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  • Any Updates on this ... When is the Full House Hearing Scheduled , it was supposed to be on 23..jun

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  • Sounds good. I have work so it will have to be a medium time frame for me also.

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  • My wife is applying H1B this April 1st against 2007 year general quota and via regular process (not Premium Processing).

    Currently she is on H4 with valid I797 (expiry date end of Oct 2007) and expired visa on her passport (June 2006).

    She plans to visit India this June and get H4 visa stamp on sometime June 2nd week. She will be returning sometime end of August.

    Do you see any problem in visiting India and getting H4 visa stamp (based on the current I797 or I may get an extension by June) while H1B application is pending? What will happen to the H1B approval as it will have current I-94 number? Do we need to go again to India and get stamping after October 1st for H1B?
    Or need to wait until August for H1B approval and get the H1B visa stamping instead of getting H4 stamping on June?

    Please clarify. Thanks and appreciate your reply.

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  • If you enter on AP, but have a valid H1 extension approval to xx date, and the xx date approaches and you are working for only the original H-1 employer maintaining ALL the conditions of H-1, you can request an extension of H1 status and if all is ok and it will be granted and you will get back on H1B non-immigrant status. But until such time, one is not considered in H1 non-immigrant status but "adjustee of status," which is NOT any non-immigrant status.
    Read closely if you did not understand the above.

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  • Thank you for the replies, I think I won't do anything further for the I140. I will try to get my H1B first. I am wondering in my case, will my H1B application be rejected due to the "I140 filed when F1"?

    Thanks again for the help!

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  • Done... Now hoping for something good to happen

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  • Recd EAD Card today (issued 9/12/07, RN 9/6/07)
    Recd FP notice today.. FP on 9/26/07.

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  • What do you want to know? I130 and I485 needs to be filed. Both Counselor Processing as well as AOS allowed.

    This is current Priority Date
    --- China ---- India
    2A 01OCT03 01OCT03 For Spouse and Children
    2B 01NOV99 01NOV99 For Unmarried children above 21

    For EB based guys, my understanding is that this PD is same as Labor Certification PD which was used for GC - correct me if I am wrong.

    Found this one on the internet... maybe someone can help to give more information about K-3 visa ...

    here is the url :

    just trying to help ... :-) I am not a lawyer ... :-)


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  • I really like these ideas and strongly feel that this would work. I myself have just now decided to take upon me to register at least 6 members by next week. Core members give a thought abt these ideas. Also put up a request on the registration page to spread the word and get at least two other people registered.

    As I am writing, I understand there are 1900 active members and 5800 members. Even if 50% of the members bring one new member each, there will be a tremendous increase. And this can be done via internet: web and emails. Set a target (50% increase?),deadline (Oct 31st?) and have weekly count of new additions displayed prominently. Democrats did that for Howard Dean's campaign and the model has been used for subsequent elections by both the parties..

    IV core had been very voiceferous, when we needed to achieve the funding target in summer. Can they become more involved chalking out a plan to
    increase membership, if that really matters? In the membership enrollment form, if there is a field asking if some old members brought the applicant in, then we would know how many old ones really care to do something. Without personal outreach and contact, the rate of new additions will never increase.

    Are we upto this?

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  • In our case got EAD directly, but AP went to Lawyer.

    I guess only god knows how USCIS works!

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  • Peace out guys!

    Why dont we call it a day on this issue. The OP was venting frustration, and feels entitled to do so. Nothing wrong with that, and there is no need to question his motives or logic. Considering what all of us are going through, there is a lot to be said in favor of letting out steam.

    Lest anyone feel offended for anything I have said, I am not being patronizing. Indeed, after five years of wait, I feel like a good crib session will do me good too.

    Chill out and enjoy the weather....after weeks of awfully low temp., the sun is out and the weather is glorious.:)

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  • gcnirvana,

    I guy at the CBP office said that since my passport will be expiring on July 2007, i should have gotten my I94 stamped only till July 2007 instead of till September 2007 which is whenmy visa stamp will expire ... I am planning to try my luck again once i get my new passport ...

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  • The link is broken, can you please post the corrected link?

    Yes, it is not working today. It was basically a pensylvania law suite and USCIS memo. I have saved it at work, Will try to attach it on Monday.

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  • got Interview Notice with PD March EB3 India

    Can you explain how come your EB3 category is having a tag "RIR"? The reason I am asking is that at one end you claim your PD is March 2007. And in that case you must have been approved through new labor process PERM and PERM does not have RIR and NON RIR criteria. RIR/Regular (non - RIR) is used to be a junk language of old labor style filing.

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  • Guys, Sen. Reid has the power and will to make this one goes through.
    I was told that Sen. Pelosi did not directly endorse the bill, but she is fine with amnesty bills. I think we may finally see something cooking. If we don't, then chances are we need to wait till 2009 !!

    gsc u r a lil confused

    speaker pelosi is the head of the house of representatives (Lok Sabha) with Steny Hoyer serving as majority leader in the House and Senator Reid is the majority leader of the Senate (Rajya Sabha). The president of the senate is the VP

    Both have floor schedules and have issues that need to be debated on. the bill has to pass in both houses..either with the exact same wording or alternate text that will be reconciled in conference committee



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  • I am inches away from either creating a Therapy sub-forum or asking you lot to take the venting and therapy posts to Immigration Portal.

    Please lets keep IV's forums for constructive conversations about our agenda -- breaking news on legislation, upcoming actions, broadening support for our activities.

    It really shouldn't be Immigration Portal Version 2 where everything and anything goes.

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  • Same here. I appled on 14th. April and still waitting.

    I efiled my EAD in NSC on April 16th and Still I am waiting.

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  • Hey guys this is interesting and useful info and AILA and AILF should take note of this.

    If they approve EB3/India/APR2004 and EB2/INDIA/AUG2005 saying the dates were current on Jul1 or Jul2 , applying the same logic they can't reject applications that were files when the dates were still current. And also give fair chance to others to react between bulletins.
    You are right, priderock. If indian2006 is willing, his case can be used as an example by AILF but I think we should be happy for those who got approved and spare them any more trouble.

    However, looking at indian2006's case, I had one question.
    If they allocated visa number on 1st July then, why was the approval done on 10th? I think in one of the earlier posts it was mentioned that they need to use it in 7 days or else return it to DOS.

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  • Hi,

    I may know the answer, but I thought i would check.

    Below is my situation:
    1) I-140 approved in Jan 2008
    2) I-485 pending since July 2007
    3) I have a 2 year EAD

    Now, if I switch my job and the new employer is not ready to transfer my H1-B, can I use my EAD to work(provided my I-140 is not revoked by the previous employer)
    Also, any chance that I could keep my GC application alive? what will happen when my Priority date becomes current.

    Thanks in advance.

    Stop advertising a lawyer. I find him very speculative. He wants everyone to come to his site and you are falling for it.
    Which line of my post suggests that I am advertising for him? If someone posts a link from a news paper, does it mean that he/she is advertising for the news paper. I just found it on his website and found it relevant for us so I posted it. For your information, I am not his client.


    Can you please share your experiences with renewal of Indian passport in US. They are asking for 3.5cm x 3.5cm photos which are not same as the regular passport size photos. The CGI Houston website mentions passport size photos as requirement in some places and 3.5cm X 3.5 cm photos in some other places. Can you please share on what you did for the photos? thanks a lot.

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