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  • yesetrday on CNN, AC 360, there were two latino ladies (US Citizens) and they kept saying that this bill is illegal and should be vetoed.

    All latinos want other latinos to come to USA and have the numbers/political influence to get them GC's via amnesty before legal immigrants.

    None of those ladies said they did not support illegal immigration, they just kept ranting about racial profiling.

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  • Ask your law firm why they are charging you so much. Below are the rates charged by my lawyer and should not be too different from what most of the others charge. If the lawyer doesn't answer, then show these numbers to your employer and lodge a strong protest with them.

    Adjustment of Status
    Principal applicant $1,000
    Dependent applicant $500

    Work Authorization Cards (each) $200
    Advance Parole Travel Documents(each)$200

    If you are working on an hourly basis, does your employer pay you when you're on the bench? If he doesn't, keep record of that and once you get your GC sue him over back wages and complain to DOL. These people don't deserve any thing better.

    I doubt there is some thing like range fixed for lawyers. They can charge what ever they want. Asking those Q's will only cause more resentment than any thing else.

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  • The bill states failing to show evidence of your immigrant status, is a misdemeanor and will result an arrest. So this is going to trouble a lot legal residents to prove they are legal and there will be a lot of litigation as a result of this.

    See how Mr. Blog feed has omitted the fact that this law is against "unauthorized alien". To a casual observer it would appear that IV supports such endeavors (promoting illegal immigration).

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  • I have a pending AOS (I-485) application
    filed by my previous employer (company A). The I-140 is approved and is well
    past 180 days. I moved from company A to company B in late April
    2008. They did an H1 transfer and filed for AOS portability under
    AC21. I did not like the role there, so had planned a move to Company C, my current employer - again H1 transfer and AC21 (yet to
    be filed). Just before I moved, I got another offer from company D
    (which I believe best fits my long term career interests). I would've
    avoided the hop to company C had I not given the notice to leave at
    Company B. Now, I am looking to move to company D at the earliest (perhaps in a month). I have
    been at company C for 4 weeks now.

    Should company C file an AC21? Since there is already an AC21 on file (by
    company B) and if I will move to company D, can I reduce one additional AC21
    filing? This is just so that there aren't 3 Ac21s filed and to avoid
    making me look frivolous. Please advice. If its safer to file it, I
    can request an AC21 filing soon from company C.

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  • Hi,
    Can you please provide me with the information about the questions your friend faced? In my case the client side project was completed. I would appreciate your response.

    I am not sure whether your case and my colleague's case is similar.

    This happened in 2007. USCIS conducts random audits on companies to verify their authenticity.

    USCIS conducted an audit on his company. They fixed an appointment with him in his office. They asked all the tax returns, W2, Paystubs etc. They also talked to his client manager and verified his duties.

    After that everything went fine. He works for the same employer now.

    Hope this helps.

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  • My I-140 was denied incorrectly , as a result my I-485 was denied.
    The USCIS is claiming that the I-140 Petition was filed without a certified PERM application. This is absolutely incorrect. The original certified PERM application was filed with the I-140 Petition. I have a photocopy of the original PERM application.

    My lawyer filed MTR for both I140 and I485 6weeks ago.I received receipt notices for both I290B.

    I was working on my H1B till last week, but was laid off last week and I am searching for job.No one is offering job on H1B.I send a letter to coressman explaining my situation.

    Can I use my EAD?-----My Lawyer says my EAD is invalid.

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  • Most of the July filers have 140 approved and working in a full time job.So I think there will be little impact.
    thats not necessarily true, there are lots of people with consulting firms including myself, however these are big consulting firms with 1000+ employees. I see fewer applicant from smaller companies.

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  • Even today i came across a friend saying according to his so and so friends thinking , EB2 should move very fast as last time it jumped from 2002 - 2004 or what ever in 2 months !!!!... There are lot of people who dont understand the depth of the problem , the yearly limit , country quota etc..

    I think the only way to make them understand is to tell that since 1 million people are in queue and only 140K GC per year , your GC will take any where from 8-15 years.. :)

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  • I understand so Many of us are looking at the Options of Using AC21.
    I am currently looking for a Good Attorney for this.
    I have contacted Sheela Murthy's Office and Rajiv Khanna's Office.
    Both of them are very very expensive.

    I am looking for an Attorney who charges under $1000 and also knows
    about the Immigration Matters.

    I would appreciate any pointers and suggestions in this regards.

    Ellen Krengel - Good and reasonable (google for telephone)

    Christine Troy, Attorney at Law - tel 415-399-9490 - Good and reasonable

    Helen Konrad - Tel 804-775-3818 - good and reasonable

    Kapoor & Associates - Phone: (404) 685-9940 - found reasonable, talk to them and finalize

    K K Rastogi ESQ - Ph: 212-279-4403 - talk to him, I did not talk to him.

