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  • Last one was good one from arihant.
    Lets move dates back to.......hmmm....when Columbus discovered America. Guys....Was Columbus on H1-B? Then he changed his status to Green Card....Gosh....dates were current when Columbus landed.....

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  • This will only increat outsourcing and actually hurt US economy and jobs...too bad that "blinded" politicians do not recognize this.

    they r blinded....... remember..... but they will recognize..... when most of the jobs are outsourced....

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    Good strategy. Need to make sure all EB provisions are still intact in these reforms targetted for spring & Summer of this year.

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  • well i think we have solved all our immigration issues, i waish if we all concetrate our efforts on solving our issue, if we all try we have chances of succeeding ...if am surprised that we all are stuck in backlog and only 2-3 % take participate in real issues...not sure what is rest of us waiting for?

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  • I am extremely interested in this business. Can somebody please refer me, I am in LA?

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  • I don;t have the necessary permissions to modify the poll. I have made a note of this so that moderators can ad it in.

    Sorry.. i am just going through very busy days at work.
    I am trying .. please don't hate me :)

    hopefulgc - also make the commitments clear! Its not just sufficient to support ( as in moral support) the cause. Its important to participate in it.

    I think someone should change the Poll question to -

    Q) Do you commit to participate in a class action lawsuit against USCIS?

    1) Yes. I am willing to commit $500
    2) Yes. I'm willing to be a plaintiff ( full name and full contact info required)
    3) Yes. I'm willing to commit $500 and become a plaintiff as well
    4) No. I don't think it will work

    It will make it clear to everyone voting 'Yes' what's expected of them.

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  • First it was fighting between Indian/Chinese and ROW, now there is fighting within ROW. Come on Guys, today is valentine's day. Let there be Love and Peace. Let's unite...

    ahh, let us take this one step further, and start a "send candy hearts to USCIS" campaign :)

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  • No, waiting for OMB clearance.

    And does this mean that this law will definitely change, or is it still possible that vested interests may still keep substition alive?

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  • Is it accurate to say that new way of allocating spill over visas effectively acheive same effect as eliminiating country limits?

    this is not correct. ROW continues to get preference.
    what has changed is that for a while USCIS chose to interpret the law in a way that gave EB2 GC numbers (the law mandated 28.6%) to EB3 ROW rather than spill them over the EB2 I/C. now they have corrected that and EB2 numbers (which include any spillover from EB1) are first used in EB2 ie category numbers are given priority.

    so the bonus advantage that EB3 ROW got for 1-2 years has been withdrawn. however with EB3 retrogressed and with EB2 I/C retrogressed, EB3 ROW continues to get all EB3 numbers except the 7% each for the retrogressed nation states.

    i would also like to know where the 20K number is coming from if anyone has a source please share it.

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  • Please post good reliable estimate of cost for applying with ALL possible break ups. I know the following only!

    Cost of applying = application fee ($795 ??) + Lawyer fee + others (= medical + pictures + ...)

    Also, which parts are lost if we have to re-apply!

    Avg. For 1 person
    Cost of Applying: $395 + $170 + $180 = $745
    Attorney fee: $2000
    Medical: $300
    Pictures: $25
    Total: $3070

    If we cannot apply in the next one year, money wasted:

    Attorney fee: $2000
    Medical: $300
    Pictures: $25

    Total: $2325 - This money we will never see again. Add to this misc. expenses incurred - gas, printing, phones, courrier. Next time we will have to spend this amount again, and more as costs go up with time.

    Ofcourse for some misc. expenses ran into thousands so

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  • This is not fair and good idea. what about people waiting in line for years and invested their money elsewhere because of this green card delays or those who do not have enough money and job in this market situation. All of the sudden you are brining this idea. This is not fair. This is kind of buying green card. There is a investment based green card category available for that. I request you to go through that channel if you are rich. Not all employment based green card seekers are rich. Please keep that in mind.


    You are not buying Green Card, you are buying home which you will eventually buy at some point down the road.
    I agree with Nixstor�s idea and I fully support it.

