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  • One of the primary things that you are missing here is that these competitions are just competitions - meaning - it brings the kids together in a national forum, lets them compete with one another and helps build this competitive spirit - which they may repeatedly in their lifetime.

    Being able to participate in a national competition boosts confidence - the sense of competition and wanting to excel is totally a transferable skill - it rekindles the parts in you (or a kid) that they are not aware existed before they competed.

    As for whether this is a right forum to post this, I have seen worst things posted here on IV.

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  • My friend posted his 485 on June 17th and he got a receipt date of July 14th. At this rate, I am thinking I am thinking atleast 3months for July2nd filers..

    So, October 2nd-Gandhi Jayanthi (Birthdate) seems to be more realistic..

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  • I would further say, what is the difference between you and anti-immigrants in this matter ? You are saying that certain class of people should be kept out of the job market and you have your reasons. Since you are probably US educated, you want those who are non-US educated out of competition. Do not give me the BS reason that those with non-US education are the only ones that fake their resume. As far as faking the resume goes, or bragging goes, its up to the individual. It could be anyone, including Presidents that fake resumes or pad it with embellishments.

    The anti-immigrants are saying that they were born here so those who were not born here should be kept of out the job market to reduce competition (and spur wage inflation, which they would call fair wages, but its really wage inflation, the kind that drowned GM and Chrysler).

    Would it not behoove you to say that the decision of who should be hired and who shouldn't be hired must be deferred to the employers and not the Government or any other special interest ? As an employer, are they not the most capable party here to make that decision and evaluate their options ? Shouldn't people who create wealth (employers, businesses) have the prerogative to decide who they want to hire to help them create wealth ?

    Logiclife - I totally agree with your opinions.

    Me and my wife both are professionals - in different fields - none from ivyleague - we decided not to force our kid into something but to allow her to carve out her own career through her interests. We do not aim for sky , but definitely have vision to grow and become successfulaand strive towards it.

    From all those people who went to school with me - those ivyleagures are still in jobs - kinda secure jobs and they also secure their jobs - one of our C grade classmate who was average mediocre and just did a BA degree is now a very successful entrepreneur - he is big time into infrastructure development and also sponsers a team in IPL

    While i

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  • It will bring down the workload? Can you explain how? If anyone in the world is eligible to apply for the GC without sponsorship, the system will be flooded with applications, irrespective of whether they carry any merit or not. What makes you think that an organization that cannot process 140K applications per year can handle millions?

    The point based system sounds great in theory, but cannot be implemented efficiently by the U.S. as long as it remains the most desired country for immigrants. It works for Canada, Australia and the U.K. because fewer people want to move there.

    Anybody wont be eligible. Canada has been fine tuning the immigration since 2002.
    Now only people who have studied or worked in Canada on work permit are eligible.
    family based is greatly restricted unlike US where around 80 is non-skill based.
    If they want they always reform but the exiting H1B is so good for American Companies that they will fight to keep the existing H1B-GC servitude instead of
    any point based..

    Plus there is politics of vote bank: Moment the CIR comes, the sheer stampede of illegal lobby like the bulls of Spain, H1B folks get crushed. Last time, moment the CIR came, H1B people started opposing it because it literally made illegals ahead in line line with more points in the point based system.

    That's why I am skeptical of CIR as of now. H1bs don't have much chance in front
    of the madness of illegal lobby vote bank. Based on my observations of how the
    US politics works I don't see promise in CIR (one of main reasons I left for Canada)

    Not to mention, a lot of antis are not that against EB reform but moment CIR comes
    all anti-s get united in opposition. The illegal bobby hold H1Bs as hostage unless they get what they want. It is such a deadlock that I just don't see how it can be fixed.
    Unless there is another super powerful lobby helping us like US industry (supreme powerful lord in US politics) which currently wants the existing H1B system I don't see headway.

    PS: In 2002 Canada passed IRPA where they delegated the rule decision making to the executive branch unlike US where any change has to be legislated.

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  • Message from USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez

    I understand that individuals are planning to send flowers to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) beginning on Tuesday, July 10. USCIS has made arrangements to forward those flowers to our injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.
    But yes, media is all over it

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  • If you look at THOMAS it actually shows that Yeas are 55 and Nays are 40
    So the bill passed the voting ....
    but it failed because it was ruled "out-of-order" and hence rejected ...
    I dont know why it was ruled out of order ... maybe because it was attached to the defence spending bill so it was not the right place to put in this kind of amendment....

