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  • IV core,
    Keep up the good work. We have seen a lot of people asking for "action","results" and "transparency" in the past without doing really anything for it .:-)

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  • Hi Yabadaba,

    Try this forum http://britishexpats.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=33 for all your questions on Canadian immigration. This has lots of usefull information. When you post a question, post it to the attention of Mr Andrew Miller. He is a immigration consultant who provides free advise on that forum and responds pretty fast.
    Best of luck !


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  • I received my EAD last month. But no AP yet. However, i received an email from my lawyer today that.....my AP got rejected. The rejection letter is saying that I485 got approved that's why the I131 is rejected.....therefore, my lawyer is waiting for the I485 approval.....but my lawyer told me that I can expect my card soon.

    I don't know how to react. The online doesn't have any update about the I485 status yet. They received my application on July 2, 2007.
    You signature shows like

    Labor approved May 06
    I-140 Applied Feb 8, 2007 (Approved Sep 18, 2007)
    I-485 Applied Jun 29,2007...Received Receipt on July 31, 2007
    Status - Pending

    but how it is possible
    I-140 Applied Feb 8, 2007 (Approved Sep 18, 2007).
    currently 140 processing dates around Nov/dec-06.

    Are you trying to play with people feelings?

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  • Looking at the trackkit data there are 2 from Nov 2003 and 1 from Dec 2003, who got green this month. Is it that USCIS doesn't have enough cases from before Oct 1 2003, to approve that are approvable. :confused:

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  • http://www.hooyou.com/lc/perm_eb2vseb3.html

    This is just some lawyer's opinion. Their "solution" though didn't work for me at least. Nobody asked for any "business neccessity justification". They simply denied my case automatically as I told before.

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  • All the "I will try to make it" will be there. People like to play it safe always, thats why they choose that option.

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  • deleted

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  • Hi
    I am applying for AP (new). Are they issued with 1 year validity or 2 years ( now that EAD is being given for 2 years)?

    I recently applied for my renewal (AP & EAD) - got my AP approved in less than 3 weeks (which is good processing time).

    Validity was for one year, only and from the date the previous AP expired.

    EAD - Still waiting - it's 47th day, today and counting. Hopefully before I hit the 60 day mark...that seems to be the processing time, these days.

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  • i'll break my word for one last piece of advice for my sensistive friend:

    "The very reason why we join this forum so that we can, as whole, say something that may influence the law makers of this country to change the existing laws so that our problem with GC will be resolve."

    no lawmaker is bothering to read this silly thread. Please stop dreaming. if you want to influence, go meet them! that remain's iv's official word on the matter too...see the meet the lawmaker campaign. and if you already have...you have my respect, you are too good in that case to waste your time complaining about this stuff.

    I am not complaining. I'm just trying to point out unnecessary comments.

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  • Hi,
    I e-mailed and faxed the green card recapture bill support campaign to the KY senators and rep:

    Sen Mitch McConnell
    Sen Jim Bunning
    Rep Ron Lewis

    I am mailing out the letters to them tomorrow. Will keep you all posted if they reply.

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  • just becoz u'r kid is not good in spellings.... it doesn't make it mandatory for some folks to be jealous in demeaning way...... maybe you feel bad that a 10 year old has better english vocabulary than you at 40..... whatever it is.... u'r not always in competition with u'r surroundings........ grow up and appreciate the effort & dedication that breaks human limits..... even if it is a 10 or 12 yr old.....

    software can write software too...... then y do we need programmers.... y do we need eb2 and eb3?

    y do we have 100m race if we have cars? y do we have swimming contest if we have boats & ships that can go lot faster....

    have an appreciation for things around u..... just becoz u'r not good at something..... or just becoz u don't think its important to u..... it doesn't mean that it doesn't have any meaning...... there is lot more to this competition that meets the eye..... u'll value it only if you open u'r eyes and make an effort to see.....

    Senseless post. You are exciting too much brother.

    I am the one who is opposing that this kind of matters should not post here and wining in this competetion is not so great.

    Regarding Jealousy, It is funny. I am in my late 20's and even I dont have kids. why should I jealous about her. I dont know about other members. But fact is no body jealous about her.

    And your comparision is so stupid. Its yucky. 100 m or 1000 m is a physical activity.

    I will prefer doing math or some thing else than your SPELLING BEE.

    Finally, If you want to congratulate her arrange a meeting or pot luck in your home and congratulate her.
    Or just send a check for her. Please dont make non sense here by posting suh useless /out of scope matters.

    PS: Take ot easy if there are any spelling mistakes in my reply.

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  • HAs anyone seen this.
    How is this going to effect our efforts for lobbying

    Check this out


    The rule passed applies mainly to former members of congress who now work as lobbyist. The rule says that those lobbyists, who used to be members of congress(senate or house) cannot go to house floor or the house Gym.

    This does not affect our efforts due to many reasons:

    1. House floor and house Gym is not the exclusive place for lobbying. Lobbying can be done at a lot of places in Washington DC besides the house floor or the Gym of the house. This rule is only lip-service really. It serves one purpose: after the abramoff scandal, you will not see lobbyist of the ex-congressman variety physically present in the house floor or the house gym lifting weights with the congressmen.

    2. Lobbying - the legwork and logistics - happens mostly at the staff level. The top guys only establish initial working relationship. The rest of the work happens between the staff of the lobbyist and the staff of the congress member.

