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  • The form firearm buyers fill out is a federal form that should be standard across all states. Perhaps your recollection is from before Feb 2002 when nonimmigrants' firearm ownership was not restricted.

    A correction for my earlier post - the pamphlet is from ATF, not ICE.

    Regarding FBI Background checks for firearm transactions, they are required by law to give a decision in 7 days, or the transaction is automatically approved. There is a very efficient appeals process for wrongful denials that takes only a couple of weeks. There is also a toll-free hotline to call FBI and talk to an officer.

    Wish they had all these features and the 7-day timeframe for immigration background checks....

    I have lived in Nevada before. I think in that state and many other western states (where guns laws are more liberal) you have to have passport, I-94 and utility bills proving you have lived in NV for 6 months. That's it. You don't need hunting license to get a gun license.

    Here is the biggest irony:

    IN order to own a gun, FBI needs only 2 days to check your background.

    IN order to get 485 approved, FBI takes months or years to do a background check.

    I guess green-card is a more lethal weapon than a handgun.

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  • PD: Feb 04, EB3
    I-140 Pending
    I-485 - Delivered on July 2nd, 9.01 AM; NSC

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  • See link to senate rule (particularly, Rule No. 4).

    Cornyn's amendment is "general legislation" seeking to amend an "appropriations bill". To be able to vote on Cornyn's amendment, 60 Senators have to vote to waive Rule No. 4. Only then can the senate vote on Cornyn's "general legislation".

    Sorry to flog a dead horse but the Dems should not be blamed; if they had voted to waive the Rule, then all sorts of general amendments would have been offered by others and tough to cast aside.

    On the other hand, it is useful to know that more than a handful repubs support this amendment; this could be handy in an actual vote when Sessions or his ilk seeks to filibuster the amendment. We may have 60 votes to win cloture.

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  • I would love to get involved with bunch of like minded people.....I have all the experience needed for starting and running a company. I have successully done thrice.....We have so many experienced folks who would love to start and run a company but lack the experience/knowledge of running one. it would be a good start to bring all such people to get together and pool our knowledge, skills, money and succeed.

    Let me know what do u guys think... We can discuss next course of action.


    Can you provide some infomation on what are the point thats one should take care off, whilte starting the company with pending 485

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  • What do you mean by priority dates were added?

    Until Dec.2004, all EB categories were 'Current', but in Jan.2005 the EB3(IN/CH/PH) dates retrogressed to 1st Jan.2002. I believe this is what Coopheal is trying to convey. Not 'Addition', not 'Introduction', but just 'Retrogression' :-)

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  • Guys

    During 2000/01/02 around 300,000 Desis entered the country.

    This is the reason for oversubscription........and FIFO is working out here.

    EB2 will soon follow EB3. If you planning to change to are inviting further delays.

    Let us hang on to our EADs....this is equally well as GC....

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  • I-131 Application for Travel Document June 25, 2006
    I-765 Application for Employment Authorization November 22, 2006

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  • I just sent the petitions to Illinois setators Richard Durbin and Barack Obama and my local representative Timothy Johnson.

    For those like me, who have no idea who the senators are and who is your local representatives, use the following link:

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  • I just wanted update this thread with my experience. Could be helpful to people like me who searched many forums frantically. I have 10th year h1b extension valid upto 2010. Instead of going for stamping at US consulate in India, I decided to use advance parole. Most troubling thing about my history was that I had one dwi (Driving While Intoxicated with Alcohol) offense. It is not a deportable offense. However, I was concerned that it would show up at port of entry and they could ask me to go back for consulate processing. I kept all my case related court documents handy. This is very important for anyone travelling with dwi or other serious charges against them.

    Officer directed me to the secondary inspection. Another officer there entered my information into the computer and after making gazillion keystrokes, he stamped my advance parole document/I-94 with 1 year validity. I got up from the chair when he called my name, walked upto his counter and took my documents from him. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NO BIOMETRICS.

    Hope this helps others.

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  • You can find everything about your Labor stuff from here -

    Good luck!

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  • Are you serious lawyers suggesting to return GC?

    I think there was one case that I saw at Murthy web site where the guy went backhome and got married. Came back and found that his green card was approved while he was in his home country and before the wedding took place. Interesting part was that his PD was not current at that time. Because of the situation, he couldn't bring in his wife in H4 anymore.

    The lawyer recommended him to return his GC as it was mistakenly issued by USCIS. Lawyer had to deal with USCIS and returned the GC.

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  • 4. NEWS

    (a) DHS Releases Nonimmigrant Admissions Statistics: 2007

    DHS released statistics on nonimmigrant admissions to the United
    States in 2007.,0930-nonimmigrants.pdf

    (b) Congress Passes Religious Worker Extension

    Congress passed religious worker program extension.,0930-s3606.pdf

    (c) Congress Passes Conrad 30 Extension

    Congress passed Conrad 30 program extension.,0930-hr5571.pdf

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  • You should get your EAD within 3 months of your application provided your I485 is already applied or applied along with EAD; EAD is independent of your I-140 approval.

    Yeah . In that case will I get an EAD if 485/140 is filed and 140 is pending? My h1 will be expiring on Feb,08. Please advise.

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  • you should possibly also carry a copy of the AP application. At least my application clearly stated that travel was for business/personal reasons...

    I am sorry you had a bad experience...possibly because of the officer's ignorance...worth a complaint...maybe you can draft something with your lawyer....don't just ignore such bad behavior...