    I hope that Yeas mean YES and Nay mean "NO" or I need to get my head examined

    Kindly note,
    This particular Cornyn amendment (S.Amdt. 2339) offered to attach to H.R. 2669 (College Cost Reduction Act of 2007 ), but the motion was failed due to lack of 5 votes.(55 YEAS and 40 NAYs. Require 3/5 majority) HR.2669 is passed by both Senate and house and sent for conference to resolve the difference between house and senate versions and president is sure to sign the bill and thus would become the law in another few days. This amendment does not have anything to do with defence bill or with SKILL bill. Following is the actions taken by congress of HR 2669.


    Title: To provide for reconciliation pursuant to section 601 of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2008.
    Sponsor: Rep Miller, George [CA-7] (introduced 6/12/2007) Cosponsors (31)
    Related Bills: H.RES.531
    Latest Major Action: 7/20/2007 Resolving differences -- Senate actions. Status: Senate insists on its amendment, asks for a conference, appoints conferees Kennedy; Dodd; Harkin; Mikulski; Bingaman; Murray; Reed; Clinton; Obama; Sanders; Brown; Enzi; Gregg; Alexander; Burr; Isakson; Murkowski; Hatch; Roberts; Allard; Coburn.
    House Reports: 110-210
    6/12/2007 Introduced in House
    6/25/2007 Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Education and Labor. H. Rept. 110-210.
    7/11/2007 Passed/agreed to in House: On passage Passed by recorded vote: 273 - 149 (Roll no. 613).
    7/20/2007 Passed/agreed to in Senate: Passed Senate with an amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 78 - 18. Record Vote Number: 272.
    7/20/2007 Resolving differences -- Senate actions: Senate insists on its amendment, asks for a conference, appoints conferees Kennedy; Dodd; Harkin; Mikulski; Bingaman; Murray; Reed; Clinton; Obama; Sanders; Brown; Enzi; Gregg; Alexander; Burr; Isakson; Murkowski; Hatch; Roberts; Allard; Coburn.

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  • I agree with you.
    We do not have to go and sit down in their helluva offices to figure out what the heck is going on. My point is simple. As long as all the so called companies simply write software,provide services to US companies its back office. How much of software written is for native use? How much of the revenue generated by these companies is Indian based? With out infrastructure and manufacturing growing at at least 10% of the other growths people dream about, its nothing but a deck of cards doomed to fall any time. Enough of my rant.

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  • Thanks for inputs in the forums.

    EB3-India cannot be discriminated.
    Anyone in EB3 after 2-3 years waiting is qualified under EB2-I. And we see people waiting for much more. How can we be discriminated then. We have to do something.

    And exactly how is India being discriminated? Do you have proof that they are giving India less visas than the per country limit?

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  • Called USCIS on friday and asked them to expedite since i can lose by job. current ead expires on sept 5 th and filed renewal on june 24th. I see so many cases getting approved with much later dates.
    Any sugestions on what steps to follow?
    my company won't let me work even 1 day after ead expiration

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  • I am posting the sheet. It is a rough draft. We will revise it tomorrow. I will keep revising it in place tomorrow, so please keep checking!

    Please post comments preferably supported by URL based facts. Thanks!

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  • Ronhia, I appreciate your comments. It needs conviction, dedication and consistent efforts to make such accomplishments. Moreover it also demonstrates the character of a person, who can motivate and inspire other kids in a positive way.. especially in an environment full of negative distractions.

    If spelling bee competition is considered merely as just cramming the dictionary, as you rightly said we need to really spend some time looking beyond your own shell.

    When you open a magazine, for sure, you tend to come across pages that may not be of interest to you. We skip the page and move on rather whining with words (yucky, stupid, senseless) that are inappropriate.

    "Winning a national competition is not so great"... again it depends on what is so great to you !!!..

    Well said...I couldnt have said any better.

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  • How come Sonia Gandhi can be a member of parliament and if there was no BJP then she might as well became Prime Minister of India? I wonder who wrote these laws??

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  • Sorry - Not everybody is(or wants to be like) Narayan Moorthy.
    I bet Narayan Moorthy doesnt have time(if not willingness) to clean his toilet NOW. Maybe we wud have when he was younger(before Infosys) which is a different stroy altogether.

    I always cleaned my room, in India and here. What's wrong with that? Infosys founder Narayan Murthy cleans his own toilet (as per his own admission to a newspaper). Does it make him an 'inferior' person to you? Don't you vacuum your room every weekend? Does that make you any lesser person? Ever heard of dignity of labor?

    You wrote - "Humans, listen, life is not 1000 years, it is very short, dont waste the best part of your life waiting for gc". So what are you doing ? Not waiting for GC? Then why are you hanging around? There are good opportunities back home . Those sitting in deep-sh*t shouldn't be throwing muck at others stuck in the same sh*t.

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  • My Above mentioned EAD is approved today. I got the Card ordered mail from CRIS today at 7 pm...

