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  • Agree 100%. Atleast when Bush was in office there were bills introduced that encouraged skilled immigration Eg: Those who have been around for a while would remember the Cornyn-Kyl bill from 2005.

    Everybody likes to talk about the Clinton era, but don't forget that Republicans had majority then. So we may see good things happen after the November 2010 elections if dems lose majority in both house and senate. And it will be good for Mr.Bamster to govern from the center going forward than to hang out with the far-left, may even fetch him another 4 years.

    Very true last relief AC21 was passed when republican party had control over Senate and Congress. That time the deomcratic party wanted amnesty but "their" version of the bill never got a chance to be heard by the repuiblican leadership who had control over teh agenda. Now with Pelosi et al in change they do not allow any piecemeal bill to be tabled unless its part of the CIR

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  • FEDEX July 2nd 10:23AM

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  • So many "I will try and keep you posted". So what is the story here? R u all making it or not?

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  • my attorney said i need to wait for 140 receipt to file 485
    is that true?

    i need big help with my 140 filed in Premium Processing
    and i did not get my receipt to file 485
    applied it on Jun 20 2007 (this month)
    any way i can get some copy of the receipt to file 485?

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  • I also think TSC online update is out of sync, I received my AP without any update
    Happens all the time! Its not just limited to TSC... online update works 70% of the times at best!

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  • Hello there ,

    From now onwards visa dates will be stable. I mean little or big but most of time forward jump .. Not a big swing that we saw for couple of years.

    What bothers me is SPILL OVER. CIS told that EB2 India and China is under their annual limit.EB2 ROW has very less labor compare to last years. For first quarter they had approx 700 LC. if you apply same math then 2800 ~ 3000 LC and 7500 visa needed for all EB2 Row.

    Total EB2 has 40k. India and china consume 6k together. Now there should be SPILL of 24k visas to Eb2 India and china.

    I am not talking about EB1 Spill ( Which is current till date ) . VO told that EB4 will have cutoff date for Still there can be spill from Eb5.

    If no SPILL THEN DATE WILL NOT MOVE SINGLE DAY IN SEP. IF SPILL FROM EB2 only then it will move till MID 2004 . and If more spill then I see we will crossing 2004.

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  • This bill has nothing related to EB applicants.
    Also looks like Sec. 501 Earned Access to Legalization may apply only to illegals.

    The more it is closer to amensty, it will not go forward.

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  • http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/calendar.html


    Thanks.. It is working now,. but i can only see the American Eagle.. is that what you guys are seeing as well?


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  • Yes, it is one of those random lotteries with some sequence in it :-)

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  • Vote at the below thread as well to compare this poll vs the poll at the below URL to get a gauge on the no of approvals in the month of september.


    Assuming that all those whose 485s were pending at the start of this poll voted on the poll at the above URL as well (if their 485 is still pending), it indicates that USCIS has issued quite a few approvals in the last 11 days based on below calculation.

    No of 485s pending with a PD < Jan 2005 per this poll : 112
    No of 485s pending with a PD < Jan 2005 per poll at above URL: 29
    Net reduction in cases due to approvals since 8/23/09 : 112 - 29 = 83

    Note: The above assumption could be far fetched as I see that the poll at the above URL is just started today (9/11). As more members especially those voted in this poll and still have pening 485s (where PD < 2005), it gives an idea of how well USCIS cleared the backlog.

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  • If you want OCI, there are a few hoops to jump through -

    1. Apply for an Indian passport first.

    2. Once the Indian passport is issued, apply for the US passport.

    3. Return the Indian passport after the US passport is issued. The consulate should return the Indian passport back to you, but keep a photocopy in case they don't.

    4. Now you can apply for OCI on the grounds that your son once held an Indian passport.

    Absolutely wrong. Lot of misinformation here. You can very well apply for OCI for your child even if both of you are Indian citizens and the 4 steps mentioned above are just wrong. I would prefer OCI over PIO as mentioned in the other reply too, on PIO your child will have to register with the police station evry six months if stay is longer. OCI is valid forever while PIO is valid for 10 (or 5) years and OCI means you have all the rights but can't fight elections and vote.

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  • EB 2 LC Certified June 2007
    Mar 2005 PD
    Reached NSC on 7/2/07 at 7.33am
    Filed I-140 & 485 concurrently
    Checks not cashed yet.