    3. None of the firms we are talking to are tainted by the Abramoff scandal. The ones that were tainted are already closed anyways.

    4. This rule or that rule is not going to slow down the business of lobbying significantly. Its is nature of Washington DC. Its not going anywhere. These rules will only prevent congress members from accepting gifts and freebies from lobbyist. And actually that's a good thing.

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  • I agree with the analysis given by willwin. In fact, I was thinking on similar lines. If no visas are wasted and total number of pending employment based visas is around 200,000 as given by Mr. Op.. himself, I do not see any reason why dates do not move. My estimation is both EB-2 and EB-3 dates for China and India will hover in the range of 2005 ~ 2006. This estimation is based on number of applications filed during Pre-PERM and Post-PERM era with two recessions taking the toll on number of applications received by USCIS.
    Only assumptions in the above analysis are
    1. Figures given by Mr. Op.. is somewhat correct. (Seems to be correct based on monthly statistics released by USCIS since 2008)
    2. USCIS does not intend to waste visas.(This also can be safely assumed as they are following the policy of not wasting for the last two years)
    3.No country limit. (This seems correct if point 2 is correct)

    Now guys, do not disturb my dream.:)

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  • good work nycgal369.

    can you add the words "highly skilled" infront of "immigrants" (see in red below)?

    in response to your message, I have posted my original draft below, with a couple of changes based on my opinion - i.e. I believe in asking for only one thing at a time, and that is the skil bill, which will automatically provide for increased visa numbers. But each person can modify their version based on what they think.
    If you think IV members should all be asking for the same thing then go ahead and modify this version.

    Dear xxx,

    I belong to an organization called Immigration Voice, a small group (and to my knowledge the only one of its kind) that is attempting to help legal tax-paying highly skilled immigration applicants who have been in waiting in limbo for many years.
    We are all highly skilled immigration applicants who are stuck in limbo, some for more than 8 years, despite being fully legal, tax paying and highly skilled.
    Since the number of highly skilled legal immigrants is so small (less than a million) compared to the number of illegal immigrants (12 million) it is very difficult to get our voices heard about the problems caused by waiting in a seemingly endless queue. The issues, unlike those of illegals, are largely non-controversial, some as simple as asking USCIS to reduce our waiting time from 8+ years to a year.

    Since we are all highly skilled in areas where there is a shortage of US available labor and provide a disproportionately large benefit to the US economy, we believe that approving our already filed applications on an expedited basis could be helpful to all of us.
    Currently, a bill that is under consideration by Congress called the SKIL bill will solve almost all of these non-controversial issues.

    I and my fellow members would much appreciate it if you could run a story on us, and/or direct us to a source that helps publicize our organization.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at this email, or Immigration Voice at info@immigrationvoice.org

    PO Box 114
    New Jersey -08810
    (850) 391-4966

    thanks in advance,

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  • Apparently someone flagged me.. thats fine.. if people here cannot have a proper discussion without having to flag each other I dont see any point in calling ourselves "smart" "highly skilled".. looks like we need to grow up first. Personally, I dont care about these green/red blocks. I have the right to express my opinion whether someone likes it or not. If someone does not have "words" to argue back thats their problem..


    please check your PM


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  • Members registering as Maybe, the time to make the commitment is NOW - so please confirm your participation in the advocacy event. We have 3 and half working days left!!

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  • yes i meant saab :D:D

    I think you meant "saab" and not "saanp" ;). Or it was a deliberate mistake :D Just kidding.

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  • I dont think that its a good idea to ignore someone who is raising some opposing voice. This is a forum where anyone can raise his or her concerns. I dont think that anyone over here has some hidden agendas or is playing against the main idea of making immigration easier.

    We want to encourage debates, debates are good for our cause it gives us a food of thought.

    just my 2 cents on this discussion that has heated up a bit...

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  • As I understand that the Tri State area is very big and has a huge population and everyone would love to make it to the events, a lot of events are being planned.

    Now for those who cannot make it to NYC, please arrange your own MEET AND GREET events in a local Starbucks or meet up in a local mall food court or any other place you think is best - conference rooms in apartment complexes are very ideal places for meetings.

    We want volunteers from the following areas

    (1) Long Island, farther east - till Riverhead
    (2) South Jersey, West Jersey
    (3) Connecticut (Northern)
    (4) Upstate NY (Albany and Poughkeepsie)
    (5) Upstate NY - Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo

    Folks in this area please volunteer for events in your areas. PM me of you need details. Join the Tri State Chapter by following the link on my signature.

    Folks from CT , if you would like to meet up please do PM me or mention it in this thread.

    OMG... some imposter called Hrithik is trying to impose himself as paskal... god Save IV :D:D:D:D:D

    Isn't the new one cool enough. :D

    Lately i see a lot of new members coming up in the forum, with lots of questions about their problems that they are facing. And lots of good hearted IV members also give their diligent answers for them. One hand I am glad IV is getting new members, on the other hand i am wondering where were these members all these days.

    Please don't get me wrong, As much as I like new members joining in the forum to get answers for their questions, I also would expect them to take part in any the activities or initiatives that IV is undertaking. Therefore I urge, every new member to volunteer in the IV activities and be an active member of IV and be a participating member, so that IV helps you and you help IV. Having said that, new members, WELCOME TO IV, post your questions and I am sure you will get good answers from many good hearts in IV.

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