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  • All we can do is request and lobby.If senate feels right,they can pass a legislation.We can ask and lobby for it at least.

    As it turns out,even EAD is not helpful as it has several issues which dont give you the total independence to do what you intend to.

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  • Sorry to hear that case is gone to wrong office. The (c)(9)() class of EAD filing instruction is that it must be sent where I485 is being processed.

    During infopass visit, officer must have given some clue.

    If I were you, I would be sending the supporting documents with a covering letter stating the blunder. This type of mistake should not be uncommon to USCIS offices and they should have procedures to fix it.

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  • Hi Prinive,

    I too am in the same club, having a priority date of Sept 2001. I am still awaiting my I-140 approval, filed in March 2007.

    Hoping things would be sorted out sooner rather than later....I am in EB-3....How about U??

    I have been on H1B for 3000 days so far and I am still waiting for GC, (filed for 140/485 in November) and I thought I have been waiting for too long, but it looks like one of these people might actually qualify for Guinness Book.

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  • Count me in too
    I am totally pissed off with this system. The only wrong step which i took was applying in EB3 when i had three years of experience. Now i have a total almost 10 years experience in IT and still waiting like an illegal immigrant for GC.

    PD : EB3 SEPT 2002.

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  • Thanks for posting this link.

    I currently working on H1 for the last 5 years.
    I am a July 2007 I-485 filer and have my I-140 approved.

    From what I read,
    1. Does it make sense to fill an I-9 form with the same employer and start working on EAD, instead of burning my remaining period in H1?

    2. That way even if for some reason my I-485 gets rejected, I can continue working by switching to H1?


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  • I see an update on jan 24 on this bill to grant 55000 visas for advance degree holders from DV lottery. Does this mean progress? Rest of the immigration bills never make it to the sub committee.

    Jan 5th Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
    Jan 24th Referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement

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  • Same here...We received same FP fees rejected notice but checks are cashed. Our lawyer mailed the proof of cashed checks for 325 + 70. But to our surprise even before that we received appointment for FP.

    I think this is common error on USCIS system. Most probably they will send you FP appointment notice. So relax..

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  • In this current scenario , by the time anybody get to file 485 , he/she would have spent considarable time with the same employer with no promotion and pay hike. The thought of to spend another 1 year after green card leaves everyone shivering and hence was my earlier post

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  • My 140 was approved in 2007 and today I got a text message on phone that my application is sent to Nebraska, NE to review and status changed from Approved to Initial review.

    What does this mean ?

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  • I disagree with waitingnwaiting. I had got 221G about 5 years back. I work for one of the fortune 500 company and had all the paperwork sent by our company's professional law firm. US embassy randomly picks application for processing. It took abt a month to get the approval. As long as the application/documentation is correct and there is nothing to worry.

    I would suggest to spend more relaxed time with family or going out which we rarely get with 3-4 weeks vacation.

    It does not matter if you work for fortune 500. There could still be fraud or suspecion. Read Indian IT cos face US visa fraud woes - Corporate News - (

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  • I was excited and I am really interested in this idea.

    alas I am not from Bay Area ...Good Luck anyway

    You can participate even you are not from bay area. Send me PM for more details.

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  • It appears you created this ID just today only to post this message.
    Sounds fishy.

    That is absolutely correct.
    (I deleted the post on this thread. The poster shamelessly posted the company URL and info on his post to promote the consulting company.). We have immediately banned this user and have been deleting the same in the past too and banning this user.
    This ID was created and the other ID for which this person was complaining was posting to promote his website and company on IV. The company is another consulting company trying to get employees from this site by luring them for greencard sponsorship. Now when IV deletes such posts, they start hating IV.

    There have been several instances where other immigration site owners and health insurance agents for US visitors have created IDs on our site and posted information to promote their insurance or site. We will continue to delete them. This effort is not about making money like they do from the for profit site and company, but we use our contributions and money to help the lobbying effort. We will disallow anyone using this site to promote their business. We have seen what they have written against IV on other sites and this site and it proves that they do not care about this cause and just want to make money off members of this site. If some business or website, truly cares about this cause, they need to show it by posting IV banner ad on their website and/or contributing to this cause. And yes, we will definitely acknowledge their contributions on this site publicly. But we will not allow any business interest taking advantage of IV for their own promotion or financial interests.

