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  • RFE is about company asking about the company payrolls, number of employees, Taxes filed for the last 3 years, Company location, my company to client relation etc etc.

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  • 1) Degrees from non-accredited colleges cannot be used for any immigration purpose (or for any other purpose for that matter)

    2) A Post Graduate diploma is not enough for EB 2. You will need to do a Masters from a accredited US University. Remember, many online universities (including Phoenix) are accredited too.

    scarlett johansson red hair. Scarlett Johansson Red Hair
  • Scarlett Johansson Red Hair

  • Exactly. Whats the relevance of this thread here, I fail to understand.

    When i get my GC in 2023, this will help me a lot ;)

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  • Tell your parents to get an agent who does these things. They normally sit outside the registration office. You might have to give extra money, apart from their regular "fees" but you can get it done! Heck with enuff money you can get a marraige certificate for George and Laura Bush!:D

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  • Another pixel battle? Cool, I might enter myself in that one... I'm nowhere the standard of you two, but I could give it a go.

    Tell us your idea, then one of us mods can post the official entry details...

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  • meridiani.planum, thanks for giving me red.

    Don't worry about the red I just gave you green to counter the effect if it has any :)

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  • How is omnibus going to help guys who missed train?Most of the fixes(and for most part most of threads on this site) are for guys who have filed 485.I, along with lot of my friends, are early waiting for new H1Bs to get approved.Is ominibus going help us?

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  • I will be calling today in the morning and have told several of my friends to do the same. whenever I get a chance at parties or get togethers I tell people about IV and I was surprised that 80% of people (who are stuck in this mess) have not heard about IV. so I would urge everyone to mention IV whenever they meet anyone who is in a similar mess ..especially inform batchmates and new friends and ask them to atleast register

    My experiences have been similar. Not many immigrants I meet at social / cultural venues know about IV. I would urge every member here to actively spread the word of IV and membership at every possible and appropriate occasion you get in a face to face manner at your regional / national cultural associations / festivals / functions / events / summer picnics etc.
    And more important is to call as per action items, so please take a few minutes from work to call.
    Thank You.

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  • You should take fulltime (permanent) position or atleast maintain one permanent position which is according to your LC.

    This is the trick. If you feel that it will take a while before USCIS will adjudicate your case, you can take any job or not work at all but always be ready to show that you have a job offer as per LC once USCIS ask for it.

    I have friend who was interviewed and was asked for a valid offer of employment as per LC. She's able to show it. But the thing is, her PD is far from being current.

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  • People do not buy house to sell it. They buy it so that they can live for a long time. And when you do not know how long you are going to stay in this country(because of immigration issues) then why would they buy. There is something called closing cost, who will pay them if you have to sell?

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  • exactly, and also, each member could add a signature to his posts to show his contributions and related items. This will not add any work to the IV, who is focusing on the imm relief now....


    You can put any number in your signature.

    We need an authentic interface to contributions by all members. This should require member login.

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  • Can IV contact some of our members in and around Dallas area to attend this meeting? IV can help them to prepare the key points regd our retrogression problems/solutions and the urgency to implement this solution. so that, it will be easier for them to present it to the hearing committee.


    Good find retropain.
    It seems this is one of the last and only hearings that concerns high skiiled immigrants. Most of the hearings have been focussed on undocumented immigrants and border security.

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  • I came to know about it On 12 Feb. I am not sure what it is?
    I am expecting common RFE? or let me know what your thoughts.


    They might want to know if you are maintaining your status. for that they might ask the latest pay stub. It happened to me. Once I sent my pay stubs, it was approved. If you dont have the paystub, then you are in trouble.

    Wait and see whats it for.

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  • The IV is about issues/problems of employment based immigrants, and the goal is to get support as much as possible from every corner in this country to further the cause. Everyone who supports this cause fit in to some category (within legal limits - pro, anti, this group, that lobby, this ethincity, that nationality, etc.), and that does not mean we are promoting something or have preferences for a group. In my opinion any support (with in the legal framework) to the cause of IV from any corner in this country is welcome and should be appreciated.

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  • Is there any advantage choosing a local lawyer? Can some body please suggest attorney in Chicago area.

    Some ppl prefer to have local attorney in case they want the attorney to accompany them if & when CIS calls for personal interview.

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  • It appears that most of the one sided agreeements mentioned above are not legal. For eg if in ur offer letter u have 2 weeks of notice period from your side and company says they can termniate you without any notice period then its not legal.

    I think only 2 side agreements are legal and all other agreements even if you sign are not legal.

    (pls confirm with ur lawyer ...)

    Yes , i am with you.

    LostInGCProcess , whats you said is also right in few cases, But in cases of employment it could not be.
    If i ask a person to sign on a piece of contract , to be my slave ..Would it be legal :-)

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  • if 110,786 cases are due to retro...
    then these cases are either (2nd China/India, 3rd, and other workers)??
    considering 140,000 visa numbers available, and other catagories being current, only portions these retro cases will get visa numbers by this year..

    no hope for PD advancement???

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  • Are PhDs in Medicine excluded in this list?

    Dear gcnotfiledyet,
    Thanks for your comment.I am afraid you mis understood what I said medicine and pharnact vet med etc. There are practitioners in these fields called MD, DVM, PHARM D etc. However there are many more PhD students who do research in these fields. And they are not listed as STEM graduates. I guess whoever did this listing of the STEM majors don't really have much knowledge about various fields of research and also they ignored the highly multidisciplanary nature of the current day research. I hope more people will start taking this issue seriously.

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  • It typically comes after 12 of every month.

    If I get married to gal who is here in USA, before my I 485 aproval, and if my I-485 aprove before priority date available, is there any way my wife can apply for Green card? and get it with me?

    unmarried then why not marry a US citizen..... that will take care of all your "problems" says AjameriBaba..... :D

    I along with 5 other members just came back from the rally....It was a huge success!!!!..Felt great to be a part of it!!!
    IV Rocks!!!!

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