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  • The problem with IV core is they want to solve all the problems at once...which never going to happen... I really do not understand why they are not making this as an Action item and raise donations. let us make this sri1309 letter final and start sending it to congress (house, sensate members)
    Pappu or any active IV Core members, we are waiting for your answer. How we can go on this?:confused:

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  • IV members, Please go to chnage.gov and vote for my idea. No one has gone and voted up for this yet. Wakeup please. Go and vote for a good cause.

    I thinks its a better idea to post URL for your idea.

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  • Thanks,

    This is funny - one red and one green, so it turned blue now.

    Anyway - can we quickly compile a list of to-dos to take this idea fwd?

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  • This is approx data from last year DOS yearly report.

    EB1 = 41k
    EB2 = 53k
    EB3 = 42k
    EB4 = 11k
    EB5 = 2k

    Total was ~ 150 k ( 140k + 10 K from Family Quota's Spill over )

    so basically EB1 and EB2 row didn't give any spill over , it was EB5 and family based spill over.
    This year we will not get family but instead EB1 will give same share so in the end total spill over for year will not be more than 20-22k.

    I think you have wrong info... Last year, EB2 I&C did receive spill over from EB2 ROW, EB1 (~3K), EB5.. Also from reading other posts it is my understanding that in fact there was NO spill over from Family Based.

    I could be wrong though!!

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  • Can we apply two labors with different companies for single person in PERM ?
    my labor is approved with B company in Aug2010.
    my employer (company A - holding my h1) also applied labor in July2010.
    they are called employer and want to visit company and consultant work place
    USCIS visited wrong address and they mailed to my employer like below
    1) If MR. is employed by your organization;
    2) The start date of MR. employment with your organization;
    3) The specific geographic location and physical address MRs working at;
    4) The current client that MR is assigned to. Please also provide contact information for a representative of that end client and a copy of the contract. You also indicated that you have filed a new LCA with the Department of Labor � please provide a copy of that LCA.
    5) The specific job duties that MR is performing;
    6) And the current annual compensation of MR.. Please provide a copy of the IRS Form W-2 issued to MR for 2009 as well as recent payroll documentation for July 2010 to present.

    I am working in Govt client,I can provide above all the documents except may not provide representative name and number.
    how can i manage this situation,please give me suggestion and share your experiences.


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  • Let us talk about the "skills" introduced by H1/L1/offshore companies

    a) One guy takes the phone interview for 15 other guys with "skills" they preted to have
    b) Lying on the resume with "skills" that you don't have, so that you can learn the "skill" at the expense of the client
    c) "Skill" in Violating B1 visa laws and sending people on B1 to do actual work to client
    d) "Skill" in violating L1 law which is used to drive down the wages by 20-30%
    e) "Skill" demonstrated by indian offshorers to enter into a contract with a large corporation where they will provide warm bodies in exchange for a very low billing rate. Client wouldn't have any ability to interview the incoming cosultant, which means the offshorer employee is learning at the expense of the foolish client. Then that will be touted as "savings".
    f) "Skill" of fly-by-night operators to shave off 70% of the billing rate through a 6-level pyramid of contracting companies

    Should I add to this list of "skills" further?

    oh dude you are talking of 20% of the folks that USCIS mentioned as fraud. Go after fraudsters. Talking of math skills you should be aware that 20% is minority. kapish?

    I personally know a lot of Indian professors in Universities like Berkeley, Stanford, CMU, Michigan etc etc. What about their skill levels? My classmates are CS professors at some top Univs. Soem of them are chairpersons at top conferences. Are you going to point to them and say Indians math skills are not good?

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  • I heard that they stopped giving interim EAD's. So all were asked to apply atleast 3-4 months before other wise status will be lost unless you have valid H1. Not to scare anyone but thats what I read somewhere.

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  • employer letter sample pleasseeeeeeeee

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  • Did you send 7001 to Ombudsman? So, Ombudsman is also hopeless?
    Did you call them to find out the status? Here is Om's #, in case you don't know: 202-282-8000. Call them and update us as well.

    Thanks Fatjoe,
    I just mailed #7001 last week. Thanks fo rthe phone #, i will try calling it.

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  • Finally, We got this email from USCIS. It was a looooong wait, but finally its hear.

    For all those who are in line - just hang in there - it will happen.


    The last processing action taken on your case

    Receipt Number: SRCXXXXXXXXXX


    Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity

    On September 10, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

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  • Desi, that is a question to OP who is shouting that for sure l1 violation happened. Why are touching your nose? :p

    But you have put your post in the forum and in this thread. You didn't send him PM.

    It seems, you have no answers to my questions in mentioned in the post. That's why you have chosen personal attack.

    Have a good day!

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  • I guess only a minority of people get stuck in name check ( unlike immigration portal forums , the FBI namecheck discussion thread doesn't move much) or may be that majority still in the 'waiting for receipt notice/FP' mode.

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  • Guys,

    This is one of the most critical issue we are facing today. The activity has proper plan defined as endorsed by IV.

    Please don't think that AC21 is not for you. In current market anything can happen to job anytime. Please do participate in the activity and help the group resolving the issue with USCIS in right way.

    Sending mails is first step and has to be done successfully before second step could be taken.

    Sent my mails.

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  • Bush deems guest workers key for economy
    By Joseph Curl and Stephen Dinan
    The Washington Times, February 1, 2006

    President Bush last night called for 'stronger immigration enforcement and border protection' even as he told Congress to move forward with his plan to create a guest-worker program to fill jobs that no Americans want.

