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  • Are you ready to rumble with an SMP client? ARE YOU?! Well, let us see what the high performance FAQ ( has to say;

    November 2006 The SMP client is now looking good enough that we are starting a more broad alpha test outside of Stanford. If that looks good, we will move to a broader beta test of this new client.

    Interesting! Very interesting! Hope to see you there! :)

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  • Interesting.

    I've been futzing with the same thing for the past couple of evenings. My purpose has been to see if it's possible to pull back the value from the ALS and scale/modify the point at which the keyboard lights turn on & off. Up until this point, I've just been trying unsuccessfully to capture the ALS value.

    FWIW, your code doesn't work for me, but your call, in my code, seems to (replacing my malformed IOConnectCallScalarMethod with your IOConnectCallMethod). Thanks for that.

    I think it's the part about accessing the ALS that might keep it out of the App Store. It was my understanding, when I tried to find some information, that this is the part that's unpublished.

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  • figured it out! Splashtop rules! Love it!!

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  • Clearly ISO (a measure of film sensitivity), although conceptually similar, is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to digital. Wouldn't a more appropriate term be something like "Gain Factor"?

    I would think this would be an easier concept to grasp for newcomers to DSLRs, especially when trying to understand the trade-off between gain and noise.

    How can you tell I'm bored today... :)

    Actually, the term ISO is just short for the organization that provides standards on film speed (and before it was ISO, it was ASA.) I don't see what value trying to rename it has- you still have to know what that is, and how it applies, and since you can assign that information to the term ISO and not break every photographic instruction ever made or make the remaining film cameras suddenly "different" than digital, I don't see a big gain (pun intended) in going from a three letter abbreviation to a word.


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  • Also IIRC Cisco's iOS lets you save and load config files directly. I do not remember the exact syntax but try built-in help...

    copy <src> <dest>

    src or dest could be one of:

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  • I setup Time Capsule & Time Machine & it did a backup of my iMac. However, I don't think it did a backup of the Windows virtual machine on the iMac.

    How do I setup the Time Capsule/Time Machine to backup the iMac & Windows virtual machine, & setup a separate partition for file sharing amongst the iMac, Macbook Pro, & Window virtual machine?

    I'm new to the use of Time Capsule & Time Machine, so I hope I worded my question properly, & what I want to do makes sense.

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  • Ok, I know there has been so much talk about a possible MBA refresh in June.. Here is my concern. I just got a MBA 11 Ultimate for a Birthday gift.. I have another week to return it to the Apple Store.. Should I wait for the refresh or just keep this one.. Backlit keyboard is not an issue and dont think it will return in the Air line again.. Being they got me the Ultimate with the 4GB Ram and 128 SSD thats good enough for me ( just using it for surfing the web, email, and some netflix ) My concern is the SandyBridge and the lesser quality graphics. And maybe a UPDATE in a SD card slot that would be nice in the refresh.. I also checked my SSD and it is the newer version Samsung with the FAST read and write speed. So Im good with that.. Any help would be great.. Im thinking to KEEP what I have for my needs! I would hate to shoot myself in the foot and return this one wait and then be pissed..

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  • tried moving it around and as noted above the sound decreases and increases depending on where it stands. guess itspropably the desk then

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  • Me? I bought mine at the store on the 18th.

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  • It's like 1908 meets 2008.

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  • Star Wars Pod Racing looked better with it.

    The actual Nintendo ones go for a lot of money.

    There are a bunch of third party ones out there for less...

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  • Might want to try G.E.M.M. The biggest selection "on the Planet." Haven't purchased cds from them but have purchased numerous vinyl and the grading condition is spot on.

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  • i have upgraded to mac osx lion but found it to buggy but i only have a back from lion any suggestions? thanks in advance:confused:

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  • Hello World, my first post on macrumors

    I tried searching but most of the information was not in recent time, so figured to post a new thread.

    I bought a used 3GS 8GB yesterday from a person. The phone is unlocked and jailbroken.

    Here is the relevant information:

    Version: 4.3.2 (8H7)

    Model: MC640LL

    Modem Firmware (baseband, i think): 06.15.00

    Currently I am using it with T-Mobile, so I know it is unlocked properly.

    My question is....

    The phone has apps and settings from the previous user. I want to 'reset' or 'restore' or something like that to remove all settings and content from previous user.

    If I go to Settings --> General --> Reset and perform a reset, will my phone still be usable with T-Mobile?

    Thank you all. Hope I provided enough info to answer.

    you need to restor with custom firmware, because of the 6.15.00 baseband.

    then jailbreak and install ultrasnow.

    hurry up because 4.3.3 was released and might not be jailbreakable.

    if you have SHSH for 4.3.2. or anything earlier, you will be OK.

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  • Ok cheers guys for that, so is it worth it for being a memory stick and a iPod?
    So what does the "i" in imac and iPod stand for and the "e" in eMac???

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  • Usually Christmas, but I think I'm a little more excited about Macworld this year, since I'm likely getting a new MBP the same day :)

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  • The best part about this thread is the title: I read it as "China Unicorn finalizing deal for iPhone 4..."
    Thats what i thought.... And then i saw Unicom and thought this was about them making a generic copy of the iPhone 4. :o

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  • Hi,
    I have two internet connections here, one via GBit-Ethernet to my Mac Mini and a slower one connected to my WiFi router. I just bought a wireless printer, thus I need to connect the Mini to the WiFi to print.

    I think this is not explicitly specified, but which connection will be used to route to the internet? It would be unfortunate to use the WiFi, as it's about 5 times slower.

    Can I set the wired connection to be default for all connections, and route only the traffic that really has to go into the WiFi? All that comes to mind at the moment is removing the gateway/router address.

    Better ideas?

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  • Windows is using cloud computing now which is what you are sort of referring to. The problem is that they way you think it should work is not how someone else might think it should work. Frankly I don't like having files sync across all computers as there is a potential to screwup revisions. This is control I want.

    What you can do is simply share the folder on one computer and connect to it with the other to get to the file you want. If you don't like that, other methods like a sync program could be used to copy the files to the other computer.

    someone showed me that back in july, he thought that too, i doubt it would happen tho :(...but u never kno

    I have stuck with Tiger in my G4s, so I can't speak to Leopard's performance.

    You should install the maximum possible amount of RAM before doing anything else, but a HDD upgrade will definitely improve performance as well and should make the machine perfectly suitable for general internet browsing and basic image editing/light gaming work and so forth.

    Bear in mind that these machines are only going to get older, and G4s can never handle HD video, so while they are perfectly servicable you will want to limit the amount of money you put into upgrades.

    if you can open them with another program like you said, you may want to resave and make backups NOW!

    $10 million infinity dollars says the name is not MacBook Air.

    Mark my word. (

    Apple has released updates to the members of the iWork '06 suite via Software Update. The updates include:

    Keynote 3.0.2 (2.7MB) - download page (
    This update addresses compatibility for accessing Aperture 1.5 content in Keynote.

    Pages2.0.2 (2.7MB) - download page (
    This update addresses compatibility for accessing Aperture 1.5 content in Pages.

    iLife '06 ( was updated today as well.

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