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  • Hi,
    I got an email saying "we mailed the document to the applicant" and it says the same thing on my uscis protfolio.

    I would like to know if this means the case was approved or is it some other document being sent.

    When they approved my EAD, it clearly said "Approval notice sent".

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  • I am not telling the July and August application only, but total pending. The 320,000 is the total AOS application receipted due to JULY VB....that is not including those pending before July.

    My estimate based on that file I posted is that there are about 600k pending...and correct, it also included family based application like K1.

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  • Man, you are so crazy about opening so many threads for the same topic. You cannot force people to send letters. And by this time those who wants to send letters had already sent to WH and IV. Give us some break. I come to IV site to get some information on immigration issues and what I get are 'n' numbers of threads for same issue. ---- ADMIN FIX.......

    These are the active threads I found on the front. Let put our energy on different things and get move to other issue, other than sending letters. If you want to be moderator or something else in IV contact PAPPU directly.

    Can you please suggest your POA? Like, you say u want to do things other than sending the letters. I am ready to support anything that helps the community.

    We have 3 more weeks for this campaign and we must do our best to get as many letters as possible.

    A lot of people lack motivation because they just canniot pull the trigger and once in a while we must give some push.

    I am a chapter lead and I do play an important role - go to the state chapters page and look up for my name, thanks for ur suggestion about contacting pappu

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  • I am in the same Boat. My PD is May 26 2004. Mine and my wife's case was transffered to Des Moines Iowa on March 19th 2008 and says its for additional processing. I applied for EAD renewal on June 11th and no approvals yet. I called uscis and they say that my ead would not be approved until the additional processing on my 485 is completed.. I am guessing it would be an interview.

    Not necessarily in the same boat, although in the same pond.. :) In your case if the email says 'additional"processing and clearly indicates the DEs Moines office then it might very well be for an interview. In the case of ABH though all it says is that it was transferred to a USCIS office for "standard" processing, which could be as simple as USCIS mailing the packets from CSC to NSC.

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  • My client is offering me a Project Manager position while my GC application is for Software Engineer.

    Is it okay to take such a position?
    How good match should be Job Profile match?

    Please share your knowledge and experience.

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  • I just don't understand one basic question.

    Congress is trying to pardon 12 million illegals as a one time measure and give them Green Cards. (OK - Very good)

    On the other hand we are about half a million who entered the country legally and helping the U.S. economy and paying taxes. Why don't they consider giving all of us Green Cards as a one time measure too ?????

    We the legals... pay taxes, contribute to this economy by spending earned money here in the US, abide by the rules, carry medical insurance.

    We keep doing this, till we get our green cards or till we permanently leave this country. It is a win - win situation.

    The strict H1-B rules that are added to this Senate bill will be removed or some work around will be sorted out or else the US economy will go down.

    The question now is how confident we are that they will get an amendment to give us some EB visa relief.
    The high tech employers have a problem with the new merit based system which is going to take away the reins of holding an employee from them. Employers of other industries have raised their concern against this new system which gives more points to degrees and not skill. This system is also causing a lot of concern among the familiy members here.This system will take a lot of time to kick in.

    1) The tech lobbyist can add pressure to give relief to current members in backlog so that they can hire them soon. They know that many skilled people are stuck with their companies because they can't switch due to the GC process.
    2) Can add pressure by saying that they need us now and not after 5 years when we get our GC.
    3) We need to force them to understand that they should give relief to legals too when they are doing a lot for the illegals.

    That is all I think can be possible.

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  • I agree. even if we dont change the names. Have multiple domain names which reflect more of high-tech, skilled, or other keywords related to high-tech immigration... just a thought.

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    NSC is even more badly hit and we should fight together. We can write to Ombudsman as well ?

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  • Notwithstanding the good research below...

    Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320.

    Given this is legislation, I don't think rule changes can trump it. I don't believe per country limits will change. Besides, how is that a solution to anything? This is not an Indian or Chinese issue. It's a legal immigrant issue.

    See pg CRS-5 of document

    Two important exceptions to the per-country ceilings have been enacted in the
    past decade. Foremost is an exception for certain family-sponsored immigrants.
    More specifically, the INA states that 75% of the visas allocated to spouses and
    children of LPRs (2ndA family preference) are not subject to the per-country ceiling.18
    Prior to FY2001, employment-based preference immigrants were also held to percountry
    ceilings. The American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act
    of 2000 (P.L. 106-313) enabled the per-country ceilings for employment-based
    immigrants to be surpassed for individual countries that are oversubscribed as long
    as visas are available within the worldwide limit for employment-based preferences.
    The impact of these revisions to the per-country ceilings is discussed later in this

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  • there remains a sliver of hope- its called the lame duck session when a lot of such measures are passed. post election, everyone feels "safer".
    a marked up bill, ready for the house, could sneak through in the post election season. we have to keep trying!

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  • Based on what you believe that "BC has a much higher standard of living than Boston?". I hope that is not one of those silly annual surveys in which they interview low income and beggars on the streets and rate mainly based on health care and welfare for them.

    Regarding raising kids, if you believe that doing that around prostitutes, lesbians and drugs is a good thing, so go ahead and live in BC.

    Read the below for some truth about the Socialist Canada. I lived there and I know how it is.

    Very true, but if you are doing a degree in Canada or US its not that bad.
    Tito_ortiz , yoru country of chargability is Germany which is not in a mess like I, China.
    For you US makes more sense, but someone from I (definitely) or C, Canad makes more sense than go for EB2/3 based US green card.

