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  • Thanks EkAurAaya,

    That is precisely why I have a statement in my signature, to serve as a reminder to all those not fathoming the situation we are in. Hope they will pause & look at the bigger picture & stand together with us very soon!

    Didn't understand you specifically mentioning "US Stem Graduate" in your signature. What do you want to convey through this statement. Ofcourse other statements looks OK.

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  • I am inches away from either creating a Therapy sub-forum or asking you lot to take the venting and therapy posts to Immigration Portal.

    Please lets keep IV's forums for constructive conversations about our agenda -- breaking news on legislation, upcoming actions, broadening support for our activities.

    It really shouldn't be Immigration Portal Version 2 where everything and anything goes.

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  • I efiled my EAD in NSC on April 16th and Still I am waiting.

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  • IV is the only group that is trying something for EB gc's!!! If you don't agree with IV mission statement - least you can do is SHUT UP! If you have other selfish agenda's take them some place else... don't use IV as a platform to segregate a group.
    (In my personal opinion... IV should BAN anyone who suggests anything that breaks this group down! Enough is ENOUGH!)
    Mission Statement

    The mission of Immigration Voice is to organize grassroots efforts and resources to solve several problems in the employment based green card process including (a) delays due to Retrogression (visa number unavailability for certain employment-based categories) (b) delays due to USCIS processing backlogs and (c) delays due to Labor Certification backlogs. We will work to remove these and other flaws by supporting changes to immigration law for high-skilled legal employment-based immigrants. High-skilled legal immigrants strengthen the United States' economy and help maintain American technological superiority.

    P.S sorry for the rant - but some of the threads are really disappointing... EB2 vs EB3, Masters vs Non-masters....

    It is very disappointing to see the division among the IV members, We need to look for a long term solution rather than fighting for individual short term solution

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  • from IL who have not yet registered?

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  • mallu is right. H1B status expires immediately when a person stops working. An employer is required by law to notify the USCIS about a lay off and the USCIS revokes H1B as of that date. There is no grace period, so the only chance to preserve H1 status is to find a new job and file H1B transfer BEFORE the lay off. Preserving I-485 is a different story and you are in a good shape regarding GC. Just find a new job, use EAD and stop worrying about H1 status. It does not worth the hassle and you may not get any benefits from H1.

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  • Had applied on July 19th , receipt date of July 20th.
    I never received any receipt notice and today I received transfer notice
    Receipt date Sep 14th 2007
    Notice Date Sep 17th 2007.

    Does it mean I lost the original receipt date of July 20th which should have been ideally my receipt date.

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  • Kufloyd: Did you also see a change in LUD on your spouse's (assuming you filed for dependent) I-485?

    The reason i ask that question is that i am exactly in same boat as you are. Case was transferred back and forth between NSC and CSC and it's finally pending at NSC and i saw a soft LUD on my I-485 today, but no change on my wife's I-485. Do don't know, if there's a pattern to it?

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  • With the new rule on FBI name checks, a potential 47K with current PDs could get their GS's soon. I wonder how much of a shift we will see in the PD's from now, after the 47K is not taken into account. I would predict a minimum of atleast a year jump, or am I being optimistic. :confused:

    Some one pointed out in another thread, that the USCIS FAQ mentioned that only a 'subset' of the potential 47k cases have namecheck pending for more than 180 days. So may be not all of the 47k cases (even those with current PDs) may be eligible to qualify under 180 day FBI namecheck auto approval rule. Thus not all 47k cases will be approved by the mid March deadline that USCIS mentioned.

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  • Hi,

    My attorney received an EVL RFE for my I-485 case. My PD is 2007 EB3 so I don't have any hope of getting GC but I guess they are just pre-adjucating my case.

    Here is my situation - I filed my !-485 in Aug 2007 and changed job (without filing any AC-21 paperwork with USCIS) in April 2008. My attorney had looked at new job description and given green signal for change. My entire immigration history of 10 years in US is totally clean with no gaps and with all work autorizations.

    Now, my concern is that the letter that my attorney has prepared for my current employer to sign has lot of legal lingo (AC-21 language, lot of CFRs, info related to my LCA and I-140) and has some language to the effect of supporting my LCA and I-140 till my GC is approved. It also states that my current employer was able to afford to pay my salary since the LCA date. My employer is fortune 5 company so money wise there is no problem but my concern is that they may not want to sign such a lengthy (wordy) legal doc without consulting their Immi attorney. I don't have much time to respond (only 8 more days). So if my employer takes long time or tells me that they can not sign it, I want to be ready with Plan B. Can someone suggest what should I do?

    1 - should I prepare a simple document with job duties, responsibilities, start date, salary etc that my employer will be willing to sign. So at last moment I can atleast get that signed. Something will be better than nothing.
    2 - Should I / (bigger question is can I) ask USCIS to give me more time to respond to RFE?
    3. Provide simple letter from employer with an affedavit or something stating that the new job is same / similar as the old job.

    Sorry for a long post and thanks for any suggestions.


    Don't worry about this RFE, looks like your attorney is over reacting in responding to RFE, my close friend got a similar RFE last year when he used AC 21 without notifying USCIS and joined a new employer, he just responded to the RFE with the copy of the offer letter and a new standard HR letter provided for giving EVL letter for any purpose, but addressed to USCIS signed by an HR representative, upon the RFE response USCIS approved his I 485 within 15 days. USCIS is just trying to make sure you're currently employed and in the same profession, I think just getting the automated EVL and getting it signed by the HR plus your offer letter copy should be sufficient. I myself successfully used AC 21 , but by notifying USCIS after joining new employer and got my GC approved last year without any RFE.

