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  • Is it possible to file I-485 without I-693(Medical) ?

    The reason I ask is that I cannot get a doctor's appointment in July. For some reason, if we are able to file in July, can I submit the 485 first and submit teh I-693 later.

    Please advise

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  • Yeap Core team has done a tremendous job, no words to explain my gratitude. Community also showed support by donating 70k.

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  • With the new rule on FBI name checks, a potential 47K with current PDs could get their GS's soon. I wonder how much of a shift we will see in the PD's from now, after the 47K is not taken into account. I would predict a minimum of atleast a year jump, or am I being optimistic. :confused:

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  • All,
    This has been discussed before, but I could not find a definitive answer.
    I live in Alabama and my I-485 is pending with Nebraska Service Center. Based on instructions in I-765 form, Alabama falls under Texas Service Center.
    My category for I-765 EAD is -- (c) (9).

    Now I am filing for my EAD renewal. Where should I send in my paper application -- Nebraska or Texas?

    Would you all pl let me know. Last time my EAD was messed up big time, (wrong dates on EAD card), and I want to make sure everything goes normal this time.

    Appreciate your reply.

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  • Hi,

    I'm sorry if this question sounds trivial, what is LUD? My FP was done on Sep 19 and I checked the uscis website today using my i-485 receipt #. I don't see any update. Please let me know.

    LUD is the las update date . when u check the receipt no u will find the date

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  • I was in a similar situation where i had two petitions one expiring in 4 months and another expiring in a year and i got the stamp for the remaining 1 year 4 months. The guys outside take only one petition as you have to schedule an appointment with only one petition (i.e. I797). When you go to the window to talk to the Consular Officer you should tell him that you have another petition and get a stamp for the entire validity of the 2 petitions. I asked the CO in a very polite way and he obliged.

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  • you have to apply for extension hope you got the passport renewed.

    Visa stamp is for entry, I-94 determines the status and length of stay. Even if the stamp is valid if I-94 is expiring you will be out of status.

    If you have filed for I-485 then your status will become AOS.

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  • Indian work visas for US citizens equal H1Bs L1s (http://www.samachar.com/Indian-work-visas-for-US-citizens-equal-H1Bs-L1s-le2mJKhhjcc.html)

    That article is a joke and more like propaganda. It says around 58K H1Bs are issued and most of them are extension - but are they not aware the extensions are not counted towards the cap...?

    The moment I read this...I have stopped reading any further.

    The job is first moved by the out sourcing firm and then offered for Americans...?

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  • Lets see waht happens....

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  • I'm afraid of same things too...Hope something will work out.

    Based on Assement in this article, it almost seems that the chances of STRIVE are dead even before it goes to House Immigration Commettee. I am not trying to be negative or something but the article has such a tone. I can understand that Pelosi did not schedule any timing but what concerns me most is the fact that
    "California Democrat Zoe Lofgren, who chairs the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law, will hold hearings before marking up any bill"

    Now we all know how one sided these hearings are and how long they take. In nutshell these hearings give chance to any tom, dick and harry to express his opinion and create melodrama. We already worry about melodrama of people such as Sen Sessions in the Senate. Add this drama, and it can easily eat the short window we have to get the relief. I really hope I am wrong here but I have a bad feeling about this :(:mad:

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  • Kondur, based on your signature, you have 3 active applications in the system. I understand EB1A, thats you sponsering yourself and no labor needed. EB2 with PD 02/08 is employer filed with PERM and I140 and whole nine yards. if I understand it right, EB2 NIW is also something an employer should sponser (or atleast help you with some documentation) and you file I-140 directly like EB1A. I know parallel applications are OK and EB2-NIW or EB1A are surely faster. but is there any reason behind that many applications at same time (other than increasing your probability of atleast one going thru?)..

    There is a reason for multiple I 140s in my case. There are benefits to each of them:

    1. EB2 PERM based: already have it approved.
    Benefit: already approved. Lock the PD.
    Disadvantage: Not current. Upon approval you have to work for the sponsoring employer.

    2. EB2 NIW:
    Benefit: No committment to work for a particular employer. Just work in the same field as NIW. Easier to get approved than EB1. Not sponsored by employer; self petition. Attorney files it with no extra charge with EB1 (only additional filing fees)
    Disadvantage: not current.