    Even if the proposal doesn�t work, it would at least give some awareness to the lawmakers that expediting EB green cards would pump lot of money into this country�s economy. Plus, it�s a great selling point for representatives like Lofgren, who is trying to help us by defending 100s of amendments from anti-immigrants like King and Smith.

    Not all EB GC seekers are rich, but they are rich enough to afford for a home.
    So please refrain from posting negative comments.

    BTW, feel free to give me red or call me jacka## like some other coward did.

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  • Can anyone recommend any good IT consulting companies in Canada?

    I need a permanent job offer to qualify for the points but most of the jobs for my skill set are either contract jobs or for relocation to USA. Please help.

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  • Has it passed? I cant wait for it to happen. Once it does, I will feel more confident leaving my employer knowing....

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  • Pardon my ignorance, how does labor substitution work and what is FIFO?

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  • Tomorrow if we or our generations are getting killed in the US, would you say the same thing. Now do you understand why the country needs to care about its people no matter where they are.

    "Tomorrow if we or our generations are getting killed in the US, would you say the same thing" ....

    Of course yes! If our generations are US citizens, US govt should take care of them and if they are part of any terrorist organisation, they should be treated the way terrorists are treated.

    "Country needs to care about its people" ... Its is in your quote ... Issue is about Srilankan's and their goverment should take care of it, NOT India. I don't think any one has a doubt about how LTTE should be handled.

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  • IV admins, Chandu,

    Please delete this thread or move this away from the main page.
    This thread is a good fodder for antis.

    Deleting this thread does not change the facts nor does IMV will gain anything out of it. The reason we even discuss these things here other than immigration is because we have immigrated and we have a common bonding.

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  • So gurus,
    The progress has been better than this analysis - so where does this leave us?
    Any more thoughts?

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  • My wife came to US on L2 visa. We applied for her H1 in April'07 and got selected in lottery :). She has been working since Apr - 07 with the same company first on EAD (from L2) and then on H1B. meanwhile we got lucky in July 08 and applied for 485 for both of us. We came back from India in Mid May using AP after one month vacation. ( we have EAD and AP). She stopped working 2 weeks after coming back and hasnot worked since. My quesion is
    --- What is her current status ?
    --- Can she start working on her EAD and abonden her H1B?
    --- Will she be able to come back on H1B or H4 ( I also have H1B now)



    Your wife 's current status is pending adjustment of status (pending 485) or a parolee. Yes she can commence working immediately on her EAD. However should she want to enter the US on a H-4 visa she would need to have an approved H-4 petition and get her visa stamped outside US to enter on H-4 visa into the US.

    Immigration Attorney
    Licensed to practice US Immigration Law and practice concentrated on US Immigration Law & Nationality Law

    Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and is not intended, nor should it be construed, as legal advice. This post does not create any attorney-client relationship between us. For specific advice about your particular situation, consult an attorney.

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  • Most of the Bollywood movies are junk ( vulgar dances etc.) . As more and more people mature in the north, the market for stars like SRK will dwindle. I request everybody to follow classic Bengali/Mallu movies.

    Does it matter? People love those movies.

    Though we do see quality movies these days. the reason for junk is because the sheer number. They are high and thats why quality movies seem to look like they are few. Bollywood banks a lot on presentation of the movie and thats whjy they need to follow the "formula" which may look funny and absurd.

    A lot of American movies are also crap, only few are worth watching.

    Just like how everyone wants to code in Java, a lot of people want to get into the film industry and not everyone or everything is like what you want them to be.

    What I say is "Lets stop junking things" Lets look at ourselves and see what we have achieved what the starts have not achieved

    You are showing your contribution in all your postings. Don't have any shame???
    your left hand should not know what your right hand is doing(giving)
    It is typical for many Indians to put their name in cars (even here) and their contribution to temples to be anounced in public address system and put names on any things which they are donated.
    You need to change the style, if you are in Rome, behave like Romas.

    You have 352 posts and not one dollar contribution. Are you talking about shame on IV?

    May his soul rest in Peace!

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