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  • Here is a job lead I received recently. If anyone's interested, send me a message and I will be glad to provide the contact details.

    I trust all is well. I am working with a small consulting client who may have a contract (1099) need in the next couple of weeks. This would be initially a few month project focused on identifying strategic sourcing opportunities with indirect spend. So we are looking for candidates with broad, indirect strategic sourcing experience. The travel would be something like 50% on site and 50% at home. The client is located in the San Jose area. Ideally we are looking for someone in either Atlanta or the Bay Area, but will consider all locations.

    I was hoping you may know someone who would be interested in this opportunity. If so, please feel free to pass along this email. (For interested candidates, please email me a copy of your resume and we can set-up a time to talk.)

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  • There's a EB3 140 approval drought in not just NSC, but TSC too. I think it's going to get worse with EB3 becoming U. I am myself EB3 Mar 2005 and my job isn't looking very stable after my company resorted to outsourcing.

    Can we suggest to AILA reinstatement of premium processing for those who've waited beyond some acceptable period of time? The same way they are doing for people whose H1's are at the brink of expiration.

    I don't see any other way they will ever give heed to this problem i.e. where no monetary gains are involved.

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  • I am not sure when the CIR will pass...its not on Nancy Pelosi aganda in forseeable future... and several people already mentioned that if it didnt pass by MAY07 then you are looking at Jan 09 to get immigration stuff to happen...

    I think we need to work on an interm EB relief bill ...which is absolutely non contraversial and try to pass it....not worring about piggy backing the CIR...

    Issues such as h1 increase or adding more numbers need not be in it...we can include things like EAD after I-140...spouse/childer not considered for EB quota...etc...

    Unless we act desissively now...its going to be a long way to 2009..
    Pani, ak27, eb3_nepa, GCBy3000 etc in this thread,
    Thanks for your concern and enthusiasm to get something done. We do need people like you to help us out in achieving what we have all set out to achieve. All Pls. signup for state chapters to be able to work together with other IV members in your state. Each chapter can organize 'meet the lawmakers ' drive as outlined in my posts. Currently only few people have signed up to help with the grassroots efforts. Without active participation from members we willl be seeing the frustrating visa bulletins every month and debating about it on forums.

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  • Why shud he call the anti immigrant by that filthy word when all or most of what that guy conveyed with his post are nothin but pure facts. There r hundreds of gultis doing all sorts of illegal stuff in the name of immigration without any shame. Theres a saying that goes like..."If u tell someone as it is, he protests and kicks on ur chest" which seems very appropriate here.

    Look man, don't make me say this, but you leave no choice. I know you are a Pakistani terrorist sympathizer only inciting infighting on the forum between Indians from different states. Why are you so focussed on what "hundreds of gultis doing", why not talk about what pakistanis are doing?

    I try not to stay away from calling you out and posting a negative post, but you just won't stop doing this over and over again.


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  • Yap both entries were intense and better than anything I could ever do, but Soul's detail and multiple parts made me give him my vote. Awesome job guys!


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  • Sure Buddy !! Sure !!
    So....What's the point? The employees at USCIS are humans too. Give them a break will ya? They are doing the best they can to accomodate everyone in here.

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  • cool man! congratulations. Enjoy your gc.

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  • What if you say you dont have any documents and show an expired VISA on your passport ...:D :D :D :D

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  • gc_chahiye,

    Thanks for your suggestions.I checked with my Lawyer about the job title .she says job responsibilities matter in this case.Job title is for any company's internal designation it seems.

    I don't know exactly what AC 21 regulations are.I just want to follow any best Lawyer's advice in this matter.

    The term Technical Recruiter is very generic This job can be done by any person who doesn't have any technical background .But If a person with good technical skills will bring more value to the company.

    The area which i'm focussing is basically IT Sales.Company which is offering me this Technical recruiter position is impressed with my technical back ground and hiring me.They are actually looking for some one who is very senior and having good amount of experience with Technical back ground specially ERP Packages.The role is also not confined to just recruiting but meeting the clients and bidding the tech support and new impementations for the company.

    I personally see lot of career growth in this path.But unfortunately there is nothing one can do in this matter.


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  • Yeah there's nothing offensive about that. I mean, if we're being silly i find all the ones that use the colour black offensive. It's RACIST!