    I have travelled on AP and didn't have any problems..although the officer stamped a wrong date (one day earlier) on my about incompetence

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  • Guess What from NOV - 08 to July 09, the VB will have older Cut off dates and after July 09 DOS will open the flood gate and move the cutoff of to 2007 or even 2008.

    USCIS will start approve the cases with later PD's and the leave the older PD's on the air.

    It is a mess. I don't have any trust in USCIS

    There are 3 work categories,
    at least 3 queues each for three stages.
    the first queue had at one time, rir, regular and then bec, perm added to the mix.
    EB portings.
    07/07 havoc
    name check delays.

    a single queue at the end.

    bottomline, PD monthly graph is arbitrary.
    if your PD remains current for at least three months in a row and everything else is clear, there is good chance you are out of the pipeline.

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  • SVN,

    this poll is a good idea to understand what most of the members expect from CORE. I for one am looking for any updates about (1) new bills being proposed that we can support - calls, faxes etc and (2) any infomation that can help to "predict" whats happening with USCIS efforts to use all visa # (yeah, sorry.. had to use predict and USCIS in same sentence) (3) updates on efforts towards FOIA, country caps remoal, capture of unused #s, .... and anything and everything you can throw at me about immigration...

    but I also understand that most of these lobbying efforts are done in the back ground and its not good idea to share anything in these times. who knows, may be there is an anti-immigrant lurking around (ofcourse paying $$ to become Donor, become senior member whatever) to get inside information. I would rather trust the CORE to do their work and give me directions when they see fit.. like meeting local senators etc..

    transparancy is good as long as it doesn't hurt the cause. I agree with the fact that we pooled $10K in March for FOIA and core gave the game plan and now everyone who contributed wants to know. fine. but you can't expect core to have a goal a month just to get contributions, this is a grass-roots organization and any highly skilled legal immigrant should be able to donate $25 without waiting for updates every week.. I don't think asking updates every week because you contributed $25 or $50 is fair.. just my thoughts..

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  • will be there.

    Do update the poll if planning on attending :)

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  • What are the conditions required for processing the 485 application.

    1. Are all applications which have a 485 RD within the processing date, are processed? or
    2. Only applications which have a RD within the processing date and whose PD is current, are processed.

    As per the uscis approvals it was all happening randomly,,sometimes they stick with rules and sometimes not..ofcourse PD should be current but ProcessingDates vs 485 RD its still stands a mystery.

    Yesterday, I was told by the client that my project is going to end by this month end i.e Apr 30. Actually it was supposed to go for the next 2 years. I am currently in the project working for the project. They said the lay off was becoz of budget issues. But I see I am the only one that is target in this lay-off. I am working with the same client for the past 3 years. The lay off news was really shocking and devastating.
    I am currently 9 months pregnant. As the client did that to me, I thought that atleast I might have some options with my current employer. My employer is a desi consultancy. I never been on Bench for single day for the Past 6 years ( Day 1 that I entered into US to till now).
    When I spoke to my employer today he gave me a termination letter stating that my project end date will be my last date with them. It was more shocking. I will be on maternity leave anytime in month of may depending on the delivery. I don't see any possible options that any client can take me into project when I am in 9th month of pregnancy.
    As my husband is doing consulting, I filed the green card thru this employer, 485 is pending more than 180 days, 140 approved in EB2 category. We paid all the attorney fees and filing fees from our pocket. We spent nearly $10,000 for the GC process. My husband was on bench for the past 2 months. He got a job on EAD which is going to start next week.
    1. I see that my employer is terminating me immediately because he can avoid maternity expenses. I told him that I will take 3 months FMLA for unpaid maternity leave from Apr 30th. And look for the Job immediately after delivery and get into the Job. But still he is telling he won't provide me that time. Maintaining the status is very important for me as me and my husband depends on the EAD.
    2.My medical insurance is with my employer, If I get laid off in this critical situation, I won't be having insurance. We can't afford the delivery expenses without insurance.
    3. Even though my husband will get insurance with the new company, We are not sure that company will cover the pre-existing pregnancy that is in final stages.
    4. And also not sure that the insurance will be under the network of OBG/YN and the hospital I registered for delivery. His job is in different state but he will find out the options once he starts his job next week.
    5. Does anyone think that my employer is discriminating the law? He is terminating me immediately becoz I am pregnant.
    I am not sure whether he is doing the right thing but the situation I am in is the worst situation I ever expected of. Its lot of stress on me and my baby. We are unable to sleep for hour with all the tensions ahead. My husband's job is dependent on my valid status. If something screw up we both be in very bad situation. I really don't want any one in my situation.
    Please help me, if any one know any options where I can maintain my status during the pregnancy and maternity leave, Please tell me.

    Given that you got your 140 approved and applied for 485 and it is more than 180 days, you are in relatively safe situation.
    Rememeber GC is for future employment, as soon as the dust need to find a job!

    but saw 10 postings about IV in Indian (desi) sites., like, one from Detroit, one on Sulekha and a few other Chinese sites. I guess these are blog posts. If it is useful, I will post each or all of these. Even, some Canadian sites have picked up issues listed in IV home page ( and probalbly spinning them to their advantage)
    Can we do something in Indian regional news papers? I know or two most popular online Telugu newspaper for skilled immigrants in US. Also has popular enough which might help different group of people to know about what IV is doing.

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