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  • FP notice will come later.

    If you send photos for EAD(paper filed I765) no need to have FP taken.

    Only when you e-file I765, you will get a FP appointment.

    BTW, what purpose do the fingerprints do on an EAD?

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  • True, Savage is not for us. He is unpredictable as someone mentioned above. Today, he was quoting from an article which mentioned about immigrationvoice. He was reading the plight of some Mahesh ... . He said to go to home country. All H1B's came on a big lie. Oracle who is lobbying for H1and Mr Gates are all greedy etc. He was going on and on.

    First, ask HIM to go back where he came from in 1939-1945 during Nazi regime. This land is not owned by anybody, this is a LAND OF IMMIGRANTS. No one is native anyway, so what the heck !!

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  • Dear Core IV members. It is clear how tirelessly you have worked, let alone the time and money you spent, sitting in tht comfort of our homes and using our credit cards to make a small contribution of 200 dollars twice or thrice is pales in comparison to what the core mebers have done. Look at things you can see..we came on shustermans newsletter this month, we came on NBC nightly news,.. and dont forget there are things which are happening that we cannot see. Appreciate the core team with words, please donot doubt them, without them we had nothing, anything is better than nothing!!

    Kudos to Core team

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  • HOUSTON: A federal jury has found five people guilty of conspiring to obtain fraudulent work visas for nearly 90 Indian nationals in exchange for at
    least $20,000 per visa, the US Attorney's Office said.

    Mahendrakumar "Mack" Patel, 55, Rakesh Patel, 36, Alberto Pena, 38, Bernardo Pena, 38, and Marte Othon Villar Sr, 48, encouraged and induced the illegal immigration of Indian nationals in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars per visa, a statement from the US Attorney's Office said yesterday.

    The jury found that Alberto and Bernardo Pena, twin brothers from Brownsville, along with co-defendants had encouraged and induced 87 individuals from Gujarat to unlawfully enter US on temporary H-2B visas, knowing that the Indian nationals did not intend to work for the company that was used to get visas for them.

    The brothers also knew that the visa-seekers did not intend to return to India when their 10-month visas expired, a statement said.

    Pena twins also travelled to India to assist the Indian nationals with the application process and visited and corresponded with the US Consulate in Mumbai.

    Two other co-defendants -- Mack Patel of Ft Worth and Rakesh Patel, a Houston pharmacist -- pleaded guilty for recruiting Indian citizens who were willing to pay $20,000 to $60,000 in exchange for visas to enter the United States

    Link : http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/4359174.cms

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  • Fax Sent.

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  • Has anybody successfully transferred H1B with a gap of 60 days? Please let me know.

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  • You said you live in NJ, you supposed to have sent you EAD renewal documents to Vermont Service Center as per the USCIS link provided below:

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=73bbb6f2cae63110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    What I understood from my lawyer is to send the renewal documents to address at the bottom of I-485 notice. I may have understood wrong.

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  • Carl Shusterman says that State Department's Charles Oppenheimer indicating that there will big advances for EB2 China & India. Hopefully it is true

    Immigration Attorneys, Schedule a Legal Consultation with Former INS Trial Attorney Carl Shusterman (http://www.shusterman.com/)

    how is this guys' track record in the past? i dont want to raise my hopes too much and get disappointed...

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  • Hi:

    I got a email and case status changed on my wife and my I485 to 'Notice mailed to new perman..."

    Is this is a legit approval? My PD was current under the Nov but is not under the Dec. When does Dec become effective?

    Hopefully there are some legislative changes so everyone gets some much deserved relief

    PD: EB2 - July 2003/India
    I140 - approved in TSC - Dec 2006
    485 mailed - July 2 07
    Notice date - Aug 15th
    Got EAD - Aug 23
    FP: Setp 14 07
    Oct - AP
    485 Approval email/case status change - 11/21

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  • techbuyer... If you don't mind, What's your nationality? You're a citizen of which country?

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  • 2000-2002 was worst. Who didnt do job search during that time have no idea how it felt like.

    I just came out of school then and it felt like sky is falling on me. Becoming desparate to survive, i went to work in a gas station. The lady owner didnt pay me after i worked for a week saying i am not concentrating enough. Then out of no where i found a technology job that paid 17$ per hour to keep me going and they did my H1 a year later in 2002. It just made me more strong i guess. But, it is a hell of an experience. Most of my freinds went for second masters or PHD to Keep the status.

    I've got to agree with you. I was just getting out of college that time as well. I had a job at Best Buy, and trying to find my first break, and all my senoirs were getting laid off. I finally got an internship at a startup company for $2000 a month, and ever since then the market has been doing good. I really hope it will never come to the way it was back then. But as of now things are doing quite well, there is stilll a lot of hiring going on.