    3. EB1A (My best bet!)
    Benefit: Current and will remain current. Upon approval no need to works for a particular employer; just stay in the same field. Not employer sponsored.
    Disadvantage: Very difficult to get approved.

    Hope this clarifies....

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  • Sorry to say this kind of thread is making this site loose its purpose. Urging admin to remove such thread and discourage from future occurance.

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  • I am still waiting for my card, but I received a FP notice yesterday. I think I'll get my card once I am done with my FP.

    Thats great. Atleast something is happening. On your welcome notice, did it say that you'll need new finger prints? My welcome notice said I'll get my card in 3 weeks, did not mention anything about FP.

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  • But again as I mentioned before, if US has shortage of skilled workers, they can fulfill the shortage within few months. If we all go, another batch of temporary workers can be brought in without any loses, that too in few months (On some different VISA if H1 B is abolished), so I don�t see any economic impact on the country like people say �US Economy will go down if there is no H1 B visa�

    It is not that hard to imagine at all.
    500K h1b holders having $60K jobs (on average) means $30 billion to the US economy. That is only .002% of US GDP but that is still a *lot* of money.

    Remember the Swift meat packing plant raids. They cost Swift $45-50M they claim. That is greater than the wages of the workers rounded up. Probably around double. If IBM started feeling that hurt, they'd be summoning their representatives to their offices.

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  • swede and wonderlust:

    this organization is strong and growing everyday because of the efforts of volunteers like you. thank you from all of us for your enthusiasm and motivation. iv does not seek to represent any one nationality, group or skillset. Once you start dividing there is no end. india vs row? EB2 vs EB3? STEM vs other? US degree vs Foreign Degree? BEC vs new filers? we have seen all these food fights take place. will it ever stop?

    the goal is to end retrogression for all. if this happens incremental steps then the movement will continue until the whole goal is achieved. we, as a community of skilled immigrants cannot afford to be fractured. if we are not speaking with one voice, we will be ignored and those that oppose us will easily block our measures from going forward. among other things we learnt from this rally is that there are still those that seek to pursue narrow and divisive agendas within our movement. this will lead to sure failure, and each one of us will suffer for it.

    as i have reminded folks here on numerous occasions, iv is not a brick and mortar structure. we are iv, and there is no iv but us. we determine it's strength and weakness and we shall determine its (and therefore our) success and failure.

    some here fear what will happen when the current leadership get green cards. will iv go the way of skilled immigrant organizations of the past?
    the answer to that too lies within us. a turnover of leadership is but natural over time. if new people are unwilling to step up and be active volunteers, start state chapters, create new initiatives and bring renewed vigor to this movement it shall die out. if new volunteers will not come forward in a fresh stream then maybe we don't deserve this. we are the arbitrators of our destiny.

    i believe though we are more worthy than that.
    the rally has also shown us (especially me- given that i took upon myself the task of working with state chapters) that there are very dedicated and highly motivated members in this organization that will work selflessly and give up much to ensure success. my grateful thanks to the many who made my life so much easier these past few months.

    wonderlust, if you have initiatives to take the message out to the community, iv will surely help you in every which way possible. please pm pappu with your idea!

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  • How did the show go?

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  • ....
    I just waned to let others knows about that you have to give two weeks notice to your current employer and join the new employer which is not possible according to the new system....

    Why you think that is not possible?

    What do you mean by "new system"?

    If you want to wait until approval, file H-1B premium. If you have skills and its "bonafide job", not much risk for H-1B denial. Note, H-1B visa is not for speculative employment.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • you guys missed the train that only moves backwards.

    --LOL!!! Good one. And with no light at the end of the tunnel. It's another train!!!

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  • Hi Breddy2000,
    Was your attorney from your company very much expert or you hired top rated attorney like Murthy or someother same category lawyer?

    I am in same disstress as you were, please respond ASAP, becaue I am not getting the feel from my company lawyer, so thinking of not to take a chance and go for high-end attorney.

    Thanks In advance


    So that means you have not learned much.

    I have lived in both BC and Boston, moron.

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