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  • Folks,

    I'm sure you must have debated this already. But, I'd post this anyways:

    Is it possible to take out(or substitute) the need to have a IV handle or register with IV, inorder to participate and meet the law-makers on the Advocacy Day?

    I'm thinking that could bring in more people. People who wants to register will register anyways and who don't want to can also participate. There are other ways to check the validity of the person registering


    I never thought registering on IV is a an issue. I see close to 50K registered users on IV, I have not come across anyone who had any issues for registering with IV.

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  • The July VB has distracted us. Should re-mobilize quickly. Shouldn't rest till favourable amendments are in.........

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  • Guys, I submitted my app on July 2 with matriculation as BC. I'm OK with RFE... Do you think it will be rejected????

    I don't think they will accept matriculation certificate as primary evidence. Since the birth certificate is initial evidence, you should contact your lawyer ASAP.

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  • Not everyone forgot. Check out Bing (http://www.bing.com) or Bing (http://www.live.com).

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  • The OP might be a person who needs EAD very badly....you know, to start earning for day to day living....

    Receipts can give you sense of security in terms of your application but for those without H1 or L1 and expecting EAD, EAD can give them job and earnings.

    I must agree - both are important..it is just each one of us have different cases and circumstances.

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  • There were about 600,000 AOS applications including the July and August filers. So that number less 60,000...roughly about 540,000 applications still pending with USCIS....

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  • .....
    Are H1 is Really in a speciality Occupation?
    When we apply 1st time they are asking all the documents which is fine.
    When we apply Extension they are asking all the details with Paystubs,client letter.
    When we apply Transfer they are asking all the details with Paystubs.

    1. Read this pdf. http://www.uscis.gov/files/article/E1eng.pdf This should answer your questions on H-1B
    2. Documents are needed to demonstrate that offered job is of specialty occupation and the beneficiary meets job qualification. It also has checks for employer who is offering H-1B job.
    3. Pay stubs are needed so as to prove that beneficiary is maintaining valid H-1B status when another H-1B petition is filed.
    4. Client Letter is needed so that Employer (petitioner) can demonstrate that the proffered position qualifies as a specialty occupation, or that the petitioner has complied with the terms and conditions of the LCA.

    Unless theyUSCIS) make a rule like H1 can work for any employer we suffer a lot and feel like slaves which is bad.....

    H-1B is not for any job. The job must meet requirements for H-1B. Read the pdf mentioned above.

    I am sorry that you feel like sl***, but you do have option of changing the job if you don't like current job and you feel like s****.

    Thanks for sharing your "sad" story!

    Not a legal advice.

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  • Mercies and Ragz,

    Thanks for the correction. I've sent a similar mail to Vayalar Ravi. I'll update you all if I hear anything.

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  • The United States, previously in first place, continues to enjoy an excellent business environment, efficient markets and is a global centre for technology development. However, its overall competitiveness is threatened by large macroeconomic imbalances, particularly rising levels of public indebtedness associated with repeated fiscal deficits. Its relative ranking remains vulnerable to a possible disorderly adjustment of such imbalances, including historically high trade deficits

    for full report etc --

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  • Nope, no FP notice for me yet. I am still waiting on the receipts, however, I was able to get the Receipt# by calling USCIS few days back.

    Any FP notices for folks falling in this category?

    Please keep updating..thanks all !

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  • Let me try in other branch.Online application works fine in IE , doesn't work in Firefox.

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  • What you are advising her/him to do is lie to USCIS that he/she is sick when she is not. This is on the same lines as doing what those guys behind bars did, brining people on H-1B from India to the US without actually having a job for them.

    Again, its people like you that is giving genuine legal immigrants a bad name, and putting us all (including yourself) in the LONG immigration queue!

    I see that you have written letters and participated in other campaigns. None of those will materialize if you're teaching others to missuse the H-1B system. How hard is it for you to understand that these are the kinds of loopholes because of which we are stuck with no visa numbers?

    Get a letter from your employer saying they are granting you a personal unpaid vacation as per your request(which can be done using a pre-dated letter to them). Make sure you are getting your medical coverage from them(if you have it through them). Provide that and an explanation that you are taking personal time off due to health etc/stress. Hopefully that flies with the USCIS.

    good luck

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  • If you have a project, there are companies who will keep $6 hr and 10% as payroll taxes.
    Let me know, if you want more details.

