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  • I traveled to India and back via Frankfurt (Lufthansa) last month and did not have any issues. I have an AP which was approved 2 weeks before I traveled to India.

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  • 1) Try state group insurance
    Texas and for that matter every state has a group insurance coverage for folks
    who donot get coverage from any other insurance provider.

    This is a coverage that you will get for sure, only document you will need is a written paper from insurance company that one cant be insured.

    Check the state insurance board website.

    2) check free clinics, these clinics will provide complete care ( you can pay them if you like)if you dont thats fine too. I suggest paying them if you can even if its a bit high, as someone who cant afford may one day get to use this service too.

    3) Ask yours employer's insurance agent, group insurances gurantee insurance.

    Donot worry, life works in interesting ways. As last resort one can go to home country for delivery.

    donot worry.

    Thank you very much. I don't have group insurance so cannot to my employer. Bought individual insurance and they said that they would not cover maternity.

    I will try to explore your option tomorrow.

    Thank you very much.

    I know that I can over come this hurdle and also could suggest other friends (who have this problem) with what I found out.

    Life cannot stop for these small problems.

    Life has to go on and on..

    Hope we all will reach to the destination very soon, I mean get our green cards very soon. And to reach our destination one should not sacrifice the goals and life decisions just for GC.

    I wish good luck to one and all.

    Thank you very much!

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  • Received 1 year EAD.....though PD is not current!


    EAD Card production ordered as of 8/19.

    E-filed: 7/11
    Receipts: 7/18.

    No Finger printing notice received. This was at NSC. Mostly will get 2 years EAD as my PD is nowhere near to current but will update everyone for sure once I receive the cards!

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  • Its all valid if CIR doesn't become law in current form... To oppose this we need to send web-fax /send fund and invite our all friends..

    Once you done with web-fax please update web-fax thread with your comment..
    Thank you so much.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am a new member

    My PD is 02/01/2005, my labour cert got approved in 03/01/2006,

    I applied EB3 I40 on 05/18/2007 and got approved on 05/23/2007

    Considering the scenario is my I140 invalid?

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  • Techies also need some PM sort of training to deal with Managerial BS that keeps coming by.

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  • yeah, i wish they had responded when the dates were current. :rolleyes:
    After waiting for a long time my date becomes current, but then i find out that i am stuck in namecheck for the past 3 years. Now they will fix namecheck and i will wait till the PD becomes current again :p

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  • Longq,

    Are these info are based on good guess? If not, can you provide us some link, or attach jpg with highlighting relevent facts.

    From November 2005 Visa Bulletin

    Section 201 of the INA sets an annual minimum Family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000, while the worldwide annual level for Employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 sets the per-country limit for preference immigrants at 7% of the total annual Family-sponsored and Employment-based preference limits, i.e. a minimum of 25,620.

    * The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.
    * In recent years, the application of the rules outlined in AC21 has allowed countries such as China � mainland born, India, and the Philippines to utilize large amounts of employment numbers which would have otherwise gone unused.
    * During FY due to anticipated heavy demand, the AC21 provisions are not expected to apply, and the amount of Employment numbers available to any single country will be subject to the 7% cap. It is anticipated that the addition of unused FY-2005 Family numbers and the remaining AC21 numbers to the 140,000 annual minimum will result in an FY-2006 annual Employment limit of 152,000. This will mean an Employment per-country limit for FY-2006 of approximately 10,650.
    * To illustrate the effect of the reduced per-county limitation during FY-2006 on the oversubscribed countries, it should be noted that during FY-2005 India used approximately 47,175 Employment numbers.

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  • Its a small good news. I got similar status update last year sometime in Aug/Sept before my I-485 was finally approved around end of Sept '08. My case was originally filed at CSC and then was transferred to NSC. I got this message when NSC finally picked up my transferred case, dusted it off and (I'm guessing) input it in their system. Most likely your cases went the similar route and now they have been finally picked up by the destination center for processing.

