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  • Thanks for your reply.
    what is the meaning of staff augmentation case? He work at client place and client is administered project.The s/w tool is copyright by client.The reason for asking him to come back is that prior to this company he worked for another company for two years. He left his old company before 5 year. when he joined his current company he has provided all the document mentioned in checklist such as offer letter, exp and releiving letter and last two month pay stub and they did BG for same document.During 5 years career he worked for diff client and everytime they did BG for him before putting him in project and there was no problem happen in his BG. recently his current employer find something wrong about his prior company and they asked him to provide more evidance for prior he don't have any contact of his prior employer and he does not have any more evidnace for showing their company.
    Because of this reason they are asking him to come back home country from last two week.He told his company that he tryed to connect his prior employer but he can not make out and he don't have anything more to show the company.

    Please suggest what he can do in this situation.
    If anyone come across in this situation then please reply to my question.
    Appericiate your help in advacne

    Is this your friend's story or your story ? :confused: On another thread you quoted the above as your story. Whats going on buddy ?

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  • You have to be kidding! Here people are crying to get there EAD's extended and you think the Govt will give us citizenship???

    Please i suggest everyone to wake up and smell the coffee/chai.

    If you think giving us citizenship will be easy becoz it will prop up their vote bank think again coz it will never happen. Imagine the headlines which says recession time 10M americans out of job, foreign workers to get citizenship LMAO!

    Forget this ever happening in a recession time and not much of a chance in the boom time either, see how the Anti-Immi's will eat everyone up for this ridiculous suggestion, please remember we're nothing in the larger scheme of things for the decision making people, we need to understand our limitation and strengths and play by them, IV does a decent job of that.
    Do think rationally before coming up with ridiculous ideas like giving senators free pizza or asking for-direct citizenship. lol.

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  • I was double minded to do porting or not. Now I am considering it very seriously. Got a green signal from my current EMPLOYER to go ahead for EB2.

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  • I know it is hard to believe, but according to the tracking number below, Mr. Gonzalez signed for delivery of my flowers today.

    See below:(click on view package progress)



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  • Looks like the HR has adjourned till Sep 22 without HR5882 being discussed. Are they putting it off for later this year or next?

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  • There seem to be 19 applications from 1998 and 25 applications from 1999. I wonder how come these have not been approved in 10 years while their dates have been current almost all the time. Either these have been abdandoned or are not approvable.

    I think its time for USCIS to do some cleaning up also to close applications where the applicants are no longer there , have abandoned the applications , left the country and so on. That would surely reduce some of the stuff from the queue.

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  • I voted for Citizenship if you have lived legally in this Country for 10 years continuously, although I will be completing my 10 years next year only. Good luck to all those aspiring this.

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  • USCIS is not prepared for anything. if this works then great. if not i tried didn't work out.... :)

    My attorney told me that there are several July 2 cases they have not heard back about, although they got receipts for July 19 and later cases long time ago. They told that they are making a formal enquiry. How do they do that I don't know.

    I just hope that it is just a normal RIRO, not a lost bundle of applications which was originally marked for rejection/return.

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  • You are should take the moral high ground only when you are on the right gave morally/ethically repugnant suggestions and have "decided not to reply to any of the comments here"...very funny.

    I do not condone the pathetic language folks here use including from sledge_hammer. You can make your arguments with civility. No need to call people "fools", "idiots", "stupids" etc. Shows your own under-confidence and lashing out at the wrong things/people.


    this thread was started to get suggestions as to what are the options open in the market..
    if someone did give an option and you dont like it, why dont u give an alternative option rather than venting out uour anger.
    No one is asking you how u feel or what is ethical and non-ethical..It seems that you are such an ethical guy who has not used a product and went ahead and returned it back to the store..If foreclosing is illegal let me know.. People here are giving pros and cons of doing a foreclosure.. i dont know if you own a house or not, and if you do.. dont know if you are having a perm job or a contract..I know so many people who own house and now they are in a fix because of housing market..I am not like other people who have already foreclosed..and btw.. why to blame the people and not the banks.. if i can own a house and pay mortgage which is quite same as a rent, i will better own a house and sell it after couple of years.. what is harm in that.. i may have mentioned about making profit by owning a house.. but i am not looking at becoming rich by living in a house for 2/3 years..Sledge_hammer and you are complaining all the way in the thread about people who are foreclosing or foreclosed.. but not spent your valuable time in letting people, reading the thread, know what are pros and cons of foreclosure and how it can affect 485..

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  • We should send emails to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brian, Jimmy Kimmel etc.

    They have tremendous amount of viewership and seems like a perfect material for these shows. I will send email to these guys but if more and more peple can make them aware of this development, this news can potentially snowball. :D

    I have been sending emails, as and when I see email addresses, I think we need a YOUTUBE video recorded tomorrow. Anyone in DC?>

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  • BPositive, Sorry to hear that, I am about to apply for AP. My PD is nov 2004, EB2 -I . I am next in line to loose the money. Did you apply online?

    Good old hardcopy and mail

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  • Thanks for the FAQ.

    Quick question:
    I have a EB2 approved I-140 with PD 2006. Another EB2 I-140 from BEC with PD 2005 is still pending and might take another 6 months to get approval.

    Will it be a better a strategy to file based on approved 140 (pd 2006) and later on capture pd 2005, once the BEC based 140 gets approved? Not sure whether interfiling applies for same category.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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  • Natives blame Naturalized citizens/GC Holders/H1s/L1s for taking their job
    Naturalized Citizens/GC Holders blame H1s/L1s for taking their job
    H1 holders blame L1s for taking their job
    L1s blame ImmigrationVoice members for taking their job:D

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  • service center is Nebraska.
    Infact my 485 got denied in August 2009 and in september 2009 filed MTR,which got approved on 22 sep 2009 and today we got 485 approval emails.
    Hi pro,
    could you please check your PM?

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  • Another reason the companies give nowadays is "Unfortunately it is a government project and we cannot accept EAD status" - am baffled as to why they are OK with Green card and not EAD.

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  • Dear All:

    Do we need to dial 011-91-and then Phone Number, or we can simply Dial the number..


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  • to meet Ryne Gilbert.

  • I will call as many

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  • I see soft LUD on my 485 today, but the status has not changed. I had an interview in Jan 2009 and at the end of interview the IO told me that he could not approve my case as it was not current. So I believe my case is pre-adjudicated?

    Someone in the same boat? Hopefully the approval e-mail comes in the next few hours or next week. <<fingers crossed>>

    Do you get emails when you get soft LUDs ?

    Great work drirshad. We already have a link from our site to Mathew Oh's website. If he could put our organization name in any of his articles that would help our cause. Keep following up with him. I encourage all users also to contact other such lawyers and websites.

    Guys just want to appreciate the efforts by different members here. At least it gives a sense of support that you are not alone in this whole fiasco when you hear around you people getting their FP or EADs and you are left feeling frustrated and anxious.
    This forum actually has become quite important and please keep on posting details and updates.
    Wishing that it ends soon for all of us and ease our anxiety.


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