    P.S. I am not connected with the company, but I know people who worked in that company for years.

    I know of a company which will keep $2 + 10% for payroll taxes. A lot better than the one above.
    There is so much competetion in this space that people have reduced their margins to next to nothing.

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  • I wouldn't want Laloo to get his paws on my money. It is better in a Swiss account. :-)

    Revelation on Swiss Bank Accounts "who can save india no one knows where tax payer money is going " Revelation on Swiss Bank Accounts

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  • Thank you gemini123 for the quick reply. I'm in Texas and have to get it renewed in Houston. I was talking to a broker who would get it done in about 10 days as I'm planning to travel to India next month.
    He asked me to send the original pasport along with the I-94. That didn't seem right to me.
    Should we also send a I-485 receipt copy?
    Also, I have a expired visa in my passport but my H-1B is valid till May 2008. I'm planning to travel to India through Amsterdam and use my approved AP for reentering US. Would I need a tranist visa if I'm just chaging planes at the airport? Thanks!

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  • I agree with sri1309. This would stop the bleeding of the economic crisis. Folks just wont stop by buying house alone, they all will be motivated to spend more money. guys, our folks most of them are well positioned with good paying jobs and pay and the only reason for not spending and not buy houses are because of the insecurity of the stay due to the h1b extension.
    We all to some extent know that this whole mess is due to the deregulation of the financial institiution and because of which high supply of houses ( SUPPLY and DEMAND. Now with the bailout government owns all these houses). By passing some legislation can control the deregulation but how do you sell the government owned houses quickly to the people? who will buy? Immigration is the best option. Here is my recommendation, regulate and tightenend the loans for the house constructing companies to control the supply side from the constructing compnay and issue green cards to all the legal immigrants to increase the demand side of the equation. Additionally bringing the ?? milliion illegal immigrants to legal will increase the tax revenue of the government. My 2cents says that whoever the next president, the comprehensive immigration reforms would be the best solutions for solving the current economic mess.
    There are a lot of US citizens wanting to buy house. The problem is they are not able to afford and sitting on the sidelines. The house values will drop to affordable levels for regular folks to buy. Nothing will stop it. Even if all immigrants buy today, you can only postpone the crash. The basic problem is affordability. You can reduce the supply, but who will be able to pay inflated house prices?

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  • I hope USCIS explains to us on how their work distribution process works.

    Forget about that even if they publish every quarter, how many I-485 from each country of chargeability and employment categories are pending any processing, it will help analyse when one can expect their approval.

    At this moment TSC is following some Pilot plus program to adjudicate the I-140 and I-485 filed concurrent, that scrwes up many standalone I-140 for whom the PD is not current. According to USCIS policy your I-140 adjudication is independent of the country of chargeability and PD. Now how in the world we explain their Pilot plus program which ignores the I-140s from the retrogressed countries is only USCIS leadership knows.

    NSC at least not going into this Pilot plus program and consistent in their approval patterns for both I-140 and I-485.

    USCIS is under pressure for both Naturalization cases and the VISA number utilization prior to end of FY2008, which is Sept 30th 2008. We will see some kind of RFEs for July-Aug 2007 I-485 filers during Oct-Dec 2008 timeframe when USCIS has ample time in processing the I-485 petitions.

    I dont see any RFE or any other progress on our I-485s until that time...and obviously the approvals will come later when the PDs for india EB-3 and EB-2 start moving further.

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  • Just saw a soft LUD today. No status change from yesterday though.

    fundo14 - how long has it been since it was transfered to the Des Moines office? Have you called and spoken to an IO about this change?

    Almost a month now. Last Soft LUD was 5/20/08. nothing after that.

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  • Filed with VT service center in early Dec '07. RFE issued 4/14/08. Lawyer should have already responded to RFE. Hopefully approval is a few days away.

    My wife is currently pregnant and so she could not take all the vaccinations that are required. She did the other required medicals though. Will this cause our applications to be denied? Will they allow my wife to get the shots after our baby is born?

    I have to agree with Tito.. I too thought the DREAM Act would benefit my son who is soon to be in College.. the more I look at it, I am forced to get an impression that the Act is intended to ONLY help the children whose parents are illegal immigrants....

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