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  • I don't know if it's my comp, but I can't view Lost's piece, the link is dead so I'll wait till I can take a look before voting. I did get to see Soul's piece and it's amazing, very conceptual. =)

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  • George, the manufacturing jobs have gone to China, and more IT jobs are going to India. We are bleeding; come down here and see it yourself!

    Sorry, I take this back; this is a photography forum. I just can't help to see an additional 18% of the people are going.


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  • Hi gurus-
    Please let me know Can we use EAD with out I140 Approval.


    Yes, You can use EAD and start working on it before I-140 approval BUT you can not change employer using AC21 without an approved I-140 even if your I-485 is pending for more than 180 days.

    Let me clarify some doubts people have on this thread...

    It's your choice whether to use EAD or H1 to work,
    You can change employer on EAD as well as H1(EAD is just easier, no application fee involved), provided your 485 is pending for 180 days and 140 is approved.

    EAD does not give you the freedom to change employer if the other 2 conditions are not met(140 approval and 485 pending for 180 days). Once these 2 conditions are met, you can change even on H1....

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  • I have similar situation - I applied for 140 in July 2006. My daughter will turn 21 in July 2007. As I have applied for 140 before she turns 21, she is safe for GC, but will loose H4 status when she turns 21. As per my lawyer's advice I have applied for her F1 so that she can stay and continue her studies in US. When I become eligible to apply for 485, she can be included in the application - but, not as a dependent of H1B holder.

    Can you apply for AOS for your daughter with your 485 application after she moves from H4 to F1?

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  • My point of view: Recession or No Recession - If u r strong enough and a needed resource, therez no way they r gonna lay u off --- Again just my POV.

    its not that simple. were you here in 2000-2002 also? When the whole company is running into major losses complete department and locations get wiped out. Does not matter how critical a resource you are. If the people at the top decide to scrap the product, the team goes with it. Thats how companies like Nortel, Lucent etc manage to go from employment figures of 100K to 30K in a couple of years...

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  • Done

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  • Things are getting worse in 2010... I hoped it would get better...

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  • Dear gcnotfiledyet,
    Thanks for your comment.I am afraid you mis understood what I said medicine and pharnact vet med etc. There are practitioners in these fields called MD, DVM, PHARM D etc. However there are many more PhD students who do research in these fields. And they are not listed as STEM graduates. I guess whoever did this listing of the STEM majors don't really have much knowledge about various fields of research and also they ignored the highly multidisciplanary nature of the current day research. I hope more people will start taking this issue seriously.

    I was exactly in the similar situation. My wife entered on H4, started work on EAD. Now we are traveling to India, both have AP as well as H visa (H1 for myself, H4 for wife). I talked to our corporate lawyers pretty much the exact same questions you are asking. Here is the response (that I have in writing from the lawyers):

    1. H4 status is invalidated the first day you report for work on EAD. While you are working, your status is AOS in the US. There is no consequence of this change (ie you do not have to report anything to the USCIS).

    2. When you reenter the US, you can use H4 for reentry. (Yes, even if you are still employed the employer with an EAD and went to India only for "vacation"). This is because at the point of entry, the definition for "working on EAD" is actually reporting to work. As long as the H1 is valid, you can enter on H4. Your status at the point of entry is H4 admission. However, if you report to work the next day, your H4 status again is invalidated and you are back on AOS.

    This is a pretty confusing scenario for many and multiple lawyers that I consulted have agreed with the above legal advise.

    So, even though we have AP, we would be using our H visas to enter.

    Send me a PM if you have further questions.
    Hi chaanakya,

    Thanks a lot for your replies. I had a few more questions -
    1. Did your wife fill a new I9 form with the same employer when she was back again (on H4). The reason I am asking is that when you enter again you get a new I94 and that needs to be reported on the I9.

    2. If the primary applicants 485 gets denied, then the dependent who is using EAD becomes out of status. At this point what to do for the dependent. Does he/she need to go out of the country and return back with a new H4, or can we somehow get back to H4 status from the US itself (note that the primary applicant is still in H1 status)

    You have to stick to Software Engineer field in order to take advantage of PD recapture. If you move to Business Development using MBA than its hard to justify same or similar. Find a new job which requires EB2 and show BS+5 to qualify.
    Hope that helps!

    good point. Having moved to bizdev when your LC is filed for software engineer is dicey... An RFE for employmeny-verification-letter could potentially raise questions..

    OTOH PD recapture does NOT require you to be in the same/similar job.You can file a new LC for the bizdev position, and when filing I-140 request older PD is ported over. Then 'interfile' this new I-140 into the old one on your existing I-485.

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