    My Wife's EAD e-filed same date as mine on May 28th is approved today. I got a Card Production ordered mail just now. MIne was approved yesterday.
    There was just 12 numbers difference in Receipt nos.

    Looks like they picked up speed as they reach the 90 day mark....

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  • TSC approving old PD I140 first and that is suffient for demand supply ratio. no approval possible with PD'2005 EB2 cases for contries like India.

    Check this out.....

    There are people from India with PD 2005 whose I-485's have been approved lately.

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  • Well, last year i was in a similar situation too ,actually worse than yours.My project ended in February '08.Then i went to India for 4 months. After i got back , my employer refused to pay for my health inssurance.I opted for COBRA and was paying 1200$ for my family , with my husband and child listed as dependants.I attended several interviews,while I was expecting my second child . Though its against the law, many were skeptical in employing me as a consultant during this time. I was very lucky to get a full time offer using my EAD, where my health coverage started after 60 days .All this time, without a project , i was paying through my nose for the health insurance using COBRA.

    Ofcourse, i never bothered to inform my employer about my new employement.(Do i need to??)One fine day, i get an update on my H1 application , that the case has been reopened for review , and i get to know through my employer that he has CANCELLED my H1(got a 3 year extension based an approved I140).He did not give me chance to transfer it, inspite of me working rather slogging for 4 years , during which he shamelessly took the overtime money i earned as part of the billing.Though, i feel cheated,used etc etc.... but i did nothing. What could i have done?
    All through my journey in this GC process, i have had bitter experiences with desi employers.Though i've been in this country for 10 long years, i am still sitting waiting for my GC with the PD of Dec '05!! The previous employer, said he was filing my GC under EB2 but actually used EB3. And he also was willing to 'sell me my labor' for 12k!!!!! when i requested for retaining the PD. I coulddo nothing..
    I am not writing all this to vent my anger but to make you think that there could be other worse things happening to us.

    Also can somebody educate me on the 'stimulus' ,please?(pardon my ignorance)


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  • and why was it so early. those arseholes carnt even watch a calander right.

    suppose to be on or around the 15th??? which would be friday???

    They published it early so that who have not planned to join rally can make late plans. Friday would have been very late.

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  • I called service center..those who have applied to TSC ,they kept all the applications on hold which came on 2 nd July and started to put them into their systems from July 20th ,so just hope to see your check getting cashed by this or next wk...

    Any body called NSC reg. the fate of July 2 filers !!!!

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  • Applied for AP on June 1 at NSC. NO LUD changes till about last week.

    I contacted USCIS and had an expedite request put in. Worked with USCIS ombudsman to figure out what was happening. Worked with my State Senator's office to put some heat on USCIS. After all the above efforts, finally got mine & My spouse's AP approved yesterday.(Oct 13). Total of 134 long days since i applied for my AP.

    NSC is notorious for being late and lackadaiscal. I advice ppl to step in and take your cases to Ombudsman & Senators. They tend to be lot more helpful than USCIS. Good luck


    I think we are getting sidetracked here. I think the question for most people who have spend over 6 years in US is that:

    1. Education is very different in US/canada compared to India/Asia. Its geared towards creativity as opposed to rote learning. It will take a lot of time to adpat to that system.
    2. The competition is definitely way tougher in India/Asia.
    3. An average kid has better chances at a financially successful life in canada than in India/Asia.

    Coming to the question of ourselves as adults finding jobs in canada ...
    I think its definitely going to be easier to find jobs in Bangalore than in Toronto. Offcourse, comparing canadian market to US is pointless. We know US market is way better. Then again we are just talking software jobs. If you keep your mind open to any type of management position or business opportunity I think you will have better opportunity in Canada than elsewhere in India.

    Does anyone know of any discussion forums of software guys who have moved from US to canada?


    I am sorry but I disagree with the "best among the best" comment. To equate success in the IIT entrance exam to being the best is a mistake. Success in the entrance exams to those Insititutions comes from focus and hard work. This does not necessarily mean that the people who go there are the best. They ARE definitely the best at preparing for the exam.

    My wife does not ahve paystubs from Oct 06 to Dec 06 and no W2 for year 2006. SO I would need a absence letter. Any for mat of letter would be appreciated.

    We have paystubs from jan 07 to Jun 07 and plan to leave in July after filing 485 and plan to re enter in August using unexpired H4 visa.

    I know of someone who used unexpired H4 visa in spite of being on H1 before leaving US

    Any issues with above scenario?

    What is the approval date for her H1-B?

    Using unexpired H4 visa for re-entry is no problem. At the time of entry in US, it does matter what status you were on last visit as long as one has not accumulated > 180 days in unlawful presence (i.e. stay beyond I-94 date).

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002

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