    There have been members who post insulting messages on the site and get banned. Once they get banned, they go to other sites and post negative messages against IV. IV has refrained from exposing them or countering them. We have better things to do and do not have time for their nonsense. However this thread should now tell our members how difficult it is to moderate our forums so that it does not go out of control and how we take decisions to ban members. We do not like to ban anyone. But only ban when it crosses the line.

    We are not scared of any threats. Infact we have received threats from all kinds of people. As long as we do what is right and in the interest of our members we are certain we will win this struggle for which IV was created.

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  • Is there any advantage choosing a local lawyer? Can some body please suggest attorney in Chicago area.

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  • As posted earlier in this thread "MOST" people will get FP notices. Sometimes minors do not

    (from I485 instruction form)
    5. Biometric services.
    If you are between the ages of 14 and 79, you must be fingerprinted as part of the USCIS biometric services requirement. After you have filed this application, USCIS will notify you in writing of the time and location where you must go to be fingerprinted. If necessary, may also take your photograph and signature. Failure to appear to be fingerprinted or for other biometric services may result in a denial of your application.

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  • What is your priority date? If it is current apply for CP immidiatly. It is quick. Student visa is illigal with the intent you have.

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  • Application vs. Use of EAD or Advance Parole:
    Applying for and obtaining approval of EAD or Advance Parole does not affect the 485 applicant's "nonimmigrant status" including H and L. However, once the alien starts work using an EAD or travels on Advance Parole, the alien is considered no longer in a nonimmigrant status including H and L.

    I didn't know if we use AP we loose H1, any comments Seniors?

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  • Working as a Contractor for an Indian based Consulting Company who make the money? The company or the consultant? There you have the answer.
    (Considering the fact that you are paying for the GC process, stuck with the Company, cannot demand for a hike b’coz he know you are stuck and your H1 is 6+ years)

    I am not talking about SAP Consultants. Take an average Software Consultant.

    The Story may be different when working for a “friends” Consulting Company. But this is in general.

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  • We do not have one in Ohio either (I even checked Kentucky). What would be the best possible way to get updates so that we can join the initiative?

    GO IV GO....
    $320 + $50 recurring

    What if your state does not have a state chapter?

    If you wish the entire immigrationvoice community to assist then some sharing of updates will be necessary outside of these.

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  • Hello friends,

    I wrote an email to the president today. I felt so good after doing 2 things today. Expressed my anguish to the president of the United States and contributed to Immigration Voice. Buddies lets do something. We have always been low on priority compared to other pressing issues. Well Ok we waited, the economy is turning (well OK we will never see the actual turn at least we have seen retail spending up and some hiring, the stock market is going OK). When will be emerge out of the shadows and demand for a reform to the broken legal system? Cmon friends Get up, contribute, write to the senators, the president, lets DO something. When we are legal, why do we HOLD back. Up and running our new slogan!!!!

    $100 contribution confirmation

    Transaction ID: 8XG04395739266917
    An email with your order summary has been sent to

    Here is my email

    Hello Mr Obama,

    Although I am not a US Citizen yet, I have supported you all along. I think you are really dynamic and a fantastic person.
    Mr. Obama, Legal immigration rules in the country are outdated. I am from India, I work at <Where ever in the USA> and design databases.
    I filed for legal immigration under the employment immigration category in April 2005.
    The dates are still so retrogressed that it will take me a long time to fulfill my dream of obtaining a green card and becoming a US Citizen.
    I want to stay here, work here and do something as a Citizen by working for the US Government.
    How do I fulfill my dream if the system takes so long to process my application.
    I contribute every single day to my organization. I am qualified, hard working, but why does it take so long to legally immigrate to this great country.
    Please hear my plea to speed up the immigration process.

    I never said that you did not donate. Please re-read my post.
    I agree with all of your points and i think we should be carefull in our posts.

    I think, the moderators should remind the posters every now and then and also edit posts to appeal to members of all nationalities

    Well, you have not pissed me at all. I did what IV had asked in one month back. I had sent my 2 letters (me and my wife) 17 days back and collected another 12 letters from friends and send them too. I had contributed what ever IV had asked until now, what ever it may be.

    I am sorry, but just a note can baffle you guys and you put all the -ve comments to the post, then sorry to say you guys cannot take any constructive opinion from others. And I think I did no wrong in asking Chanduv to stop posting innumerable threads just for one cause.

    GOD Bless you all.

    I support Sanjay and Chanduv. Need balance in a democracy, so folks we got to walk the fine line in the middle.

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