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  • Thank you axp817 and roseball.

    My I 140 got approved just after moving to company B

    My old attoney only filed I485 with old labor and I 140.

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  • Catch22 - Seems like u hv touched the surface now.

    It's more deep-rooted, even to an extent that the two Countries are sharing the "acquired" Citizens (thanks to the dual Citizenship format). It didn't amount to the Indian Govt saying " Give me back my elite. I just lost it" and the US Govt saying "Sorry, it's our gain and for keeps". It's all part of an elaborate and acknowledged process (creamy situation for the individual) .

    US needs the Skilled force and matches them up with opportunities (some other countries have the force in abundance and are overwhelmed). At no point in time should the force be subjected to undue hardship, especially if a process can be remedied. Immigrating is tough. Alongside, a host of collaterals get pledged by - families, roots, skills, labor, career, merit, all towards one goal. It's a conscious decision that an individual involved makes and backs it up with his credentials. If these credentials are deemed meritorious, the process starts (in a mutually acceptable manner, if there exists a provision). If rules get changed midway affecting those collaterals, you raise it with the concerned. In this situation, I give this much to the Indian Government - it's for its people (doesn't mean to say that it lies in wait to net a wings-clipped bird). It would honour your decision and look into your cause, if justifiable. In the same vein, the US Government acknowledges merit and talent and has laid out provisions by which it welcomes the same. Hence, the process.

    Word of caution: It's also in the way that you put across your viewpoint

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  • just wondering, how do you know when your medical and FP expires ?
    I hope they will ask us to go through that pain only when they are about to approve a case (just imagine the mess ..if GC takes 10 years and they ask to go medical every 2 years)

    Why do they get the FP and Medical if they are going to expire. Why not when they are ready to give the GC. That way they can save time and money for millions of applicants. I guess that is what they do not want to do.

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  • I think what is being conveyed is NOT that he is superior .... but that he has been in the US atleast 2 yrs more than when he actually started the journey towards GC by formally putting in an application

    Thanks for understanding Hinglish. :o

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  • Googler,

    How is this possible, EB3 ROW also has a limit to how many they can use correct? They only can use what ever is beyond the 7 % used for India/China/Mexico/Phil (28% in total). Out of 1/3 of the 140K.

    Am I right here ?

    I think EB3 - ROW will stop or retro. next month or for sure in the next couple of months back to where they were. Lot of people here are saying that ROW will be current soon I am not sure where they are getting these facts.

    Optimystic -- is your PD current?

    The movement of EB-3 ROW will mop up most of the green cards left this year.

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  • That is because I see lot of kids come to "what was the name again" schools with megre or no GRE scores just to land here once they get to OPT they get 8 - 10 yrs of experience out of nowhere and they are out in the job market. I can spend all day writing about them, the school and the quality of education but it is not going to do any difference.

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  • I have EAD for couple of years & when I moved to Ohio, I was issued 4 years DL. They did look at I-94 (I travelled on AP having one year validaty on I-94), also they DID NOT looked at my EAD expiry date..They asked very simple question - Do you have your SSN? Thats it..!

    C'mon...Guys, come to will get DL for 4 years..

    Where did you get your DL renewed for 4 yrs? Mine was renewed only till my I-94 validity period.

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  • ok so when would EB2 come back to its old status of Jan 2003(it was so for past 1.5 yrs atleast b4 jumping to june 2004 and again retogating)...would it be in this current fiscal yr..i.e b4 sept 2008 or it will take whole of nxt fiscal yr to come to that kind of dates?

    I believe once it gets past Jan 2003 PD's, dates will move steadily.

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  • Folks

    Please contact your state chapter asap and start working on it. I will start work tomorrow.

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  • some one help please

    You can appeal quoting your friend got approved. I have seen in the past, people got their approvals in appeal.

    You must consult a good attorney and go for appeal if you think your employer is willing to help and has the ability to pay, appeal is your best route or go for another job and reaply with your new employer.

    Good Luck..


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  • Along with the DOB affidavits, do we also need the cert for non-availability of BC?

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  • .... was fantastic. With those numbers, it is not an easy task. The rally organizers made it look very easy. Smoooth.... I *Doff* to IV core and the organizers.

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  • Hey Guys..
    I live in Chicago.. Just replying to register. Admin please let us know if this enough to register.
    Also I am open to any conference calls and activites planned for this chapter.

    Live Life !!
    hemp marijuana (

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  • The second bill (HR 5634) says that people with PhD from US universities are cap-exempt from EB. So it means some quota will be freed up from EB1 and also from Eb2-NIW.

    Read all the bills. I guess you are bummer !!!!

    I looked into the PDF's - seems like PhD does not have to be from US universities (can be from anywhere within 3 years of applying for greencard).

    Of course it would have helped more if masters is also included but this is at least a start - hopefully more provisions might be added as it goes for debate.

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  • cmon ..just use ur logic. what else would be so positive , popular amongst IV, yet no change in bulletin's.. a system change u think accepting only medical's would make us happy.

    cmon anybody wanna bet?

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  • Few years ago, USCIS did approved EB2 with 3 year degrees.
    But now they are very strict. They are refering into EDGE (Electronic Database for Global Education) database, created by American Association of Collegiate Registars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) which didn't equate 3 year Indian degree with US equivalent bachelors.
    Check thier website
    There might be very few cases 3 years degree approved in EB2 category. Try in EB3.
    If you don't care about money try one application in EB3 then try to port it to EB2.

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  • Change of employer - H1B extension applied 10/04/2007. Approved on 12/19/2007 for self and family.

    I am not sure why there was LUD on 2/17/2008 just on my case # (not my wife) even though it was approved in December.

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  • Some states have the provision that instate tuition rates will only apply to permanent residents while others allow H1-B's to avail of instate tuition. I know for sure that Pennsylvania is in the permanent resident camp while Colorado allows instate to H1-B's. As mentioned previously it is the state legislature along with the commision on higher education which create the rules.

    It would be interesting to compile a list of all 50 states to see where each state stands. To do that though it would help if folks residing in different states chime in. Otherwise it would be too difficult to sift through the higher education commission websites for each individual state.

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  • Thank you very much for valuable answer. I appreciate LazyCIS, pmb76 and sam. Then I will wait till 180 days to go.

    Just to clarify, Do I need to look / take jobs only permanent after 180 days?

    Thank you,

    Take a permanent job which is "same or similar" to the one in the underlying LC.

    can any expert say what will be the cutoff date after the spill over for eb2.

    best : July 1st 2006

    worst: Otcober 1st 2005

    AP Docs are mailed to your attorney while EAD, I-485 cards are send to you .

    My AP and EAD both came to me directly.

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