    Good Luck



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  • MrWaitingGC,

    My H1B is valid till April of 2008. When i went for vacation and entered the country in March 2007, the guy at the border patrol did some mistake and put the date on I-94 as 16th sep of 2007 instead of April 2008.
    Your status is governed by the I-94 date and not by the visa expiration date.

    I tried to get it corrected at the local CBP office but could not do it ... So i am planning to make a trip to Canada before my visa stamp expries to get a new I-94 which is valid till April 2008.

    But since i have sent my passport for renewal, i am not sure if I can make the trip bfr my I-94 expires.

    And also i am not sure if i can file for extension of my H1B as it is more than 6 months ( it is about 10 months early) before the expiration date on my current H1B.
    You can file for H1 extension 6 months BEFORE STATUS EXPIRY date (16 Sep 2007), so you are ok and while extension is pending you can continue to work for the H1 employer upto 240 days. You should get new I-94 with the H1 extension approval notice. You don't need new H1 visa stamp until you travel out of USA.

    At this point i am helpless with out my passport. I hope i get it soon.

    So what i wanted to find out is, is my status still legal after 16th sep 2007 if i file my 485 ...
    Like stated earlier, as long as your employer files for H1 extension before Sep 16th 2007, you are ok.

    See above in Blue.

    Not a legal advice
    desi3933 at

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  • Can someone answer this? If you get your EAD before six months of filing, do you still have to wait 6 months to benefit from AC21? Or, can you change employers immediately after you get EAD, without waiting 6 months?

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  • my PD is April 2006, so i guess i would need to wait 1 year to get the dates moving, since it would be quite a huge backlog clearing up

    any guesses when it would move next
    It will move to Sep 06 or Dec 06 in the next bulletin for EB2-I, and March 2002 for EB3-I. Don't ask how I know this -- Ask Q

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  • Winner, Could you or somebody please inform the blog owner of the issue (I am not visting that site again :eek: :mad:). I lost a day due to the virus, don't want anyone else to experience that... this was a pretty nasty virus. Be warned & very careful out there guys!!

    Sorry, I did not know about the virus when I posted the links. I did not have any issues both from my home computer and work computer. Anyways, as soon as I learned that some of you are having issues, I did remove the links.

    I've also posted a comment on the blog re: virus.

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  • I am in same boat. sent to lock box on 5/4.
    till now no receipt.

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  • which category do u belong to EB1/2/3, which country, what ur PD.
    based on that i can tell u whether u should keep ur username as optimystic or change it to "pessimystic"

    have you started partying this early?.;) He has mentioned that he is from India and from EB3 category.

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  • The Process of giving Birthright citizenship is a law called Jus Soli(14th Amendment) which was implemented in 1900's . Numbersusa and others are fighting to change the Jus soli to jus sanguinis which gives citizenship based on the child's parents Status to reduce the "Numbers".India Abolished Jus Soli in 1987 and dosent offer Birthright citizenship. I think going this Route to discuss the possibility to fight for parents naturalisation based on child's status will make us no different from Illegal Immigrants.

    belive it or not, I knew that. I mean the part about the US, not the part about India as I don't hail from there.

    The point that I was trying to make but did not state clearly enough was that I feel that when one has a political agenda whether it is pro or anti immigration, children should be kept out of it. Labeling children like anchor babies is dehumanizing. I believe that when kids are involved, as human beings, everyone should always be concerned about their best interest rather than what our political view.

    This is why I hate the term anchor babies. The antis are willing to even dehumanize kids if it fits with their political view.

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  • Berkeleybee is a gal.
    I am surprised to learn that she is a member of IV. why would she post on another forum?

    Also, UNations: thanks for your realism. No offence to this lady or to UNations.

    it is just that berkeleybee's post is scary.

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  • ^^^^

    Visa Stamp in Passport: 13-Jan-2007 (I94 in passport expires on 1/13/07)
    Current I-797 : From 02/24/2006 to 04-Jun-2007
    3-Year extension based on I-140 from: 05-Jun-2007 to 04-Jun-2010

    In this scenario, if I goto India, say in Feb, get my visa stamping done, what will be the validity of my visa in the passport?

    1. 05-Jun-2007 to 04-Jun-2010 as stated in my 3-yr extension or
    2. the date I went for interview till 04-Jun-2010??

    If its the former, then how can I get into US during March '07 as there will be a gap in my visa dates in the passport?

    I will send the same questions to my attorney but would like to know before hand, just in case, if my attorney tries to act smart :(

    Thanks in advance for your responses...

    Dude the person apparently not in good mental state. People do crazy things with they are in such situation. Who knows what went wrong. May be he felt that his family would suffer without him and incorrectly thought to take them with him. He seems to be caring father until this tragic event. Please stop pointing finger and pray that god be with the families who lost them.

    I totally agree with u we dont know what situation that guy must be to take this decision..Here people gets panicked when they dont get their EAD card and Advance parole in time. So guys just pls pray that his soul gets peace...

    Hello gg_ny,
    It is too scary.. Plz note that the surname change is after mariz.. As per our convention, after mariz, wife's surname changes to that of husbands.. We have the mariz certificate with us.
    Is this still that major problem, as earlier explained by you?

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