    Andrew Dutton - 917-536-5940 - I did not get a chance to talk to him, but heard he is reasonable

    Good luck

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  • Got another 33 in hand, total 43, more to come

    Tip: recruit friends and strangers to get more from their work places and mail back to you.

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  • seriously...quit your job and work at a gas station for a few months...u will be all set

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  • Very sad to see this coming from the Core Member...Are we losing hope here, is that the game plan are we looking after putting tremondous effort for all these years?
    Reality is always hard to take :D

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  • You seem to have got your case approved and you have filed your wife's I485, correct me if I am wrong.

    What do you say to people who have been waiting from 2002 and 2003 and 2004, as of today there is no difference for person who got labor approved in May 2007 and case with priority date May 2003. For lot of them it has been a frustrating and stressful period, mainly because their spouses have been idle.

    How on earth can you come with this idea, see the traffic on this site now, when core IV team was fighting for the retrogression and other benefits for our cause, there were very few. The world is selfish buddy. I wish you good luck on this idea.

    yes i got my case approved .. i was in the same stage for my wife's case last month.if people are just satisfied in just sending the applications on jul 1st without worrying about the application getting accepted .. be my guest ... please rush and apply.

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  • Done...

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  • But the text in the I-131 instructions is contradicting what you said.

    If you have current AP, you can travel while your AP renewal is pending. AP renewal will be from the date when your current AP expire.

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  • And are you doing anything to try and speed up your case since PD are current ?

    My PD is before Oct 2001

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  • What is supplimentry exam? Is it that you did some extra courses after finishing your requisite courses for Bachelors? or are you refering to clearing your backlog subjects ( subjects from previous semesters that you had not cleared?). Where did you get your degree India or US?

    supplementary is clearing the backlog subjects.(from previous semesters). So basically my degree completion is completed in 2002 (as I understood recently even though I was allowed to work and join the job I got in 2000 after my course completion). I got my degree in india. the problem is, the degree certificate they gave had date of dec 2000 in big letters and june 2002 in small letters (in parenthesis next to the dec 2000 date). the attorney took the date in big letters (dec 2000). I didn't know much about progressive experience and was not completely aware of progressive experience of EB2 requirement

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  • International students come on F1 visa and get instate tuition fee from state universities. Our kids are on H4s so that will not qualify them to attend undergraduate in state schools? Is F1 required to get instate tuition fee? I am not understanding the situation here. Please somebody clarify if possible.

    F-1 students do not enjoy any more privileges than H-4 applicants. In fact, you may like to check with the university authorities, for H-4 students pay in-state tuition if other requirements are fulfilled. Things like residency for a period of time, employment of guardians, etc.

    To my knowledge, F-1 students do not qualify for in-state tuition at all. They can apply for a minuscule number of tuition waivers on grounds of economic hardship, academic performance and the like. However, the situation may vary from univ to univ and state to state. My knowledge is limited to Georgia, and specifically Georgia Tech, GSU and UGA

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  • I was at one of my congresswoman's office yesterday. She gave us lots of advice on how to promote our message.

    Post that advice here.

    Congratulations Dinesh! I feel very happy for you.

    Could you take some time out and let us know about your H1B delay in India?


    I had gone to India for my father's 75th. b'day and planned to get my H-1 renewed. However, when I went to embassy, they said that I have to get clearance and will take one week. I said fine. One week became two weeks, then one month and then two months. I tried to contact embassy and other people, but of no use. My chief here in US, also tried. Meanwhile, my AP had arrive in US (we had filed for I485).( My wife had already got her H-1 approved and she had gone back.) She send me the AP. I contacted two of my lawyers; one said it is fine to come with AP, other said no. I send a letter to embassy asking about my travel with AP. They said, it is legal and not suggested!!!.
    So after waiting for two month, I took a chance and came here on AP. At the airport, they took more than one and half hours to get be cleared, meanwhile my wife was waiting for me outside, not knowing what was happening. She was in tears when I came out finally.
    After I came to US, I was informed from India that the US embassy had called and said that my name has been cleared and I should come to get my H1 visa stamped.!!!!!!!!

    I am kind of disappointed with the response to the idea of calling our respective University presidents knowing that there voice will be heard. All we need to do is convince the university presidents to speak for us?
    That idea is good, but right now what matters is getting the support of the key identified CHC members esp. Sen Menendez. Please follow IV Core's action items and call these CHC members and your local congressman/woman in support of the 3 bills.

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