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  • isnt a visa number assigned when they apply for 485?

    good point in item 4. When i talk to people from other countries about visa issues and IV they just look at the processing dates for 485 and think that GC will be approved in 6 months.

    Please remember that even if BEC clears the application with 2001 priority dates. These people still need to:
    1) Apply for I140
    2) Have I-140 Approved
    3) Apply for I-485 only if their priority date is current
    4) Complete various I-485 tasks like fingerprinting, BACKGROUND CHECKS (this is a huge one and unless you are lucky you can get stranded for anywhere between 6 months to 3 years)
    5) Now after completing 1 - 4 above you can expect that they will apply a visa number to the application

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  • LC applied : Dec'2003
    Approved : July' 2006
    I-485 RD : July' 2007
    I-485 AD : Nov'2007

    - How has greencard changed your life after receiving it?
    A cautious sense of freedom. Suddenly a lot more opportunities opened up and more employers started to show interest. My Desi employer is suddenly on the receiving end and I dictate the terms. Yes, Still workiing with them after 6 months, but that was my own decision to stick with them. Leaving them next month for a 50% raise in salary :)

    - What did you do on the day you received it?
    I got up at 7:00 that morning of Dec 3rd, (starting dec 3rd my date was not current anymore) , still half asleep, checked my email and got the shock of my life --"Welcome notice sent..." checked it multiple times then woke up my wife and almost dragged her to the computer and made her read the emails with half closed eyes... Our town recieved record rainfall that day and all streets got flooded, so no work :) Went to a Thai place for dinner that night with another family who are very close friend of ours.

    -How did the long wait upset your life?
    The feeling of uncertanity was terrible. Had to deal with the employer on a daily basis. They sat on my paperwork for 6 weeks, made me sign a million agreements and still did not file my case in June even though my date was current. I was devastated on the morning of July 2nd and rest is very well known to everyone here.

    -How did immigrationvoice help you during this long wait?
    What can I say? IV took me from what I mentioned in my last point to where I am right now - Waiting for my paycheck with 50% more and above that without any doubts about it coming :)

    - Would you like to continue your support to immigration voice and help others waiting?
    YES - Or I wouldn' be here 6 months after gettting my GC. Sent another contribution of $50 today.(Paypal Transaction ID #23M509897Y2455252)

    - Any advice for everyone?
    Have faith in yourself and God. and remember whatever happens , happens for the best.. Even We agree that the GC came at the right time for us. My wife got to spend 100% of her time with our daughter until she was ready to go to a pre-school. And we got a very good friend during the DC rally.. Hello EB3Retro ! :)

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  • which VB are you quoting..link doesnt work...


    see the VB now its working.

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  • I had an infopass appointment in NY to get information on my case (specifically concerning the FP/Name check status, have received my EAD, AP). Although the officer was very courteous and seemed patient, he thought I had come there too soon for the inquiry. I got very sketchy information. He said one should wait at least 6 months after the 485 RD (mine is June 2007) before beginning inquiry (shoot me, I went a month too soon), and that it usually it takes a year (or more) after FP to get the GC, so I should not worry too much about my case for at least one more year.

    He said there is nothing to worry about and that there are �many small small things� that have to be taken care of after FP and FBI name check clearance before one gets the GC. I asked him what are the other �things� that need to be taken care of following the clearance on name check, but didn�t get an answer (�just small small things� is what he said again). I had to repeat my question about the status of FBI name check on my case three times during the conversation before I got an answer which was vague anyways (nothing�s been done yet). I was hoping to get some kind of information with regards to the status in terms of the search results (no record/hit etc.) but I didn�t get any information at all, so it was a disappointing meeting for me.

    Some pointers:

    *Have your print out of the appointment confirmation ready before you enter the building-the security officer outside the building checks it to verify that you indeed have an appointment there.
    *The queue at the entrance for security check was long, so make sure you reach there well ahead of the scheduled appointment.
    *There is one more counter in the lobby (and one more queue) where you get your token number for the infopass room. They asked to see the appointment confirmation receipt here as well.
    *The infopass interviews are held on the third floor. I waited for 30-35 mts. before my number was called.

    P.S. Received EAD card at home address and AP documents at the law firm address.

    When did you get your First LUD on AP and When did you get physical AP?

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  • I believe in VLD Rao. He gives me hope. :-)

    But, Mpadapa has some reality. That's what we are seeing in last 3 - 4 bulletins. A slow but steady movement.

    Atleast with current movement we can plan in what period we can expect our case will clear.

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  • It is dark age for immigrants in America. They are just inventing ways to harass people. There shouldn't be a reason to issue EAD or AP in time. They have increased the fees several folds in recent years. They want us to run pillar to post for everything, be it work permit, travel document, driver's license...Just discouraging aliens to live in this country.

    You are dot on....it is the process of attrition....harass them enough that they self deport or leave...

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  • Thanks. Atleast my employer paid the fees. Now hoping that the refile will work.