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  • Looks like it took it a bit to propagate across USCIS servers. Or else, they put it up and took it down, then put up again.

    With the EAD at Nebraska officially being at 112 days (zero movement since June 18 processing times release), it is no surprise they don't respond to expedited/interim EAD requests anymore when it goes over 90 days. Will we have to file mandamus suits on EAD soon?

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  • bonded labor?

    Retrogession and PD not current is a Modern form of Slavery... We are Highly Educated, Law Abiding, Tax Paying Slaves to this broken immigration system

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  • What is EVL, is it experience letter.

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  • Early Sept. I finally got July 2nd filing receipt. I realized that my packet has traveled all the way to CA and then back again at NSC!! then last weekend Sept 15, I got an email notice that my case is back at NSC AFTER I have received a hard copy notice about the transfer...

    It's a confusing process and I don't know which center is faster...


    Based on my receipt numbers and looking up on USCIS website, it appears my AOS application that was sent to NSC has been sent to California Center. I have not seen anybody's case being sent to CSC. Dunno how good or bad it is and whether it sppeds up/delays my EAD processing. Anybody had experience with CSC and got any of EAD/AP/GC approved from CSC.

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  • We can do this together guys!!!

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  • Applied for H1B. We already have the H1B approval notices. We also have EAD/AP. Still we got dragged into this.

    The H1B sponsoring company is a large and famous Biopharma company with billions in market cap. AOS is also through the I-140 from that company.

    Everything is way above board for us. Still we got stuck!

    Can you please let know, where is the passport stuck? What country & which consulate.

    Also, was this for new H1 B visa or transfer? If new, I assume, it is not first one, am I right?

    Thanx in Advance

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  • Sent faxes!

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  • Folks,

    I guess from this link/pdf people will get hint on where USCIS will use new fees money.


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  • When you were working for your previous employer, he might have given you a paycheck. You can contact the paycheck company and get your W-2.

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  • hm... So why are you here, in Immigrationvoice ???

    I too like everyone else on this board am in this seemingly endless EB queue (6th year in the GC wait). I was just trying to send a message to folks out there that carve your life based on what you want to do, and if you can do what you want to do, just take it a bit easy and don't miss out on the fun things in life while this wait persists.

    I have gotten to the 2 houses and 2 jobs all the time while being on a H1 is because I never put my life on hold because of the GC wait. Just had faith in my qualifications and skills, and the confidence to be able to find a H1 job in case of a job loss.

    Sure enough, I had a job loss last year and here I am - back on my feet in 2 months - found another H1 job and am making more money than the previous job. Only thing, is my PD got reset and the wait will get even is still not going to stop me from moving forward...I have more plans for the next 2 years including possibly starting a business with a US citizen partner. Am currently looking into the possibility of filing a 3rd concurrent H1 for that.

    Moral of the story, don't put your life on hold because of the GC wait....GC is not in our hands...why worry so much about something on which we have very little control over. Too bad, this government doesn't care about this massive highly skilled workforce and are treating us so bad. That shouldn't stop us from living life at our terms (for the most part of it).

    What we can control is our destiny and as long as we worry about that and give that a proper direction...GC or no GC...doesn't matter so much..

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  • I filed on july 23rd got ead & AP but did not get FP. After reading this thread and seeing the patterns i think that if your application is processed by the center where it has to originally go then you get your FP quickly but in cases where your application went to original center and then that center sent to other centers for EAD and/or AP then their FP's is getting delayed, like my self.
    I also have another problem. I changed address just after applying for I-485.I think FP is NOT dependent on PD's and or address change.

    This is just my 2 cents.

    Sent both fax

    It's sold out now..I'm flying from GA and have booked in Quality inn in Arlington. I would like to stay where you guys are staying..but it's not longer there :(
    I booked it real early, like a month ahead. No worries. I am sure there are a tons of places still around.

    See you in DC

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