some money...so thats why i was looking into the one a newegg, but if this is the best price $144...then ill have to get this one..

    Yup, that's the one.

    I deal with Data Memory Systems every day - they are honest and are real Mac users. They sell quality RAM and back it up - you won't be disappointed.

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  • Is there any way to silence once and for all a Blu-Ray burner in Mac Pro (No disk inside). I have tried two different units, one from LG and another from HP. They sometimes began to emit annoying sound, as in old western movies (night scenes), if you know what i mean.

    Is it some kind of oscillation or what?

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  • so you brought the 500mzh motherboard and just stuck it in, and it worked fine cool

    Assuming this works, you still won't be able to run Rise of Nations since the 500MHz iMac has a 16MB Rage Ultra - you need a 32MB video card.

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  • Congrats on your new $560

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  • My question may be stupid.

    If I use iMovie3 (3.0.3) and iMovieHD 5 (5.0.2), will there be a quality difference in the raw unedited DV-material of film 1 and film 2?
    The source material is analogue.Wow! Just wow. First, your movie editor cannot change your source footage. Second, DV is Digital Video. If you have analog video, then it impossible for it to be DV.

    Had it since the day it came out via dodgy methods.

    Like people have said, no reason to limit it to NA up to now ...

    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    About 300 in line at 4:35

    wild... how come they don't put 10.2 on the powerbooks they are selling now?

    That's better then the G4 you were looking at. Did you get the ALS ambient light senor model? or the standard? Either way it's priced right for a G5 with blue tooth and airport.

    The only advice that I have for these models is that you open it up carefully, and blow any dust or dirt (with an air can not a compressor!!!!)out of the heatsink and fans that may have accumulated over time.

    Look at the picture I attached to open the iMac G5. It's really simple. Just a note when the 3 case screws stop moving stop turning them, they do not come out, do not try to force them to come out. And don't touch the electronics inside with your bare hands unless you're properly grounded (http://www.wikihow.com/Ground-Yourself-to-Avoid-Destroying-a-Computer-with-Electrostatic-Discharge).

    ...does it fix yet another bug in Mac OS X Server's Wiki/Blog service that causes audio but not video to play back for Windows visitors?

    Jeez Apple, get your QT **** together. For a company focused on media consumption, your media consumption software is really ******.

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