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  • I would think coming from MI, a state that has one of the highest unemployment, and the relief that the auto industry got - it continues to exist because of those liberal fiscal policies.

    Besides, his being liberal fiscally/socially has nothing to do with our issues. He is probably the best ally for our issue in the democratic circle...

    Cannot agree more, I find it idiotic we blaming someone because they are liberal in something. Most of us come from a country where 90% of the time "corrupt" is the only way we can define politicians. Listening to talking heads on TV shows and parroting the same crap sounds stupid. The environment right now is not conductive to any kind of immigration bill unless done in very absolute secret. This is a lame duck session,no one knows what will happen after 2 years.

    Someone was talking about distinguishing between illegal and legal, yes but once they start digging in deeper we have the dreaded "H1B". Hopefully the economy continues to improve ,due to so-called liberal policies, and we have better job market and public sentiment improves. Don't know if IV has any strategic plan for this time frame.

    BTW, Someone blaming a president for being liberal socially when they are the smallest minority in the country is absolutely stupidly mind boggling!!!

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  • "India's decision to exclude two American companies, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, from its estimated USD 11 billion 126 fighter jet deal is strategically short-sighted and would be a setback to Indo-US ties, well-known American experts on South Asian affairs have said. "

    4) ... This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    How much more worse could it really get, from a 20 year wait to a 40 year wait?

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  • Let me gather all the info first and I can disclose everything here. Meanwhile please come up with any other suggestions if any.

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  • I would urge you to change the title as most of your problems are due to your own decisions and not due to agency.

    This may not be true. This is the problem being faced by many singles. Ofcourse those singles are postponing their plans just because of USCIS policies which in the case of singles is ridiculous. There is no meaning to make a person wait for 5-10 years to get one's spouse just because he applied for a Green Card. I see various kinds of visas for the spouses in other categories like H1 has H4
    L1 has L2/L4 ( I dont know what that is)
    and so on so forth..

    but for a spouse of AOS? nothing.

    All the crap of going on H1 are ridiculous. At the first place one has to get a sponsor for H1 and then there are all those issues out of being H1 with the employer and USCIS. There is no benefit of being on AOS. They cannot use EAD. They cannot start companies freely, etc because they are supposed to be on H1 or L1 etc.

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  • Thank you for taking this initiative

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  • The officer only said "you will hear from us when we get the clearance."
    Said nothing about keeping the passport.

    Thanks a lot for your replies. :)

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  • Got the CPO mail for my EAD. Awaiting spouse EAD.

    EAD Applied: Aug 25th @ NSC E file
    FP Completed: Sep 12th
    CPO Email Rcvd: Sept 22nd.

    I think I am very lucky to get the approval in just 27 days. My spouse needs it more than me though. Hope that gets approved soon.

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  • I was born and lived in Canada for 35 yars - I know what I am talking about.

    First of all - people on umemployment insurance in Canada are counted in the unemployment rate - where ever you got your information from is wrong.

    Second - yes there is racism, I am very sad to say, but I can assure you, that "for the most part", it pales in comparison to any spot in the USA.

    Third - Health Care is not "Free" - you pay higher taxes there, and the government puts it back into the people (vs military in USA). You will not go bankrupt and loose your house if you (or your kids) get sick.

    Fourth - You can live a great comfortable life in Canada. As someone else said, it ranks between 1 & 3 usually every year when the US rates countries based on healthcare, education, standard of living, ...

    Fifth - My brother in law is a Neurologist from Mexico (married my sister), yes he worked for less than Canadian Dr.'s pay rate - BUT, his qualifications where not up to Canadian standards. He worked hard for many years to pass Canadian standard tests. Unfortunaely (or fortunately), OVERALL, Canadian standards are much higher than anything in the USA. We do not have half baked "colleges" where people who can not find their way out of a paper bag graduate from. You must pass these standards/tests/etc...

    Sixth - the overall education level in Canada is much higher than in the USA. We do not have the "ghettos" as in the USA. High school graduation is the norm, not the exception.

    Seventh - the Canadian educaitonal system ranked 7th in the world last year. The USA ranked 28th. Again, the standards and expectations are higher up there. http://www.pisa.gc.ca/81-590-xie2004001.pdf#search='PISA%20results'

    OK - why am I going through US immigration if I love my home - W E A T H E R. I hate the cold - I now live in the LA area. Also, I belive if you have the correct skills, you can live a higher standard of living in the USA, if you measure in terms of materialistic goods only, and are imployed with benefits to ensure you are taken care of if you get sick.

    Conclusion - Canada is a beautiful country. I would encourage all highly educated, good people from anywhere in the world to move there.

    PS - be very careful of "false" info. E.G. - George W. Bush talked about the Canadian pharmacies supplying drugs to Americans. At one point he said that "we don't know how safe" the drugs are. Then, a few months later when flu shots were in short supply, he said " we'll get it from Canada".

    Canada has the stupidest immigration policy from the standpoint of policy maker if you ask me.