    PS: I live in Toronto and left US in 2007

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  • Interesting...looks like this bill is moving faster than we'd would be interesting to see where it ends up. Also, it appears that this bill does not talk about giving the DV visas to existing EB-X categories but instead to create a new EB category for STEM graduates...not sure, but that's what it sounds like.

    "In simple English, the bill would eliminate the annual green card lottery and give the 55,000 green cards each year to foreign-born graduates of U.S. universities with advanced degrees in the sciences or in medicine.

    With the employment-based second preference category (EB-2) backlogged for many years for persons born in India and mainland China, our country would benefit greatly if 55,000 more green cards were available annually for highly-educated people."
    However the bill would also benefit EB3, as the numbers will roll down from EB2. Not a bad deal, as it would reduce everyone's stress.

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  • I heard that NSC is 45 days compliant in processing EAD. Is this true? I think it is not. Knowing NSC, it could take approximately 90 days +/- 30 days.

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  • When you transfer money outside the USA, one of the questions that FDIC mandates the finanacial institution collect is: SOURCE OF FUNDS. If you put this as "salary" then you (and your employer) have ALREADY paid (or will pay by next year) on these funds. There are no additional US taxes on the money. If the money was not earned thru salary (which would not be legal since you are on H1B) then you will need to declare it while filing taxes. If the money was NOT earned "under the table" and was above $600 then, the payer will send you a for called 1099 which will show how much you were paid and you have to pay appropriate taxes on that amount. In your case it most likely looks like "salary", so you have nothing to worry about.

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  • I recently got my wife's PP renewed from DC. not NY sorry

    Hello All -

    I am planning to get my PP renewed at the NY consulate and had a couple of questions and I was hoping someone could shed some light on them.

    i) The DC website states that one can *only* apply 6 months before expiration date but the NY website does not? Mine is going to expire in ~8 months. Anyone know if it is 6 mo across all consulates?
    You may have to call them up for this info
    ii) They have it in big red font that the photograph should be 3.5 cm * 3.5 cm, the US standard PP size is 50 mm * 50 mm .. any ideas where I can get them done in the right dimension?
    I did it at home - using my digital camera and photoshop :) . There are tons of places that would click the PP photographs!!
    iii) If applied in person do they issue the PP the same evening?
    You can't collect it that evening. The will fedex it to you within a week
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can share their experience esp. at the NY consulate


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  • 1. US Govt. revoked the policy to grant legal status to parents of US born children few years back(per NumberUSA they are called Anchor Baby-- go figure.. I hate this term very much).


    I see that term gets thrown around a lot when discussing illegal immigrants. And the words that come to my mind are "Even the mafia did not go after women and children". The fact that people attempt to reduce innocent children to a loaded label like that is nauseating.

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  • Hi All,

    I am on H1B from 1998, 12th year and counting.

    I applied for my labour 2 times but unfortunately because of different reasons those labor processings could not continue. 3rd time I could use a substitute labor (priority date Oct 2003) which is an EB3 labor certificate in 2005. I applied for I-140 and got approved in 2005.

    I applied for I-485 in July 2007 when USCIS opened the gates. My 485 is pending. I got EAD. I am still continuing my H1B status with my new employer.

    I am not working for the company that processed my GC. Recently I got an RFE like everyone else about my current employment and responded with the support of my current employer.

    I think that the dates for EB3 will not move any further in any near future.
    My question is, can I in any way convert my case from EB3 to EB2. If yes, what would be the process.

    Please advice.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • We went home after my wife started working using the EAD. After we came back we applied for your H1 and H4 extension and one we got that now we are in H status instead of EAD status. It is a little tricky. When we came back we entered as parolee but once we applied and extended our H1\H4 status we ar eback to H1\H4 status. Your lawyer would be able to explain it better.

    My lawyer suggetsed that it is better to be in H status as it gives some manuvering time and opportunity in case the 485 is denied.


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  • If I had one I would keep it in a bank locker... to make sure I dont loose it:mad:

    Newsflash: USA is a country (with a boundary). USA has a national anthem. They like to sing it, everywhere. If it makes them happy when I sing it, I will sing it too. It is like visiting someone's home and you are asked to take off your shoes at the entrance. Maybe you don't agree with it, but out of respect to the host it is a nice thing to do.

    Relax and be more generous! I think you have more boundaries in you than this country has.

    (If USA goes to war with my home country, I think they will trust me less if I come here and live and refuse to sing the national anthem...)

    If you dont take off the shoes at the entrance, maybe you are showing disrespect.
    But by not singing their NAnthem, dont think it means disrespect !
    If we sing each nation's anthem and leave out theirs, this will mean disrespect. !

    I think we are not yet permenant residents of this country .. so singing the NAnthem does not look appropriate. But due compliments to Pankaj, He has a wonderful voice!
    You never know what will happen to our GCs!! So lets remmember where we are from & what state we are now, that will help us to be more pragmatic.

    And about the war thing, my conscience may not permit me to support another nation at this point in time!!
    Please dont be offended , just sharing thoughts!

    Uma001, My labor mentions Bachelors plus 5 yrs of exp., I am not Masters. 60 months exp. is written on my Labor and so thats what the RFE is about.

    Any thoughts ?

    Optimist/Desitechie/Frostrated, Your comments are much appreciated. Thanks

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