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  • PM me........

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  • Mr. Vayalar Ravi , Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs,is coming to USA on June 27,2006. He is coming to Washington DC on July 4 to meet Indian Ambassador and Indian community. We should try to meet him personally and explain the problems we are facing. He can talk to US counterparts and do something for us.

    Let us organize an event to meet him on July 4. Since It is a holiday, lot of people can meet him and chat with him.

    Any comments from IV Core Team ? Can we contact the Indian Ambassador to arrange a meeting with the minister ? is it possible ?

    This is a Golden opportunity !

    First of all what you want honorable Minister to do. Ask him to talk to US Congress to pass the law so that we get GC faster. Let say he speaks on our behalf. All I see happening is things getting worse rather than getting better. Those who are on the other side of the table will get a point to oppose to those who are supporting us. This is what going to happen. Every provision that is supporting our cause will be opposed by the fact that it has been done under the influence of foreign Government in this case it will be Indian. Organizations like numberusa is vehemently looking for a way to prove that how all pro-immigration provisions are anti-american. So we hand over them the Jackpot.
    Whole idea of involving Indian Minister looks to me like small kids involved in a fight seeking help of their parents to get the issues fixed. Here we are not dealing with neighbors kid. Lets grow up..

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  • I completely disagree..There is this huge debate in IV about EB2 & EB3 IN. Everyone is looking at the dates and predicting that EB2 I will be current sometime in '09. This is perceived as injustice to EB3. What people don't realize is that USCIS is not processing. What good is a forward movement if there are no tangible benefits for folks who have already filed AOS.

    Forward movement in Sep VB magnifies the USCIS inefficiencies. Despite the rhetoric on the board, this is -ve development in my view. Empirical evidence suggests that there are 1000s of cases pending for pre 06 EB2I & C and yet USCIS could not get that back log cleared. They obviously could not process enough to exhaust the available visa numbers and thus the forward movement by DOS.

    This bodes well for CP filers…good for them.

    USCIS is trying to make EB2 all countries Current sometime during FY 2009. Of course "a few" 2004, 2005 cases will still be pending past Oct08 but hopefully not too many.

    If EB1 and EB2 are shown as current soon, then the DOS can transfer the so-called "spillover" into EB3 ROW, then into EB3 IN & CH.

    Based on available numbers, EB3 India / China will see rapid movement in dates April 09 Visa Bulletin onwards.

    What will happen during 2009 in all likely hood is the following,

    Almost all EB1 spillover will go to EB3. (~ 25k)
    Some of EB1 and all of EB2 spillover will go to EB2 IN/CH (~ 10k to 15k)
    In 2009, there will be no more Name Check delays - therefore expect rapid EB3 approvals after April 09.

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  • See, what I am getting at here is.......

    MOST employers dont give a rats tail about how you talk so as long as you can dish out good design and do it FAST!

    You most likely wont be speaking to clients, thats what Project managers and salesman are for.

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  • My plan is making the following

    Movie - A full length feature with characters that represent our life (includes H1 to GC process) in US with humor

    Documentary - A professional documentary on our issues like H1 problems, GC backlog processing etc.

    Any other thoughts from your side would help.

    I am an ex NYFA student in digital film making. I would like to make the above two things by end of this year. Any of you are interested can participate. Again I don't need any money contributions. Just need your participation as actors, script writers and as other team members.

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  • Hi in case of emergency also one can go to nearest USCIS center and request for AP. I consider this as an emergency also. Request for an urgent AP and they can generate one in less than a week. I think then all of you can go and get wedding cert from India.

    I still think...that by being here you can do the following:

    1. See if your marriage was registered. If yes then you can get cert from ADM there. If not then tell the ADM office to write on official letter head that both of you got married but marriage was not registered.
    2. Also in that case get affidavits from your parents and her parents mentioning the date, day, place of marriage. These will be 4 affidavits. They also should mention that they did not register the marriage at that time.
    3. See if you have photos. Get them scanned and take a colored print and get it notarized from magistrate there in India or here.

    send all of these to USCIS and you should be done man. I dont think you need to go to India. But again check with lawyer also.

    Best Regards,

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  • With the kind of response I saw at the House judicary commitee inspite f making all those calls . I now realize where we are on their priority list , below horses .

    Sorry for the sarcasm , I am pretty bitter about the whole thing now after 2 repeated delays .

    Even I was under the same impression, but some members like sanju et al say there are still chances and GC issues are on top on the priority list. So lets hope for the best

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  • In our case got EAD directly, but AP went to Lawyer.

    I guess only god knows how USCIS works!

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  • Are PhDs in Medicine excluded in this list?

