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  • Hello guys,

    My frustration is increasing and patience going down. I am strongly considering moving back to India. When planning the move, a few questions popped in my head the answer to which I am not able to find (yet); hence putting it out here.
    1. How can I inform SSN department or credit bureau that I am not longer in USA..hence no one can use my SSN even if it gets stolen? Is there a way to "lock" things down?
    2. What happens to 401K? Is there a IRS tax law that says because this guy was on H1-B and leaving..don't charge him the 40% penalty?
    2.1 After 40% in penalty and 30% in taxes...with the market beaten down...not much remains...wonder if it's even worth touching it. So if I decide to leave the money here in my 401K account, what happens when I want to withdraw it? Rather what is the best way to withdraw it?
    3. Any estimates on how much it costs to ship things back to India? I live in 2 bedroom have the usual stuff.....couch, bed, tv, clothes of many sizes, lots of kitchen utensils. Just an average...I understand things can vary a lot.
    4. PIO card has the passport number of my son on it...the passport will expire when he is five year old. So do I get a new passport number? If so what happens to the PIO card? Do I need to get a new one?

    Others, please feel free to add to the list of questions.

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  • thanks for ur input all senoir members .I'll keep u posted when i get notice from CIS .I think MTR nad joining another employer may be my best option .
    Thanks for ur input all senior members .

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  • I don't at all like what it implies, but "Have you?" is rather beautifully designed. Got my vote.

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  • I wonder why your lawyer is asking you to change the number of years. your hiring manager should be the one comming up with Job Description and Justification. May be he already has one and all you need to do is send it over to your lawyer

    Thank you very much for the response. I actually want to put 5 years minimum experience though my lawyer said that it is too much. He would recommend either 2 year or 0 year work experience for this position with M.S. degree. Accordingly, we come down to 2 years with M.S. degree. After receiving the audit letter, my lawyer said I should have put 0 year instead of 2 years. I was also told by my lawyer to give him the answer about the following questions:
    1. Why does the company require 2 years of work experience?
    2. Why does the company require M.S. degree for this position?
    3. Why does all skills and programs require for this position?
    4. How long it take to obtain those skills and programs?
    I�m very confused and have no idea what to answer why the company require M.S. degree since it is the requirement. Have anybody also have the format of the audit letter?
    Also, if I have to be outside of the country by taking vacation due to this H1B issue that is going to reach the 6th year, do I have to be employed full time with the company and get pay as well? Thank you very much.

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  • Thank you.

    I really see useless threads a ton here, some of them are opened by these guys. They might be helping this organization by donating some money , that does not mean they can dictate terms. I will say these guys motives will not help any one.

    I would consider this type of threads and discussions worth only if they are created by regular members.

    I don't like someone create a new handle come here and post something without filling profile, start arguing with other members and run away when isolated.

    The best way to deal with these guys are to avoid them.

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  • same story for me, i just moved to different unit in the same apartment. everything remains the same. Same city, same zip code, same employer.. Somehow i believe address change triggered the RFE. Probably the change in the file pushed my file in FIFO and someone looked into it and gave a RFE. Will have to wait till i get the actual letter.

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  • Is this call GC specific questions related or can we ask OPT/H1/Cap Gap questions also?

    You can ask any personal Immigration application related questions. The attorney is qualified to answer any Green card related, F1, H1, L1, Visitor visa, EAD OPT etc and even Family visa questions.

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  • These people are worse than any bad people. They dont deserve flowers.

    chandu, I agree with you. They definitely don't deserve flowers. They deserve a pile of **** - you know what. Although I did send flowers as per IV's directive I am not Gandhian. I think Gandhian philosophy only works in movies and books. Although this is very controversial and I might invite the wrath of many on this board - but hey I am entitled to my opinion :D - Peace

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  • I got a letter saying they can not give me my job back dated 5 days after my approval.
    I show up told them I was approved, they say sorry we have not sold anything on those 3 months, we are doing bad, cannot take you back.
    They dont have any problems with it and I can wait 10 years to become a citizen if that is what it takes.

    I think you are good so dont worry too much. I understand your fears and frustration.

    Try to get an appointment with a good immigration attorney to see if you need any more documentation.

    Please continue to support people like us who are struck in the process forever.

    All the best with your naturalization journey and dont forget to send in your paperwork for naturalization on the first day you are eligible.

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  • Sent

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  • Thanks Guys! seems be good option. I'm comparing my local credit union, lending tree and eLoan. I'll share my experience once its done. Thanks again.

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  • Guys,

    The AILA article may not be sufficient to explain how exactly we've been hurt. I've added a few more lines in the end and emailed to some of these addresses:


    Losses suffered by my family and tens of thousands of others:

    1) Cost of medical exams and having to take vaccinations
    2) Attorney fees
    3) Cost of getting paperwork expedited from home countris
    4) Cost of time off from work to prepare the applications
    5) Postage/Fedex
    6) People canceling their non-refundable tickets for summer travel so they could be in this country
    7) People having to spend a lot of extra money to fly their families back.
    8) People having to change their marriage plans and having to pay for cancellations of a lot of events.
    6) Emotional trauma our families had to go through. A spouse who is forced to sit at home for many years was shown a hope for being able to work and that hope being shattered


    Could the federal government have been able to get away with something like this if it had affected 100 US Citizens? NO!
    In this case, it harmed, financially and emotionally devastated atleast 150-200 thousand FAMILIES, but those were of Legal hi-tech foreign workers....Who cares about them !

