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  • Congratulations!!!

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  • I also did switch job back in July 08. Immediately after the switch the new company had sent all documents necessary for AC21 with the help of their lawyer. USCIS have reviewed my application in October and in February for pre-adjudication. How I am sure about that is because in Feb my wife got an RFE for Medical and mine was fine. Unless the primary is fine they will not touch dependent.

    So here is what you should do.

    1. Contact your current company lawyers.
    2. Educate them what AC21 is, I guess there was an updated AC21 Memo in May 08. My lawyer included the whole memo highlighting the clause under which I am eligible to switch job (Same or similar , I was a Senior Software Engineer, now I am Software Engineer IV, each company has its own classification).

    3. Submit EVL (Employment Verification Letter) from your current employer.

    4. Submit a letter explaining your eligibility for AC21.

    *****Very important******

    5. Submit a G28 (Change of representation) for you and all your dependents. Along with that submit the AC21 documents only then the AC21 documents will reach your file. The same is recommended by attorney Murthy.

    *****Very important******


    Forgot your RFE in the first submission. You can include all of these as a RFE response.


    You should be all fine then. In my experience and what people had seen it is best to report it.

    Good luck.:)

    life quotes and sayings to live by. cute life quotes to live by.
  • cute life quotes to live by.

  • I think USCIS is working towards reducing the backlogs. It could be starting point for all EB community to feel better

    With IV success, I foresee the EB categories as current at any point of time. And GC process is less than 3 years for any EB category

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  • hi all

    do read this link given below:-


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  • Only God knows how CIS functions.


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  • 100% of the calls to today's program were from anti-H1B people. Not 1 call supported the H1Bs. If corporates are supporting more GCs for us, and since the fate of H1B/Employment GCs is linked, we ought to support H1B legislation.

    How can we get an advance notification of this recordings?? Seems the anti-immigrant forces have the inside tack

    Also, the C-SPAN commentator on H1B/immigration issues is frequntly Dena Bunis of the Orange County register. She said the corporate lobbies "have convinced congressman" there is a shortage...implying that there wasn't one. She needs to be contacted . Here contact info (202) 628-6381 or

    Will it be a good idea to send Lance Kapman's testimony to her?

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  • Are the processing times according to the notice date or the received date ? Mine are 4 months apart.

    USCIS needs to work with paper files for review/approval. RD as on your receipt is the mailroom receive date. Real receive date of a processing center is when they actually opened your file and entered in the system, which is what you see online as, "...your case was received on...". Processing centers prefer to treat this date as RD as this suites them better. In your case your true RD should be a couple of days prior to your ND. Who is responsible for the 4 months period in between when several thousand applications may have been received and entered in the system (and placed ahead of you)? Nobody.

    babawa10: Your case has shuffled around between centers. It was received last by TSC in Aug 08. Therefore, don't get surprized if your Real RD is now Aug 08. USCIS makes a simple claim, they process cases in order they receive them. Perhaps they are talking about the paper files, which are placed in sequence on shelves as they arrive. Check online what it now says for "...your case was received on...".

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  • hopeful gc for this insight.
    we have been through this numerous times now on threads that can no longer be counted. may i request you not to create new threads for discussions that are already taking place in every conceivable corner of this forum?

    i hope to see you in DC, your enthusiasm would be well directed in iv's efforts to end retrogression once and for all. just consider it...never having to worry about receipts again :-)

    sounds good? let's do DC on 9/18!

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  • best is to find another job..and do a H1 transfer premium processing..since the RFE was with his company and not his credentials he should be safe..

    My i94 expired on May 18th 2007,filed for extn around May 11th..then I filed for a H1 transfer on June 25th before the H1 extn was approved,we dint have the H1 reciept notice too as NSC was delaying issuing of reciept notices..

    thankfully it was approved though the earlier H1 was not extended(this is called H1 bridging...)

    but it may raise flags to the Immigration officer,cos the i94 expired in Dec..rfe was issued..better to consult attorney instead of taking wild chances..

    trust me 1000$ speak/work a lot in these issues..

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  • Hi I have a question in regard renewal of my expired passport can anyone help me in this regard please.
    my question is if my permanenet address in india is changed. can we keep new permanent address in india. and do we need to submit any documents in regard of new address if so what might be

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  • I agree 100%. Anything that affects business and competitiveness of the US will be always more important than sob stories of individuals. Latter is collateral:)

    just an idea, but the reporter should probably speak to the employers of people who have left, and highlight instances where they have found it difficult to replace the departing employee.
    USCs are probably more impressed by effect on the US than the hardships faced by us

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  • Wish we would not getinto United States Civics discussions and concentrate on Increasing memberships and contributing.

    Dont forget the goal....there are a lot of hurdles ahead as pointed out by Sen Durbin and elk already

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  • I have created several documents and am working on a similar one as outlined below. But we need 50 people working on such items instead of one.
    We have lots of ideas pouring into threads here but most are soon forgotten and not followed up on.

    gc_peshwa has created a googlegroup to deal with participating on USCIS calls etc. We can add this agenda to that group to prevent creation of too many googlegroups and spreading ourselves thin. Alternatively we have a "Media" googlegroup as well which is dormant. That group could be used for this purpose.