    Dear gcnotfiledyet,
    Thanks for your comment.I am afraid you mis understood what I said medicine and pharnact vet med etc. There are practitioners in these fields called MD, DVM, PHARM D etc. However there are many more PhD students who do research in these fields. And they are not listed as STEM graduates. I guess whoever did this listing of the STEM majors don't really have much knowledge about various fields of research and also they ignored the highly multidisciplanary nature of the current day research. I hope more people will start taking this issue seriously.

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  • July 2010.

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  • Hi Cobra,

    Don't lose hope. Your will get your approval.

    My wife and I went to India in Jan 2011. We both are on H1 and work for the same employer. My company is a 150+ employee IT firm. We both went separately for our Visa interview to Mumbai Consulate.

    When my wife appeared for Visa stamping, she was asked questions about her job, education and company. After her interview, the consular gave her the 221g form that requested all the employer details (tax returns, audit statements etc. ). So when I reached India, I carried the documents for my wife and similar set for myself. She appeared for the interview again and after reviewing the documents the consular approved her visa. Our immigration lawyer mentioned that it might take 2-3 months - but this was quicker than we initially assumed.

    When I appeared for the Visa India, I was asked questions about my education and how am I on my 7th year of my H1. Once the consular noticed that I have filed GC and the 7th year extension is due to my I-140 approval, she issued me a 221g form and mentioned that my case is taken in administrative processing. They didn't give any turnaround time for the processing. However, I received email from consulate after 4 days to submit my passport and my visa was approved.

    I noticed this has happened with most of the friends I know were visiting India for stamping. And the 221g form is issued to anyone, irrespective of IT or Non IT field, Small or Multi-billion Corporation. A friend of mine who is working in biggest telecom got 221g, another one working for Research Hospital for 221g, then one in a Biotech firm and in Manufacturing firm - all non IT got 221g

    It will take it's course and you should get your approval. All the Best !!!


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  • I got an appointment from the following doc. for this Tuesday.

    Dr. Abdallah Taha
    1815 Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305
    (201) 860-9121

    Expenses are $260 +$50(if xray needed).

    For the following doctor they ask you to call after July 4th so do not try and waste your time.

    Dr. Hui-Xue Liu
    3 Lincoln Highway, Suite 101, Edison, NJ 08820
    (732) 549-0041

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  • Peace out guys!

    Why dont we call it a day on this issue. The OP was venting frustration, and feels entitled to do so. Nothing wrong with that, and there is no need to question his motives or logic. Considering what all of us are going through, there is a lot to be said in favor of letting out steam.

    Lest anyone feel offended for anything I have said, I am not being patronizing. Indeed, after five years of wait, I feel like a good crib session will do me good too.

    Chill out and enjoy the weather....after weeks of awfully low temp., the sun is out and the weather is glorious.:)

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  • Dear Core IV members. It is clear how tirelessly you have worked, let alone the time and money you spent, sitting in tht comfort of our homes and using our credit cards to make a small contribution of 200 dollars twice or thrice is pales in comparison to what the core mebers have done. Look at things you can see..we came on shustermans newsletter this month, we came on NBC nightly news,.. and dont forget there are things which are happening that we cannot see. Appreciate the core team with words, please donot doubt them, without them we had nothing, anything is better than nothing!!

    Kudos to Core team

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  • Maybe I am missing something here but the green card for this beneficiary was started in 2005. The PD of 2000 is due to a labor-substitution. Aren't those the facts here?

    I was referring to the whole inefficient, time consuming immigration process. One does not know how long folks who missed the AUG 17 date have to wait!!

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  • The question is incorrect.
    It should be, "How many of you have children that are non-US citizens?"


    It should be how many non-citizen children.
    But you both missed one more applicant, the spouse.

    The question should be,
    Are you married and if so, how many children you have who are non-citizens. We do hope most of them should be unmarried:D.

    Am I smart too..


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  • Any updates anyone?

    Any clue to if a separate receipt notice will be mailed in addition to the transfer notice?

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  • Hi Breddy2000,
    Was your attorney from your company very much expert or you hired top rated attorney like Murthy or someother same category lawyer?

    I am in same disstress as you were, please respond ASAP, becaue I am not getting the feel from my company lawyer, so thinking of not to take a chance and go for high-end attorney.

    Thanks In advance

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  • epilogue (

    If they ask for police clearance .. you give it..
    Unless it was a felony that requires certain jail-time or something it's not always counted against you.. remember .. purpose is not to exclude shop-lifters.. they got plenty of those in Canada but rather identify and filter out security hazards.. you might need in person interview.. but it should be alright.. I know even US immigration allows folks like that.. so can't imagine Canada being more stringent..
    I guess, we will wait for any response on this front, fron the buffalo office..
    How can I get my spouse added to the application now? so taht she can accompany me at landing?

    I send emai lto bufalo office, they havent responded

    My checks got encashed this friday. Applications were delivered to NSC on July 2nd, later forwarded to TSC. My I140 was approved in TSC.

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