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  • i have been hearing that my case has been with an officer since last month (yes i said last month .. july).
    I have no idea :
    who these officers are,
    why they are sitting on a case for weeks together without doing anything,
    whether they have the copy of the latest bulletin,
    whether they are still employed by NSC,
    whether they are still alive.

    noooo idea..... whatsoever.

    my file has been with officer since aug news ..and now the #'s are all gone....

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  • This database gives me an idea: Can someone who is good at programming extract all the data and build reports on how many labor certifications are there by category and by chargeability? IV tracker can also use this information to a certain extent. Unfortunately I am not a programmer so I cannot do it but I am sure for experienced programmer this should be a piece of cake.

    What do ya guys say? Any takers? Also we should know how to interpret the data. I have asked additional questions in my previous post. Answer to those will help us a lot.

    To answer your questions.. I could narrow the search down by case number as well as Employer name. That should hopefully pinpoint your case. The SOC code is the one you use to ensure same or similar per AC21. You can get the descriptions from the SOC classifications. Just Google SOC job Classification and you should get it.

    I had done some analysis as you suggest for EB3 India a while back, but was hampered by the fact that there is no information on country of chargeability for pre-perm cases.

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  • Please see my details in signature

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  • reliable source says July applications will be accepted until July end and everything will be current in August bulletin also.
    reliable source - lawyer knows someone on---

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  • What you are advising her/him to do is lie to USCIS that he/she is sick when she is not. This is on the same lines as doing what those guys behind bars did, brining people on H-1B from India to the US without actually having a job for them.

    Again, its people like you that is giving genuine legal immigrants a bad name, and putting us all (including yourself) in the LONG immigration queue!

    I see that you have written letters and participated in other campaigns. None of those will materialize if you're teaching others to missuse the H-1B system. How hard is it for you to understand that these are the kinds of loopholes because of which we are stuck with no visa numbers?

    Pllleeeease dont act sacrosant.. dont tell me you never faked your resume about your project to get a break.

    The reason the DESI body shop companies got raided and charged are because they
    1. filed H1 from IOWA because they knew that the wait period was few weeks and then used those.
    2. They used faked/forged documentation to do that, not one but probably hundreds of cases. You dont get charged with mail forgery etc for nothing
    3. They used those H1's to employ the candidates in other areas which beats the LCA from IOWA since they got certified from IOWA DOL that jobs aspirants of that nature did not exist in that area for the salary they were getting paid..

    You sound as if you want that guy to leave everything and go back to his home country because he has lost his job. I BET if you were in a similar situation you would do something like that and dont be pretentious about it and be a hypocrite. If it becomes untenable for the person to stay any longer here without the project he/she will leave anyway.

    I have just pointed out a way to get a reprieve for few extra days and its not going to cause a 6 year backlog in your dates.. so chillout


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  • Are you out of your mind ? You are taking a huge risk by staying in the US and droping your Canadian PR because of some "probable" green card. What makes you think that by the time you finish school the situation will still be better in US. I hope you will not regret this but think about your family. In 3 years you and your family could be happily in BC with free health care, great weather, less stress, travel wherever and whenever you want, have your own law firm.

    OR you could be a stressed H1B (a.k.a educated slave) waiting for I-140, I-485, EAD or whatever to come through.

    Just because you asked, I have been in this same situation. But in my case, the decision was easy. I was on h1b making 69k. The same job in Toronto offer $55k CAD. Much less, but with my freedom to consult on the side and my wife's income we bring over $100k. We vacation in Florida for a month every year to visit friends. Life has never been better.

    Whoever tells you to stay and take the risk is putting your family's hapiness in jeopardy. But the choice is yours. Just don't come here crying when CIS finds a problem with your application.

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  • Had some colleagues who worked in Detroit and lived in or around Windsor. Took them around 45 minutes to an hour each way to work. One of them had his wife's entire family living in Ontario (they were Vietnamese immigrants). He had a US citizenship so there was no immigration issues. His wife did not want to live in the US and there were no jobs in Windsor so he had to commute. I think one of these colleagues was on a H1 but not sure. The big problem is that there aren't enough jobs in Windsor so chances are that your wife won't get a decent paying job. Then you have to pay high taxes I think as much as 10-15% more. Due to exchange rate fluctuations you can see your living expenses shoot up and down. Just a few more things to keep in mind. Overall yes I think this is plausible and depending on what you want *Canadian citizenship/GC" this could be a choice for you. I would suggest contacting your branch in Detroit and talk to people who live in Canada.

    Any reason why we are all waiting for the August bulletin??? We alrerady know that the visa numbers aren't available for this year...and its also been mentioned by IV that the breaking news that everyonez expecting isnt about the visa bulletin....I am confused...could somebody throw light on this pls..why the wait?? :confused:

    It seems DOS postponed to publish Visa Bulletin...due to BLACK Friday :cool:

    I guess EB3 will finally cross 2001 barrier in the next bulletin.

    For Eb2, it will be like the new EB3. Just too many cases were filed in EB2 after 2005.

    Good luck to everyone.:)

    What is the use? EB3 had crossed into 2003 last year. Then they moved it back to 2001. Which means that they have a lot of applications pending from 2001, 2002.

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