    I voted for the serif one. Looks good!

    You didn't offend anyone(well not me)� just provoked them, which I believe is a good thing.

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  • Same thing happened to mine. USCIS will pick up the packages from the USPS the next day so don't panic. Check for another status update tonight or Monday night, I'm 100% sure it'll say "delivered" then.

    Thanks much! Your response is appreciated!

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  • That is good idea to keep H1B status as much as possible. Use EAD when u have to use it.


    Thanks for the reply.
    But consider the below scenarios.
    - A person is on his 5th Year of H1 and his I-485 gets rejected - he can go back to H1 (Since he has 1 year left).

    - A person has exhausted his 6 years (May be in his 7th year). Now his I-485 gets rejected - he cannot go back to H1 (Since he has exhausted his 6 years on H1).

    Not sure if my understanding is right here

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  • Do i will need to send my original passpart in mail for renewal because i have visa stamped in the passport but passport will expire after 6 months.

    Yes you will need the original passport in mail,they will cancel the old passport and send it with the new paassport

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  • NO.

    Mailed is not equal to received or applied for transfer. Until you have proof that USCIS has received your application, dont start at the new employer. Waiting for the receipt # is the safe route down the road even though you have to delay by a week or so.

    Thanks for the info dear.
    I will wait for the receipt number.
    I do have one more question if someone can anser :
    I have to start with new employer on 3/29/2010. Definately i will get receipt before that.
    Now my question is, is it ok if i leave my current employer on 3/26/2010 ?
    There will be a 2 day period(weekend) where i will be travelling for the new job.
    I am worried what would be my status for those two days.
    What could i do in this situation ?

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  • My inputs may not help you , but I am posting it so that it could prevent others from making this mistake..

    If spouse has EAD and AP, then using of EAD will not abandon H4 status nor it will jeoperdize the GC applicant H1b status.

    A safe bet for dependet is to use EAD instead of getting H1b and going thru all stamping coplications. Being a spouse of GC applicant has lots of advantages...:D.

    Now coming to your question, I think you should not depend on this forum for your solution. Contact a good attorney and take their advice.

    Good luck..

    We need experts advice in the following matter.

    Here is my situation, I have entered US on H-4 and after sometime I have applied for H1(Change of status) through a consulting company. I have worked for this company for 3 months.

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  • ask lawyer to file MTR and resend response to RFE along with it. You should get a quick response (within 4-6 weeks). If MTR is denied, ask to file appeal, but sometimes it's better to change employer and start from scratch. Appeal can be a long process.

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  • I personally need more defination of
    'Employment-based or Other: 110,786 '
    it is defining a narrow set of applicants. Are they ones whose 485 is stuck after filing 485. or are they ones whose 485 cannot be filed and only have 140 approved ?

    I would like to think that the number(110,786) mentioned is of those applicants who have filed their I-485 while their PD was current. After they submitted their applications, probably retrogression happened and as such they are probably still stuck waiting for the GC to become available.
    I believe this number does NOT include the applicants whose I-140 is approved, but are still waiting to file their I-485. I am sure there are few hundred thousand applicants in EB category who are waiting to file their I-485when their PD becomes current.
    I tried looking at USCIS website to get a more thorough understanding of what they mean by EB, but was not successful.

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  • If the minister talks to the US President regarding VISA retrogression problem,How the outside world will come to know ? The discussions will be kept confidential ! I don't think everything will be disclosed to the press. VISA revalidation is another thing he can talk to US Secretary of State.

    You are not serious are u ? Anyways he is here for shopping. If the dude drops in on July 4th who the hell is he going to meet in official Washington DC ?

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  • Citizenship comes 5 years later, if one's interested (and may not be everyone's goal).

    Singing a country's national anthem is also different than taking the pledge of allegiance (the latter means you are pledging your loyalty to the United States):

    Having said that, excellent job Pankaj!! You had the crowds mesmerized!


    Everyone here aspires to be a future citizen of the United States of America. If GC process didn't have problems, we would already have been citizens. Those who haven't learn't to sing it, should do so soon. It can be asked in the naturalization quiz.

    Seems today will be hearing on Immigration reform in House Appropriation Committee.

    some one help please

    Open an MTR I-290B. Looks like your lawyer did not properly respond to RFE.

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