    Let us poll here only for Nebraska Service Center 02-July filers and find stats to estimate the timeline

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  • Is something being arranged on the chapter level as well?

    I was there for rally and will also join for this one.

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  • Scenario1:
    If you are on H1 in your 6th year with EAD (not used) then after 6th year will be applicant be on EAD or does he has to fill I-9 with employer

    Based on how HR departments handle i9 forms, in most companies, they may not know when your h1b or EAD is expiring - some HRs may have calender triggers and request for updated EADs or h1b extensions. Usually you need to show the EAD or H1b extension with updated i 94 and they take a copy and place it in your file so that if there is an audit, they will produce the documents.
    So it is your duty to inform your HR department that you wish to work using EAD after 6th year so that they update the i 9 form

    If you are on H1 in your at the end of 6th year with EAD (not used) then before the end of 6th year an applicant loosed job. then from that point will he be automatically be on EAD or does he has to do some thing to file till he gets a job (because once he find a job and he might apply for new h1 or join with EAD and he can file I-9)

    Basically, if your 485 is pending for more than 180 days and you lose job, then technically you can start using EAD and move on using AC21. You can even get a h1b transfer as your 140 is pending or approved.
    EAD is not a status and one does not fall int EAD status - if you lost job on h1b and satisfy AC21 criteria then you are in pending AOS state and use EAD to work.

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  • all though I have a permanent job and valid h1 till 2012, with i140 cleared. I am planning to move back to india. I am all supportive for this law suit.
    I also wish to add a clause to add SSN and medicare to be returned back in this law suit.

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  • Guys MY PD is feb 2008. I am recently watching vias bulletins. I am in EB2.
    Based on my watching previous visa bulletions ( after sep 2008) I dont see that it makes major difference if you file in EB3 or EB2.
    Both are backloged very much and sincearly I dont hope inspite on being in EB2, I will get EAD or GC till 2015.

    What are your thoughts, is it worth filing in EB2?
    Of course, it is worth it. Go with EB-2 and don't lose hope.

    I ended-up in EB3 due to a mistake made by the lawyer back in 2001-2. Of course, we fired the lawyer, when we realized this. I wish I'd switched myself to EB-2 back then. I just didn't know of the possibility until recently, thanks to IV.

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  • Are they even filing a lawsuit ?? If they are SO READY, where is the big press release saying USCIS SUED !!!!!!! :cool:
    Again have faith. Everything needs planning, they are a non-profit organization working for our cause, at least this time. First they need people to come forward and give the details, also they want to give us enough time so we can be ready with our case. Most important question here is, are we doing our part? there are many things we could do to help them and ourselves.

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  • Any Ball park amount I should expect as attorney fee for the MTR ? I know some one mentioned about a CA attorney who does it for $500 but since I don't have H1 as backup , incase if I need switch back to the 2nd employer it is better to keep the current attorney ( 2nd employer ) . looks like he may not come cheap . they asked whether I want to file for Adv parol and it will cost attorney fee $800 . ( I don't have a clue why asked when my I485 is in denial stage) .

    I looked at the I290B form and looks not so complicated.

    But in this situation I do not want to take the risk of filing myself .


    I-290B is pretty straightforward and I helped my friend with his filing and we were successful in getting his I-140 approval. Having said that, whether to self file or hire a lawyer will depend on the complexity of the case and the reason for denial. If its a straightforward case/denial (wrongful) and you have all the documents to prove it otherwise, you can go ahead and file I-290B yourself. Otherwise, hire a lawyer. Did you get the I-485 denial notice yet and whats the reason for denial?

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  • TSC.. received date is 09/29

    Hope my small donation helps. I am encouraging my friends to contribute.
    Receipt number for this payment is: 2553-5233-6038-5007

    Thank you. If you let me know the amount, I can add it to the total. I am keeping track of the contributions. You can PM me if you want.

    I appreciate if someone answerer my question. I am sure this information will help the others too.
    1-I-140 approved
    2-PD became current 2 months ago( according to VB website)
    3-Still I did not received any letter regarding my approval and fees which I have to pay to begin CP
    4-How long will take till I receive my interview?( in Montreal/ Canada)

    Thank You

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