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  • I have mentioned twice already about the amateurish concept of red/green dots.

    Masterminds are yet to give a logic behind its creation.

    Please ignore this red/green s***. We are adults here talking immigration.

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  • In central NJ, I called over 9 Doctors and only two of them had an appointment before July 1st -2nd week.

    One is Dr. Neil M.S. Estrella in Clark, NJ. Appointment was available for Monday June 18th. But the fees for the exam plus vaccines is $430. The second one is Dr. Marcel Stern in Piscataway, NJ 08854. Appoitnment was available for Thursday June 21st. The fees was more reasonable at $350.

    If you're in Central NJ, Hurry, Hurry Hurry.

    P.S - If some of you get other appoitnments in NJ, post here so that others will know and not waste time calling other doctors.

    To look for doctors in your area, go here :

    Do you know how long Dr. Marcel Stern's office takes to give you final report?

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  • I just don't understand one basic question.

    Congress is trying to pardon 12 million illegals as a one time measure and give them Green Cards. (OK - Very good)

    On the other hand we are about half a million who entered the country legally and helping the U.S. economy and paying taxes. Why don't they consider giving all of us Green Cards as a one time measure too ?????

    We the legals... pay taxes, contribute to this economy by spending earned money here in the US, abide by the rules, carry medical insurance.

    We keep doing this, till we get our green cards or till we permanently leave this country. It is a win - win situation.

    The strict H1-B rules that are added to this Senate bill will be removed or some work around will be sorted out or else the US economy will go down.

    The question now is how confident we are that they will get an amendment to give us some EB visa relief.
    The high tech employers have a problem with the new merit based system which is going to take away the reins of holding an employee from them. Employers of other industries have raised their concern against this new system which gives more points to degrees and not skill. This system is also causing a lot of concern among the familiy members here.This system will take a lot of time to kick in.

    1) The tech lobbyist can add pressure to give relief to current members in backlog so that they can hire them soon. They know that many skilled people are stuck with their companies because they can't switch due to the GC process.
    2) Can add pressure by saying that they need us now and not after 5 years when we get our GC.
    3) We need to force them to understand that they should give relief to legals too when they are doing a lot for the illegals.

    That is all I think can be possible.

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  • Hi poorslumdogs,

    If you refer to some thread, please do not ask others to search for it. Instead paste its link in your post so others can read it.

    I heard from my friends there are no legal implications if you get laid off on EAD and you also have a valid parolee document.

    This should get verified from an attorney though, specially if others create a doubt.

    [QUOTE=.....That thread was created in the last 2-3 months time. So search for it.

    There is definitely some legal implication otherwise why your employer wants to inform USCIS. They wanted to be in the safer side. So if anything happens you are the one going to face the music. So check with some good attorney.[/QUOTE]

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  • i got approvel for H1B for processing date oct 25th 2008

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  • Yes. 2001 to 2002 was the worst period as far as job market goes. I know, a lot of my friends left the country and went back to India. I was without a job for 5 months in 2001. Luckily, I had a secure job during 9/11 and afterwards. But, if 2008 is going to be anything like 2001-02, everyone should start preparing for it. Most of the members in IV might have an option to port their jobs, thanks to AC21. But, there are so many unlucky people who will have a tough time. From my past experiences and based on the current market, I think, banking is and will be the worst hit sector. Food Products, Medical, Insurance industries should be ok.

    I had a lunch meeting with the President of my consulting Company.(This is an american company). She met with a few CIO's and gave us their view points. Most of these CIO's are going to budget for new projects and products for this fiscal year and beyond. But, they said, they will be cautious in actually using the budget so early in the year.

    My personal opinion, If anyone is planning to use AC21 to port jobs, please do so carefully. If you already have a stable job, it would be best to hold on to it, instead of looking for better pay at this time.

    Good luck to everyone in this economy.

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  • If you dont have an answer to the question asked dont reply and dont advise what people should do....
    keep that to your kids and good luck with that....

    Please donate that extra money meant for leisure to IV instead going to Bahama this year. You may help yourself doing this and that humble act may get your GC quick and thus enable you to enjoy cruises to Bahama every year without worrying about Visa validity and time lines.

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  • Scythe - that would mean that the three tied entries would get around $85 dollars (150+100 divided by 3), and that seems a bit unfair considering second place is $150 and third place is $100.

    I'll get the poll up right now. It took me a little longer than expected because Temp poked me in the eye with his poke.


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  • ^^^^^bump^^^^

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  • Oops forgot to change that part. Hehe.:P

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  • I would assume that these 10 days would be thousands of applications.


    I am sure others might have noticed that 485 processing dates at NSC (for example) have literally crawled from the beginning of the year to now. Here are the processing dates (per USCIS status).

    12/15/2007 Status - 04/24/2007
    01/15/2008 - 07/19/2007
    06/15/2008 - 07/28/2008

    Thats roughly 9/10 days worth of 485 processing from mid-Jan to mid-Jun 2008. I wonder what the processing date looks like for the mid-July status update (which should probably be out tomorrow).

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  • House Republican (Representative F. James Sensenbrenner) Pessimistic on Immigration Deal (

    After reading the comparisons and statements from House leaders, this bill may languish for a few months before becoming law. STILL I HOLD MY HOPES UP.

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  • LostInGCProcess,

    The only reason I want to still enter on H4 is that my H4 is stamped until 2010, hence why not use it and save money and hassle on AP entry. As you have said that working on EAD immediately invalidates the H4 status. This is OK for me, but at least I have avoided the AP procedure stuff. Plus the primary applicant is on H1 and hence we both can enter on H1 and H4 respectively rather than one entering on H1 and the other on AP. Let me know if this clears your doubt and if so, can you think this would work out. Also, if you can, please respond to my other questions


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  • In Minnesota, the driver license is usually valid for 4 years. But for non-citizens (and GC holders) they print a red colored status check date. And the validity of the license is then until the validity of the visa. In most cases for those under retrogression it would be anual renewals of the driver permit and the validity date coinciding with the EAD validity.

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  • I am in the same boat, my LC and I-140 both approved . But employer not ready to share the copy of I-140. Is there any way to get the copy I-140.

    LC EB3-June 2004
    Contribution $200

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  • Done

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  • Congrats for the painless Visa stamping.

    If you are on EAD before leaving US, you better to continue the same status. Their might be a situation for USCIS considering giving up your AOS, if you enter US on H1b while you were on EAD before leaving US.

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  • Its not over yett.
    Lets get some media attention on how the GCs are wasted and how we suffer for years.
    Let the public know how much injustice the people from backlogged countries are facing..

    We don't contribute less. We work no less than others ..but yet we are discriminated.

    I wonder why they don't have 7% cap on H1B . And all this stupid media says people from ...... are stealing jobs and ....... overstay:mad:

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  • Camera battery still charging.. will upload some pics/videos soon :)

    I was very impressed by the guy who sang the national anthem...who was he?? He was too good!!

    And for all of Logiclife's detractors, you should have heard him speak yesterday!:) He is simply 3 good!:) he could have energized you, motivated you and prompted you to do more for our cause, by the way he spoke and what he spoke.

    We're still talking about it at home and how good both of us felt to be a part of this movement. Can't wait to see more pix and videos!:)

    Absolutely. Assuming your I-140 is approved/approvable and will not be withdrawn, you will be able to AC21 to your new position after 180 days of I-485 pending. And the best thing, it will only depend on similarity of the job, and no ability to pay questions. Good luck!

    I believe in justice system - but will USCIS keep the application till the trial - is this even a possibility and what they may achieve by doing so....

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