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  • I used to buy lots of single player games way back, but these days i find the AI in the types of games i like to play to be far to predictable, gets boring very quickly :rolleyes:

    I think the only recent single player game i played through was HalfLife 2, and of course epesode1, but i mainly bought HL2 for the multiplayer mods and other content

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  • lists the estimated current cost at $1200-1400
    I would be happy at $1000

    EveryMac is usually a bit high.

    heres a couple that are close to yours.

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  • Jennifer lopez Wallpapers

  • Err sorry but um, what leads you to believe there is a problem with the thermal paste? Heat? Macs get pretty hot, download a fan controller.

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  • I did what parapup suggested.

    I went with OWC with their data doubler combo which was the 128SSD (115 usable) with the optibay for 279. I then bought the optical drive housing for 24 from max upgrades total around 310.

    Its about what I wanted to spend and hopefully I'll only use the HD for data storage.

    Stupid question, will the OSX install disc boot from the external drive or do I need to replace my main HD, then install osx, then replace the optical drive?

    also, time machine will have no trouble right?

    THANKS for all your help guys

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  • It just looks prettier.

    Exactly. Fine tuned for the new Joe-sumer iOS market, but nothing mind blowing for us Prosumers.

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  • me? old school? nope...

    I feel i contribute to the site, but i am definitely not old school

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  • Well as I have already signed up for a PSN Euro account I've been trying to login daily, but it cambe back as - not ready to launch in your territory. Well just tried it and yep.. Euro PSN is live.

    The Euro Playsation store is 'CHEAPER' than the USA store.

    Tekken Dark Resurection is $19.99 but on the Euro site its �9.99 ($13.50)

    Lemmings �4.99
    BlastFactor �4.99
    GripShift �7.99


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  • It really, really depends on what your platform and application is. NO ONE can give you good advise without knowing those two things. You probably want a consultant to help you design this properly if you aren't an expert.

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  • Who are you to say this?
    Do you have any proof?
    I have no reason to believe you.

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  • Well I have 5.0.3 and works with many bugs like don't let add bookmarks and doesn't reopen last closed tabs completely

    That's because it wasn't designed for Lion. Mac OS X Lion runs on Safari version 5.1 (something that isn't available on Snow Leopard).

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  • How do install lion on a external?

    Create a HFS+ partition to it and then simply select it as the target of the install.

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  • I'm not sure how many production weeks there were for the iphone 8gb. I can tell you that, this specific one was produced in July. Why are you inquiring about this info anyway?

    Just bought a sealed one to keep it as a collector's item (or potential investment). Never been opened.

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  • hi recently ive been getting this error message everytime I try and download something from Safari. does anyone know how to solve this problem?? i attached a snapshot of the error message, hope the picture works!

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  • You could always try adding a few frames to get it to run smoother.

    yeah - it's hesitating every 4th frame for me which is really distracting...

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  • To be honest, I think the only way to achieve 100% Excel compatibility is to, well, use Excel.

    I mean for ordinary personal stuff I'm sure cross-compatibility will be no problem. But if you are running a business in which you are constantly sending and receiving Excel files, I'd probably just bite the bullet and continue to use Excel.

    It may be somewhat easier to achieve good results with Excel than Word though, since spreadsheets typically are less focused on style and formatting.

    And not only Excel, but to 100% guarantee things look the same, you need to use the PC version (if you're dealing with PC customers) and you need to make sure you use a font that they have, the same screen resolution they are running, etc.

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  • Who gives a rats ass?

    Its apparently a great game. Its getting rave reviews. So its a big deal for mac to get an a-list game.

    To answer your question, anyone that is a star wars fan or anyone that likes high quality games. Which, last I heard, means a lot of people.

    The bigger question is when is it coming out for Mac? Though I'm all for more games on mac, I have to say that I'll probably be finished playing the ps2 version by the time the mac version is released...

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  • Thanks for the heads up, I usually make it practice to push the latch wait a second and then go ahead and lift the screen.

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  • Last weekend I picked up the 2.6 ghz model with 2 gbs of ram. I'm planning on upgrading the ram to 4 gbs because I'm under the impression that this is the most you can put in the machine. However, in looking at info on the mac mini wikipedia site it says that the mini is Expandable to 8 GiB (4 GiB supported by Apple)
    So how much ram will work in this machine? Can it really handle 8gbs?

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  • I started folding after I found out a loved one was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

    I've been following MR for quite a while and finally decided to register in the forum since I have a question (will post it in another thread). Anyway, I thought I'll just mention about my switch to the Mac platform as an introduction.

    I have used Macintoshes "for real" the first time about six years ago. Then, ever since I got that student job at a mostly-Mac internet company four years ago, I got to work on Macs occasionally. I really liked them, but most of my work is Unix-based (FreeBSD/Linux), so using a Linux desktop was way more convenient. However, after MacOS X was announced, I knew I was going to get a Mac eventually :) . I remember I first was a bit disappointed with the interface because I was used to OS 9, but it grew on me (and my Mac colleagues). During the last two years, I thought more seriously about getting a Mac, but it was only this year that I borrowed a left-over G3/266 from the office and started working on it at home.

    I was positively surprised that I actually could do a lot with OS X even on this old machine (especially after I bumped up the memory to 224 MB). OK, application startup times are quite long, but I do alot of work on the terminal, so I can still live with it. Initially, I made an effort to use the Mac instead of my 266 MHz PC. Now the PC has been disassembled and sits in a closet, and I do everything on the Mac. Everything except Windows software development, which I still have to do in the office. I hope to get my first own Mac soon and settle this issue with VirtualPC :) and even more importantly do music composing/production as well.

    Anyway, just wanted to share this. Sorry it got a bit long. Hope nobody got bored :).

    I wish I could get the HP Ink Widget to work? Printer Drivers are nice but My Printer worked just fine prior to these new drivers.

    I really want my Lil Widget back :(

    I'd buy a DSi if I was buying for 1 game. We have them for sale for around €100 brand new now. Considering 3DS is retailing at €260 here that's one hell of a difference.

    DSi = 13 hour battery life, less than 1/2 price

    3DS may be more powerful, but 2.5-3 hour battery life & twice the price to do what?

    play a game designed for the ds. It seems like a poor trade off.

    I've heard that DS games get 5-7 hours battery life on the 3DS. I guess it doesn't need the same GPU and the 3D effect also chops down battery times (with 3D off 3DS games get hours more life).

    I am playing Black on my DS Lite right now. I can tell it wasnt designed for the screen on the Lite though, as in battle the lettering in the pokemon names is really cramped.
    There's no resolution difference between the Lite and the DSi. The problem in Pokemon is the text is just really tiny, in-battle character names are 3 pixels wide. They'll be 3 pixels wide no matter what display. W looks like a H even on a DSi XL! It was a really poor choice of font.

    Does anyone know "if" or when a refresh for Time Capsule 1T is coming out? It has been some time now, and I have read users have had issues with it.

    Some users have had their hard drives go out, losing their data after about 1.5 years of use. :confused: It is in multiple feedback entries on Apple's Store site...

    Any thoughts? I would like to purchase one, but I am reconsidering...would like some advise. Thanks

    And no, not a cat, per say :D

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