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  • Before you screw around with it too much, can you backup your stuff to an external drive or CD/DVD?

    Just in case....

    Also, I agree with emw - password protected folder is the way to go.

    jane seymour bond. Jane Seymour, Judi Dench,
  • Jane Seymour, Judi Dench,

  • Apple and every other computer maker is going to be held back. Don't you think apple had sandy bridge based computers in the pipeline

    The biggest difference is others started shipping/advertising those computers before apple

    Yeh but ...... "every other sandy bridge computer is a 'PC' and Dell/HP appear to have more stock (sandy bridge) or in the process of ramping up production, when the news broke.

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  • I think if we were going to see a Blu Ray drive offered, it would have been part of the Mac Pro updates last week, so I'm doubting that's pending soon. There are third party drives available, though.

    3G iPhone has been expected for this Summer at earliest all along, so I'd expect an announcement at WWDC in June with immediate or very soon availability. If there's not a 16GB by then I'd expect one then. We'll most likely know 100% when it's coming too, because the FCC filings have to be submitted months in advance.

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  • I just did this yesterday. Tired of Lion messing up. I get the beta thing, just don't want to deal.

    I have a 1TB drive so I just re-partitioned the drive while running and then installed SL into new, clean partition. Did the complete restore/install from the original disks that came with MBP.

    Next, I did the Software Update thing then ran migration assistant making sure to NOT move Machine and Applications.

    Restarted and then drag copied over the apps I wanted, settings that were missed and did new installs of everything else.

    All told about a day (10-12 hours) and I am now SL and Lion on one drive in my MBP.

    Worth it to do a clean install and not carry anything back. Move them later.


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  • I've had this happen to me.
    Seems to happen only when I've rebooted a system (maybe from sleep state -- see the next paragraph for a possible explanation). I guess it sees some ghost of the old system around (BonJour I expect) and renames itself to avoid conflict.

    I've got a Mac mini server handling DHCP/DNS. I know this only happens on a specific system that doesn't have a fixed IP address assigned using the "Static Maps" page in Server Admin. But it might not be the server at fault. I also have an AirPort Extreme that does the Wake-on-LAN for the system. Since it responds to BonJour requests for sleeping systems, if it thinks the system being rebooted is asleep when a new one appears with a different IP address (via DHCP assignment).

    If I'm right, you can solve the problem by having the DHCP service assign a fixed IP using the Static Maps.

    Now if it is the server itself that is changing names, and it has a static IP, I'm baffled.

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  • Jane+seymour+ond+film Actress dr featuring an english Drew her first major international attention as halle

  • People with tin-foil hats were warning us for years. Now they have the last laugh, and the Tin-Foil Hat Co. will soon make billion$.

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  • Jane Seymour as Solitaire

  • Now of your budget is over 1k then we can talk better cameras ;)

    say its 1 to 2k, and the output is for vimeo HD, or a 135" PJ, via iMovie or FCE, what would you kindly recommend?

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  • Auction ended!

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  • Jane Seymour Pictures

  • Thanks, I used an intel mac in target mode and it worked great. Now if I could only figure out which version of itunes will run on this imac..... but maybe thats another thread.

    iTunes 9.2.1. iTunes 10+ requires leopard.

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  • SBSettings

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  • pretentious --

    thanks for your effort. that explains npr, but i am sure i checked other stations also, just out of curiousity, and got the same result. i'll check again to see if i'm being lazy in my thinking.

    otherwise, just wanna say that this sucks. i like a lot of streaming audio sources, and i prefer qt/itunes whenever possible. those choices seem to be winnowing, not expanding. :mad:

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  • BTW: The 1gb shuffle is UK�99.01 over here.
    About US$186... :eek:

    So that's why $30 seems fairly reasonable from a UK point of view.
    Well... from my point of view anyway.

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  • hmmm I'm asking if anyone has this case to rate the slip in and out of pocket. Ifound the rubbers on the griffin reveal frame to be impossible to slip in and out and gave up with the case. if this has the same rubber I'll avoid it and pick up the incase instead

    i am using the Speck see thru satin and the "rubber lip" around the front screen is abit grippy and rubbery. Its not the texture like glossy TPUs.

    But then i feel that i have no problem taking out of my jeans pocket.

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  • I am having the same problem since few days. I don't think it is keyboard though, despite 100% level showing up all the time. Though Mighty Monitor shows 70% and the batteries were replaced no later than 2 weeks ago, so it is definitely not a keyboard related issue due to low battery.

    Yesterday I simply took out my iphone from the dock before putting MP asleep and it didn't wake up.

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  • girl, like Jane Seymour.

  • Student union deal ends September 24th bannered
    on education store page.

    Not awake. Was that there before?

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  • /celebs/janeseymour/

  • the more the better!

    eagerly awaiting Aperture 3.1 to speed a few things up and please add pinch zoom for the MBP users, even Lightroom has pinch zoom.

    I'm happy with the new Aperture but these tiny little things can be improved.

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  • Jane Seymour

  • There should be a -1000 button for threads like these... Or - "Lowest Ranked".
    the OP's post was obviously in jest and quite funny. are you that humorless about apple projects that you can't have a little fun?

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  • Bond girl Jane Seymour,

  • how about "mountme"

    since your a n00b!

    just kidding. i am a 360 n00b too.

    jane seymour bond. JANE SEYMOUR 2009

  • PM'd

    I would be interested to know this as well.

    Congratulation to the winners!

    It was fun to participate - time to go posting so we can have a 15 million post contest! :)

    I am trying to entire a large number in a cell. 120,511,000,000 to be exact. When entered into a cell, 1.20511E11 is shown.

    How can I adjust this to where it will not show up in scientific notation? Thanks!

    But I don't see anything new yet. :rolleyes: :confused:

    And to quote Phoney from a previous thread:

    retainCount is often not useful for debugging memory leaks. There are too many objects that work behind the scenes that retain objects and there are also cases where an object is both retained and autoreleased to control the lifetime of the object. It's difficult or impossible to understand all these cases because you don't see all the code.

    What you should do is learn the memory management rules. Then use them correctly. Then use build and analyze and the leaks tool to find problems.

    For Firefox, is there a reason you're using Tabbrowser Extensions and not Tabbrowser Preferences?

    Oooh, love your screenname, btw. :D

    Yes there is: because there were some specific features in TBE that were not in TBP that I wanted. When I got FF 1.0, I installed TBP because TBE wasn't in the extensionroom anymore (because it was deprecated), but I didn't find everything I wanted in it, so I canned it and googled TBE out of hiding.

    That was the main reason. And the only other extension I use is AdBlock, so I haven't seen any extension-extension grousing. But maybe I need to take another look at TBP at some point and see if I indeed want to play by the rules and migrate.

    TBE is still active, running through the night like a guerilla soldier. It was updated in mid-January, at least.

    EDIT: Hehehe, sorry, I thought you were asking me, but it makes more sense if you're asking the OP. :rolleyes: I don't want to sound patronizing, but you didn't get TBP by accident when you installed FF on your Mac, because TBE is not in the extensionroom, did you? That would explain why a lot of the options are missing. :D But it sounds like you know too much to get caught by that one.

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