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  • Any more on NSC -> TSC transfer cases who got Receipts or Checks cashed?

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  • My wife and I did our finger printing today, LUD on both our I-485 applications today.

    I called FBI, the customer service representative told me that the results for me and my wife have been sent to USCIS.

    See signature for details:


    PD 04/2006 EB2 INDIA
    I-140 NSC AP 10/2006
    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-131 (Travel Document) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-765 (EAD) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; Card received on 10/03/2007
    BioMetrics given on 10/05/2007

    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; RD 09/17/2007 from NSC
    I-131 (Travel Document) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007;RD 09/18/2007 from NSC
    I-765 (EAD) NSC RD 07/02/07; ND 09/10/2007; Card received on 10/03/2007
    BioMetrics given on 10/05/2007


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  • In my view It is as important as anything else for a EB organization. We should
    especialy be careful with hard country limit and other related issues, It can take a turn for worse and end up EB organizations with different national backgrounds fighting for a slice in a pie rather than getting it bigger enough to hold everyone.

    Ethnic diversity is good for IV, and we should encourage everybody to join regardless of their origin!

    AAPI is not an EB related organization - it is a professional organization like the AMA, but all of its members are of Indian origin!

    AAPI and its President agreed to this role / endorsement after they were approached for their support. Some doctors who are members of IV, are also members of AAPI. In return, they will not be getting anything - what can IV give an organization that is over 25 years old? Their meetings are attended by all kinds of lawmakers - including Presidents (of the US)! It would be foolish to not want their help - but then IQ scores are not a prerequisite for posting on IV Forums!

    BTW, only docs who are affected are from India & China - all docs fall under EB2! (And, also STEM!)

    FYI - doctors who worked to advance IV's goals travelled on their expense, even cross-country, to attend an AAPI meeting and it proved very fruitful in many ways to advance IV's causes. When this meeting was being held, the STEM provisions had already been included in all drafts - and these docs did not need to do anything else! Yet, these docs travelled to try & advance all of IV's goals!

    If somebody has objections to country quota limit removal - take it up with the Core group & rest of IV!

    We need help from everybody in this fight! AAPI can only help IV, not the other way around!

    I do not understand these misgivings about AAPI's endorsement at all - am I missing something? This endorsement came after a lot of effort from a lot of people, and was actually initiated at the request of key members of the Core Group!

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  • lol...nice one...You guys amuse me...:) In this time of "difficulty", its good to see all our fellow men and women in unity:)

    I agree! :)

    I surely hope that the July I-485 applications won't be returned. :)

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  • I stopped traveling through countries that impose transit visa; Eventually, transit visa requirement will be lifted, if no one flies.

    Great, Gave you a green. I too avoid these countries.

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  • Under Post decision activity it will mention a date :

    "we approved this petition and sent it on date -->

    This date is when they mailed your green card.

    If you do not receive it in 7 days after that date (that is mentioned on "post decision activity" message, you need to check with your local post man/post office and then consider infopass to see what has happened.

    The card comes in a "neutral looking envelope" with "return service requested"marked on it and upper left corner has address of Nebraska or Missouri (two places where they are produced). Nothing else on that envelope (it is slightly large than norma envelope): keep looking for it in your mail.

    Good Lcuk.

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  • Any number lesser than 800,000 is good for us.. doesnt mean all is well.. we have to continue in our efforts with IV and we could have a better breakthrough..

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  • No one is 100% perfeect, it does not mean we should not work, If anyone feels we can do better than why you are talking rather than working what you believe is.

    At least some one is trying to voice issue at some level at their best knowledge and efforts, so we have to encourage people to do better by providing means of moral support.

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  • Isn't it a relief? if the officer calls you for interview, checks your documents and says approved but no GC till PD current? I can live happily with it for couple of years atleast without thinking of GC. The feeling of getting GC in future 100% is almost equal to having GC today. You can change jobs on AC21 without fear and use EAD and AP full force and forget about renewing H1b's

    Exactly, I agree with you. I would love to get such an interview call. Atleast after that I will be sure that one day i will get the actual GC.:D

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  • cmon ..just use ur logic. what else would be so positive , popular amongst IV, yet no change in bulletin's.. a system change ..do u think accepting only medical's would make us happy.

    cmon anybody wanna bet?

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  • here is a simple suggestion...
    how about a chance for a free giveaway, like a 15 minute session with a lawyer for free. This could be done in 2 ways.
    Referral mode: For every x member that any existing member brings in, he/she gets x minutes with the lawyer for free.
    Sweepstakes mode: Every new member coming has a chance to get y free minutes with the lawyer. Make this y a bigger than x.

    I am guessing, there will be lotsa people who would like to consult immi lawyers with their immi questions, and a free consultation would be a sufficient motivator :)

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  • I am not sure how effective these new laws are. I recently renewed my Texas DL after expiry...I renewed it online...expecting for them to ask me for visa documents...instead I got the new DL in mail a few days later.

    Maybe the databases are connected somehow & they verified my immigration details....but I very much doubt it. Sometimes you wonder why its so easy to be an illegal immigrant in the US.

    However I did notice (in a city nearby in the same state - not the one I live in) that when you go in person, they ask for visa details.

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  • From what I understand you can only and still will only be able to file I-485 when your PD is current. Now, if you belong to rest of the world EB2 the moment your labor clears your PD is current so you can file at the same time I-485 and I-140. In future you will have to delay the filing of I-485 for the three months that I-140 takes to clear (if your PD is current the moment the labor clears).

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  • I'll have to load some stuff onto and finish something for a client, but it will be finished tonight.

    Umm...... :-/

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  • I just received an email from USCIS that my wife's EAD has been approved.

    RD 07/02, FP 09/04, PD 05/06

    looks like NSC is approving Spouse EAD huh???

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  • all i have to say is: wow. both are great....but damn soul...awesome

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  • I am in US.
    I received RFE for H1b extension PP last week. Original application was Feb 28, RFE came Mar 6

    I am sorry to hear ur situation, but can you tell us more? Like why should someone get a RFE for h1b extension??? I got my h1b extension last year for 3 years without any hasstles and also got stamping, offcourse I provided all tax documents and paystubs (latest) for the H1b extension.

    Just trying to understand if this is a pattern now.

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  • Yes, Everyone Will Get Fp Notices.:)

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  • tere muh me ghee shakkar yaar...
    mera bas chale to procesing date ko rajdhani me bitha ke double engine laga du...

    jokes apart - seriously this is a very exciting time, no one knows what will happen - yet everyone optimistic... which is a good sign.

    I just talked to our company lawyer and she said that they are seeing a lot of 485 approvals from the receipt dates from last week of july and a little before that ...

    good luck to all!

    When you said 'receipt-dates', were those the actual receipt dates or the erroneous notice dates that would appear in the online status page?


    So if I do an H1B transfer to another company, there is no way to file a dependent 485 application for my future spouse?

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