    He also seemed to challenge those in his party who oppose a guest-worker program, saying the nation needs immigrants.

    'We hear claims that immigrants are somehow bad for the economy -- even though this economy could not function without them,' Mr. Bush said in his State of the Union address.

    The only way to keep the United States competitive is to create an immigration system that 'upholds our laws, reflects our values and serves the interests of our economy,' he said.

    'Our nation needs orderly and secure borders. To meet this goal, we must have stronger immigration enforcement and border protection,' Mr. Bush said. 'And we must have a rational, humane guest-worker program that rejects amnesty, allows temporary jobs for people who seek them legally and reduces smuggling and crime at the border.'

    The president pushed for his guest-worker plan in his past two State of the Union addresses as a way to help employers, but this year his focus on border security and immigration enforcement was much clearer.

    'There has been continual movement on his part because he recognizes the Congress and the American people aren't with him, and we're going to fight him,' said Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican.

    He and other Republicans took issue with Mr. Bush for not differentiating between legal immigrants and illegal aliens when he said the economy could not work without immigrants.

    Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, said U.S. workers would be hurt by a guest-worker program.

    'Studies show that competition from cheap foreign labor depresses wages and takes jobs away from American citizens and legal immigrants alike,' Mr. Smith said.

    He also said Mr. Bush's plan is unenforceable, because those here illegally cannot be expected to return to their home countries voluntarily.

    In the official Democratic response to the State of the Union, Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said Mr. Bush does not have a rational immigration policy and that the result is a 'confusing patchwork' for states and localities to handle.

    He shied away from a specific call for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, even though most party leaders in Washington have endorsed that.

    'We should welcome those who seek to lawfully join and contribute to our American family,' Mr. Kaine said. 'At the same time, we must ensure that our homeland-defense efforts begin with consistent federal action to protect our borders.'

    In the Spanish-language Democratic response, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa specifically called for 'comprehensive immigration reform' and for giving 'hardworking people who play by the rules a greater opportunity to realize the American dream.'

    Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, said Mr. Bush was right to call for action on the border and for his guest-worker plan.

    'The bill I've introduced strengthens our border enforcement and comprehensively reforms our immigration system,' Mr. Cornyn said. 'We need both stronger enforcement and reasonable reform of our immigration laws.'

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  • Called all of them on the list.

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  • They should
    1. not be based on client location (only visit and communicate), must work from sponser's worksite.
    2. not be managed by client. Must be managed by sponser.


    Repeating your quote here
    L-1B temporary workers can no longer work primarily at a worksite other than their petitioning employer if the work will be controlled and supervised by a different employer

    I have put color coding for better understanding. Please read it again.

    This is what I wrote

    person on L1 status can work at client site as long as he/she is directly managed by company that has sponsored L1 visa

    I hope this clears your confusion.

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    Just did.

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  • ABC NEWS missing.
    Boston Globe article is just a reprint of Reuters piece - so I did not include that.

    I cannot find the link to ABC coverage. Can you please PM it to me?

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  • I Do

    Hey guys

    I was a mostly passive observer during the S 1932 battle, and really admire all of your perseverance. I think all of you did very well with the limited time and zero funds that you had. A little bit about myself: I am a physician from India currently doing medical research here. I am currently busy interviewing for the medical residency Match 2006 (for those of you who know or care) and therefore will not be able to spend as much time here as I would like. I myself am not a GC applicant yet but am extremely interested in the cause you guys are taking up and want to see this thing being worked through. I believe our demands are just and fair, and perfectly in line with the American tradition of fairness. Our demands are just waiting to be intelligently articulated and brought to wider public attention, and will resonate well with all lawmakers irrespective of ideology. We will have to be careful about distinguishing our requirements from competing and confusing interests like illegal aliens, security issues and even H1B visa seekers.

    No American, from the most socially conservative Republican to the scared-about-job-loss Democrat will grudge a legal immigrant -who has played by all the rules all the time and pays all taxes- to reduce his immigration wait period from 7 years to 2 years! We have to play on this sense of American fairness (which exists btw to those who are skeptical) and spread the news about our legit demands (and indeed our existence) to the wider American audience. We have to carry this issue from the arena of policy debate to the personal - tell Americans how it feels like for spouses to waste their time and hope, to not be able to buy a home or plan any kind of life beyond the wait period for the green card. We have to tell them that we are not just potentially controversial legislation, but real people, with dreams, hopes, fears and sensitivities- just like them. After all, we are a significant number among their physicians and software engineers, scientists and nurses, professors and graduate students.

    But we should present these facts well to our audience, and not let communication glitches convert a no-brainer into a close contest. We should not let bad English or an unprofessional approach towards lawmakers/ media feed into stereotypes of “cheap labor” class peddled by the anti-immigrant groups. We have to be savvy and creative about our PR. We have to collect funds and organize the enormous mass of people affected by this issue. Among other things, we have to be politically sensitive and not pass judgments on illegal aliens or protectionist Democrats or anti-immigrant groups in our dialogue amongst ourselves or with others.

    I am aware all of this is tall order, but if we can manage this, I think America will give us what we ask for inside of 6 months. I will contribute as much as I can, as will be allowed by my current pressured situation ; ) Like many others here, I can put forth ideas and suggestions. I think I am politically aware and because I (used to) closely follow the general political media, I will probably be able to provide the American perspective on things, which again many others here regularly do.

    Thanks for your time and may 2006 have the very best for us!

    Want to keep alive this thread... ^^^ Bump^^^
    Think no one is intersted in the thread further... Pitty...

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