    Dont get me wrong. It works great for us. For the immigrant. You get greencard on an independent petition(self-petition) and adjudicated based on points. And there is no numerical cap.

    Guess what? It works great for everyone in the world, everyone has flocked there and caused and over supply of labor and 9% or higher unemployment. The way they count unemployment is also very Enron-like. They dont count people receiving unemployment benefits as unemployed. And then Jim Volpe will post on website "Canada has unemployment rate of 5-6%".

    Anyways, if you want to immigrate to a country, you want to go where there is low unemployment. That is the biggest criteria for choice. USA's system HAS HUGE FLAWS. The employer petition-system creates a breeding ground for exploitation and the numerical cap is too low that results in delays that are unbearable. And yes, the DOL has come really close to making people commit suicide because of labor backlogs. But then, only the employer petition system can actually give greencards to THOSE WHO CAN SURVIVE and get jobs in the economy and not give greencards just because they scored points.

    I know I will receive a lot of flak as I have before, and I wish there was points based system here in USA too with self-petition option like Canada, but trust me, if that happens, then this country will be full of people with greatest points,(obtained thru fake degrees and Ph.Ds from the whole world) and really really make the nightmares of NumbersUSA and FAIR become true, and it wont be worth living.

    US systems needs major rework and increase in quota and increase in efficiency at USCIS and DOL. But getting rid of employer petition is going to make USA like Canada where Ph.Ds and doctors drive cabs and work in restaurants, but every one of those doctors and engineers would have greencard in 1 year.

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  • All,

    I'm posting this here since the old volunteer forums are no longer available. Where all have you posted flyers, info in CA?

    For those in the Bay Area: Have you contacted the new Indian Community Center in http://indiacc.org/Default.aspx (they have locations in Milpitas and Sunnyvale)? I don't live in the South Bay, but it seems like this is a pretty active space. Wonder if they would let us give a talk, and/or post flyers etc. If no one has been in touch with them, I could try.


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  • I still don't get it. There are around 300k AOS applications now pending. Given that there are only 10k EB based green cards for India, and I am sure there are more applications than 10k for FY2008 and still Visa bulletin for Oct indicates a date of Apr 2004. Should it not be "U" for the entire FY2008?

    how can it be U for whole of 2008? they have to atleast those 10K GCs to Indians and can only do so if the dates are not U.

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  • 8 more webfaxes done for 10 and 11. ( through my colleagues )
    Another 17 to go. I know I'm slow but I'll reach there. :-)

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  • It is not a mistake. Logically, ROW eb3 should not even be retrogressed.
    it was moved with 1 (one) year from AUG-01-2002 to AUG-01 2003 - was it? Or they just entered wrongly???

    Lets keep pluggin along and try to think of creative ways to encourage people to come to the rally, In my opinion the most emphasis should be place on recruiting the east coast members to show up for the rally, guys please talk to people and educate them of this effort any one with any sort of clarity of thinking will be able to clearly see that they are the direct benificiaries of this, there are so many people who are putting in so many hours of their personal time to make this a sucess the least other can do is take part in it.
    I believe that persistance pays off .. lets keep moving in the right direction.

    tanu, do you realize that the above is nothing but a rant? isantem is not responsible for making the rules so why beat him up? What he said is nothing but the facts to the best of his knowledge
    Yes, go ahead, give me reds. From your behavior I feel you may be one of those immature types who will red anyone who disagrees..

    Funny you say that. I'm all for a honest debate and in fact mentioned cited this forum's intolerance for disagreement. We fail to realize that the EB quota is not a Indian only domain, that there are other non-Indian EB immigrants with their own viewpoints, and that unfortunately this narrow sightedness will stifle any unified efforts to fight this problem.

    And I'm not beating isantem up. I was on the other hand trying to explain to him why the policy of country based quotas are naive for attracting top talent. Please read my post below.

    I would have given you a green for actual substantive disagreement but seeing that you failed to comprehend what I clearly was saying, I'll give you a red. Looks like you care about them enough.

    Guys we see a very unhealthy trend here where any disagreement is not tolerated. This forum is for legal skilled immigrants and we sometimes show how unskilled we are when it comes to tolerance of opinion here.

    isantem, while I understand the diversity argument, when it comes to skilled immigration it doesn't really help. The data itself shows that the overwhelming number of skilled immigrants come from India/China. If the objective is to let the most skilled immigrants in, then the US should forget about diversity. Unfortunately in terms of volume and talent combined, India and China handily beat the rest of the world. Even if EB3 goes to 2002 so be it, but at least you are treating all skilled immigrants on a level playing field rather than discriminating them based on where they were born. If the US continues to do this, there is a serious danger (and this has been documented) that skilled folks in India/China will no longer find the US attractive. Its already happening with the economy booming in India. In fact, we'll probably see you or your kids standing in line for an Indian or Chinese green card in a few years (and I doubt India or China will focus on diversity when it comes to attracting the most skilled talent).

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