    This is interesting..i am down to help if you are looking for volunteers....I completely agree that lawmakers often overlook the advantages of temporary legal immigrants and by publishing suck documents will certainly help

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  • When I was hired last spring, I was not told about GC retrogression by my employer. I beleive they should have explained in graphic detail and if they done so I would not have left a good job and my home in Canada to move to an American nightmare.

    I recently discovered that I have at least a 5 year wait as an EB-3. My teenage daughter will be too old to get a green card as a dependent and my wife is seriously depressed about not being allowed to work.

    How many other people are as P-Oed as I am and is there a class action suit here?

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  • You are correct but I think I am not sure if one can change employer (H1B Transfer) during that 3 Year extended H1B period after 485 denial.

    You are right. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I missed change when I mentioned new/extension of H-1B. The statement should have been

    One can work on current H-1B (irrespective on basis it was approved), until the H-1B petition is revoked or canceled or expired. However, beneficiary is not eligible for new/change/extension of H-1B status after I-485 denial


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  • Let us organize an event to meet him on July 4. Since It is a holiday, lot of people can meet him and chat with him.

    Any comments from IV Core Team ? Can we contact Indian Ambassador to arrange a meeting with the minister ? is it possible ?

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  • If DOS has set the priority date for EB2 India to Jun 2006, and USCIS does not want to waste visas, they have no other choice but to forward the processing dates at NSC/TSC. Even though the 485 processing dates may not move significantly in much awaited July Processing dates publishing, the August Processing dates bulletin will show the massive forward movement (485 processing date will reach till June 2006).

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  • Hello,

    In all the stories of INS, USCIS, DHS that I've read here, the lack of visibility, customer service and accountability seem to be the common theme.

    However, I was pleasantly surprized by a call from IO a few weeks back in local office asking me for extra documents (Current employment letter as the original one was from 2007, 2007 tax returns and 2007/08 W-2).

    He told me that though he had sent a letter, the letter would take a few days to reach and hence he wanted to call me up. He also told me that as my original fingerprints are expiring on 26th Feb, I should send the response as soon as possible to enable him to process the application.

    Though I still don't have any extra hope that the application will be processed soon, it was nice to see a change in USCIS approach.

    Hope this was not an exception to rule and we see more such behavior from USCIS that helps in clearing us from this awkward limbo situation.

    They might thinking to deport you asap!!!!!!!! Just kidding!!! I dont have much hope from these guys. My finger print medical expired last year and I didn't get any letter or call.

    Anyway having + Attitude and is good thing.

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  • I was thinking this is a good way for short term period until we know for sure what is going to happen to us as far as GC situation is concerned. It may not make the most sense in the long term but is a good way of hedging your bets until you know for sure which way immigration issues are headed.
    This may be a good soln for people who do not want to loose their Canadian PR or those who dont want to move back to India for their own reasons (ppl like me who have been in this country for 10 plus yrs on F1 and H1 cobined but with no GC in sight).

    Thanks for your support, Please ask a core member i would think "pappu" would be the best.

    Why don't we just voluntarily mention the amount that we contributed in our signatures ? Since contributions are voluntary, so should be the option of disclosing information on it. When many contributing members start furnishing their contribtion information voluntarily, it becomes the "fashion" and others will follow suit, as no one wants to look like a free-rider.

    As for the veracity of the information, we got to trust each other on that and follow an audit policy- I assume the core members/ administrators have the ability to cross-check the contribution information if someone looks suspicious. Anyone caught furnishing false information can be blacklisted. Such a policy minimises the work of the core team, without being overly intrusive.

    I started the US immigration in 2006, PD-September 2006, by CP, EB3ROW. DS230 renewed 3 times since then... a couple of months ago I applied to Canadian PR, now I am waiting for my interview date. So I have two processes parallel - US GC & Canadian PR. My question is : How these two immigrations can jeopardise each other? :confused:
    Logicaly I will attend the Canadian interview first, will they ask me about US immigration? should I tell the truth? Will they deny the PR because of the GC process?
    Presume that I have successfuly done with canadians and have landed in Canada with my PR in 8-10 months from now, and suddenly, I,ve got an invitation to the GC interview... :eek: Does the fact that I have a Can. PR will kill my future GC and at the interview the will deny and cancell my case? :confused: Or The interview will be successful and I will have my GC, but somewere in the future there is a point where I should refuse one - GC or PR? :confused:
    I should mention that the GC is the choise No1 , and PR is a plan "B"...
    I believe that my situation is not unique, but now I am out side the US and in my country it is difficult to find a competent lawer. So I hope that somebody from this forum could answer my questions.
    Appreciate all useful answers and ancillary information. :):)

    chisinau, in my personal experience, applying to US GC is not viewed favourably by Canadian authorities. When we tried to land in Canada, the immigration officer specifically asked us if we had applied for US GC. Also, be sure that you do not insinuate to the Canadian authorities that your first choice is to stay in the US, but make all efforts to show that you will be moving to Canada permanently as soon as your PR is granted. The Canadians do not like granting PR to people who are going to use it as a backup for their GC process.

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